Spring Magnitude 50

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 10 minutes of roleplaying. During the ritual the casters must be in a strong Spring regio. This ritual targets a territory, and must be performed at a regio in that territory. If the ritual is used to target an Imperial territory, it may instead be performed at the Imperial regio at Anvil.

This effect is a curse. A target may be under more than one curse at a time.


The ritual targets a single territory. Over the course of the next few days a powerful curse settles over the territory. All casualties suffered by campaign-level armies fighting in the targeted territory are halved.

Navies are only affected by this curse if they are taking a coastal order, rather than a maritime order. The curse does not affect casualties caused by environmental factors, or by an army disbanding due to lack of support.

This ritual removes the Rivers Run Red curse, and is in turn removed by that ritual.

The effect lasts until the start of the next Profound Decisions Empire event.


Rivers of Life fills the rivers, streams and lakes of a territory with healing power and invigorating energies that refresh and restore those who bathe in or drink from them. Inhabitants of the area will benefit from hale and hearty health, but it is of most use to the commanders of armies as any wounded and injured soldiers who use the waters will heal far more quickly than normal. It is the obvious counterpart of, and counter to, Rivers Run Red and some magicians call it Rivers Run Green as a consequence.

This curse supports any army with the wit and awareness to make use of the enchanted rivers, not just Imperial armies. Even a large enough force of wild beasts to qualify as an 'army' could well benefit as they naturally seek out such water sources. The ritual can occasionally backfire; it is at its most effective when allied troops are significantly outnumbered in the targeted area - the casualties they inflict on their enemies will be reduced, but the more beleaguered they are the more effective the reduction in their own casualties becomes.

Common Elements

A map that depicts the target territory often forms the focus for this ritual. It is often drenched during the casting in fresh water or wine, sometimes mixed with blood. Sometimes the map is created by pouring liquid onto dry sand, quickly tracing the rough contours of the rivers and lakes that are part of the target territory.

The runes Bravash and Hirmok are commonly used during this ritual, and the constellation of The Chalice is often invoked.