"We are going to make so much money!" toasted Jonaz Darlevona, taking an enthusiastic swig from his tankard.

"It's not about the money - it's about driving the Druj out of our lands and back into the Mallum," countered Andrei Yatezovich, furrowing his heavy brows.

"You're both wrong," interjected Davoviak Robsovitch calmly. "It's about bringing the communities together and helping Varushkan vale and foreign orc alike to live safe, prosperous lives."

The others looked at him askance and he shrugged.

"That's just your opinion!" declared Robyert Sattynovic heatedly.

And around the four of them went again, arguing and bickering until the sun dragged itself lazily above the eastern forest.


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It has been almost exactly a year since Ossium became part of Varushka, and in that time there have been several positive steps toward integrating the rich forests and relatively fertile farmland of the territory. Many of the former orc subjects of the Druj have sought new homes in Skarsind, while others have accepted the hospitality of the League in Holberg. The insidious miasma pillars that the Druj use to mark their dominion are almost entirely dealt with. There are ample opportunities for courageous Varushkan settlers to carve out new vales. Yet Ossium is by no means "safe" - there are still Druj here. There are unknown dangers in the deep woods of the east and north.

Not every obstacle presented by Ossium is of Ossium. Settlers and traders passing through Karsk represent lucrative targets for any opportunistic scavenger. There have been numerous incidents of human and orc bandits preying on travellers heading to Ossium to start new lives, or to provide supplies to the new vales there. Worse, the violence on the roads through Karsk has also riled up the wolves - undead horrors and viciously monstrous beasts are stalk the edges of the road and paw at the wards of the eastern settlements making it even harder for travellers to avoid the thieves and brigands that assail them.

When it comes to the territory itself, the civil service have identified three specific problems that prevent it from living up to it's full potential, which these bandits exacerbate. The territory is under-developed - it lacks all but the most basic infrastructure that brings prosperity to an Imperial territory. It is underpopulated - there are few Imperial citizens (or foreigners friendly to the Empire) in the territory, restricting its growth. It is under threat by the Druj who still have a presence in the eastern forests - it would be easy for the orcs of the Mallum to return. But the Varushkans have a great deal of experience dealing with rich, perilous lands, and for many of them Ossium is just another challenge to be understood and overcome - one that promises rich rewards.

During the Autumn Equinox, there were statements of principle upheld by the Varushkan National Assembly with a greater majority that suggested ways these challenges might be addressed. These statements have lead to a call for action - for wagon raiders, sell swords, and wardens to throw their support into the vital task of securing Ossium.

We the national assembly call for the Wagon Raiders of Varushka to come and protect Varushkans and foreigners in Ossium and hunt the Druj in the territory.

Witold Petrous, Autumn Equinox383YE, Upheld (198 - 0 Greater Majority)

We the national assembly of Varushka call for all Varushkans look to their vigilance and wisdom in remembering the Ways of the Nation's Hearth, from wolvs to wards. And that like the Mora, all are not as they seem. Look to the roads, wards, and hospitality of their own hearth, this message must be spread to all Varushkans in the new territory of Ossium.

Belakov, Wolf of Echofell, Autumn Equinox383YE, Upheld (154 - 0 Greater Majority)

Securing Ossium

  • Military units can participate in an undertaking to secure Ossium
  • There are three different approaches they might adopt: Wagon Raiding, Supporting the Settlers, and Venturing into the Unknown
  • Only enchantments that make a military unit more effective for independent actions benefit these approaches

Following the Winter Solstice there will be three additional options accessible through the take independent action dropdown menu. Each option focuses on different actions that can be undertaken to help secure Ossium. Each activity has its own implications, but the total impact of all forces assigned to Ossium following the Winter Solstice will also have an effect on how secure Ossium becomes. Whichever of the three activities attracts the most combined strength is the one that will set the tenor for the entire action, and determine what happens next in Ossium.

Each venture relies on individual forces working alone, only enchantments whose effects include making a unit more effective for independent action (such as Merciless Wrath of the Reaver) will be of benefit. Each provides a different production for the military units supporting it, and the Quartermaster General could choose to further supplement these rewards by assigning the guerdon to any or all of these actions.

