Over the past three months, several events have occurred which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. You can also read about the progress of the Empire's military campaigns here.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters 'should' know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months.

Many winds of fortune open with a short section of in-character text. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip. They're mostly just a bit of fun and they tend not to contain anything vital to the understanding of the wind of Fortune.

Winds of Fortune

The Arch of the Door

  • Imperial Senate, Imperial Synod, Urizen; Delilah of Felix's Watch

With a heavy heart the Academy - the foremost school for the Imperial heroes of tomorrow - has decided to leave Canterspire and seek a new home closer to the heart of the Empire in Astolat. While the transfer of faculty seems to be running smoothly, there is one matter left unresolved - the specially built annexe of the Dean of Pilgrims. While grateful to the people who made it possible, Chancellor Griffinsbane has made it clear that the Academy no longer needs the Dean of Pilgrims, but has asked the Civil Service to look into ways the annexe might be repurposed. You can learn about their response here.

A Blessing in Disguise

  • Highguard; Imperial Synod

Over the Summer Solstice summit of 382YE, the Highborn nation took a momentous decision. Spurred perhaps by the news that some part of the soul remains trapped in the bodies of those slain by the vallorn who rise again as husks, they elected to commit their entire nation to the battle. The decision was not without controversy, and has come at a ruinous cost - but there are ways that cost might be mitigated, provided that the Empire is prepared to take some hard decisions... You can learn about the results of their mandate and the opportunities to deal with it here.

Chilled to the Bone

  • Dawn, Varushka

This season the armies of Dawn and the Golden Axe attacked the Druj territory of Ossium. They captured two regions - Bittershore and Ghalath Fields - along with the town of Lomaa an honest-to-virtue mithril mine called the Crawling Depths. They also encountered some of the inhabitants of the Druj territory - and you can learn about this first foray into the Mallum here.

In the End Everything Collides (Orc Affairs)

  • Advisor on Orc Affairs (all); Imperial Orcs, Wintermark, Varushka, Military Council, Senate (Thule); Navarr (Great Forest); Marches (Thralls, Grendel); Imperial Consul (Grendel).

Four powerful nations controlled by orcs border the Empire. While three make war on the Empire, one is at peace - a peace reinforced by the success of the recent treaty. There are also groups of orcs who live within the Empire - the orcs of the Great Forest, and the former Jotun thralls living in the Mournwold. You can learn about recent developments with the Thule, Great Forest, the Thralls and the Grendel, here.

It Can't Get Much Worse (Conjunctions)

  • Everyone
  • Major conjunctions are detailed here

The Civil Service spend a great deal of time examining the Sentinel Gate before each summit, hoping to identify useful conjunctions that will allow the heroes of the Empire to intercede in the various dangerous and fated situations around the Empire. You can learn about what they have found here.

The Lives You Love To Lead

  • The League; the Keeper of the Imperial Menagerie; the Pride and Loyalty Assemblies

The relationships between the four cities that make up the League, built as they are in such far-flung locations, have always been a little complex. Even before the Grendel turned up on the doorstep of Sarvos this past season there has been busy. There has been the war against bite; renewed arguments about resting place of Empress Giselle; and significant building work in Holberg. You can learn about these various urban events here.

Oh So Intricate (Winds of Magic)

  • Imperial magicians, especially Freeborn, Urizen and Highguard; General of the Citadel Guard

The Winds of Magic blow. The Empire weaves its enchantments and its curses, raises citadels, covers the stars, sends a chill wind sweeps across Segura quieting the disruption there and stealing its magic. Magic also comes from outside, from the eternal realms. A Challenge; an invitation; a bounty and a boon; an offer of guidance; and from the Brother of Wizards... well you can find out all about these events and opportunities here.

The Only Reason That I Sing

  • Dawn, especially the troubadours; the Virtue Assemblies and the Imperial Senate

Virtue must have its champions - its exemplars, paragons, its embodiments. Its heroes. The Dawnish troubadours have named their champions, one for each virtue and then two more. At the same time, the Senate has created the title "Champion of Courage" and the assembly will pick someone to wield the Torchbrand again - but perhaps there is more to be done? You can learn about these two opportunities related to champions of virtue here.

Put On Your War Paint

  • Brass Coast, the Marches, Dawn, Wintermark

The Freeborn have raised the banner of the Burning Falcon, and eyes across the Brass Coast are turning to their priests and senators to see what comes next. Likewise, Dawn and the Marches have an opportunity to make fundamental choices about who they are and what that means to their armies in the campaigns that are to come. Finally, the people of Wintermark have restated their commitment to heroism loud and clear, but there are still a niggling few details still to be discussed. You can learn about these four opportunities related to armies here.

