Normally, a priest commits themselves to support their fellows. With a virtuous ward, the priest receives greater assistance when their allies choose to support them.


This oldest Virtuous Wards still in use in the Empire were crafted by Highborn artisans during the turmoil of the Highborn civil war. Crafted in the form of large kite and heater shields, some of these items are still in use and seen as valuable relics akin to the artefact Pilgrim's Shields. The shield is of use only to a priest - only someone trained in the ceremony of dedication can make use of its powers. Whenever an ally heals the bearer, whether with magic or appealing to their will to survive the shield creates a brief connection between the priest's spirit and that of the healer, allowing a brief moment of communion that inspires the bearer and rewards them with a burst of renewed energy.

The Shield of the Last Navigator - or more properly the Shield of Edion - is a particularly sought-after Virtuous Ward. Allegedly bourn by Permion the Lawmaker's brother and bodyguard Edion, the shield was lost 150 years ago during an orc raid against Necropolis when the Blade of Vigilance was sunk by Grendel pirates. A potent artefact, the shield also bore a powerful hallow infused with true liao and its loss was a serious blow to the pride of the Highborn.

As the Shield of Edion suggests, it is common for a Virtuous Ward to be hallowed. Popular hallows reflect the fact that the item is intended to be carried on a battlefield by a warpriest, one who expects to fight toe-to-toe with the enemies of the faithful.


  • Form: Shield (Talisman). This item is also regalia. You cannot make a Virtuous Ward that is a buckler.
  • Requirement: You must have the dedication and shield skills to bond to this item.
  • Effect: When another character makes you the target of a spell, ritual, heroic skill, or chirurgeon's skill that restores a number of hits you regain 2 additional hits. You do not gain additional healing from any effect you use on yourself, nor from any use of potions or herbs.
  • Materials: Crafting a Virtuous Ward requires requires twelve ingots of weltsilver, eleven ingots of ambergelt, seven ingots of green iron, and fifteen measures of dragonbone. It takes one month to make one of these items.