The lantern is one of the instruments or dramaturgy. As such it often represents the method used in a magical ritual. A troupe will often have a specific prop that they use for the lantern whenever it appears, and may in time come to treat the inanimate object a little like a member of the cast.

Appearance: Often a lantern which can be hooded and shuttered; also a lamp or a candle. It is sometimes jewelled, and used with stage effects to provide a great deal of light. Also, the mirror.

Meanings: On its own, it represents illumination and knowledge. It is often used when a character is seeking something, and sometimes used in rituals where another coven might use either the rune of discovery or rune of revelation. If it is left unlit, it often means a mystery or secret - the act of lighting it is the act of uncovering or divining that secret.

When held by The Captain, the lantern signifies honesty and directness, and pierces illusion and concealment; in the hands of The Prince, it stands for the illumination and elevation of a group, such as through rituals that grant skills or abilities. When held by The Bishop it represents the 'light of faith' and empowers rituals that create emotional effects, suppress confusion or grant clarity. In the hands of The Mountebank it signifies flashy attempts to bamboozle and dissemble, and is often extinguished. With The Doctor it means inquiry, especially with rituals such as Bright Lantern of Ophis or Wisdom of the Balanced Blade. With The Witch it represents occult wisdom and things that deal with the realms - sometimes eternals

For Bright Lantern of Ophis; I want to get to the bottom of this enchantment nonsense, the Prince is prepared to pay well ...

A Counting House. The Doctor is there as a beggar, ignored. The Mountebank and the Witch are there as lovers, discussing a plan to use a potion (special cup?) to drug The Prince and his guests (too obvious?). Concerned about some Badger called Gancio. The Doctor overhears the conspiracy (fill in details; use that speech from 'the Merchant and the Shrew'). Comedy business with clowns, travelling salesman with potence-potion, plenty of cock jokes for the cheap seats. Conspirators return after dark with potion, some business with a cook; before they can enact crime, The Doctor with a lantern surprises them, revealed as badger; Mountebank and Witch arrested, sentenced and punished by Doctor.

Bish, bash, bosh - ritual penetrates the shroud, enchantment unravelled, we're paid so well we need help to hold up our trousers .