Before each summit, the Imperial war scouts and the prognosticators produce lists of every conjunction that they have been able to identify. These are not all the conjunctions, these are simply all the conjunctions that they have been able to find. Because of their focus, these conjunctions are usually very military-orientated; they are focused on the movement of the Empire's armies and the barbarian forces arrayed against them. Smaller conjunctions that allow groups to pursue their own personal agendas are only rarely discovered by the Imperial civil service.

It is important to note that the details of a conjunction is not fixed - in theory new conjunctions can appear and the destination or size of a conjunction are know to be mutable. The civil service strongly recommend that you check the size and timing of any conjunctions that interest you after you arrive at Anvil.

OOC Note

Depending on the number of skirmish crew available, the size of the conjunctions might be increased between now and the event. They will be fixed Friday afternoon at time-in. Please check the conjunctions early Friday evening to confirm the gate size.


The valiant efforts of the Navarr warbands committed to Brocéliande over the past season have slowed the expansion of the vallorn, and stymied attempts to gather strength in both Boar's Dell and Elerael. Yet, the war is far from over; whilst they have halted the expansion for the moment it has not been decisively turned back or defeated. There is still a potent force in the deep woods that pushes the husks and ettercaps onward. Things still move beneath the dark boughs and thick tangled branches.

During the Winter solstice, Four conjunctions have been identified that will grant access to the woods of Brocéliande.

In Vale's Lament

As the Winter Solstice approaches and the days weaken many of the Navarr that fought the Vallorn pull back their forces to rest, recover and recuperate. Some are destined for Anvil and the great summit of the Empire. Yet one such group preparing to head to Casinea have been trapped by the encroaching vallorn as they make their way through Vale's Lament. Seeking protection in an abandoned steading the party is surrounded and cut off by the swirling miasma...

Note: We are offering a chance for any Navarr player who sent their military unit to combat the Vallorn, or who has their personal resource located in the territory, to start the event trapped at the Highborn Rest Wayfort, in Vale's Lament. Anyone interested in taking part should meet with our Battle Team at the Battle Prep Tent at 17:45, ready to time in at 18:00. Your character will be trapped along with others in the Vallorn-filled woodland, with no hope of rescue.

There is every certainty that you will be involved in combat as part of this encounter. It will also involve moving (likely at speed) across rough terrain in the woodland. This encounter is not suitable for players wanting to avoid combat or who have concerns about moving over uneven ground. There is no requirement for you to participate and it is entirely fine to have traveled to Anvil as normal and not have been trapped.

If you do not meet the criteria above, please do not email us asking if you can participate. This opportunity is only available for those players that meet the criteria.

With the aid of the Navarr egregores the Civil Service has identified a conjunction of the Sentinel Gate that will permit a force to travel to Highborn Rest Wayfort on the first evening of the solstice. This location lies in the vallorn dominated region of Vale's Lament close to the border with Mareholm in Casinea. The entire region is consequently drowned in the vallorn miasma. Anyone venturing through the portal will enter and be exposed to the miasma, leaving them vulnerable to a swift death - or worse, transformation into a husk. This conjunction will be short and time will be limited - whatever force travels to Brocéliande will need to be well equipped if they want to recover those trapped on the other side.

The Swarms of Brocéliande

Navarr scouts in Brocéliande have identified three large swarms of vallornspawn husks moving through the miasma through the deep wood. As they move these bands of shambling, flora-engulfed unliving have swollen in number. There are reports that each of the three hosts is being "led" in some fashion by creatures from the Spring realm, likely the servants of Yaw'nagrah. These heralds do not seem to be "commanding" the husks so much as they are "luring" them in some fashion. Each of the heralds is protected by a band of ettercaps, some of whom are reported to be using weapons no doubt looted from fallen Navarr.

Highborn Rest Wayfort, Vale's Lament, Brocéliande18:10 Friday30 people10 minutes
Depths of Lament, Vale's Lament, Brocéliande18:30 Friday60 people20 minutes
West Weaver Wood, Boar's Dell, Brocéliande17:30 Saturday100 people20 minutes
Exile Trod, Elerael, Brocéliande18:00 Saturday100 people20 minutes

Three conjunctions into the woods of Brocéliande have been identified by the civil service that will allow citizens of the Empire a chance to strike against the husks and the heralds of Yaw'nagrah accompanying them. The first will allow a warband to return to the woods of Vale's Lament and attack one of the servants of the Green Mother in the Depths of Lament. The second portal opens to Weaver Wood a notable area of the Boar's Dell that lies close to the border with Semmerholm in Dawn. A final conjunction will allow the Empire to assault the third herald as they move along the Exile Trod in Elereal close to the Llofir-claimed woods of Tamarbode in Reikos.

Whilst these should be simple engagements, the nature of the foe and the environment in which they will be fought makes them all especially deadly. Preparations to combat the vallorn miasma, to procure vital blade venoms, and to source bladeroot for the treatment of those exposed to green lung will all likely prove useful.

