Summer Synod 384.png
The Synod recognises both the virtue, and the wickedness, of Imperial citizens.


During the Summer Solstice 384YE Summit, the Imperial Synod raised 165 judgements.


The following considerations should be borne in mind when bringing judgements before the Imperial Synod during the Summer Solstice.

  • All Assemblies: Statements that prioritise the greater good over personal loyalties are less effective. This is permanent effect of the Eyes of Loyalty.
  • All Assemblies: Statements that try to compel Loyalty will fail. This is permanent effect of the Eyes of Loyalty.
  • All Assemblies: Revocations and Excommunications for disloyalty to the nation or Empire would risk causing dissent. This is permanent effect of the Eyes of Loyalty.
  • All Assemblies: Any mandate that does not pass with a greater majority will have limited or no effect on Urizen or Varushka. It is not impossible that a mandate might lead to a response in one of the two nations, but it won't lead to any immediate consequences for the people of the nation. This lasts until some new turn of events changes things. Urizen Link. Varushka Link.
  • All Assemblies: No statement of principle that is about Sulemaine i Taziel will lead to a mandate. Lasts until at least the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE and potentially longer. Link.
  • Virtue Assemblies: Any statement of principle in any virtue assembly will not create a mandate for that virtue assembly. If any mandate does arise, then it will need to be passed by the General Assembly. Lasts until the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE. Link.
  • Highguard Assembly: for the coming year statements of principle in the Highborn Assembly that do not directly address matters of orthodoxy and false beliefs in the Empire will be significantly less likely to result in a mandate. Lasts until the end of the Summer Solstice 384YE. Link.
  • Highguard and Dawn Assemblies: Statements of principle in either assembly that receive a greater majority may create opportunities in the other assembly. Lasts until the end of the Autumn Equinox 384YE Link.

Change of doctrine

No change of doctrine was proposed during the Summer Solstice summit.


No veto was sought during the Summer Solstice 384YE.

Statement of Principle

Judgement 6

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Vasili, Pride of Ossium
  • Judgement: To aid our Sumaah cousins in dismantling the Asavean slave trade is an act of the highest virtue. To prosecute any Imperial citizen who undertakes this mission of mercy and manumissions would be the most heinous act of political cowardice. We the general assembly urge all those with fleets who hold virtue in their hearts to sail to Asavea and bring the liberty that we thrive under to those in chains, and naught but the bloody axe edge to their so-called masters.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1113 to 24

Judgement 8

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Genoveva Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: When the Inquisitorial Court was created in Summer 379, it was decided that Inquisitors should have the power to raise a judgement of inquisition in addition to their usual judgement and that the additional judgement would follow all the usual rules of a priest's judgement in terms of scrutiny and voting. It is now the view of the Inquisitorial court that, while this aids us in performing our roles, it means that in most circumstances it is difficult to perform an inquisition in the same summit as we hear of the need for one. This has on at least one occasion led to a person only being excommunicated after their death as the escalation could not be done sooner. We call on the Imperial Senate to amend the powers of the Virtue Inquisitors so that their additional judgement of Inquisition is automatically passed without a vote. The constitutional court have previously ruled that this is possible.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1660 to 20

Judgement 11

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Rafael Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: The Modnos family of Faraden have claimed responsibility for burning the Blood Red River Museum in Tassato Mestra. There can be no doubt that we owe them a Reckoning. We must make clear our defiance against any who would attack us. Let us rebuild the Museum even larger and grander than ever before, in the spirit of the Paragon Richilde. Let us show the world this symbol of our National Pride. Let us swell the congregations of Tassato's Bishops of Pride as our people embrace our shared past. And when it is complete, let us invite the citizens of Faraden to see that Tassato stands Proud.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 360 to 0

Judgement 14

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Tiana i Zayden i Riqueza
  • Judgement: In 383 our virtuous fleets went to Vorlach, broke the Grendel's chains, and freed the slaves. In Winter, we went to Axos and brought back the Tamazi orcs. Now Sumaah have sounded the charge to do so again, to free the slaves of Chalonsio. Last season the synod agreed with Preceptor Yevanshka that 'to allow to commit enslavement is to commit a spiritual crime.' We call upon the Senate to legalise a Fleet action to support our Sumash brethren and free those slaves to follow in the Way.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1398 to 68

Judgement 16

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Able the Taller of Zenith Ascendant
  • Judgement: The Loyalty assembly condemns slavery in all its forms wherever it occurs in the world. To enslave another is to utterly deny them any chance to be truly virtuous and as such represents a spiritual threat as severe as any other facing the Empire. Loyalty is proven not through words, or deeds but by the unity of both. This assembly will gladly recognise and reward the Virtue of anyone who draws upon the inspiration of the Marked and demonstrates this principle in the struggle to eliminate this blight.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 423 to 0

