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The Urizen look draws heavily on classic fantasy images of high elves and wizards. The colours are primarily a wide range of light pastel shades but strong dark colours like midnight blue or blood red can be appropriate for the right character.

Robes are worn long and draped over the body with layers of different materials in complementary shades. The materials themselves are usually plain, the most common decoration is complex embroidery of looping spirals. Materials suggest a refined, elegant people - linen and silk.

Jewellery is common particularly worn around the neck and in the hair. Stylised gold or silver chains in loops and swirls that are suggestive of a net are best.


Calm, refined, poised, elegant, wise, ageless, graceful, serene, focused



Ars Magica, wizards, Lord of the Rings high elves


Primarily cotton, linen or silk. Wool is possible but less common, fur should be avoided except for trimming.


The pallette is usually light pastel shades but some characters may adopt a dark primary colour: midnight blue, blood red or hunter green.


Urizen clothing is usually layered robes that hang from the shoulders. Often the layers are tied at the waist or belted before flaring out again to cover the legs. Sleeves are often long and voluminous.

Ideally, clothes are layered to achieve warmth, rather than being made from thicker or warmer materials like wool. Cloaks and mantles may be added for warmth in cold weather.

Garments may include high collars, or have material gathered around the neck. Most outfits are made in two, or three at most, complementary colours and are often embellished with intricate looping embroidery.

Garments are often belted or worn with a sash which may be long and ornamental.

Urizen Costume

The favoured Urizen costume is long robes or coat like garments that hang from the shoulders. These may be worn loose or belted or buttoned at the waist. This garment is tied with an embroidered sash - an iconic look for the nation.

A complete outfit includes layers of garments in matching or complementary colours, often with a high collar or material worn around the throat. Garments often include intricate embroidery of looping swirls in a contrasting colour.

Light pastel shades are common, but garments can include darker colours for contrast.

Dark shades of blue or red can work well especially if highlighted with a lighter colour. A costume of purely dark shades like the purple and black outfit is difficult to pull off. The iconic design, complex cut and layering make this one look right.

Urizen Costume
Dark colours provide a contrast with lighter shades.
Mage armour over a short robe/coat cinched at the waist.
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A long robe, belted or buttoned at the waist, hanging from the shoulders, in pastel shades.
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Seated figure in Urizen robes.
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Urizen Senators are determined by those with magical ability.
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Silver and gold jewellery is common, usually worn around the neck, brow or hair. The ideal pieces are long interlocking chains suggestive of a net. Jeweled circlets representing the power of the will or the mind are also common.

Urizen Headdress
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Whether metal or leather, armour is usually fitted closely to the body. It is often banded or segmented to emphasise flexibility and ease of movement, the classic fantasy shaped breastplate is also a good option . The ideal armour gives a sense of being fitted, as if it were an extension of the wearer's body.

Helms, shields and pieces of armour are often shaped and curved in stylised ways to appear more elegant.

Banded armour with a strong fantasy visual.
Wide flowing robe in Urizen colours worn under a medium breastplate.
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Like other pieces of Urizen armour, helms are often stylised and carefully shaped. They tend to cover the whole head, rather than just the top, and cheek pieces are common.

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Mage Armour

Even more so that with other nations, Urizen mage armour is heavily stylised.

Urizen Battlemage.jpg
Changeling Battlemage.jpg


Urizen weapons suggest grace and speed rather than weight and power. Pole-arms such as spears or glaives are favoured rather than longer or heavier equivalents like pikes or halberds. Swords are favoured in place of axes or maces - the ideal weapons are stylized swords, potentially with a slight curve to the blade, that look light and designed for swift graceful movements.

Bows are far more common than crossbows, which do not fit the style of the nation with its emphasis on lithe, graceful movements.

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Shields are often heavily curved to remain close to the body in use. The ideal shield is highly ornate and reflects the high-fantasy character of the nation.

Urizen Shield.jpg
Stylised helm, shield, and breastplates.
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