Jorgen was not in the best of moods. He'd just finished a slightly tense "discussion" with Ekaterijna about the disposition of a box of pens both thought the other had taken custody of. There had been no recriminations - just two tired friends who are also colleagues doing their level best not to have a blazing row about something trivial in the chaos that was the Hub after a summit. In the end, it had come to light that Magistrate Abraham had simply... wandered off with it. The discovery had provided a welcome relief, as the two Civil Servants shared a companionable moment of eye-rolling at their doddering old fool of a valued colleague.

Now he was busy trying to sort out which pieces of paperwork needed to go back to the Castle of Thorns, which would be kept at Anvil in storage, and which could be torn up and burnt without losing anything vital. His job was being made more difficult by the fact he could tell he was being watched,

The Varushkan had come in nearly an hour ago - a professional storyteller by their patched rainbow cloak. He sat quietly on a bench across from Jorgen's desk, and kept smiling at him in a way the Civil Servant found a little disconcerting. Jorgen examined him from under beetled brows while pretending to review a list of Synod judgements. The storyteller was staring at him with an unreadable expression. Someone dropped a crate of crockery nearby with a crash, and the stranger never even glanced in that direction. Eventually he could stand it no more.

"I'm sorry, can I help you, citizen?" He asked as politely as he could manage.

"You seem very busy," the little man replied, still smiling away. "I would not want to interrupt. There's plenty of time."

"You're not interrupting," lied Jorgen with practiced skill. "What can I do for you?"

The storyteller stood with a symphony of creaking and "oof"ing, and approached the paper-laden desk. He leant on a gnarled old staff hung with feathers, and little bells, and dozens of beautifully carved and painted trinkets - spiders, squirrels, geese, dogs, even a little golden rabbit. He smelled faintly of wood smoke and honey. Close up, Jorgen got the impression he was older than he looked, his face lined with at least a dozen more winters that the civil servant had first assumed.

"I apologise for bothering you at this busy time," the man began. He spoke softly, but not quite so softly that Jorgen couldn't hear him over the hustle and bustle surrounding him. He still found himself leaning in, however, to make sure he didn't miss anything. It made their exchange just that little more intimate, that much easier to forget there were other people nearby.

"Honestly it's no bother, it's like this all the time, we're just packing away for the Winter. Please, go on."

"The thing is, I've been asked to deliver a message for the Archmage. By a mutual friend. And I understand I can leave it with you?" The storyteller sounded genuinely apologetic, the faintest smile of awkward regret on his lips, head cocked slightly to one side as he looked up at the taller man.

"Oh for goodness... You're not a bird are you?" said Jorgen without really thinking. The storyteller's pleasant demeanour evaporated instantly, his face suddenly hard.

"I'm sorry?" He asked, in a tone of voice more commonly used for asking if someone had a problem, pal. Jorgen was suddenly aware that he had just accused a Varushkan of secretly being a bird, held his hands up as if to ward off a blow, and quickly tried to explain.

"No, no, no, I'm the one that's sorry. Sorry. I didn't think. You see, there's this bird who likes to make my life a living hell, works for the Kind One, thinks he's so much smarter than me, and the way you were... your head..." He trailed off. He wasn't sure what it was in the storyteller's demeanour that had flustered him. He'd faced Jotun charges and gone toe-to-toe with a Thule warlock in his youth without as much as a quaver, and this little Varushkan had turned his knees to jelly with two words. Jorgen didn't like it. He was glad he always kept an axe under the desk, very much wanted to feel it in his hand, but knew that Leonardo would be disappointed if he went for a weapon again without very good cause indeed.

"No, I am not a bird, nor on this occasion have I come in the name of the Clever Spider." The storyteller was all smiles again, and for a moment Jorgen might almost have thought he'd imagined the change in his guest's demeanour. He hadn't though. "I am here to speak for the Whispering Wind. I've been here before but you probably don't remember. I won't take up too much of your time, I hope, but I'd rather see my duty discharged before sunset if you don't mind?"

Jorgen nodded, and reached for his pen. Only to discover that, of course, the box of pens had been taken away by Abraham. He desperately tried to catch the eye of John of Meade, who was in the middle of patiently explaining how to find the Senate building to a pair of serious looking Commonwealth visitors. The storyteller cleared his throat, holding out a little knife and a multicoloured feather from some unfamiliar bird. For a moment Jorgen had the horrible impression he was going to need to make notes in his own blood again before he realised the knife was to help him make a quill, and there were not one but three bottles of ink on his desk.