The Scars from Tomorrow

  • Navarr, Highguard; Advisor on the Vallorn, Archmage of Spring

The Empire is covered in a network of trods that both speed travel, and form the backbone of a thousand year plan to destroy the vallorn. The war with that abhorrent force is like a tide that ebbs and flows. There are victories, and losses. You can learn about the situation with the trods and the vallorn here.

Silver Clouds With Grey Linings (Trade Winds)

  • Fleet captains, ambassadors, traders

International diplomacy is a deadly labyrinth strewn with pitfalls and tripwires. The Empire has nine ambassadors and an Imperial Consul who spend most of their time trying to navigate a complicated sea of demands, opportunities, and competing agendas. Diplomacy and trade all too often go hand in hand - and you can read about some of the developments regarding both of them here.

Starting At The End

  • Varushka, Wintermark, the Marches, the Brass Coast; Imperial Senate; People who like roads

Nobody can deny the success of the Blood Red Roads, the Roads of Karsk, the Pilgrim's Trail and the new South-west Road network. After several queries, and bearing in mind the interest in the White Roads of Highguard, the civil service began work on a broad-scale survey of the Empire with an eye towards creating plans to build roads in places currently lacking them. You can read their report here.

Tested Again and Again

  • Imperial Synod, Imperial Senate, Imperial Military Council; Imperial Conclave especially the Sevenfold Path; Auditor of Senatorial Affairs; Chaplain Consular; Imperial Inquisitor; Ambassadors and the Imperial Consul; missed opportunity for the Freeborn assembly

The Severin Sermon continues to be provoke discussion. So far there has been discussion of the value of the national assemblies, the role of the paragons and exemplars, the purpose of the virtue assemblies, and the value of revocation. Now, the philosophers and theologians of the Empire turn their attention to how the Synod might help to use the principles of benevolence, inspiration, and legacy to support the other houses of power - the Senate, the Military Council, the Conclave and even the Bourse. You can learn about the wild proposals that have been raised here.

Think of the Children

  • Marchers; Imperial Synod; Assembly of Ambition

Cesare Enzo di Trivento, Cardinal of Prosperity, has led the Assembly to pass a clear statement calling on the Empire to support the building of a great orphanage to house and educate the orphans of the Mournwold. The statement has been circulated by the civil service to the congregations of the Empire devoted to Prosperity and has provoked interest from some surprising quarters. You can learn about the opportunities it has presented here.

This Might Be Your Battle

  • Imperial Fleet Master; Fleet and Military Unit captains; the Brass Coast

Mazo i Zabala i Erigo has called for the Freeborn to raid Grendel, to liberate their slaves. The message has spread like wildfire across the Imperial coast of the Bay of Catazar and beyond. The orcs of the Broken Shore are overconfident and over-extended and perhaps now is the right time to do something about it. You can learn about the opportunity to take the fight to the Grendel here.

Trade All My Tomorrows

  • Magicians; the Blackroot Broker, and people who don't like the Vallorn; builders; Wintermark traders; people who like old stuff

Anvil is a hub of trade; buying and selling both. The summits are a rare chance to meet the richest and most influential people, with the most money and the most expensive tastes, all in one place. Whether its Wintermark joining the Northern trade network, or a peculiar Marcher selling venomous weapons, or a Freeborn dhomiro with more money than sense, or a peculiar archivist with an archaeological treasure to sell, or a weird seed taken from Hayaak... you can learn all about them here.

We've Been Here Forever (Plenipotentiary)

  • Imperial Conclave

Six eternals have responded to plenipotentiary messages sent by the archmages during the Summer Solstice. Only four of them have agreed to formal parley. Some intend to visit - or send representatives to - the Hall of Worlds. Others are arranging to meet the archmage in specially prepared chambers between their realm and the mortal world. And one has settled on a deeply unorthodox arrangement. You can learn which eternals are keen to talk to the Empire, and what about, here.

The Wages of Sin

  • Imperial Synod, Imperial Senate

The Assembly of the Nine has spoken in the strongest possible terms about the Asavean request for Imperial mercenaries to help them put down the rebellion in their northern satrapies. The Temple of the Way in Nemoria offers a real opportunity to reach the people of the Archipelago. You can learn more about this situation here.

The Way that the Sunshine Gleams

  • Conclave, Anvil Library, Urizen

The eternal Phaleron is known by a number of names - the Celestial Library, the Archives of Silence, the Coral Library, the Vault of Itself - but regardless of the name its purpose has been steady and unwavering; to contain all knowledge that exists in creation. A year ago, however, its purpose was rocked to the foundations when unknown forces attempted to steal its knowledge away - some of them allegedly with the aid of Imperial magicians. Phaleron closed its doors, and withdrew from the Empire. Now, twelve months later, it has returned. You can hear about what this portends here.