Judgement 17

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Brother Luke
  • Judgement: Last season, we, the Highborn Assembly, condemned the Druj's tactics. Cruelty is nothing more than a wellspring of Fear, Hatred, and Vengeance, poisoning the spirit as the Druj poison the land. However, they are not the only force of Cruelty affecting the Empire. Vigilance drives us to seek out the poison in your neighbour's fields, lest your own crops be blighted, and Loyalty calls on us to unify our words and actions. We as Highborn have the weight of Virtue in our hearts, and as such we do not have the immunity of ignorance. We cannot ask our brave soldiers to fight and die to eliminate Druj cruelty while ignoring the same inflicted by our Varushkan cousins. Our hypocrisy is seen by all who live within and without our Empire, and we are judged for it. The Varushkans are a people of a great nation and a vital part of our shared Empire, their lands are harsh, but their people are renowned for their Wisdom and Prosperity. We call upon them to demonstrate this by turning away from the folly of Cruelty and finding new ways to fight in accordance with their National Character. Until they do so, the Highguard Assembly is compelled to condemn the Iron Helm's use of Cruel tactics - the Druj's tactics - to ensure that the taint of Cruelty does not spread to others.
  • Outcome: Upheld 268-197

Judgement 18

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Tabris, Son of Armisael
  • Judgement: With work underway to restore the docks at Elos, and the opportunity to restore the docks at Atalaya, it would seem the Empire is finally beginning to claim its naval history. But the Freeborn and the Urizeni are not the only people with a naval history. Remember our forebears, who crossed the Sea of Sighs from the lands now known as the Sarcophan Delves, led by the Paragon Atun and the Exemplar Atuman. Remember Barabbas, the third Highborn Throne, whose focus on seaborne trade and warfare led the Empire to as yet unmatched naval heights. Their skills and knowledge have been passed to the current generation of Highborn, and in the case of Barabbas, lessons have been learned from mistakes caused by his lack of Vigilance. The time has come to display your seagoing Pride, and remind the world of the strength of Highborn sailors!
  • Outcome: Upheld 326-0

Judgement 22

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Bleakshield Rhuk
  • Judgement: This Synod agreed that to allow slavery is a spiritual crime, and that thralls and slaves are the same. This Empire is once again complicit in slavery and needs to be held accountable for its unholy crimes.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1117-390

Judgement 24

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Astraea
  • Judgement: On several occasions the Empire has ceded regions of various nations to foreign powers. While this was for the benefit of our Empire, it has given our foreign rivals a beachhead as to threaten or invade us in the future. These past actions were short-sighted and unvirtuous and those responsible should be held accountable.
  • Outcome: Upheld 751-745

Judgement 26

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Pelleas Montrose
  • Judgement: We hear the call of the Imperial Orcs to manifest our Pride. We call on our Virtuous to aid them, by returning the bones you can find of the countless orcs who died on our lands bound in chains. Citizens of Dawn, be inspired by the great efforts of our noble houses and others who have given prosperously to the construction of the Imperial Orcs ossuary. List of noble houses follows
  • Outcome: Upheld 204-0

Judgement 27

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Earl of Fools
  • Judgement: The Troubadours know stories and Virtue, / Exemplars, paragons, their tales lessons. / But if the Freefolk way so set in stone... / (please do excuse my monumental pun) / (and the second pun... I mean the statues) / That is to say if their way so in name, / Is as Imperial Way so in deed, / Then let them come before the Troubadours, / And speak of what lessons in Virtue learned / The statues to serve as prompts for these tales.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 240-10

Judgement 28

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Estella Lucati di Sarvos
  • Judgement: The Synod must display greater Vigilance over tenured titles. The Spider's Tollkeep has not been represented at Anvil for nearly six years and nobody has noticed. There are Synod sinecures whose holders have never raised a judgement - so how do we know they are voting? In a change of policy, the Civil Service will start putting titles up for re-election if they are absent for over a year. The Civil Service should not have to do the Synod's job of Vigilant Overseer - and a year or more of waste is too high a price to pay. The Synod must step up. National Assemblies - make note of the tenured titles under your jurisdiction, apply greater Vigilance and use the powers of the Synod.
  • Outcome: Upheld 893-157

