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The children of Highguard are heirs to the nation's
great heritage.
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In Highguard every child is considered a precious blessing.

Highguard is not a populous nation and every child is considered a precious blessing. Although children are forbidden by Imperial law to use liao before they come of age, they are expected to study and embody the virtues from a young age. As heirs to the great heritage of the Highborn, children are encouraged to push themselves to live up to the heroes of the past.

Children are encouraged to question what they see and experience, especially where the Virtues are concerned. They are encouraged to talk about the things they have seen with their parents, especially the actions of others which they could not see the Virtue in. This allows them to gain a better understanding of the Virtues by asking their parents to explain how they apply in everyday life, as well as helping their parents to be vigilant against any corruption in their children's lives.

Children who have a solid grounding in the Way are often given a purple ribbon or seven pointed star by the priests, so that they can help other children learn about the Virtues.

Things every child should know

  • Know the Seven Virtues. Try to be as virtuous as possible and inspire the same in those around you.
  • Learn about the Paragons and Exemplars. Study their lives and follow their example, you may yet become one!
  • Be vigilant! Look for signs of corruption and report them to a trusted adult, so that they can take appropriate action.
  • Practice makes perfect. Look for opportunities to perfect your arguments by trying them out on people, challenge your friends to races or competitions, never pass up the chance to test yourself and hone your skills.
  • If you don’t understand something, ask. It’s the only way you’ll learn. It’s an adult’s job to be able to explain things.
From a young age, Highborn are expected to study the virtues, and to embody them in all things.

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