"It has been a long day, I sense?" The Varushkan seemed faintly amused.

"A long year," said Jorgen as he expertly turned the multicoloured feather into a pen, oblivious to the storyteller's slightly sinister smile. "A long year indeed. Now. What is this message you have for the Archmage?"
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Could you tell me the things you remember about me, and have you seen me lately?
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  • Six eternals responded to plenipotentiary messages from the Imperial archmages.
  • Four have requested formal parleys
  • One has declined a parley but still requests a meeting
  • One has declined a meeting but still intends to help Imperial citizens in his own way
  • The Arcane Colloquium begins at 15:00 on Saturday afternoon

Every season, each of the archmages can send a plenipotentiary message to an eternal of their realm. Eternals who receive a plenipotentiary message are bound to respond, although not always in the way the archmage expects. The most common response is for the eternal to agree to an formal parley. Such meetings sometimes involve the eternal themselves, more often they involve carefully chosen emissaries. The representatives of the realms meet with the archmage, who treats with the eternal or their servants on equal footing.

As the Spring Equinox approaches, some of the eternals have responded with offers of parley at the coming summit - a special meeting where both Empire and eternal are bound by powerful laws of hospitality and respect. Others... have not done that.

This summit also sees the second Arcane Colloquium, when the archmages will address their peers. The Arcane Colloquium is split into six quarter-hour sessions, each given over to one of the archmages. Seniority is given to the archmage who has served in the post for the longest uninterrupted period. The running order is based on the length of service of the individual archmages. The current order is Day, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, and finally Night. The Arcane Colloquium continues to evolve; following the advice of a civil servant an additional fifteen minute session has been added between the third and the fourth period to allow those who wish to attend the whole thing to take a short break.


  • Sung has accepted an invitation to formal parley with the Archmage of Night
  • The meeting will take place at 22:30 on Friday night
  • The Archmage is asked to bring the Shaman of Wintermark and four others who can present a wide perspective
  • The current Archmage of Night is Elyssiathian

Not long after the Winter Solstice, a dim lantern bobs and dances along the main avenue that runs through the heart of Anvil. As dusk has fallen, work has ceased and people retire to their fires or to the Forge. This is not the first time this Varushkan storyteller has visited Anvil. A little over a year ago, he brought a message from the Rainbow Serpent; his second visit serves the same purpose. The Hub is busy, with documents and stationary being packed away for the Winter, but the storyteller simply sits quietly on a bench until one of the Civil Servants notices him. He delivers his message in a quiet, lilting voice.

The Lady of Glamours welcomes the invitation of the Archmage of Night. She will attend a formal parley at the Spring Equinox. A herald will greet them in the Hall of Worlds at half-past ten on Friday evening and convey them to the presence of the Coiling Question. She asks that they bring with them the Shaman of Wintermark, as mentioned in the plenipotentiary message.

As to the rest... it seems that the Archmage wishes to bring more than half the Imperial nations to speak to her. Mystery thrives where there is time for silence, where there is space for emptiness. Where they are many voices, all calling and shouting at once, there is only confusion.

Moreover, she has no idea why any of these people wish to speak to her and while she is intrigued, the Crowned Enigma prefers that a formal parley be more focused. She has sponsored a ritual, with the aid of the Dean of the Lyceum, which allows any magician versed in the lore of the Night realm to seek her counsel. Is that no longer enough for the Empire? Given that the Archmage has not specified what they wish to talk about, Sung will set the tempo for the meeting herself. The three topics that will be discussed will be: the mystery of the Labyrinth, and what it means to see the past; the mystery of Freedom, and what it means to be free; and the mystery of the Shears, and what it means to end.

Along with the Shaman, the Archmage may bring up to four others who are interested in discussing these mysteries with the One Cloaked in Feathers. She requests that they each be representatives of a different nation, and if they are human that no more than one of any single lineage be represented. When one discusses mysteries, the more perspectives available, the better. She hopes the Archmage understands that there will be no opportunity for these individuals to ask for boons or to "beseech" her for aid; they are here to take part in a discussion of mysteries. If the Archmage wishes her to consider any petitions, they should form the basis of a future plenipotentiary. In common with many other eternals, Sung does not make decisions without careful consideration.