The qualities of Ossium
We've added three new qualities to several regions of Ossium to reflect the challenge of making it a fully Imperial territory. You can find more details on the Ossium page under the section titled Special Qualities. To quickly summarize the game effects:
  • For each region of Ossium that has the under-developed quality, the labour costs for any commission in the territory are increased by a fifth.
  • While any region has the underpopulated quality, Ossium cannot support an Imperial army.
  • While a region has the Under threat quality, the orcs of the Mallum and their allies are considered to have a beachhead in that region.
The intent is that the Empire can remove some or all of these qualities through opportunities, and actions such as the one outlined in this wind of fortune.

Wagon Raiding and War

  • Wagon raiding in Ossium focuses on fighting Druj guerillas and raiding resource caches
  • If this is the most successful action, the outcomes involve opportunities to fight enemy orcs and seize treasure
  • Risks trouble with Arhallogen

Assigning a military unit to Wagon Raiding in Ossium means attacking Druj insurgents, striking deep into unfamiliar territory, raiding resource caches, and engaging in guerrilla mining and lumberjacking. In place of the normal random production, a standard military unit with no bonuses or penalties would expect to earn 3 random measures of forest resources, 6 random herbs, and 54 rings of valuable goods recovered from the Druj or seized from the wild places. Higher rank military units would gain greater profits.

If this is the most successful action (it has the highest strength assigned of all three actions), and the overall Secure Ossium action is a success, then some of the remaining Druj forces in Ossium will be routed. There will be opportunities at the Spring Equinox to deal with some of the orc leaders, take charge of the Webwood, and secure additional wealth for Varushka. On the other hand, this may also cause trouble as followers and shrines of the eternal Arhallogen are assaulted by the wagon raiders.

If this is the most successful action and the overall Secure Ossium action is a major victory, in addition to other effects it removes the under threat quality from Echofell. The Tower of the Scorpion becomes the centre of a wide-ranging garrison that keep the woods clear of orc threats, and help reduce the threat of dangerous insects.

Sellswords and Settlers

  • Support the settlement of Ossium focuses on providing support to settlers and merchants travelling to Ossium
  • If this is the most successful action, the outcomes involve dealing with the bandit problem, strengthening ties with the local population, and recovering stolen goods
  • Risks increasing the threat of the bandits in Karsk

Assigning a military unit to Support the settlement of Ossium means selling ones' services to the people of the territory as guards and protectors. This includes guarding Varushkan traders and settlers travelling east out of Karsk, helping the new vales build their protections, and offering some protection to the independent enclaves of orcs and humans who are not Imperial citizens, but are no friends of the Druj. The emphasis is on defence - but there will be plenty of opportunity for action against barbarian raids, bandit interference, and the occasional strange monster.

Military units that support this action will be well paid by merchants and settlers. In place of their normal random production, a standard military unit with no upgrades or enchantments will earn 78 rings, 3 ingots of random mine resources, and 2 crystal mana. Higher rank military units will receive commensurately greater profit.

If this is the most successful action (it has the highest strength assigned of all three actions), and the overall goal to Secure Ossium is a success, then the wave of settlement in Ossium will extend into all the regions except the Webwood. The territory will grow more prosperous, and there will be opportunities to deal more permanently with the bandit problem, develop the local economy. It will however make the problem with the bandits of Karsk more urgent - they will become more adventurous as their easy targets are denied to them.

If this is the most successful action and the overall Secure Ossium action is a major victory, in addition to other effects it removes the under-developed quality from Nearwald as the vales there receive vital support and supplies.

Wardens and the Deep Woods

  • Venture into the unknown in Ossium focuses on exploring the territory, dealing with threats, and making contact with isolated communities
  • If this is the most successful action, the outcomes involve strengthening communities, identifying dangers, and building links with former subjects of the Druj
  • Risks trouble with the Thule

Assigning a military unit to Venture into the unknown in Ossium means engaging in adventurous expeditions into the dark and foreboding places of the new territory. Part of the task will be to find isolated human settlements, now freed from the Druj, and encourage them to join the Empire and the nation of Varushka. It also involves locating fell presences in the woods and marshes and dealing with them or at least warning settlers of their locations, and making peaceful contact with the non-Druj orcs who still remain in the territory.

Military units that support this action will gain an assortment of rewards in place of their normal random production. A standard military unit, with no upgrades or enchantments, will earn four measures of random forest resources, four random healing herbs, a mana crystal, and 36 rings in random bits of treasure and payment. Higher rank military units will gain commensurately more treasure.