Judgement 29

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Tarquinius Ankarien
  • Judgement: Priests of Ambition, Prosperity and Vigilance should travel to Tarquinius' congregation in Ankarien, Spiral to engage with the Grendel on Virtues we have in common and leverage access to hallowing and anointing of these Virtues to ensure support for the people of Spiral. It would be premature to try to convert Grendel to the Way, but their descendant's situation my be different and they deserve ancestors with a solid grounding in true Virtue.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1551-64

Judgement 30

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Jared of the Suns of Couros
  • Judgement: My fellow priests, please ensure the allocation process for the Lepidean dose of true liao remains virtuous. Vote for those that inspire you; vote against those you see as petty, selfish, dishonest, or dangerous. Let none pass without your judgement. For those who seek to acquire this dose, believe in the virtue of your judgement and set your voting deadline no earlier than 6pm on Saturday of each summit. We should not rush this allocation.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1198-181

Judgement 31

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Alfmund Fordwinsson
  • Judgement: Greater education and understanding on the purpose and practice of inquisition is needed across the Empire. The work of inquisiting priests is all too often misunderstood, feared needlessly, or twisted to further the vendettas of others. Upholding the core tents of each and every virtue is at the heart of every inquisition. As Adelmar inspired others to improve their martial prowess, we must educate everyone that inquisition is just as much for recognising and celebrating an abundance of virtue, as it is for investigating virtue's absence. We call upon priests to share their methods and encourage the laity to bear up their souls to be judged.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1760-49

Judgement 32

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Lynneeve Greiver
  • Judgement: Navarr should officially declare our gratitude toward Bertrand of the House Sepulchre for his virtuous efforts in trying to construct the Greenwood Manor. This will serve as a staging point for knight of Dawn who are gloriously fighting against the vallorn. He displays virtues of loyalty to Navarr.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 278-12

Judgement 34

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Etienne de Gauvain
  • Judgement: Just as we should remain Vigilant within each Virtue, we must also remain Vigilant within each Nation. We support the creation of National Inquisitors by the Senate.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1142-550

Judgement 35

  • Assembly: Imperial Orc
  • Raised By: Stormcrow Skred
  • Judgement: The Imperial Orcs have always been a martial nation - the Hammer of the Empire. Whilst we show Pride in our military units by giving their captains the vote, we do not show Pride in our smaller, but just as impactful, naval traditions. Following successes in Dubhtraig, Axos, and Feroz, we should acknowledge the role of our fleets in these conflicts by enfranchising captains who take the Imperial Guerdon.
  • Outcome: Upheld 45-0

Judgement 36

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: ẞten Hansson
  • Judgement: Cunning Suaq! Look to Ambitious Sermersuaq, and share tales of her superhuman strength. When one human can kill a seal with a rap of her knuckles, imagine the potential of an entire army inspired by the same. The Jotun amass in Olgafdottirshal and should not be there. Even the most impenetrable forest falls one tree at a time. This fort contains a forest of orcs. They will fall before you!
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy, 216-0

Judgement 37

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Sagua i Ezmara
  • Judgement: Pride lifts others and inspires with their tales. The Master of the Koboldi does not work alone. As such we acknowledge the prosperity of Edmundo of Damakhan's Forge, who provided the resources for recent improvements to the Court of the White Fountain. We also acknowledge the hard work of the koboldi, heralds of Adamant, in infusing it into the fortress in preparation for the casting of the permanent enchantment by mages of Urizen organised by Cato Auricspire. Together we achieve greatness.
  • Outcome: Upheld 229-70

Judgement 40

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Levi of the Navigators
  • Judgement: The Highborn were refugees and thus we understand the plight of others in similar circumstances. Therefore we ask the Highborn people to open their doors to any refugees fleeing persecution from foreign powers. As long as they willingly learn about the Way from the Highborn.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 452-0

Judgement 47

  • Assembly: Imperial Orc
  • Raised By: Redhand Nirak
  • Judgement: The ancestors play an important role in our lives as Orcs, especially for those of us who hear them frequently. They have strong words that allow us as individuals and a nation to grow and thrive. If we are to grow as a nation, rather than be temporary inhabitants of these lands, I believe we should record with the written word; the names, words, and deeds of all of the ancestors we can hear carefully. If we do this we will gain the ability to inspire future generations with the words of the past, we could also understand as a group the most powerful and successful ancestors we can hear, but also it could be the beginning of a conversation about our ancestors and theirs with other orcish groups and nations that share this world with us.
  • Outcome: Upheld 59-12

Judgement 50

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lysimachus
  • Judgement: Can the Empire truly be called Prosperous if we cannot reward the virtuous? If we cannot share our prosperity, are we truly faithful? Do we not believe in the virtue fund? If even the most broke-ass pilgrim can share a ring from their poverty can not the more prosperous share more?
  • Outcome: Upheld 689-611