  • The eternal Ylenrith agrees to a formal parley
  • The meeting will take place at half-past one on Saturday afternoon
  • Ylenrith is currently considered an enemy of the Empire
  • The current Archmage is Skywise Gralka

A few scant weeks after the Winter Solstice, Termé, a herald of the Swan, appears for the second time in the Hall of Worlds. Unlike last season, though, they are on formal business. It seems that the Archmage of Day has reached out to their mistress, and offered parley with the Empire. Ylenrith is keen to accept.

Much has changed,” Termé says. “Our mistress is not as she was when last she had dealings with Imperial citizens.” The Mistress of Music and Mathematics wishes to discuss how she may regain the trust of the Empire's magicians. The main topic of conversation however will concern something Termé calls the Cold Sun, and the potential threat it presents; unfortunately the herald is not in a position to provide any other guidance.

The Archmage has also offered to bring musicians with her, who can share new music with the eternal. The Swan is appreciative; as such she proposes that the Archmage bring up to seven other people to the meeting on the understanding that some of these visitors will provide music during the meeting. A herald will be sent to the Hall of Worlds at half-past one on Saturday afternoon to bring the Archmage and their guests to the Kantanta Fontano – a chamber between the mortal realm and the Day realm.

The magistrates remind the Archmage of Day that while it is not illegal to meet with an eternal who has been declared an enemy of the Empire, trading or dealing with them is. They are advised to err on the side of caution when dealing with the eternal, and to advise their guests to do likewise.


  • Ossegrahn has declined a parley with the Empire
  • The eternal has made several opportunities available following the Archmage's suggestions
  • Lord Rain proposes the Conclave could send a delegation to Caitun, in Faraden
  • The current Archmage of Spring is Ibiss Briarheart

With Spring magic rising like a flood across the Empire, a lone herald of Lord Rain arrives at Anvil and politely declines a parley with the Empire. Despite the weather being quite dry, the blue-skinned figure glistens as if they have just come in out of the rain. The Cupbearer is already busy taking advantage of the consummate Spring enchantment created by Imperial magicians. Willowbraid provides his blessings to Imperial farmers and fishers, just as the plenipotentiary requested. Furthermore, they have sent heralds out to the Empire to see how else they can help the people to prosper in good health, keeping the Archmage's suggestions in mind. The herald is quick to stress that the decision not to attend a parley is not intended as a slight; Coomarta of the Rains is hard at work trying to help the Empire directly.

There is one matter that the herald is keen to address directly, however. The archmage asked about "the city in Faraden that you sponsor" and Beckburn presumes that this means Caitun in Pelabuhan? Ossegrahn is proud to serve as a patron to, and friend of, the wizards of the Tchemetzi family who nominally rule the territory. They specialise in the beneficial aspects of Spring magic; healing, douse wells, and bless farmers' fields with life-giving rain – an important service in the relatively arid west. The family has no contact with the Empire at this time, but with a little nudge from Llomon, and some work by the Conclave, that might change.

A Declaration of Concord from the Imperial Conclave could be used to arrange for a conclave order to send a diplomatic emissary to the Tchemetzi. The choice as to which order to send would determine the kind of reception they would receive. In theory any order might be chosen, but in practice there are three obvious choices. The Silver Chalice would focus on a shared appreciation of healing magic, while the Celestial Arch would pursue a broader diplomatic approach. The third possibility would be the Shuttered Lantern, who would assess the Tchemetzi for any potential threat and evaluate whether they have any secret lore that might be useful to the Empire, acquiring it by whatever means seemed appropriate if there were.

The Conclave could also seek to guide the tenor of this envoy, but it would ultimately be the nature of the order that would determine the results. There is no particular time pressure here; as long as Ossegrahn is not considered an enemy of the Empire, they will support a meeting with the raincallers. Regardless of when the Conclave takes advantage of this opportunity, if ever, only one order could be asked to arrange an envoy, and a given order can only be asked to pursue one opportunity on behalf of the Conclave each season.

Following that very specific piece of advice, the herald does not return to the Imperial regio, but strikes out along the trods toward Syrene. Apparently there are farmers there who will not only benefit from the herald's assistance, but also a little lingering blight from last year's flood that Father Tarn wishes to offer his aid to remove.

Details of the opportunities Ossegrahn presents to the Empire, as well as some discussion of some of the opportunities it is not presenting, can be found in the Rain king wind of fortune.


