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The Imperial orc egregore is the youngest of all, having been created during the reign of Emperor Ahraz.

Grud The Unshackled

Grud The Unshackled, sometimes called White Death, is the egregore of the Imperial Orcs. They are the most recent of the egregores to be created, having been brought into existence when the Imperial orcs were recognised as a nation in the reign of Emperor Ahraz.

Confusingly, perhaps, the hosts of the Imperial Orcs egregore often (but not always) takes the name "Grud", and rarely mention their previous name.

Current Hosts


The elder of the two hosts who regularly attends Anvil, this shaman is closed-mouthed about his past although it is believed he fought in the Orc Rebellion. He is known to be reasonably widely travelled, having spent years exploring the nations of the Empire and beyond. Unlike most Orcs he apparently spent a decade living by himself with only the voices of his ancestors for company, which by all accounts has made him one of the most peculiar orcs to appear in Anvil. It can be difficult when dealing with him to determine if one is speaking to the egregore spirit, the host, or one of his ancestors. He is often encountered deep in discussion with other shamans, magicians, or reavers; mumbling to himself about beards; arguing with his ancestral puppets; or shambling around the other nations muttering insults at passers-by and generally being unpleasant. There is some discussion among the orcs as to what aspect or aspects of the nation he embodies. He may represent the old ways, traditions and hearth magics of the Imperials Orcs prior to the rebellion that should always be remembered, or he may represent the brutal and bitter attitude of the freed orcs that really need to be forgotten before the Imperial Orcs can begin to look beyond the rebellion. No one, including Grud seems to know.

Grud (Na'grul)

Bloodcrow Na'grul, is a humble scout in service to the First Legion, beneath the banner of the Bloodcrows. A stalwart son of the untamed lands within the folds of the Imperial Orcs, he epitomises the disciplined strength and tactical acumen that resonates at the core of the nation. Raised amidst the primal rhythms of the wilderness, he proudly serves in the army of the Winter Sun. He is a quiet individual, observant and measured He offers advice and guidance to those who seek him, especially when they make decisions that could shape the destiny of the nation.

Ed Thurlow
Grud the Elder is a mysterious figure who listens closely to the voices of his ancestors, which he sometimes claims are emodied in the puppets he carries with him. He is very peculiar, even for a shaman.
Chris Penney
Na'grul was shaped by the rigid discipline and strategic prowess of a military scout. In the shadows of the untamed wilderness, he honed the skills that now help him act as a guide and guardian to the nation.

Former Hosts

Ricky Hywel
Dave McKenna

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