Note: The Battle Team invite players to volunteer to help monster the two Saturday skirmishes. You will need to arrive at the Battle Prep Tent by 17:00 to get into kit and be briefed ready for the 17:30 start. We need you to monster for the full 50 minutes that cover both skirmishes. It is not possible to turn up late and join in after 18:00.

You will be playing Vallorn husks of either dead humans or orcs. Simple base layers will be sufficient, but any Navarr, Highguard, or Dawn kit you have will make for a better looking encounter. We have a number of small latex domino masks to wear, along with shredded shrouds. A simple effect can also be achieved with face paint and our makeup team can help apply it at the Battle Prep Tent. We also have plastic vines that you can accessorise your costume with.
Vallorn husks are predominantly shambling corpses animated by vegetation, and there will be limited need to run about but combat is highly-likely. We do not require water carriers or low-combatant support forces. Please do not bring the following equipment:

  • Shields
  • Bows and Crossbows
  • Throwing weapons


Over the last season the groups of bandits that reside in the wild forests and broken hillscapes of Willstone in Redoubt have become increasingly active. Taking advantage of the disruption the Druj invasion of Zenith and Morrow has caused, the small warbands have becoming increasingly bold and daring in strikes against the isolated spires in the region. Without the vigilant patrols of sentinels, the brigands have gained confidence in their raids against caravans, farms and sites of contemplation. Just before the solstice four bands of orc scoundrels swept down from the hills and struck against a large group of pilgrims heading for the Conservatory of Music. Dozens of Imperial citizens have been enslaved and the sentinels that were protecting the procession have been slain. The bandits are now moving their captives back in to the wilderness where it is expected they will be made to work on the barbarian's holdings, fight each other for entertainment or sold to slavers from the east. As they move the brigands have split into several groups to avoid detection.

Pathia's Stone, Willstone, Redoubt14:30 Saturday60 people20 minutes
Cargo Road, Willstone, Redoubt15:00 Saturday60 people20 minutes
High Mountain Point, Willstone, Redoubt15:30 Saturday60 people20 minutes
Vitolian Ruins, Willstone, Redoubt16:00 Saturday60 people20 minutes

Based on information from the Urizen egregores the civil service have identified four conjunctions that will allow for citizens in Anvil to strike against the slavers and free the pilgrims of Pride that have been captured. The conjunctions lead to: Pathia's Stone, Cargo Road, High Mountain Point, and Vitolian Ruins. War scout reports indicate that the bandits are far from a coordinated military force and are unlikely to be capable of fending off a dedicated attack, whilst also trying to escort their captives. Once freed and the bandits dealt with the pilgrims will be able to complete their journey to the Conservatory at Willstone Spire, safe from further attacks with no need to be brought through the Sentinel Gate to the heart of the Empire.

Resistance is expected to be light and enemy discipline weak, meaning these could be useful chances for citizens relatively new to Anvil to hone their skills and learn to fight for the Empire alongside more experienced heroes. Those interested should seek out the Imperial war scouts close to the Sentinel Gate. They will be happy to discuss how best to prepare, how to organise and who to seek additional help from those at the summit. Citizens of any nation could take advantage of this opportunty Menos the egregore of Urizen has urged citizens across the ten nations to lend aid in freeing the captives and supporting these missions.


The woods of Ossium serve the eastern barbarians well, masking their movements, providing concealment and cover, and allowing a quick withdrawal for the Druj skirmishers. Soldiers of Dawn and Varushka alike vanish into their murky depths and do not return. Nowhere has this been more true than during the conquest of the Webwood. Despite Imperial victory here, orcs and spawn of Arhallogen still lurk beneath that twisted canopy.

Fang Tree, Webwood, Ossium20:00 Friday50 people20 minutes
Dark Bark Glade, Webwood, Ossium21:00 Friday50 people20 minutes

As is typical for the Druj, it seems that several bands of ambushers and saboteurs have been left behind to harry Imperial forces. Somewhere in the depths of Webwood is a hidden temple of the Spider King from where the eternal's servants are supporting the Druj warbands. Locating this temple is no small task, but the orc ambushers are making it even more difficult.

Prognosticators have noted two conjunctions in the Webwood. The first conjunction is close to Fang Tree, a location that the Varushkan Golden Axe passed through in recent months. War scouts have discovered one of the Druj's miasma pillars in this area, the destruction of which would help lessen the palpable dread that blankets the region. Locating the pillar is one thing - any warband taking this conjunction will need to ensure they are accompanied by people capable of neutralising the pillar with either magic or liao ceremonies. They will also need to take precautions against the miasma itself - such as ceremonial anointing; the use of a ritual protection such as Crystal Clarity of the Rational Soul; or magic items such as a Circlet of Falling Snow.

The second conjunction opens to Dark Bark Glade in the north of the Webwood. Several scouts have been captured here following a series of vicious ambushes; it is not clear how many are still alive but it is likely they have information about the Webwood or at the very least information about Imperial armies that should not be allowed to fall into the hands of the ruthless Druj torturers.