  • The City of Gold and Lead has requested a meeting with the Archmage in the Hall of Worlds
  • The meeting begins at 16:45 on Saturday and will not be a formal parley, to better allow the heralds attending the meeting to engage in their business
  • The current Archmage of Autumn is Edmundo of Damakhan's Forge

The four-armed herald from the City of Gold and Lead is accompanied by two massive minotaur guardians when they emerge from the Imperial regio. Bound in bronze harness, with rune-carved axes and tower shields bearing the insignia of the Braided Rope Coster. While the bodyguards are grim and battle-ready, the emissary themselves remains as polite as they have during each of their previous visits to Anvil.

The City of Gold and Lead acknowledges the invitation of the Archmage to engage in parley to discuss recent events. There are a number of voices who wish to express both their concerns and their support for the Empire's recent actions with regard to free trade. As such, the decision has been made to auction the opportunity to speak to the Archmage and their fellow Imperial magicians. Several citizens of the City will attend the parley consecutively, each with their own matters to discuss. The heralds will begin to arrive at the Hall of Worlds at quarter-to-five on Saturday afternoon, and each will have only a limited time to complete their business.

Despite the fact that the Empire has recently demonstrated its willingness to destroy representatives of the realm of trade, the City of Gold and Lead has chosen to waive the protection of a formal parley for the duration of the meeting. The formal requirement for the Archmage to recognise Imperial citizens who wish to speak during a parley is often an impediment to conducting business, after all. Given recent developments this is also a sign of the high esteem with which Archmage Edmundo is held in the City of Gold and Lead. They are known in the Autumn realm as one who values negotiation over conflict as a means to settle disputes, and will surely still be able to ensure no harm comes to any of the visitors.


  • Rhianos accepts a formal parley
  • Favoured heralds of Rhianos will visit the Hall of Worlds at 14:00 on Saturday afternoon
  • A herald of Meraud will also be in attendance but is explicitly not part of the parley
  • The current Archmage of Summer is Brother Luke

A fortnight before the Spring Equinox, a brightly-dressed herald bursts out of the Imperial regio, bringing a message from the Regent of the Eternal Sea. The Summer archmage requests a parley, and Rhianos is keen to respond, albeit with some caveats. The Archmage has provided a list of adventures that Imperial citizens are interested in and after due consideration Rhianos has agreed to explore some while declining others. Reading from a long scroll, the herald assures the Civil Servants that support the Conclave that Brother Luke will know what they are talking about.

Rhianos cannot offer assistance with regard to three of the Archmage's requests. As far as the eternal knows, there is no regalia of the first Empress, as such, so there's nothing to be done there. There are no particular staves of power belonging to the Thule elite; individual Thule have magic staves certainly but “the staves of power” isn't really a thing. Rhianos doesn't know what “the most sacred temple of the Iron Confederacy” is, and even if they did they'd be loathe to help Imperial citizens “loot” it.

The herald pauses here to cheerfully explain that their liege likes adventures – unusual, risky, and daring experiences – not smash-and-grab expeditions. They are a patron of adventurers not burglars. “Loot” is a side-effect of adventure, not its purpose. The Empire should speak to other eternals if it just wants to rob and murder people.

Back to the list. The Liege of the West Star finds Atun's Ring more interesting; it's a unique treasure whose whereabouts is unknown. Rhianos would be fascinated to find out why the Empire thinks it is in the Autumn realm – although the herald cautions that if it is even the Regent of the Eternal Sea may be at a loss as to how to get it back. Hopefully those interested in this quest will be at the parley to provide more information. The matter of the sword Fortinbras is even more interesting. As a gift of the Summer realm, earned by a hero of Dawn from the Lord of the Crossroads, Rhianos might be able to offer aid in tracking it down. Rhianos asks that the Archmage make sure those interested in securing the blade come to the parley to explain why they are keen to get the weapon back – and how they plan to claim it from the immortal knight.

There's also the matter of the Eastern Sky. Rhianos is still considering what the people of Dawn might do to win their favour. While they like the idea of a statue to watch over knights adventuring in Brocéliande, their excitement has waned slightly following the grand adventure there. They will give some more thought to what might secure their support and pass that on to any of the enchanters of Dawn who attend the parley.

The heralds are also looking forward to a chance to hear from the three champions who represented their master in the tourney to determine patronage of the Icy Crag. What have Tancred Enrico i Taziel i Riqueza, Captain Quiberon Otterscourge, and Chiara of the Burning Beasts been up to in the months since?

