To create the position of "Captain of the Senate Guard", voted by simple majority by the senate of nominated citizens, for a term of one year. Revokable by the Assembly of Loyalty.
Responsibilities are to protect the Senate and Public Gallery whenever the senate is in session.
Granted the ability to use the defence of Unwelcome Visitor within the Senate building.

Proposed by Weirwater, Seconded by Bastion
Irontide Isk.jpg
Irontide Isk, first Captain of the Senate Guard


  • Create an Imperial title within the Senate
  • The Captain is given leave to treat the Imperial Senate and public gallery as if they were their camp for purposes of the unwelcome visitor defence while the Senate is in session.


  • Winter 377YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The title of Captain of the Senate Guard was created.
  • Irontide Isk was nominated; there were no other contenders.
  • Irontide Isk was appointed to the title


The Imperial Senate has given the Assembly of Loyalty the ability to revoke the Captain of the Senate Guard. The Constitutional Scholars point out that this is in addition to the ability of the Assembly of Nine and the General Assembly to revoke the title. The Senate can give additional assemblies the power to revoke a title, but they cannot create a title in such a way that they remove the ability of an assembly to revoke it.


State Votes For Votes Against Result
Motion as Stands 25 2 Passed
Nominate Irontide Isk 27 0 Passed