The city is the mirror of the world. If we cannot master the city, how can we master the world?

Gidea di Sarvos, Reflections

Each territory in the League represents the land that extends around a single great city. Surrounding lands are tightly parcelled into estates, each of which is traditionally worked hard but may also be sculpted for maximum beauty. Commonly country estates are kept for show, but a Merchant Prince will only really relax when at their townhouse in the city, surrounded by the fruits of civilization. The League is small in terms of landmass compared to some other nations, but it still manages to have a sizeable population.

Each city of the League has something of a character of its own. League citizens from that city may strive to exemplify what they see as the strong qualities of their city, but the truth is that all these characteristics are present in every citizen in the League. The physical city itself seems to have some effect, citizens from one city who move to another often find themselves reflecting the mood of their new home. How much an individual character or group chooses to emphasize the city of their birth - or the city they live in - is entirely up to the player.


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