Power begets wealth; wealth begets Power


The most popular symbol symbol of the order is step-pyramid of three levels with bronze at the bottom, silver in the middle, and gold at the top.

Order of the Golden Pyramid

The Manifesto

The Order of the Golden Pyramid holds the following to be true:

  • Magic is a commodity like any other and its practitioners should not be subjected to any undue expectation or requirement
  • The talents of the Empire's artisans are no less a valuable magical resource than spellcasting and rituals
  • Magic has the power to strengthen by enriching and prospering

The Order of the Golden Pyramid therefore exists to:

  • Stand up for those magicians who are pressured to use their skills for free, like a servant or slave
  • Support the application of magical resources in matters of economic gain that inevitably bring prosperity to the Empire as a whole
  • Stand up for the artisans and promote their interests across the Empire

Membership of the Order

This Golden Pyramid appeals to artisan-magicians and magicians versed in economic magic (from Rampant Growth and Blood and Salt through Rivers of Gold all the way to Verdant Bounty of the Twilight Bayou and Hallow of the Green World). After the Sevenfold Path this is the order that has the largest number of magician-priests, albeit usually priests dedicated to Prosperity. It's members work to enrich themselves, but they also safeguard the rights of magicians to expect fair recompense for their magic. They are often at odds with the Rod and Shield.

The Order of the Golden Pyramid began as a reaction against a perceived culture of entitlement; as the nations increasingly assumed that magicians should donate their skills to the Empire for free. Since their creation many members have supported the right of artisans, as well as magicians, to have a voice in the Conclave; but this attitude is far from universal within the Order. At it's most altruistic, the Order tries to represent the interests of artisans as fellow practitioners of esoteric lore, and often approaches them for support and funding (or to discuss gambits that include the crafting of magic items).

As befits an order fascinated by wealth, members of the Order often strive to cultivate good relations with the Imperial Bourse and magicians who also occupy Bourse seats are often actively wooed by the Golden Pyramid. When it works well, this relationship gives the Golden Pyramid access to items from the Bourse private auction on behalf of other members of the Conclave, and the Pyramid has been adroit at using this access for political capital. Even when their influence in the Bourse is limited, the Golden Pyramid has a tradition of encouraging archmagi to present gambits that involve performing economic rituals to garner support or influence with Imperial citizens who own businesses, mines, forests and fleets.

Members of the Golden Pyramid traditionally consider it completely acceptable, even expected, for their Grandmaster to gain their position by open bribery. It is also common for the grandmaster to take advantage of their access to wealthy patrons to help fund the order.

Conclave vault

Each summit, the Conclave vault of the Golden Pyramid garners the following resources;

  • 10 crystal mana from bequests.
  • A pro-rata share of the Font based on the precedence of the orders at the previous summit.
  • A portion of ilium based on their position among the orders as determined by precedence.
  • 2 ingots of green iron, 3 measures of ambergelt, 3 ingots of orichalcum and 3 measures of beggars lye as a result of existing bequests.