Imperial forces have pushed the Druj back in Morrow, and slowly the spires and citadels that fell to the orcs are being liberated. Many Urizen have been captured by Druj slavers, dragged from their homes and bound in shackles. As the forces of the Empire have advanced into Caeli, Chikad skirmishers have begun leading groups of Urizen captives along the tracks that lead towards Zenith. Thanks in part to the sentinels and heralds of Phaleron who support them, many slaves have been liberated and lead to safety. But, for every successful escape there are two that fail and end in brutal retribution from the orcs. Thanks to the boon of Kaela, all too often over the recent months liberators have reached an isolate spire only to find scattered piles of dust, the remains of those who chose to die rather than face the Druj... The sentinels of Morrow are spread too thinly to be able to reach every group of slaves they hear about, but the Sentinel Gate provides opportunities for the heroes of Anvil to intervene instead.

Meadow of Sighs, Caeli, Morrow20:30 Friday50 people20 minutes
Derontian Field, Caeli, Morrow21:30 Friday50 people20 minutes

With the help of the Urizen egregore, two conjunctions have been identified in Morrow that will allow direct intervention. Heroes from the League, Varushka, Highguard and Urizen in particular may wish to take the fight to the Druj in support of their armies fighting in the Urizen territory. Both conjunctions open on the first evening of the solstice, and will allow the rescue of Druj captives in Caeli. The first is to the Meadow of Sighs, an open grassland in the high valleys close to the ruined central Heliopticon tower; the second opens to the Derontian Field that lies not far from the wreck of the Gardens of Morrow. Any attempt will be in a race against time to overcome any barbarian forces, reach the survivors before they succumb to despair, then escort them safely from the field.


The Jotun armies have been pushed back as Imperial forces have moved into Sealtoq in Sermersuaq. Through strength, power of magic, and acts of great heroism the Empire has driven a wedge deep into the region and begun to force a beachhead to support a continued campaign in the territory. Yet the Jotun stand firm along the other border regions of this vast territory, defiant against those who seek to return to this wide and unforgiving land. Without a beachhead, it will be difficult for the Empire to make headway in the East Floes, or across the border from West March into Stark.

Bleak Rise, Stark, Sermersuaq20:00 Saturday60 people20 minutes
Sundered Plain, East Floes, Sermersuaq20:30 Saturday60 people20 minutes

Rangers and guides have been shadowing the movements of the largest Jotun forces since the Empire crossed into Sealtoq. With the Jotun's own scouts patrolling the borders with Bregasland, Kallavesa and Skarsind, there are opportunities to be had for the citizens in Anvil. Skilled Marcher beaters, swift Navarri runners, daring Freeborn corsairs and the knowledgeable hunters of the Suaq have provided a steady stream of reports to the prognosticators coordinating the flow of information into the Civil Service. Two openings of the Sentinel Gate will allow forces to reach Bleak Rise, Stark in the west, and the Sundered Plain in East Floes, to reach locations close to recent clashes between Jotun skirmishers and light forward units from the Bounders and the Red Wind Corsairs respectfully. Fast moving forces will be required to pin down and overcome the barbarian raiders that have so far been effective counters to the war scouts and army troops.

Each of these opportunities will allow the Empire to counter the threat of Jotun warbands in these regions, in turn providing a chance for forward elements in both these armies to be better placed to counter the barbarians in the coming season. By learning of the land they are operating in, identifying key targets, and determining the best ground to fight on, the main armies will be able to make swift gains as they advance. Each victory will provide a small but significant benefit to any attempt to seize these regions in the coming seasons (equivalent to the Empire gaining a single victory point in each region). As can be expected campaigns change swiftly and such opportunities will be lost if these actions are not taken in the coming season.

Tortured glade, Estmure, Semmerholm, Dawn15:45 Saturday20 people20 minutes


Something is stirring in Semmerholm, something dreadful casting a dark shadow over Estmure. There are confused reports of evil knights, vengeful war-witches and wicked yeofolk twisted by some outside force into performing acts of cruelty and murder. At first there is concern that a curse has been laid on the region by the Druj, but with the aid of the Silent Bell a different explanation is uncovered.

During the Summer Solstice 382YE there was a battle fought in Spiral the goal of which was to rid the world of the spectral entity known as the Eater-of-Hope. While its anchor - a Grendel warlord - was defeated and exorcised, it was not destroyed. Following the battle the Assembly of the Nine ordered the Silent Bell to investigate for new anchors. Two of the three remaining anchors were destroyed during the Autumn Equinox 382YE, but now it appears the third might be somewhere in Estmure - and that it might be the last remaining fetter tying the malignant spirit to the mortal world.

Game Information

It is important to note that the details of a conjunction is not fixed - in theory new conjunctions can appear and the destination or size of a conjunction are know to be mutable. The civil service strongly recommend that you check the size and timing of any conjunctions that interest you after you arrive at Anvil.