Judgement 51

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Cadwaladr Springwake
  • Judgement: The concealment of feelings can lead people down the dark path of introspection, which in turn can lead to apathy, despair, and ultimately inaction. Courage teaches us that we are to face all unwelcome truths of the world, as bravely as any tangible obstacle of our lives. We implore priests of the Empire to encourage citizens and aid them in opening up about troubling emotions and events they are struggling with to stymie inaction before it can take hold.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1360-283

Judgement 52

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Jenny Arbor
  • Judgement: On behalf of Jedediah Boon of the Ore Hills; as per judgement 105, Spring 384YE, the Marcher National Assembly has recognised the equal value of all those who work the land, be they farmers or otherwise. However, the nation has been slow to respond. Hence, the Pride assembly encourages all Marcher miners, foresters, herb gardeners, and those who support them to engage in peaceful protest within the law to draw attention to the Pride they take in their work and the current situation.
  • Outcome: Upheld 253-160

Judgement 57

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Telyn Stormtree
  • Judgement: Our lifestyle makes us uniquely suited to deal with the effects of rituals such as Wither the Seed. We encourage citizens who wish to create families and raise children to leave territories cursed in this way and join stridings and steadings elsewhere to achieve this wish, and return when they have done so. If the Thule are able to do this, to keep Emrys at bay, virtuous Navarri should be able to make this sacrifice until the time comes to break the curse.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 238-42

Judgement 59

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Cynerik
  • Judgement: The battle during the Spring Summit was hard and bloody for Wintermark. We left many fallen behind. We encourage Wintermark to rally support to recover their bodies by reasonable means. This will demonstrate our loyalty to our heroic dead, our Pride to their sacrifice and our courage to return to those distant lands. May our heroes sleep in Kallavesa.
  • Outcome: Upheld 148-0

Judgement 60

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Herminius
  • Judgement: Across Urizen there are many construction works being planned, fortresses to shore up our border, docks to increase our prosperity, sinecures, ministries, and let us not forget the damage which will need to be repaired in Zenith. I call for all knowledgeable and virtuous citizens of Urizen to pool one of our most unique resources, our ushabti and put them to the task of aiding in the construction and reconstruction of larger building works in Redoubt, Morrow, and when the time comes Zenith. Share your resources and aid our architects, to first aid in building the Elos Docks in Redoubt.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 274-0

Judgement 61

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Elagabala
  • Judgement: The Urizen National Assembly recognises Kindra Edasdottir, general of the Fist of the Mountains, and thanks her for her actions. Her decision to come to Zenith shows great Loyalty and Courage, and her Virtue should be extolled. The people of Wintermark should be proud of their general. Pride inspires others to virtue, it does not demean them.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 215-0

Judgement 63

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Luciana Valesi di Sarvos
  • Judgement: The Pride assembly has previously declared that we should uplift lineaged voices. In light of this, the Empire should show this in an official capacity through the formation of a lineage caucus.
  • Outcome: Not upheld 154-161

Judgement 66

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Kirenna i Veruna i Riqueza
  • Judgement: The Senate recently voted against a mission to the Asavea to target the three main slaving families. This is unvirtuous, definitely not loyal, and they should be condemned.
  • Outcome: Not upheld 73-92

Judgement 67

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Ranae de Rondell
  • Judgement: The Ambition Assembly supports those who would rise up in Sarangrave, but we support them IN THE NAME OF VIRTUE. We do not believe it is necessary nor virtuous to excuse heresy (such as freedom) nor do we desire the support of wild eternals to achieve the Empire's goals. VIRTUE UPLIFTS - heresy drags us down. In support of this belief we offer all the strength that we have to hallow - IN AMBITION - weapons and other resources sent to Sarangrave.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 206-0

Judgement 68

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Kaspar Yakovitch von Holberg
  • Judgement: It is ironic that a call by Urizen's national assembly to support the people of Urizen has given rise to a mandate to support the armies. Those priests of the Empire whose Loyalty calls them to support Urizen should seek ways to support the citizens of Urizen, not just the armies fighting to free their homes.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1439-114

Judgement 69

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Karo Di Yedinso
  • Judgement: The College of Engineering in Temeschwar is built to the glory of Adamant. It is an affront to the human Pride that Temeschwar's only university belongs to an eternal. The people of Temeschwar should demand a rival human architectural college be built in the city proper .
  • Outcome: Upheld 168-64

Judgement 71

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Harwyn Eternal
  • Judgement: The Navarr national assembly recognise the grand work of the Liberty Pact fighting alongside those that reap slaves from the field is tacit acceptance of that abhorrent practice. As such we expect our generals and thorns to reject fighting alongside vile slavers as unvirtuous.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 302-10

