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The egregore spirit of the Brass Coast is like the sea, passionate, honest, wise, and deadly by turn. Woe betide those who underestimate it.

Dust, Flame and Glass

The egregore of the Brass Coast was the first to be created and carries three names, Dust, Glass, or Flame - the three elements that the Freeborn believe shape their people. Which one it answers to at any given time depends on the mood of the host, the whims of the egregore, or the needs of the nation. A host may favour one of the three forms or change between them as mood and need arises. They can often be identified by the colour of their tagelmust.

  • Dust dresses comfortably and luxuriantly and talks about the importance of family and plain honest speaking, often presenting the aspect of a dhomiro or corsair. Favours a sandy yellow tagelmust.
  • Glass is a quiet philosopher, dressing practically, and likes to talk about the soul and what it means to be Freeborn. Glass occasionally takes on the mantle of the kohan and favours a rich blue or green tagelmust.
  • Flame prefers the exuberant styling of a sutannir, encouraging parties and celebrations, and to inspire those going to war. Favours a deep red tagelmust..

On bonding with the egregore spirit, a Freeborn citizen invariably puts aside their family name, representing the fact that the entire nation is now their family. Regardless of their names, the egregore is always fond of dancing, of sharing tales, and encouraging their people to live life to the full.

Current Hosts

Mattias i Guerra

Mattias grew up in the region of Kahraman, his family specialising in paradors and wood working. He led a relatively sheltered life in comfortable wealth, until he visited Anvil and fell in love with the adventure and heroics. He finds his natural changeling temperament lends him well into sutannir affairs, loving to organise a party, dance, provide hospitality and to listen to people’s struggles with Virtue. Most often presenting as Flame, he embodies all that is passionate and tempestuous about the Coast, enjoying a fiery debate as much as a song. He is also known to commonly appear in his Dust form as a scrivener, taking great delight in weaving words into contracts.

Peter Green
Mattias i Guerra
Rosie G
Mazirua i Erigo

Former Hosts

Linette Withers
Marcela i Erigo grew up among traders and corsairs, and was known to have spent time in the Sumaah Republic before returning to the Empire.
James Fishwick
Jaime i Guerra, a corsair fascinated by sea and the Freeborn Storm. Tragically slain at the Winter Solstice 381YE.
Oliver B
Sol i Riqueza was a hakima from northern Kahraman who particularly supported those without families.
Elizabeth Simoens
Maritza y Ruiloba y Guerra

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