If this is the most successful action (it has the highest strength assigned of all three actions), and the overall goal to Secure Ossium is a success, then the humans and orcs of Ossium will be much better informed about the Empire and Varushka. Several new vales will be established by former slaves or Druj subjects eager to meet Mother Varushka. Relations with the remaining unaligned orc populace will be greatly improved. There will be opportunities to improve relations with the remaining inhabitants, deal with supernatural threats, and explore weird ruins and sovereigns. However this option involves enthusiastic soldiers exploring the wilder places of Ossium, and may see some groups accidentally press into the Bonewood. it also risks annoying those Thule who wished to reach out to the non-Druj orcs of Ossium and were rebuffed.

If this is the most successful action and the overall Secure Ossium goal is a major victory, in addition to other effects it removes the underpopulated quality from the Drownbark Forest as a number of former Druj subjects join the nation of Varushka and help establish new vales there.

Overall Success

  • Regardless of approach, the total strength committed to each of the three actions is applied to the overall goal of securing Ossium

Regardless of which action a military unit is supporting, their strength will be counted towards the overall goal of securing Ossium. This determines how successful the efforts to explore, defend, and strengthen Ossium are. The most successful action - the action that has the highest strength assigned to it - will determine the kinds of opportunities the players will see during the Spring Equinox.

  • Inconclusive (less than 5000 strength): The attempt to secure Ossium is inconclusive. The Druj continue to be a threat; bandits and isolation weaken the settlements of Ossium; the local human and orc populations remain frightened and suspicious of the Empire.
  • Success (More than 5000 but less than 10000 strength): The attempt to secure Ossium is successful. The most effective action determines what opportunities are achieved, but potentially brings with it its own problems. New opportunities are presented in the Winds of Fortune for the Spring Equinox, focused around the action that had the most support.
  • Major Victory (More than 10000 strength): The attempt to secure Ossium is a triumph. While there may be issues with the Thule, the eternal Arhallogen, or the bandits of Karsk, the outcome is positive for the Empire. The most successful action determines the opportunities at the Spring Equinox, but in addition one of the regions of Ossium loses the negative quality that is restricting the territory's overall prosperity.

If the overall action is a success, there will be more opportunities in the Spring Winds of Fortune, depending on which of the three individual actions had the most strength assigned to it by military units, or through the support of other parts of the Empire. Some of the opportunities created will provide ways to remove more qualities from other regions, with the qualities, regions, and opportunities being heavily flavoured by the most successful action.


There are several ways the individual actions, and the overall goal of securing Ossium, can be influenced beyond the actions of military captains. One or more generals might move their army to Ossium to assist, or several of the National assemblies with an interest in the territory might wield their influence over the situation.

Support by the Generals

  • Any Imperial army could move to Ossium to support one of the actions
  • The nature of the army determines which action they support

There are several Imperial armies that might be able to offer aid in the securing of Ossium. To do so, the army would need to be in the territory taking a defending order, and the general would need to explicitly indicate their support in their orders. If they do so then half the military strength of their army will be committed to securing Ossium, in support of a specific action depending on their qualities.

The presence of enchantments on the army will not affect their contribution to the opportunity, nor will any military unit assigned to support them - the general would be better encouraging those military units to offer their support to the action they approve of. The choice should not be taken lightly. If the army is engaged by enemy forces while half their soldiers are adventuring in Ossium and Karsk, then its military strength - along with that of any military units assigned to support them - will be halved. If the army does not come under attack this season, it will still be eligible for natural resupply.

The armies that can support in Ossium, and the actions they support, are limited to the following choices, reflecting nations who already have an interest in the territory.

Wagon raiding
  • Iron Helms focusing on slaughtering and breaking the spirits of the Druj wherever they might be found
  • Golden Sun or Gryphon's Pride were both involved in the original conquest and adept at rooting out and destroying defenders
  • Wolves of War giving an order to support the wagon raiders (this counts as a use of the foraging quality for the army)
Support the Settlers
  • Golden Axe were among the first to set foot in Ossium, and Varushkan settlers would welcome their presence
  • Hounds of Glory or Eastern Sky were both involved in the initial conquest and have reputations that will bolster the spirits of the Varushkan settlers, and terrify the bandits
  • Wolves of War or Towerjacks giving an order to support the settlers (this counts as a use of the siege quality for the army)
Explore the Unknown
  • Northern Eagle are adept at operating in forests and marshes, and have plentiful experienced scouts
  • Winter Sun has an affinity for those oppressed by the Druj, and as an orc army will find it easier to both contact the orcs and present a non-threatening orc presence to the humans
  • Wolves of War giving an order to support the wardens (this counts as a use of the scouting quality for the army)

Storytellers, Wise Ones, and Guides

  • The Varushkan Assembly could offer support to any or all of the three available actions

This opportunity has arisen with the support of the Varushkan national assembly. While Witold Petrous spoke specifically of sending wagon raiders to rout the Druj, Belakov, Wolf of Echofell encouraged a more cautious approach focusing on warding and reaching out to Varushkans in the territory. The words of the assembly are powerful; their urging would encourage people to support one of the three approaches over others, especially when backed up with liao ceremonies such as anointing, hallow, and insight. There are three mandates that the assembly might pass.