Judgement 72

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Galeas Seeker
  • Judgement: Oathheart has been retrieved and waits a bearer. This would not have been possible without the efforts of Skywise Gralka and Veikko Bondforger, along with the heroes who took the field with us to aid its return. Loyalty is shown by words and deeds together. Both Skywise Gralka and Veikko Bondforger pledged to retrieve the shield and to help with my Test of Mettle in the process. May congregations across the Empire celebrate this moment!
  • Outcome: Upheld 243-0

Judgement 77

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Immeldar i Ezmaria i Erigo
  • Judgement: Prosperity teaches us that we work hard for our rewards and share with the worthy. Time and time again Varushka's have shared what they have to strengthen the Empire. Varushkan weirwood built the Iron Qanat. A number of our armies are built on Varushkan mithril. We thank Varushka for their Prosperity.
  • Outcome: Upheld 204-0

Judgement 78

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Brother Aemon
  • Judgement: Pride teaches us it is in what we do we should be proud. We lineaged of Highguard and the Highborn National Assembly declare that unveiling is a valid spiritual discipline as it is a physical representation that our immortal human souls will triumph over the siren call of our blood. Should that individual do this of their own volition, then they draw Virtue from their actions; indeed to enforce or coerce a lineaged individual to unveil against their will is deplorable as it removes the opportunity for the lineaged person to act in their virtue.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 512-0

Judgement 82

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Vivane Knotes
  • Judgement: True Love, is one of the highest callings of Dawn, and no effort should be spared in its pursuit. Where a noble of Dawn falls in love with a citizen of another nation that love should be celebrated and exalted as any other, provided the Imperial citizen has done right by the traditions of Dawn and passed both a test of Mettle and a test of Ardour, each from a different house and of even greater difficulty than the norm.
  • Outcome: Upheld 170-10

Judgement 84

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Jonah Yakovitch von Holberg
  • Judgement: The walls of Holberg have been blessed with a true aura of Wisdom. At the same time, a miraculous secondary Wisdom aura occurred at the Holmauer Gate. In the presence of these auras, spontaneous dedications to wisdom are occurring. There is an opportunity to make Holberg the greatest fortification in the known world, at no additional cost to the Empire. Word will spread and pilgrims whill come from beyond our borders. By raising the walls with the intention of spreading word of the way beyond our borders, this is an act of Salvation. Give prosperously to this cause. See Prince-Bishop Jonah Yakovitch von Holberg to make your donation and have your name recorded in the ledger.
  • Outcome: Upheld 931-185

Judgement 86

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Nathair Autumngale
  • Judgement: Wisdom knows all knowledge is incomplete, the Navarr national assembly reject the idea that there is "not one thing" to be learned from studying Terunael. The Orichalcum Sun of Emrys and mines of the Sungold Pass are but two examples of how this statement is false. As custodian, I invite (?) residents and students from Holberg to visit the Great Library of Hacynian to enlighten their ignorance and learn the value of libraries.
  • Outcome: Upheld 128-22

Judgement 87

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Ashborn Pakt
  • Judgement: To strike at the heart of the idolatrous seat of the "God of Chains" - a "god" of worshipping slavery - is of the utmost virtue. Any who should seek to do so regardless of the will of Senate, will find a virtue defence unassailable. Thus we encourage all those for whom the flame of Ambition drives them to strike out at Chalonsion Asavea to take up arms knowing their actions are virtuous.
  • Outcome: Withdrawn (350-52 at time of withdrawal)

Judgement 90

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Dr Tolamy
  • Judgement: Lineaged citizens are fighting the realm influence every day. They should be given a chance to show their virtue and not condemned as a crazy lineage. These slanders can strengthen the realm influences. They need our loyalty to give them the strength to keep fighting.
  • Outcome: Upheld 802-277

Judgement 91

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Skywise Gralka
  • Judgement: Soldiers of the Imperial orc legions it is known Empire wide you are loyal to the core, what is to come in the next season will test your resolve but the Imperial Orc nation calls you to action. We cannot tolerate slavery or those who benefit from it be they Imperial or otherwise. Not all battles are fought with blades. We will hold these people to account and live up to the legacy of our past.
  • Outcome: Upheld 150-0

Judgement 94

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Neala Blackhawk
  • Judgement: We the Navarr assembly think that its time to make the Great Library of Hacynia greater, expanding the complex and making it a true Empire-wide centre of history and learning.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 292-0

