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Rich in timber and bottomless mines
Regions of Volodmartz


Mountainous Volodmartz is rich in timber and deep mines. There are comparatively few vales here, and the boyars have a reputation for being particularly iron-fisted. Much more common are outposts, scattered across the brooding hills and growing rich from the mineral wealth they exploit. Both tend to be very well fortified, and not without reason. There are dark things in the Volodmartz mountains, and plenty of folk tales tell of malign horrors that burrow under them, emerging without warning to overwhelm the foolish.

The Volodny had their old centre of power in Volodmartz, and it was here that Alderei the tyrant-boyar was defeated by the Imperial Army. The ruins of his stronghold still lie beneath the forest canopy. Of more pressing concern, the northern Thule barbarians sometimes strike down through the north-eastern forests, and there are plenty of stories of wicked, flesh-hungry terrors beneath the snow-dusted evergreens.

Recent History

Following the Thule invasion of Karsk in 368YE, probing assaults were made against Livardz and Suvretz. These were turned back by Imperial forces, but the threat of further attacks has never been ruled out. The northern barbarians certainly covet the valuable resources of Volodmarts; in the Summer of 377YE an attempt was made to create a beachead in the north near the vale of Void - almost certainly a strike not only against the mana sites and libraries of the cabalists but against the Granites of Veltsgorsk. The expeditionary force was scattered by a force of Imperial heroes, and a follow-up campaign by Imperial forces wiped out the survivors, stymieing the attempted invasion.

Major Features


A riverside town in Livardz, with a fish-dam and low bridge that has always been the main land route into Karsk. Once a hotbed of support for Alderei the Fair on the edge of what was then Varushka, and the scene of savage fighting in the war against his forces. Empire armies laid siege to it, and burnt the original town to the ground. The tyrant-boyar sallied forth before the final assault, and gathered those still loyal from across Volodmartz and the wilds to his final battle to the north. Despite recent Imperial victories in Karsk, it is still considered to be a front-line settlement, doing all it can to support the campaign in Karsk. Home to many refugees, there is some pressure for these displaced Varushkans to return to their homes - homes that many rightly point out are still threatened by the remaining Thule armies.

Runa’s Loss

A place of legend. Runa was a Draughir Warden who watched the Sovereigns of the hills, and Toki her Changeling lover, apprentice to a Volhov. That Volhov turned, seduced by an Eternal of Winter and Toki chose loyalty to master over love. Runa was one of the wardens who hunted and killed the Volhov and all loyal to it. The Vale reminds all wardens that their calling is more important than lesser loyalties. Now they watch most vigilantly to the south-east, and Wardens march from here to keep close eyes on the barbarians in Karsk.


Home to a number of Cabals. Here they study and perform those rituals best kept away from centres of population. Rumour has it that Heralds from the Realm of Winter come here to treat and bargain with the Volhov.

The Hunt of Alderei the Fair

The Hunt of Alderei the Fair is a Bourse position which produces weirwood from the valley of Alderei’s Run.

The Granites of Veltsgorsk

The Granites of Veltsgorsk is a Bourse position which produces white granite.



The southern foothills are the site of Ruin'. Once a key mining settlement called Vikram's Haven, it's destruction in 349YE is generally believed to have been at the hands of a group of miners delved too far into rocks under the broken peak above Alderei’s Run in search of rare ores. The vale did not survive their return. It is now the occasional home of Warden-bands who seek to ensure no Vale makes the same mistake again. Precisely what led to the doom of Ruin is unclear, but scattered rumours suggest that the miners came upon a trove of ancient pre-Imperial artefacts, and fell prey either to a maddening curse or possession by malign occult forces.


The town of Triosk stands on the eastern borders of Volodmartz.




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