This vicious spell endangers the life of the target, such that they are quickly overpowered by critical wounds.

It is worth noting that this spell creates a magical poison, or a malaise of the spirit; it attacks the life force directly. As such, it is equally effective on humans, orcs and even more exotic creatures - shambling husks, animate plants and arcane constructs are all equally vulnerable to its effects. Indeed, some creatures such as Vallornspawn husks are especially vulnerable to this searing magical poison - it is sufficient to mortally wound such creatures by its very nature.

It is particularly dangerous in that it does not go away naturally; it can be removed with herbs by a skilled physick, or purged by a magician using the purify spell or a ritual such as Ascetic Star of Atun. Otherwise, it lingers indefinitely.



You may call VENOM against the target struck by your implement.

The venom condition reduces the time it takes the target to die from three minutes to thirty seconds. The fortitude skill provides some limited protection from the effect of this spell.

You must assume that the target has taken the effect when you cast this spell.

The effect lasts until cured by the purify spell, or a similar potion or magic.

Sample Spellcasting Vocals

  • I strike with the sting of the scorpion - VENOM!
  • May magic's bitter bite bring you low - VENOM!
  • From the heart of hate I stab at you - VENOM!
  • Naeve's knife cleave your soul from your body - VENOM!
  • In Llofir's name, may rot and ruin claim you - VENOM!
  • Root wither, leaf fall -VENOM! Suggested by Robert Ashley Burden

Common Elements

  • Rune Magic: Kyrop is often invoked to weaken the foe, though Rhyv may be invoked by those who regard the spell as tainting the victim's blood. In both cases, the caster may trace the rune in the air during the casting, or the rune may be carved into their implement.
  • Astronomancy: The Claw is used by those magicians who regard the spell as rending the victim's soul, or its link with the body. The Drowned Man, representing unavoidable disaster, is a dangerous force to invoke in battle, but a confident or desperate magician may employ it to bring a foe low.
  • Dramaturgy: Poisonous creatures such as spiders, scorpions,snakes, or hydra are often evoked with this spell. The caster may take on the persona of The Doctor (particularly Doctor Vassa, punishing the enemy with a curse, or the vicious Doctor Couros), or may refer to their implement as The Blade or The Scalpel.
  • Other traditions: This spell is closely tied to the lore of Spring, although some magicians prefer to think of it as a Winter spell - they say it is clearly a minor curse that impairs the victim's will to live. Navarri magicians in particular tend to shy away from Spring themes, concerned about invoking a power characteristic of the Vallorn.