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This spell enchants a bag or pouch so that its contents cannot be accessed by anyone except the caster. It is ideal for keeping small items of personal value in, or for protecting private correspondence. It is common for couriers, messengers and diplomats with magical powers to carry a night pouch for sensitive documents.

It is possible for strangers to access the contents of a night pouch through the ritual Piercing Light of Revelation, although doing so destroys the magic and usually the physical pouch. A ritualist versed in the lore of Night can use ritual magic to create a durable enchantment similar to a night pouch through the use of Secrets for the Shadow Courier.

Items left in a night pouch when it expires are lost in the Night realm; such items have a nasty tendency to turn back up again when least expected.



This spell enchants a suitable bag or pouch so that it cannot be opened by anyone except the caster. The contents of the bag cannot be accessed by anyone but the caster without ritual magic or a special ability. The spell lasts until time out (effectively 1am as explained here) At time out, the contents of an unopened night pouch are lost; they should be handed in to the Ref desk in GOD.

Any player who has access to this spell may carry a small pouch or small bag; the spell will not affect a bag more than 18” deep or 6” wide. If you ask in GOD at the event, they will be able to provide you with a night pouch ribbon. When you cast this spell you should fasten your pouch with this ribbon.

As the spell ends at time out each day, you will need to cast it again the next day if you want to continue using your night pouch. You can reuse the same ribbon; you do not need to go to GOD every time you cast the spell. Provided you have sufficient personal or crystal mana, and sufficient pouches, you can have multiple night pouches; just ask in GOD for as many ribbons as you need.

Sample Spellcasting Vocals

  • (whispering and tracing Diras) Diras! Diras! Diras! Thrice banished and thrice banned, let not these treasures fall to blind and blinding light. Diras! Diras! Diras! Thrice signed and thrice sealed, let these secrets hide within this veil of guarding Night!'
  • I work as the bee works, gathering nectar from bloom and blossom. I strive as the bee strives, and golden treasures are my reward. Let my treasures be as honey, secure in the safety of this my honeycomb.
  • (pointing to each star in turn while concealing the pouch in the other hand) Star of the east, stretch out your veil! Star of the south, receive that which I hide! Star of the west, let none pass save I, who hold the key! Stars above, lock all within your veil of secrecy!
  • (concealing the pouch beneath a cloak ) Diras! I invoke your aid in this dark hour; imbue this pouch with hidden power; holds its treasure out of sight; let none but I claim its gifts this night.

Common Elements

  • Rune Magic: While the night pouch itself is usually marked with Diras, the rune of secrets, some magicians prefer to use the rune of wealth. Both of these runes are commonly evoked during the casting of the spell, although couriers and diplomats might include Queros, the rune of plots, if they plan to store sensitive documents in their night pouch. A rare few risk invoking the power of the Unknown Rune, the rune of absence and silence.
  • Astronomancy: An astronomancer making a night pouch often evokes the constellation of the Lock, which has resonance with themes of concealment and security.
  • Dramaturgy: Both the personae of the Witch and the Mountebank are good choices when creating a night pouch, although the mountebank is often considered to be a better fit when the spell is intended to contain illicit or politically sensitive items. The Cloak has connections with concealment and disguise, and is often used to physically hide the night pouch from all observers while the spell is cast.
  • Other traditions: Some magicians evoke the names of paragons or totem animals associated with prosperity when casting this spell.
  • Realms: As the name suggests, the spell is connected with the realm of Night - its magic revolves around concealment and obfuscation.