Judgement 95

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Aneira Exiles End
  • Judgement: We, priests of the Empire, reflect with sadness on some of the events in Whittle - namely the killing of some children who were not of age to have taken their citizens test. Where children are concerned there must be alternatives to support them finding the way. Rather than execution, spiritual re-education is the best course of action.
  • Outcome: Upheld 461-103

Judgement 96

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Lev
  • Judgement: It is not prosperous to work the Syrene's Wisdom at any cost. If the working conditions worsen due to Imperial use of magic, the labourers should wait until the Senate repairs Syrene's Wisdom.
  • Outcome: Upheld 314-0

Judgement 97

  • Assembly: Way
  • Raised By: Yosephus Morningston
  • Judgement: Ambition, Courage, Loyalty, Pride, Prosperity, Vigilance, Wisdom. There are seven virtues in the Way. It is natural for citizens to approach the Way by focussing on one of the Seven, but when they do so priests should remind them to seek balance and not neglect the other six.
  • Outcome: Upheld 109-42

Judgement 99

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Damocli di Mestra
  • Judgement: I would like to raise a sect of priests of the League to better organise our exorcism needs. The sect would grant various benefits including increased communication and access to resources. Now, more than ever we must be vigilant of the spiritual needs of our citizens.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 250-0

Judgement 100

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Eldrick Lindwulf
  • Judgement: That Helgunn Chargebringer, who was a virtuous hero of Wintermark both an example to all on and off the battlefield, be recorded in the Chronicle of Heroes.
  • Outcome: Upheld 176-0

Judgement 101

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Alessi di Trivento
  • Judgement: Disregarding Imperial history does us a disservice and only furthers the accusations that we care only for ourselves. The League National assembly encourages citizens of Holberg to accept the invitation to attend the library of Hacynian to further their knowledge. Whilst there we also encourage them to make use of their new anointing and the information stored there to help consider new angles to approaching the issue of the Vallorn.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 316-0

Judgement 102

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lady Eleanor Novarion
  • Judgement: The Freefolk have demonstrated great pride and courage. I encourage all priests to engage in patient discourse with Freefolk as they learn more about the Way. Do not forget your adherence to the Imperial Way during these discussions.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1598-39

Judgement 103

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Clytemnestra
  • Judgement: The Empire has decided slavery is inherently unvirtuous. The Empire has championed and signed the Liberty Pact. The Empire believes orcs and humans are equally deserving of salvation from slavery. The Empire must support the Liberty Pact. The senate must support anti-slavery actions, it must not support slave-taking nations. We must be the virtuous example to the rest of the world.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 6-2

Judgement 104

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Narelle Bridin
  • Judgement: We the Navarr assembly wish to call attention to a new national festival at the Autumn summit. With the "Falling of Leaves" we will remember and celebrate grand acts within the nation and those who have fallen. To this end a corpse glade will be set up within the nation's camp and one of the nights of Songs and Stories dedicated to the festivities.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 340-10

Judgement 105

  • Assembly: Imperial Orc
  • Raised By: Bloodcrow Udoo
  • Judgement: Out of Loyalty to this Empire's ideals, we shall not stand by and watch it trade away its own virtue for cheap victory. Our armies will not fight for the Empire while the slave pact with the Thule remains in place.
  • Outcome: Upheld 65-0

Judgement 108

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Kaywenn du Launcet
  • Judgement: The General assembly resolves to combat the upwelling of HATE and effects of the DRUJ MIASMA and demoralising tactics in ZENITH! To quell the tide of HATE and uplift our troops and citizens spirits we wish to send ZERO, HIGH BARD OF EMPIRE and LADY KAYWENN DU LAUNCET CHAMPION OF PRIDE to preach and celebrate the seven virtues in the face of our mutual foe.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1,320-0

Judgement 110

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Maarit Suvidottir
  • Judgement: We support efforts to engage in theological dialogue with the Freefolk. We remind - they must not preach, speak of or encourage their non-doctrinally supported beliefs with the laity. It is blasphemy to talk of Paragons as beings who will come back from beyond the Labyrinth to interact with us.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1084-118

Judgement 112

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Clarice Novarion
  • Judgement: The Way of Virtue is founded on evidence. Historical research now confirms that doctrine was codified with no thought for orcs. It is unacceptable to treat our orc siblings in faith as an afterthought. Orcs must be fully integrated into Doctrine. Yet the Doctrines are interrelated: changing one requires changing others. We do not need piecemeal haphazard tinkering by individuals. We need a unified programme of Doctrinal reform. The Nine will appoint a council of up to seven theologians, including at least two Imperial Orc preachers. This council will review all the Doctrines together as a whole, then submit any proposed changes for the debate and judgement of the General Assembly. Priests willing to contribute should present themselves to the Nine at the Autumn Equinox 384YE. Gather your Courage, Wisdom, and Vigilance. The time has come for reform.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 8-0

