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Winterfolk relish challenges as an opportunity to prove themselves.


The Winterfolk admire heroism and believe that it speeds your passage through the Labyrinth of Ages. Although heroism is not one of the seven Virtues, acts of heroism encompass any or all of them to some extent. Heroism does not require success, but it does demand that the possibility of triumph exists; there is nothing heroic about wasting your life in a foolhardy charge. Heroism is often easiest to notice in battle, but many noble qualities or outstanding achievements demonstrate heroism. A clever Suaq who outwits an Eternal in a battle of riddles or a wise Kallavesi surgeon whose herb-lore saves a dozen lives are both heroes.

Heroic acts are distinguished by what is achieved or attempted, not how difficult or dangerous they are. Deliberately making an act more difficult than it need be impresses no-one in Wintermark. Equally the heroism is not diminished if the act is accomplished with others; indeed the more people who are involved in act the more heroic it becomes. It is brave to charge the orc line, but it is heroic to lead the charge.

The Winterfolk regard heroism as superior to Dawnish ideals of glory. In their eyes glory is needlessly vain; a Winterfolk hero does not need to have other people know of their accomplishments. They believe that the pursuit of glory encourages people to make their challenges needlessly difficult and denies the value of wit and guile. In Wintermark nobody demands that your actions be impressive; it is enough that they are effective.

Each of the three traditions of Wintermark has their own idea of what makes someone a true hero. The Kallavesi believe that heroism comes most clearly from exploration of the skein; the Steinr that it comes from both prowess and skill; and the Suaq from cleverness. There are many other paths to heroism, however.

Chronicle of Heroism

During the Summer Solstice 383YE, the Senate voted to support the creation of a "chronicle of heroes", allowing the priests of Wintermark to identify and record the heroic deeds of the scions of the storm. Taking inspiration from the assembly of Prosperity, and their Roll of Benefactors, the chronicle allows the Wintermark National Assembly to add a name to the Chronicle by raising a statement of principle, which must pass with a greater majority. The judgement should include a clear description of the heroic deeds being chronicled, these would be added to the record along with the hero's name. As always with a statement of principle that receives a greater majority, there is some potential for additional effects.

Atte Arrowtongue

During the Autumn Equinox 385YE, the Wintermark assembly judged that Atte Arrowtongue should have their name added to the Book of Heroes. The Suaq, who has served many times as Senator for Sermersuaq, was described as a steadfast supporter of strengthening Wintermark who had guided the nation through some of the most turbulent times since the death of the Young Empress. In particular they were praised for their key role in the gifting of Skarsind to the Imperial Orcs, and the vital part they played in the success of the initial Liberty Pact negotiations. Now, they have committed themselves to lifting up Sermersuaq, ensuring the territory does not continue to be overlooked.

Beodun Snowlock, Warcrow

During the Winter Solstice 384YE, the Wintermark assembly judged that the priest Beodun Snowlock should have his name added to the Book of Heroes. He who gave his hero's life for many. He whose story inspired, his name the rallying cry for the retaking of Ataloq. He whose legacy lingers, and is keenly felt within the heart of the Mark and beyond. The Mark remembers.

Dagmar of the Lewd Parchments

During the Autumn Equinox 384YE, the Wintermark Assembly judged that Dagmar of the Lewd Parchments was a symbol of the liberation of Sermersuaq. She was loved by many, and she fell in the final conjunction before her homeland was reclaimed. Her sacrifices in the pursuit of Ambition and her life's work to retake the Suaq's ancestral lands prove her deserving a place in the Chronicle of Heroism.

Dogri Thulebane

During the Spring Equinox 385YE, the Wintermark assembly judged that Dogri Thulebane should have his name added to the Book of Heroes. He fought uncompromisingly to drive the Thule out of Skarsind and defended Crows Ridge from them. He died protecting his people, fighting the Grendel in service to the Empire a hero's death. Every action he took was motivated by his unwavering Loyalty to our nation and our people. He inspired many people in the mark and he serves as an example of what Pride, Courage, and Loyalty looks like.

Eska Crowspeaker

During the Winter Solstice 385YE, the Wintermark assembly judged that Eska Crowspeaker should have her name added to the Book of Heroes. Shacklebreaker Eska Crowspeaker, known as Liberty's Song, has spent her life championing the causes dear to her heart. From speaking to the plight of the Skarsind Loyalty Congregation and the need to preserve the traditions of Winterfolk in Skarsind to her role in the success of the Liberty Pact and the Empire wide paradigm shift in how we perceive the harm slavery does to the pursuit of Virtue. She is an inspiration to those who choose impassioned words over sharpened steel to win their battles. A Grimnir, a diplomat, and a true friend, Wintermark is proud to add their tale to the Chronicle of Heroes.

Helgunn Chargebringer

Helgunn Chargebringer of the Fellowship of the Broken Willow had their name added to the Book of Heroes during the Autumn Equinox 385YE. They were a Courageous, Proud, Wise, and Loyal leader of the Heart of the Mark until they met their end fighting the Jotun orcs in Kahraman. Time and time again they welcomed new heroes of Wintermark into their warband, helped them along the path of the hero, and watched over them as they in turn helped the Empire secure greater victories on the battlefield. They earnt their name "Chargebringer" for showing immense Courage through leading multiple charges from the front and inspired everyone to step with them.

Iron Osric

During the Summer Solstice 385YE, the Wintermark assembly judged that Iron Osric's name should be entered in the Book of Heroes for their generalship of the Green Shield army. "Long has the Green Shield been the proving ground of the Steinr. From Spiral to Sermersuaq, from empress to interregnum, heroically have you championed the nation's boldest ideals. It is time we proved that heroism is the shield that holds, not just the blade that strikes."

Lofyn Bloodcloak

During the Spring Equinox 384YE, the Wintermark assembly judged that Lofyn Bloodcloak, first general of the renewed Bloodcloaks should have her name added to the Book of Heroes. She worked tirelessly to restore the Bloodcloaks Army, leading it since it reformed in 382YE. She entered the Bloodcloak schema into Imperial lore, making the knowledge available to all citizens. She swore an oath to return to Sermersuaq with her army which she then fulfilled, helping to drive the Jotun back and liberate the territory. She is a hero, by word and deed.

Raknar Ravenstom of Stormspire

During the Autumn Equinox 383YE, the Wintermark national assembly judged that Thane Raknar Ravenstorm of Stormspire should have their name added to the Book of Heroes for their pivotal role in warden of the raid of Ikka's Tears, calling upon the aid of the other nations and achieving great success against the Jotun and moving forward the war to regain Sermersuaq.

Yulia "Hunger's Folly"

During the Winter Solstice 385YE, the Wintermark assembly judged Yulia Kasimiova Voronov "Hunger's Folly" as a hero to Wintermark, and that their name should be added to the Book of Heroes. As Senator for Miekarova, Yulia acted with loyalty, by courageously sacrificing their homeland to enable Wintermark to take the steps needed to reclaim Sermersuaq. This act was instrumental to the victory of uniting Wintermark once more. As the last outsider to be given the honour, Sulkavaris recognises their scop name "Hunger's Folly" as we shall all remember their heroism.