The Druj have left their guerilla warriors behind in Ossium, and their dark temple in Webwood is a threat to everyone. We must thwart this malice before it strike us! We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to support the wagon raiders of Varushka as they destroy the orcs and take their wealth.

Synod Mandate, Varushkan Assembly

The settlers who leave their vales to begin new lives in Ossium are the strength of Varushka. We must help them claim the just rewards of their labours. We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to support the sell swords and schlacta of Varushka as they protect settlers and building the new vales.

Synod Mandate, Varushkan Assembly

We should carry the light of the Empire into the dark places of Ossium, so that it may inspire others to greatness. It is wise to reach out to those the Druj have abandoned and bring them into the Empire. We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to support the warden fellowships as they explore Ossium and reach out to the isolated communities there.

Synod Mandate, General Assembly

These mandates are not in competition - the assembly can support all three if desired. Whichever mandates are enacted, the appropriate action(s) receives a boost equivalent to 1000 strength as Varushkan citizens come to Ossium at the urging of the assembly.

An alternative mandate has been proposed by Konstantin Rabovich Bolotnikov, relating to the second of the three (the mandate encouraging support for the sell swords).

The Catazarri Empire must not abandon those liberated through the blood of Thule and Imperial soldiers, or allow their vulnerability to be exploited by settler-boyars. We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to support 'native' Ossian Varushkans in their efforts to ensure they are masters of their own destiny and receive just reward for their work.

Synod Mandate, Varushkan assembly

This mandate has the same mechanical effect as the existing sell sword mandate, and is in competition with it. However instead of encouraging the sell swords to support Varushkan settlers it will encourage them to proactively seek out former Druj slaves who can be brought into the nation and help them to establish vales. If it is enacted, then regardless of which action receive the most support there will be more of an emphasis on working with the new Varushkan vales founded by former slaves than on driving Varushkan settlement, especially if the third mandate (encouraging the wardens) is also passed.

A second alternative mandate was proposed by Nathair Autumngale of Navarr, urging their nation to help the wardens find isolated communities and connect them to the Empire.

Navarr are the blood of the Empire, as Stridings and Steadings work together to bring resources and supplies to where they are required, so to do we bring humans from all lands to help find their place in the Great Dance. We send (Named Priest) with 50 doses of Liao to encourage the guides of Navarr to aid the wardens of Varushka in reaching and persuading the isolated settlements of Ossium to join and seek their place in the Empire.

Synod Mandate, Navarr Assembly

This mandate has the same mechanical effect as the existing warden mandate, but it is not in competition with it or any of the other Varushkan mandates. If both it and the equivalent Varushkan mandate were passed, the effects would stack: that action would gain a total of 2,000 strength toward success and determining if it were the most successful.

The Imperial Orc assembly accepts the invitation of Varushka. We encourage Imperial Orc preachers to seek out the orcs of Ossium to help in teaching them the way of Virtue.

Skywise Tulva, Autumn Equinox383YE, Upheld (54 - 0 Greater Majority)

Imperial Orc Preachers

  • The Imperial Orc assembly can follow the guidance of Skywise Tulva and reach out to the orcs of Ossium in support of the Wardens action

The Varushkans are not the only people interested in Ossium. The Imperial Orc national assembly have been invited to aid in Ossium, to reach out to the independent orcs there. During the Autumn Equinox Skywise Tulva proposed a statement of principle, upheld by the Imperial Orc assembly, that they should reach out to the orcs of Ossium. Many of the orcs are now in Skarsind, but that represents a very different situation. The focus here is on the orcs remaining in Ossium - those who refused to leave either due to stubbornness, ignorance, or suspicion of the Empire. The national assembly could encourage orc preachers, traders, and warriors to offer their aid in Ossium.

There are still orcs in Ossium who choose not to leave their homes, and humans who have never met an orc who is not their enemy. We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to reach out to those orcs and humans, and to support the wardens of Varushka as they seek to better understand their new territory and the people who live there.

