The egregore spirit of the League is complex and multi-faceted, revelling in politics and subtlety.


Guise is the egregore of the League, and like many things in that nation their identity is complicated with layers of masks and riddles. There are usually multiple egregores, usually one for each of the cities - but rarely if ever do all of them gather in one place. Each host wears wearing a mask and takes an archetypal title in place of a name. Collectively they are referred to as being ‘Guise’ yet none directly answer to that name - nor to the name they held before bonding with the egregore spirit.

While each egregore tends to feel a connection to one of the League cities, they nonetheless represent the nation as a whole. It is traditional for those undertaking an important action to discuss their intentions with the egregore, and it is understood that anything shared with the egregore in confidence will go no further.

Those currently regularly observed at Anvil have also been the Contessa, the Harlequin and the Reckoner. The Harlequin is a rogue and a charmer, who claims to have but recently overcome the ban on public action placed on him by the other aspect of Guise – though this is disputed. Whatever the truth, wherever he goes, there is gossip, drama, and a social whirl.

Current Hosts

The Reckoner

Originally from Vardstein Vale near the League and Varushkan border Alexis left home as soon as possible to experience the big city. Falling in with some bravo's they joined the Wolves of War for a short period before finding it not at all to their liking.

Moving back to Temeschwar and seeking to start again they soon joined a little known Reckoners Guild made up of ex-soldiers. Despite using magic they favour a much more mundane methods of balancing the books over magical ways and Alexis regularly finds themselves at odds with other guilds and approaches.

Since the shattering of the City of Mirrors in 383YE by the Hag Queen, Alexis has been seen in Anvil wearing the Reckoners mask. The pragmatic and rougher nature of their home city can be found in the advice and approaches that they give. This can jar somewhat against expections of the 'less rustic' Southern cities of the League

The Harlequin

Is a scamp.

The Innamorta

Is also a scamp.

Jon Pam
The Harlequin
Lilith Coker
The Reckoner
Jade Parsonage
The Innamorata

Former Hosts

Charlotte Barratt
The Contessa
Rick Jackson
The Duke of Joy and Sorrow

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