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It is said that the first pair of warden's fists was crafted by a Warden born of both the tribes Vard and Ushka, she made and named them Brother and Sister for the siblings that she never had. However the Navarr claim that the Wardens learnt the secret from their Vates who claim that they were originally called Terunael’s Fists and were a common weapon in their war against what came before the Vallorn.

Sword and Rod

The Company of the White Stag often refer to warden's fists as Antlers, and shape the Dragonbone component of the axe and rod into complex tangs often resembling their own, as a maker’s mark.

In Urizen they are favourite among the Sentinels who believe that the balance between martial and magical is the best demonstration of Arete, a fight that can be altered by quickly removing pivotal opponents is one that you win without wasted lives.


You require both the ambidexterity and magician skills to bond to these items.

The Wolves circled her, the wall that was a road was out pf sight now. The creeping darkness of the forest . She had been tracking them for days, and nights, without sleep. She could smell the putrid breath of the ghouls, they hissed.

Maybe three of them.

No, four.

She was alone.

She crouched in the glade, undergrowth knotted about her feet. She was wounded, a gash in the side from a bone sharp branch. The Wolves could smell the metallic tang of blood in the air. They made a guttural noise in their throats. She tensed.

“I am ready.”

The first two charged, her Antlers flashed, their tangs finding homes in the ribs of the monsters. One falling instantly to the rend of the axe, the second ran wheeling back into the woods at the clash of magic from her rod. The remaining couple came crashing and snarling out of the gloomy brush. Two-on-one, now those were better odds.