Synod Mandate, Imperial Orc Assembly

If this mandate is upheld, then there will be Imperial Orcs busy in the territory of Ossium working to support the wardens. That action will gain an effective 1000 points of strength, and regardless of which action is most successful there will be an opportunity for the Imperial Orcs to deal with the independent orcs of Ossium.

The Bishops of Holberg

  • The League National Assembly can offer support to the settlers in Ossium

One of the earliest developments in Ossium was the offer of the League to offer a new home to the Sand Fishers of Bittershore, even going so far as to have the Imperial Senate cede a region of Holberg to the orcs. Furthermore, the nation has more than its fair share of mercenaries, bravos, and free companies eager for new opportunities to put their particular set of skills to work in a new environment, in return for money. As such, the bishops of the League may act to encourage citizens with an interest in gainful employment, and supporting the vales of Ossium, to get involved.

The League knows well the need to secure ones' home against the depredation of both brigands and the orcs of the Mallum. We sent {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to encourage bravos, mercenaries, and towerjacks alike to offer their services to the vales of Ossium.

Synod Mandate, League Assembly

If this mandate is upheld, then it will encourage League mercenaries to support the sellswords and settlers action. That action will gain an effective 1000 points of strength, and regardless of which action is most successful there will be an opportunity for the League to help deal with the under-developed situation in Ossium during the Spring Equinox, provided the overall goal to secure Ossium is a success.

Troubadours and Knights

  • The Dawn Assembly could encourage knights-errant and questing knights to venture to Ossium to root out the Druj

The lion's share of the fighting to conquer Ossium was done by the armies of Dawn. They saw first-hand the horrors the Druj inflict on those who have lived under their tyrannical dominion for generations. Even now, their armies are fighting the orcs of the Mallum as part of their invasion of the Forest of Ulnak. Even if the armies themselves are busy elsewhere, the priests of Dawn could encourage their knights to seek glory by helping to root out and destroy the holdfasts the eastern orcs have left behind in Ossium. Quite apart from the service offered to the Varushkan people, this would also be an excellent opportunity for Dawnish questors to seek out the deep places of the Webwood, and test themselves against the poison blades and malicious cults of the Spider Queen.

The Druj are a blight on the earth, and they should find no sanctuary in the dark and twisted places where they lurk. We sent {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to encourage knights-errant and questing knights alike to join the Varushkan wagon raiders in hunting out their lairs and routing them from Ossium once and for all.

Synod Mandate, Dawn Assembly

If this mandate is upheld, then it will encourage Dawnish knights and adventurous yeofolk eager to earn glory to join the wagon raiders as they assail the eastern woods and marshes of Ossium. The Wagon raiding action will gain an effective 1000 points of strength, and regardless of which action is most successful there will be an opportunity for Dawn to help deal with the under threat situation in Ossium during the Spring Equinox, provided the overall goal to secure Ossium is a success.


Three specific groups are also caught up in the situation in Ossium and offer additional complications to securing the nation. In each case, the action that receives the greatest support will also bring with it a complication of some sort related to one of these three groups.

Rak Who-Speaks-For-The-Dragons-Undivided is the ambassador from the Thule to the Empire. A Winged Messenger can always be sent to him at The Otkodov Embassy, Wendell's Hope, Miekarova.

The Thule in Bonewood

  • There is still bad feeling about the refusal to allow the Thule to recruit the orcs of Ossium to their side
  • If the Wagon raiding action has the most strength, wardens and adventurers will stray into Thule lands
  • The current ambassador to Otkodov is Yevgeni Katzev

There is another nation involved in Ossium; the Thule of Otkodov. While the Thule have kept to their region of Bonewood, the occasional travellers and merchants appear at the gates of the Varushkan vales, where they are treated with cordial suspicion. With wardens and adventurers exploring the wild places of Ossium it is inevitable that they will annoy the Thule. One challenge is that it is difficult to know precisely where a border is when one is dealing with a region in a massive forest. It's all to easy to stray from northern Galath Fields or Webwood into Thule territory.

The Thule are not idiots; their warlocks are more than capable of telling the difference between raids aimed at their wealth in Bonewood and accidental trespass. They are nothing if not opportunistic, however, and unexpected intrusions into their territory - or incidents where their people travelling through Ossium are mistaken for enemies - would give them an opportunity to seek reparations from the Empire. The Snowstorm Henk incident is still fresh in the minds of some Varushkans and Imperial Orcs after all. It would be advisable to warn them in advance using a winged messenger, but that won't be enough to solve that problem. If the option to support the wagon raiders has the most support then there will need to be some delicate negotiations with the Thule to handle the repercussions.

