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Group Archetypes

The Brass Coast

Family A family is a collection of related people led by a Dhomiro. They are all descended from one of the three tribesL the Erigo, the Riqueza and the Guerra. They contain all manner of different people.
Kohan Kohan are groups of volunteer and outcast warriors-without-family, who traditionally pledge loyalty to their tribe's Hakima.
Paradour Brass Coast towns always have at least one parador, a communal social house of business, music, story-telling, drinking and dance. They are often formed of a number smaller Families working together.
Hakima Hakima are highly-organised groups of magic-users whose loyalty is to the tribe, not their family. They are taken to be wise.
Corsair Freeborn Corsairs are traders and privateers who deal with - and raid - foreign shipping in the Bay of Catazar.
Sutannir Sutannir perform inspiring religious ceremonies for the Freeborn, and (more importantly) organise the parties that follow. They usually include numerous talented performers in their ranks as well as priests.


Noble House A group of individual that have all passed the Test of Mettle, usually set by the House’s Earl. It also contains Yeoman loyal to the house.
Knightly Order A knightly order is made up of Questing Knights who have proved themselves worthy in their Test of Mettle and have chosen to keep on questing for ever-greater glory. They sometimes have rules governing behaviour and seek an Eternal as a patron.
Weaver Cabal Weaver Cabals are groups of witches specialising in ritual magic .They are not Nobles but not entirely Yeomen. They perform magics to bring good fortune to villages, fertile harvests and good weather as well as weaving magic items.