Words to Make Things Right

  • Wintermark, the Marches; potentially the Military Council and the Imperial Consul

For the last several months, since shortly after the great sinkhole collapse at the start of last year, the people of Wintermark and the Marches have been having problems with Feni. Two distinct bands, one heading north into Hahnmark and one traveling south into Mournwold have been raising all kinds of trouble. A third band, the mysterious inhabitants of Alderly in the Mourn have gotten involved as well. Violence, diplomatic negotiations, offers of jobs, and Senate motions have all been tried but now finally it seems that the situation is coming to a head. You can learn a little more about what has been going on with the feni here.

Ongoing Situations and Outcomes



Eight mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod. You can find the details of all the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here. As always, these mandates only have an effect if the named priest provides the appropriate amount of liao and emails Profound Decisions.

Some of these mandates will have an effect this downtime; we'll update this page and adjust the Facebook and forum posts to reflect this once we have confirmation a mandate is happening. With the destruction of the Temple of the Winds at the hands of the Druj, two of these mandates will have no immediate effect. The mandates have still been enacted however. If the region of Peregro is retaken, and the Temple of the Winds successfully completed, the mandates will have their full effect. If Peregro is liberated before the Summer Solstice 383YE, there will be no requirement for a new commission or senate motion but the construction should be begun from scratch.

Assembly Mandate Priest Outcome WoF
General The institution of slavery is a dark stain on the soul that will never wash clean. Every citizen should take arms in defence of those who fight against slavery against any who threaten it. We send Eska Crowspeaker with 150 doses of liao to tell every citizen of the Empire to reach out to help those who have been enslaved - all that is worthwhile is shared with those who deserve it.
150 liao provided by Eska Crowspeaker
Eska Crowspeaker Encourages Imperial citizens to reject slavery here
Highborn Virtuous people set prices for things which are fair, and buy and sell them accordingly. To do otherwise, to invoke market forces and economic factors, is to subsume human destiny and will to an impartial, immoral, and unvirtuous force. We send Bartimaeus with 25 doses of liao to urge those Highborn citizens in possession of white granite to deal through the Cinderpath Exchange rather than to indulge their greed.
25 liao provided by Bartimaeus after the Summer Solstice
Bartimaeus Encourages Highborn citizens to seek virtuous markets for white granite. here
General The Way unites humanity through the Seven Virtues. The people of Asavea will more readily accept the teachings of the Way from their own people; creating Asavean priests will help to spread the faith. Yet only those who show a true commitment to the doctrines of the faith should receive training in the use of liao. We send Jonah Yakovitch with 50 doses of liao to support the training of new priests from among those judged most sincere in their devotion to the Way.
50 liao provided by Jonah Yakovitch
Jonah Yakovitch The Temple of the Way in Nemoria will begin to train devout Asavean priests here.
Highborn The monstrous infestation that is the vallorn is a danger beyond any other that now faces us. There is no sacrifice so great that we cannot meet it to defeat this terror. We send Lilith of the Chantry with 500 liao to urge every Highborn citizen to consider if they could assist in defeating this threat by undertaking an extended pilgrimage to walk the trods.
500 Liao provided by Lilith of the Chantry.
Lilith of the Chantry The Highborn will begin to undertake radical pilgrimages here
Imperial Orcs The Legions are the Heart and Soul of the Imperial Orc nation. They fight for the Empire and to crush its enemies. All Orcs must serve either in or to support the Legions. We send Irontide Lok with 25 doses of Liao to urge everyone to welcome any orc who is willing to serve our Legions, our nation and the Empire unstintingly.
25 liao provided by Irontide Lok after the Summer Solstice.
Irontide Lok The Imperial Orcs will begin to build a new martial nation in Skarsind. here
Urizen Those who seek to teach others should first be challenged to prove their own Wisdom. We send Palladius with 50 doses of liao to urge potential students to study at the Temple of the Winds so that it may be swiftly restored.
50 Liao provided by Palladius.
Palladius Any future mandate without a greater majority will be ineffective in Urizen. here
Wisdom The example of the sword scholars of Urizen should inspire all those who follow the path of Wisdom. We must all test what we learn; only fools accept hearsay as truth. We send Galene Netherwatch with 150 doses of liao to urge everyone to despise folly and chastise the fool that spreads it, especially when it is done by those close to you.
150 liao provided by Galene Netherwatch.
Galene Netherwatch Any future mandate that does not reach a Greater Majority will be ineffective here.
Marches The ghosts of the Greensward require careful handling. It is not enough simply to exorcise these fallen warriors - first we must attempt to offer them comfort and acknowledge their sacrifice. We send Albert Fugglestone-Copperhill with 50 doses of liao to help the spirits that haunt the ruins of Overton to pass on to the Labyrinth, or to find their way across the Howling Abyss.
Albert Fugglestone-Copperhill provided 50 liao after the Summer Solstice.
Albert Fugglestone-Copperhill Ghosts in the Greensward will be laid to rest here

Imperial Lore

The Imperial Conclave has added the ritual Sutannir's Promise to the body of Imperial lore.