Judgement 113

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Lady Laudine du'Lac
  • Judgement: After the Freefolk successfully escaped their captors in Asavea, they were able to learn about the doctrines of the Way as practiced in the Empire, and have identified in their history potential exemplars and paragons. We hereby pledge to investigate any evidence that the Freefolk submits to the Assembly in support of these claims. and we will publish the results of such investigation in the synod for the benefit of all citizens.
  • Outcome: Upheld 156-0

Judgement 115

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Frith Sigeling
  • Judgement: We name Orrik of Bregaslandas the Marshall of the raid to Skallahn. Let us bring the fight to our foes, and let them taste the might of virtue.
  • Outcome: Upheld 146-0

Judgement 116

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Artis Greyholm
  • Judgement: The Stormcrows entirely support and understand the stance taken by the Imperial Orcs who are refusing to fight alongside slave taking Thule armies. Slavery is abhorrent and endangers the souls of Orcs in particular. We understand the Imperial Orcs are not abandoning their Wintermark allies.
  • Outcome: Upheld 132-22

Judgement 118

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Brendan Brackensong
  • Judgement: The trods are repaired in Zenith but it remains in Barbarian hands. That will not stop the Navarr! Stridings - heed this call and face the danger with courage. Take to the trods of Zenith, and along them bring support to Urizen's citizens.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 294-0

Judgement 120

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Rosemary Stamp
  • Judgement: The Marcher assembly chooses Orric Bolholt as the Marshal of the Skallahn raid.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 120-0

Judgement 121

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Zbigniew Mrakonna
  • Judgement: Food stolen from your cousins table cannot sustain virtuous life. The people of Karsk are honest industrious and prosperous Varushkans. We call upon the people of Karsk to look to the forests, the mines, and the trading posts that are the foundation of Varushkan prosperity and leave banditry to the barbarians.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Primacy 340-0

Judgement 122

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Yevanshka
  • Judgement: Isember is the result of the curdling of the spirit that occurs when the hard lessons taught by Exemplar Thrace and the Virtuous Rebellion when they rose up there and Ambitiously broke their chains are not heeded. Banditry is the result of a spirit gorged on blaspheming against Prosperity, Pride, and Ambition. We extoll the Virtue of all those who took part in this purge of the wicked. We call upon the Storytellers and Wise Ones of Varushka to remember Isember only for this lesson: to act against Virtue is to sicken yourself and your community, for all your actions will lead only to ruin.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 340-0

Judgement 123

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Zivka Mrakouna
  • Judgement: We recognise that many threats face the empire, but it is undeniable that slavery is an indelible stain on the souls of all who practice or support it. Thus slavery is a mortal threat to the souls of the entire world. It is the most pernicious, vile, and despicable practice in existence and must be opposed in all places by all means. We in Varushka believe the destruction of the institution of slavery is a truly noble and virtuous action and assert this commitment does not diminish (something) to recognise or challenge other threats to the Empire.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 340-0

Judgement 124

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Radomír Oleksandrovych Dvorak
  • Judgement: We wish to invite the Freefolk to enjoy Varushkan hospitality and learn how we follow the Way and start a dialogue.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 340-0

Judgement 125

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Father Drakov
  • Judgement: 44 years ago the people of my vale were massacred, only I survived age 6 months. I now return to refound my vale, Spiders Rest, as Boyar. It will be a place of rest, healing, and learning. All who wish a new home are welcome if they wish to settle in Virtue. The wards will be renewed. The roads will be rebuilt. The hearths will be relit.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 340-0

Judgement 126

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Lenochka Zabotovna Vypalze
  • Judgement: We ask the Cardinal of Vigilance to assign the Silent Bell to the Iron Helms when they next use Merciless Assault. Let the truth of the use of these tactics be known.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 340-0

Judgement 127

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Soratio i Del'Toro
  • Judgement: We join with the hakima in thanking Sadogua for his aid in rescuing our cousins in Feroz. Access to the Muffled Oar ritual enabled many more to be rescued and without his involvement that would not have been possible.
  • Outcome: Upheld 118-0

Judgement 129

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Edward Greenfriar
  • Judgement: In the interests of Prosperity, the Marcher national assembly encourages those Marcher farmers who are able to assist in re-establishing agriculture in Zenith once it is recaptured. The Marchers know a thing or two about farming cursed land, and that hard won knowledge should be Prosperously shared.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 120-0