Finally, Rhianos has asked the Summer Mage to send one of his apprentices along to talk about coral fortresses with the Empire. People are, apparently, always asking Rhianos for aid with such sorceries, and the Rejoicing One would rather they stopped. The herald mentions in an off-hand way that Meraud's representative will not be attending under the protection of parley - it will make it easier for them to go off and talk with the magicians interested in coastal fortresses without derailing the main discussion of adventure - but they're sure that can't possibly go wrong.

The Herald is kind enough to repeat all of this until it has been written down, and then heads to the Forge for an hour or two of culture before returning to the Summer realm. As an afterthought as they are leaving, they explain that Rhianos will send some of his favoured heralds to the Hall of Worlds during the Spring Equinox at two-o'clock on Saturday afternoon. The Regent of the Eternal Sea assumes there will be plenty of time to address everything that needs to be discussed before the Arcane Colloquium.


  • Kaela has agreed to a parley in two parts
  • The first part will begin at quarter to midnight on Saturday and take place in the Hall of Worlds
  • The second part is for the Archmage themselves and will take place in a chamber after the meeting in the hall of worlds is concluded
  • The current Archmage of Winter is Ematius of the Great Library of Ankarien

For some time it seems that there has been no plenipotentiary sent to the Winter Realm. A few days before the Spring Equinox, however, a messenger in dusty robes arrives at the Hub. She brings a message from the Dark-Between-the-Stars, the eternal Kaela. Perhaps once a citizen of Axos, there is something deeply unsettling about her. Her skin crinkles and rustles like parchment when she walks, and does not move right when she speaks or gestures - it is as if she is wrapped in old paper from head to foot. She is clearly one of the undying legions that attend upon the Sorrowful One. She delivers her message quickly, wasting little time.

The Archmage has (apparently) suggested a parley in two parts, and so Kaela has likewise responded in two parts.

First, she sends some of her Grim Legion to the Hall of Worlds to accept tribute on her behalf. These undying warriors will arrive at a quarter-to-midnight on Saturday. The Circle of the Drowned, the Nation's Guard, the Wolves of the Pale Raven, Glory's Shadow, the Envoys of the White Stag, and Wick's Rest are all invited to attend and present their gifts of song and story, and share what they have learned of endings. Those who win the favour of the Grim Legion will receive boons in their turn.

One other group are also invited to send an emissary. The Suns of Couros have earned the enmity of the Lady of Silence, through insult, and through the theft of her legions. Her injunction that whenever they use her ritual to aid the Empire, she will send thrice as many of her own legionnaires to aid their enemies still applies. She has set a method whereby this enmity might be ended – the inclusion of Abandon the Mortal Shackles in Imperial lore. If one of the Suns of Couros wishes to come to the parley, and express their regret for the actions of their coven, the Grim Legion will provide them with a copy of the ritual text. Should they even wish to resolve their grievance with the Dark-Between-the-Stars of course.

Once this matter of the Legions is complete, the Archmage themselves is invited to come and discuss the private matters they have raised. Not with Kaela herself, but with the Archivist of the Drowned, one of her most favoured servitors, who records and studies the end of all endless things.

Using Plenipotentiary

The plenipotentiary power can be challenging to use. The page talking to eternals lays out some of the common pitfalls relating to sending a message to an eternal. It is vital that the archmage tell the eternal what they want to discuss, and to bear in mind that nobody is omniscient. We want to make sure that a parley is an interesting and hopefully fun experience, and the less we know about what the players involved want to achieve with the meeting, the less able we are to provide a satisfying encounter.

It is important to be clear what you want to talk about in a plenipotentiary. It's fine to lay out a list of things, as long as you realise that the eternal will only talk about the things it is interested in.


These meetings are taking place either in the Hall of Worlds or in an encounter tent. The times, and the eternals involved, are summarized here.

Day Time Eternal Realm Note
Friday 22:30 Sung Night Parley; Chamber between worlds
Saturday 13:30 Ylenrith Day Parley; Chamber between worlds
Saturday 14:00 Rhianos Summer Parley; Hall of Worlds
Saturday 16:45 Ephisis Autumn Not a Parley; Hall of Worlds
Saturday 23:45 Kaela Winter Parley; Hall of Worlds and Chamber