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“Actions have consequences.”

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From the great forests they call home, through the cold lands of Wintermark and Varushka, to the Marcher fens, the high mountains of Urizen and even the streets of the League - the Navarr are the great travellers and pioneers of the Empire. Direct and efficient, few know better than they how to use the lands of the Empire to survive - and to fight. Practical, adaptable and focused, they do what they need to do to succeed. Fierce in appearance and dress, they have made themselves the allies of everyone who stands with civilisation and the savage and relentless foes of any who oppose it.

The Navarr are the blood that runs through the Empire’s veins. Spirited, they throw themselves wholeheartedly into the job of serving the Empire. They carry news, messages and even people with them as they travel. For those who dwell in inhospitable places, the Navarr may be the only Imperial contact they have. Vigilant, they roam through the wild places of the Empire and keep a constant watch for the dangers that lurk there. They serve as the Empire's scouts - their work keeps the roads open and their warnings ensure the armies are ready to face the threat.


The Navarr display their fierce heritage in battle. Warriors explode from ambush, slaughtering enemies with barbed spears. Navarr magicians fuel magic with the primal power of blood. But in peace they are a generous people, noted for their festivities and celebrations to which all are welcome. Throughout the Empire travellers may stumble across Navarr settlements, the steadings, which offer welcome shelter and respite.

More than anyone else the Navarr know how fragile civilisation can be. Centuries ago their forebears dwelled in cities, but they were lost to war with the orcs and magic run amok. They carry the memory of that loss with them everywhere they travel, and though they still seek to reclaim the lands they lost, what drives them more is the need to ensure that it does not happen again. The Navarr know what happens to an Empire that believes itself invincible. They have lost one Empire - they are determined they will not lose another.

“Navarri fight as Thorn.”

Five things about the Navarr

  • The Empire is our home. They travel the Empire carrying messages, information and people across the land.
  • Survival is change. Their lifestyle is one of constant change as they travel the wilds, and they adapt accordingly.
  • Actions have consequences. The Navarr take the long view; they are often magnanimous and see their actions in terms of the effects they will have in years to come, not just today.
  • You cannot betray your enemies. The Navarr are fierce in battle; they don't let sentiment get in the way of finding practical solutions to their problems.
  • Tread carefully in wild places. The Navarr are vigilant to the dangers of the world they travel through.

What the Navarr are not

  • They are not uncivilised or outcasts. They may not possess all the trappings of civilisation now, but they once did. They helped form the Empire and see themselves as an essential part of it. They are happy to use any practical innovation of the Empire, so long as they can travel with it. Their somewhat brutal practicality may shock members of other nations, but it's born out of necessity, not ignorance.
  • They are not animists, nature worshippers or Celts. The Navarr are adept at living in the wilds but they do not romanticize that lifestyle and they take a dim view of those who do. Their culture bears a few similarities with some Celtic mythology, but there are no triple goddesses, no Wild Hunt, no wholesale-lifted Celtic myth. The Navarr have their own stories.
  • A nation of murderers. While the Navarr often employ brutal tactics against the enemies of the Empire, they do so in defence of civilisation. The Navarr expect those who break the law face the consequences of their actions. The hero Isaella exemplifies this attitude - after killing Emperor Nicovar she stood trial for her crime rather than attempting to evade justice.

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