Spring Magnitude 160

The magnitude of this ritual may fluctuate as the Empire expands or contracts.

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 10 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets the entire Empire. It must be performed at the Imperial regio at Anvil. The ritual requires a map of the entire Empire which is used to harness and focus its power.

This spell is an enchantment. A target may only be under one enchantment effect at a time.


The ritual enchants the entire Empire. Every herb garden in the Empire produces three additional herbs over the next season. The type of herb must be chosen and named as part of the ritual.

In addition, fertility increases across the Empire for animals, plants and people. While this is not immediately noticeable, in coming seasons there will be many more healthy children born.

The effect lasts until the start of the next Profound Decisions Empire event.


This old and dramatically powerful ritual enchants the entire Empire for a short time. It affects every herb garden in every region within the Empire, giving them a significant boost to both the fertility and general health of plants and animals.

During a season when this ritual is in effect, there are increased incidences of people encountering Spring regio, or the heralds of Spring eternals. Indeed, the eternals of Spring themselves seem to become more active after periods when this ritual is performed, and more interested in the activities of Imperial citizens. There is a superstitious belief that more of the children conceived during this period will express the briar lineage in later life, but the way the briar lineage develops has made a definitive study extremely difficult. There is some anecdotal evidence that especially high-lineage briar feel especially vigorous and during this period, and are a little more likely to lash out at those who anger them.

During the Winter Solstice 380YE, the Imperial Conclave chose to interdict this ritual. The interdiction was reconciled during the Autumn equinox 381YE.

Common Elements

This is a powerful ritual, and few covens can perform it by themselves. When this ritual has been performed in the past, it has usually been achieved with the use of at least one Web of Celestial Attunement and with supplies of crystal mana from the Imperial Conclave. A coven that plans to perform it often spends several days in preparation, knowing that the eyes of the Empire are likely to be on them.

Ritual performances often include the evocation of the runes of Spring especially Bravash, and of the constellation of The Fountain. Hearth magics and symbols associated with health and Prosperity are also commonly evoked, such as shedding small amounts of blood or offering libations of wine or milk. The eternal Yaw'nagrah may be mentioned, but it is more likely that Imperial heroes and the names of paragons and exemplars will be called upon. The ritual often initiates, takes place during or culminates in a raucous feast or festival that can last long into the night,