Construct an embassy for the Principalities of Jarm in Redoubt.

Proposed by Sermersuaq, seconded by Upwold.



  • Winter 377YE


  • 20 White Granite
  • 20 Weirwood
  • Special: Note that this is not the standard cost for an embassy commission.


  • Materials provided by Atte, Senator for Sermersuaq after Summer Solstice 378.
  • While the Jarmish Embassy has been built in Cargo, the House of Princes is refusing to name an ambassador until the Senate chooses which of their ports the reciprocal embassy will be established in.

Campaign Outcome


State Votes For Votes Against Result
In Principle 27 0 Success
At 35 Thrones 26 1 Success
At 40 Thrones 23 4 Success
At 45 Thrones 4 23 Failed