To trap the boggarts in Morrow, preventing damage to Mana Sites.

Proposed by Sarvos, Seconded by Necropolis.


  • This motion is intended to address the problem of boggarts infesting Morrow.
  • Trapping the boggarts will significantly reduce the amount of mana lost to their depradations.
  • Passed at 25 Thrones
  • A statement of principle was passed by the Synod that there was no intention to veto this motion.


  • Winter 378YE


  • 25 Thrones disbursed to Senator Sarvos.
  • In conjunction with a successful quest by the Academy, these traps have prevented the loss of mana from mana sites in Morrow.
  • Boggart faeces has been harvested and used to enhance the herb gardens of Morrow.

Campaign Outcome

  • Unknown.