"The Swan" artist unknown. Part of the Sunspire collection, auctioned in 125YE to raise funds for the construction of the Halls of Knowledge. Current whereabouts unknown.
In the past, the Swan was concerned with purity and harmony. Recent changes have seen the eternal undergo a subtle but profound transformation and adopt a new identity.

Eternal of Day


Ylenwe is called the Dove.

Unlike many other eternals, Ylenwe does not have many other common names. Previously, zie was known as Ylenrith, and the Swan, but recent events have seen zir abandon these sobriquets. The only other name used so far for the "new" Ylenwe is Zie of the Perfect Morning. Since zir re-emergence, Ylenwe has expressed an intent to use zie/zir/zirself pronouns.


Ylenwe (Il-LEN-way) appears as a humanoid, often with strong merrow characteristics. Zie is neither female nor male, although zir physical form may suggest elements of any gender. Zie is usually dressed simply in a single pale colour, often white, light green or soft pastel blues. Zie usually wears a cloak of white feathers, and a belt of silver scales. Zie always speaks quietly, never raising zir voice except to sing.

As with Roshanwe, the eternal is said to make zir home at the point where the ocean of the realm of Day rises to touch the sky. Also like Roshanwe, zie expresses emotions such as bittersweet joy and quiet sadness in a way that is comprehensible to humans. While zie is clearly a creature with great emotional depth, zie rarely expresses those emotions - and when zie does zie does so through the medium of song.

Ylenwe claims that zie never lies - that lying creates unnecessary dissonance - but this claim is difficult to substantiate.

The Dove is often accompanied by one or two heralds; they are generally either musicians or mathematicians and some observers have suggested that they treat Ylenwe with a kind of restrained awe or worship that can be slightly unsettling.


Prior to 384YE, Ylenwe was strongly associated with concepts of purity and harmony. After the Spring parley with Archmage of Day Skywise Gralka, it seems that zie has undergone a subtle but far-reaching transformation. Zie has abandoned the pursuit of purity, and taken on a new name. Focus, clarity, calm, and reason remain powerful touchstones as far as Ylenwe is concerned, but the emphasis is on working toward achieving harmony rather than destroying things that are "corrupt" or "impure".

In Winter 381YE, as a result of allegations regarding the kidnap of Imperial citizens, Ylenwe was declared an enemy of the Empire by the Imperial Conclave. A parley was requested by the eternal in Winter 384YE, and the Archmage of Day at the time met with zir during the Spring Equinox. Ultimately, Ylenwe was reconciled with the Conclave by Skywise Gralka during the Summer Solstice of the same year.

Zie is a consummate musician, and regularly expounds the idea that true communication takes place only through music (and occasionally through dance). The Dove appears to believe that spoken and written language impedes, rather than promotes, communication and suggests that it might be a dead end that encourages division rather than harmony. When individuals make music together their spirits briefly move into alignment with each other and with the greater scheme of things - they become a metaphor for the power of unity without sacrificing individual identity. Emotions and passions expressed through music are 'harnessed' to the will of the musicians, and allow for catharsis, without which they can overwhelm the good sense of an individual and cause them harm. Ylenwe teaches that it is not wrong to feel things strongly, but that unless powerful emotions are carefully controlled they can lead to suffering and dissonance. By expressing them through music, they can be experienced in a contained and ordered way and provide strength and spiritual communion, rather than encouraging selfishness and disharmony.

Ylenwe encourages magicians to practice their magic with music - even the passionate dancing of the hakima - and especially favours magicians who employ the Music of the spheres in their rituals.

Finally, music is also used as the gateway to Ylenwe's only true passion; mathematics. Zie firmly believes that the study of mathematics is the only 'pure' discipline, and that through it every truth of existence can be expressed in an elegant, simple and above-all truthful way. Mortals who study mathematics as more than "the physics of bottlecaps" are of great interest to Ylenwe.

Ylenwe was once Ylenrith, who appeared as a humanoid with strong
merrow traits.

This eternal is interested in medicine and healing, but focuses on treating the "entire patient" - finding the root cause of illness rather than focusing on treating symptoms, and recognising the link between the body and the spirit.

In the past, Ylenwe was closely associated with the rune Cavul, but that association has apparently been broken by the recent transformation. Zie is still associated with fresh water, but no longer has any association with magical fire.

As Ylenrith, the eternal was viewed with some suspicion by followers of the Way. Zie made no effort to conceal zir disdain for the auras created through consecrate, hallowing and anointing. Some religious magicians further pointed to the way that zir heralds seem to encourage worship of the eternal, and warned that zir philosophy and boons may represent an attempt to spread idolatrous worship of an eternal to the Empire. They also point to the tranquillity zie seeks to promulgate as being no different to the malign spiritual presence of peace which ultimately robs humanity of its drive to strive and leads to stagnation and death. It remains to be seen if the "new" Ylenwe will have the same attitudes.


Ylenwe can remove almost any strong passion, alleviate pain, and grant clarity and clear-thinking, especially though the use of music. In the same way zie can help restore harmony to a mind or spirit, zie can also help bring equilibrium to physical things, especially by helping to treat infection and disease. Zie sometimes offers zir boons through consumable items (usually clear water) or enchanted musical instruments. At least one story concerns an apparently familiar magic item - in this case an Abraxus Stone - that the eternal commits to "renewing" each year through the use of a dedicated herald.

With Ylenwe's new focus, it remains to be seen what form the boons zie can offer will take.

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