This table lists all the Spring magic rituals that are part of Imperial lore.

Blessing of New SpringIncrease wealth gained from a farm for three seasons and serves as a foundation for other farm rituals.2
Blood of the HydraRepairs ruined limbs.2
Hands of Sacred LifeHeal lost hits.2
Midwife's RecourseProtects a baby.4
Turns the CircleRots a body.4
Fan the Flame of New LifeMakes a couple fertile.6
Hearthfire CircleProvides powerful healing to a patient.7
Call Down Lightning's WrathLets a battle mage call strikedown with a staff by casting an offensive spell.8
Chirurgeon's Healing TouchTarget gains two stay with me uses each day for a season.8
Churning Cauldron of BravashCreates new herbs.8
Merciless Wrath of the ReaverAdds three ranks to a military unit that takes any independent action during the next season.8
Fountain of LifeTarget can cast heal, purify and restore limb as if they knew them for a season.10
Rampant GrowthGrants additional money and herbs to the production of a forest.10
Touch of Vile HumoursGrants the ability to call venom with any weapon or implement once per day.11
Blood and SaltIncreases the amount of plunder gained by a fleet using the privateering action.12
Madyn's GiftCreates new doses of realmsroot12
Unending Cascade of Blood's FireGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly use magical venom.14
Vitality of Rushing WaterReduces the effectiveness of venom for a season.14
Skin of Bark, Blood of AmberTarget gains three ranks of endurance for a season.15
Anathemic Call of Bug and BriarCurses a target and halves the production of their farm, forest or garden resource for a year.16
Irrepressible Monkey SpiritTarget gains two unstoppable or relentless uses each day for a season.17
Hands of the HealerTarget casts heal and restore limb faster for a season.19
Fire in the BloodGrants 1 rank of spring lore, and additional prowess with venomous rituals for a season, at the cost of lasting venom.20
The Forest RemainsGrants two shatters each day with a two-handed weapon, for a season.22
Curse of Gangrenous FleshA year-long curse of venom.40
Foam and Spittle of the Furious SeaDamages navies and harms fleets in a territory.40
The Dance of Navarr and ThornExtends or repairs trods.40
Thunderous DelugeHalves the money produced by buisnesses and farms in a territory for a season.46
Fetid Breath of Teeming PlagueAllows the use of an area-of-effect venom call.50
Rising Roots that Rend StoneBreeches a fortification on the battlefield.50
Rivers of LifeHalves casualties suffered by campaign armies in a region.50
Rivers Run RedDoubles casualties suffered by campaign armies in a region.50
Mountain Remembers Its YouthThis curse causes choking fumes to poison armies and civilians throughout the territory. It causes 500 points of damage in total to the armies in the territory.60
Forge the Wooden FastnessCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in wooded terrirtory.80
Thunderous Tread of the TreesAnimates rampaging trees in an area.120
Hallow of the Green WorldEnhances herb garden production and birth rates throughout the Empire for a season.160