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* Non-standard costs apply as detailed [[Good_apples#Good_Walder.27s_Orchard|here]].
* Non-standard costs apply as detailed [[Good_apples#Good_Walder.27s_Orchard|here]].
* 20 wains white granite
* 30 wains white granite
* 40 crowns labour costs
* 60 crowns labour costs

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This motion is currently undergoing scrutiny.
To commission a sinecure ‘Good Walder’s Orchard’ by the Walder’s Oak in Mitwold. Sinecure to produce prosperous apples and liao each season. Sinecure to create the one year position of ‘Keeper of the Orchard’ to be appointed by the Marcher Assembly. Revocable by the Marcher Assembly. Entirely self-funded by Bastard Tom of Upwold. With the intention to raise an inspirational tomb in the future
Proposed by Upwold, seconded by Bregasland.



  • Autumn 383YE


  • Non-standard costs apply as detailed here.
  • 30 wains white granite
  • 60 crowns labour costs


  • None

Campaign Outcome

  • Once completed this commission will be overseen by the title Keeper of the Orchard