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This ritual is part of Urizen lore rather than Imperial lore.


Night Magnitude 8

Urizen Lore

This ritual is part of Urizen lore rather than Imperial Lore. Any Urizen character with the appropriate lore can master or perform this ritual. A character from another nation who mastered the ritual before it became part of Urizen lore may still perform it, but does so under the usual rules for performing a ritual learned from a ritual text.

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a character, who must be present throughout. When this ritual is performed by a coven, the target must be contributing to the ritual.

This ritual is an enchantment. A target may only be under one enchantment effect at a time.


The target gains the ability to cast the detect magic spell four times each day as if they know it without spending any mana.

They also experience a roleplaying effect: you find magic fascinating; it's enjoyable to talk about it and even more enjoyable to observe it being cast or experience it first hand. You also may experience odd sensory effects; any spell that you hear being cast causes you to perceive dramatic displays of colourful light that can be quite distracting. When you are in a location with a magical aura such as a Chamber of Delights or a regio you will experience peculiar visions of colours and shapes, as well as peculiar snatches of sound. Coming into contact with a magic item can likewise cause you to experience mild visual, tactile, and auditory hallucinations.

If the target regains all spent personal mana by resting in a magical aura such as that provided by the Chamber of Delights, or drinks an Elixir of Empyrean Art, they also regain all spent uses of this ability at the same time. Other methods of restoring personal mana do not restore uses of detect magic.

The effect lasts until the start of the next Profound Decisions Empire event.


Any caster who has mastered the ritual may choose to substitute tempest jade for crystal mana when contributing to it. Every 2 ingots of tempest jade spent counts as 1 crystal mana when contributing to the ritual.

Additional Targets

The ritual can target additional characters provided each is also a contributor to the performance of the ritual. Each additional target increases the magnitude of the ritual by 8.



Common Elements