The Temple of Arhallogen

  • There is an enclave belonging to Arhallogen in the Webwood, which appears to be maintained by Druj "cultists"
  • The Imperial Conclave has discouraged Varushkan settlers from entering the rich forests of the Webwood
  • There is still a miasma pillar impeding settlement even of the outskirts of the Webwood

While the Webwood is nominally Imperial territory, the deep and deadly woods have not been fully explored. The spider-haunted forest is certainly where the worst Druj enclaves exist, and perhaps the most important of them is the temple of Arhallogen that lurks somewhere at the heart of the forest. The Druj of the Webwood appear to have a complex relationship with the Father of Wasps - there are reports that they may even worship the eternal as something akin to a god.

in Summer 383YE, the Imperial Conclave declared the "temple" to be the property of Arhallogen, and Varushkan settlers have been discouraged from attempting to establish vales here. This has not stopped the most bloody minded from starting to build along the southern and western margins. And it definitely will not stop the more ambitious wagon raiders from seeking out the temple, or the shrines rumoured to dot the north-eastern forest. Indeed, with sufficient force in the territory, they will certainly locate the temple and potentially breach its walls.

While antagonizing Druj who worship there is undoubtedly appealing, it is difficult to predict exactly how the eternal themselves might react. Legally speaking Arhallogen is a "friend" of the Empire, having been given amity by the Conclave. Yet it is no secret that it also supports the Druj - it was certainly able to secure the assistance of a significant number of Druj warriors to aid the Navarr in Brocéliande during the recent troubles there. No amount of conclave concord will be able to stop some sort of incident between wagon raiders and Arhallogen followers and heralds in the Webwood, and the Empire has no easy way to contact anyone there to negotiate any kind of compromise.

The Boyar of Isember

  • The boyar of Isember will be visiting Anvil at the upcoming summit
  • Alexi Iskandrova Isembrioch intends to arrive on the field at TBC

The bandits in Karsk are preying on settlers travelling east and impeding the transport of materials desperately needed to establish and fortify the new vales there. With the Imperial Senate passing the motion to begin construction of the Iron Roads, and the first wains of white granite being delivered, there has been a flurry of activity. Isember, once known as the town that turned its back on the Empire to assist the Thule, is inhabited again and its people are looking forward to the increase in Prosperity the roads will bring. It cannot be denied, however, that Isember has a dark history. During the Thule occupation of Karsk it serves as a magnet for criminals and outcasts across the Empire, who cooperated with the northern orcs and betrayed their neighbours. With a new vale being established in the ruins of the old one, and a rise in bandit activity in Karsk, questions have been raised about whether the vale is again a source of trouble for the people of Varushka.

Apparently in response to these concerns, the new boyar of Isember Alexi Iskandrova Isembrioch, is planning on visiting Anvil and hopes to talk to people from across Varushka but especially those who live in Karsk, and hopefully the current Senator of the territory; Marya Zoranova Doubek.

Mandates and Alternative Mandates

This situation is complex; while it is focused around the Varushkans, the opportunity for Imperial Orc preachers to become involved demonstrates that there are other assemblies who might be able to offer support to the Varushkans here. Priests from any nation might have their own alternative mandates to submit, and while there are currently no mandates for the virtue assemblies, there certainly could be. Check the rules carefully - you can only submit an alternative mandate for an assembly you are part of, you can only submit one, and it will only be added to the wind of fortune if it offers a different outcome to those mentioned here.

It is also important to appreciate that while in theory the actions of the Wisdom Assembly and the sword scholars would require a mandate to receive a greater majority, thanks to the spiritual pilgrimage called for during the Autumn Equinox, for this season only, mandates only need a simple majority to be enacted.


Following the Winter Solstice, several mandates were enacted. Konstantin Rabovich Bolotnikov enacted the mandate to encourage sell-swords to support the former Druj subjects, Vasili Zoryakovich Zverokaz encouraged wardens to reach out to local orcs and humans, and Doubravka Nadjaovna Vanek encouraged wagon raiders to raid the Druj. meanwhile, Bloodcrow Udoo of the Imperial Orcs enacted the mandate to support the Wardens, while Pelleas Montrose enacted the mandate to encourage Dawnish knights to support action against the Druj in the eastern woods and Nathair Autumngale enacted the mandate to encourage Navarr to aid the wardens.

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