The library is a throne, a location used in dramaturgy that represents both a setting and a Realm of magic.

Realm: Day.

Setting: The airy library of an Urizen spire, a cramped Varushkan wise one's hut or a dusty Highguard scroll-room, the courtroom of a magistrate or an ice-cavern beneath Wintermark with rune-covered walls - all of these may evoke the Library. It is always a place of learning, where knowledge and wisdom are applied. It is sometimes the Chapel, where meditation and introspection take place.

Characters: The Doctor and The Bishop are strong characters in this setting; they uncover or declaim truths, discover secrets and reveal important events. It is also a place where people receive news of distant events. Any character may reveal their innermost thoughts here.

Magical Style: This is a place of knowledge, where information is uncovered and hidden things found. Divination rituals take place here. It is also a place of introspection and meditation - purification is a theme, as is healing. It is obvious that rituals such as Swim Leviathan's Depth may be performed here, but so might a ritual such as Art of the Deal, where the Prince pores over a map of distant lands, or Clarity of the Master Strategist where the Captain and the Doctor discuss difficult choices for the coming battle.