Judgement 130

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Grey Stone
  • Judgement: The Marcher Assembly recognises that the killing of the Feni in Alderly was an atrocity. We apologise unreservedly to the Feni and to Wise Rangara for their slaughter and commend those courageous Marchers who sought to stop it.
  • Outcome: Upheld 104-0

Judgement 131

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Palladius of Highwatch
  • Judgement: Supporting those who seek to learn, or to spread the Way in their own communities outside the Empire, is a virtuous act.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1317-0

Judgement 132

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Henry Fletcher
  • Judgement: Mournwold was once among the most prosperous jewels of the Empire and by our best efforts is well on its way to being so again. Opportunities are ready and waiting to be acted upon particularly with offers made in Sarcombe since being granted a charter by the late Imperatrix. Construction of the Sarcombe register and the Bounders Hall are a testament to this. We encourage all those looking to investing in the Mournwold, investing in Sarcombe.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 120-0

Judgement 133

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Friar John of the Mourn
  • Judgement: The Marcher national assembly has witnessed the courage of Marchers in their recent efforts in the raid of Skallahn. Of note, we would like to recognise the courage of House Oddboy, the Captains Bea of King's Stoke, Ebenezer, and Oslac Windrider and their crews. May we look to their virtuous example.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 130-0

Judgement 134

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Lochias
  • Judgement: we applaud and exalt the Citadel of the Scarlet Guard for re-establishing their oaths with Grud of the Imperial Orcs, the first of the Imperial Orcs to receive an education in Urizen. They welcomed Grud as a member of the Citadel. The oaths and assurances given then still stand. We call upon the Torchbearers of Urizen to examine their histories for other links between our two proud nations.
  • Outcome: Withdrawn (193-0 when withdrawn)

Judgement 136

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Percival
  • Judgement: We encourage the troubadours of Dawn to embody vigilance and investigate the auras and tenets of the Iron Helms.
  • Outcome: Upheld 150-42

Judgement 139

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Ophelia Sanguinero Rezia di Tassato
  • Judgement: We, the priests of the League, understand that flooding is coming to Tassato. We encourage all citizens to make preparations as quickly as they can and work with their neighbours to protect their property. Families and guilds, vigilance calls us to be prepared for threats, and through our Vigilance we can protect the prosperity of Tassato.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 252-0

Judgement 142

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Aspar
  • Judgement: Things bleed there followed the constellation of The Claw marked in the raising priest's blood
  • Outcome: Not upheld 124-332

Judgement 145

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Caoimhe Tendfallen
  • Judgement: Inspired by the justiciars of the Brass Coast and the Templars of Dawn, the Guides of Navarr choose to create an organised group of Navarr exorcists, known as the Spirit Woods.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 244-0

Judgement 146

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Tom Keeper
  • Judgement: We welcome the opinions of the Freefolk for we are a nation of many opinions! Do not cross the line into heresy but that which is not doctrine is only an opinion. Their stores of potential paragons are welcome here, as they are looked into by Synod.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 120-0

Judgement 147

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Konstantin Rabovich Bolotnikov
  • Judgement: The assembly applauds the work of Rosvanya Kvetoslava Voynich to record the traditions of the people of Ossium and their investigations of how they can be integrated into the egregore bond. The inspiration of the Paragon Kethry shows that to ensure your traditions endure all challenges is of great virtue.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 230-0

Judgement 149

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Friar Hugh
  • Judgement: Marchers of Bregasland, you have not been abandoned! The armies of the Empire will reclaim the land and return it to Marcher control. Learn from the Strong Reeds and lay low, work with the land, but keep your weapons sharp! Marchers don't abandon their neighbours!
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 120-0

Judgement 150

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Nicholas Reaper
  • Judgement: In their response to the drought and conjunction the Empire have exchanged life-threatening drought with disadvantages for life-threatening floods with advantages. If they rest at Regrow the Land's Heart then this is not malign.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 120-0

Judgement 152

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Jacob Tanner
  • Judgement: The virtuous face unwelcome truths as boldly as any barbarian charge. The Imperial Orcs are not battle thralls. Anyone stepping through the Sentinel Gate based on their own virtue, however actions have consequences.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 120-0

Judgement 153

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Skywise Tulva
  • Judgement: The Council of Nine directs the Silent Bell to investigate the provenance of the historical research on the Doctrine of Human Destiny.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 7-1

Judgement 154

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato
  • Judgement: The Nine agree with Sumaah that the time has come for our Synods to follow their own paths. There are many routes to Virtue and we look forward to walking on pilgrimage, not in lock-step but towards the same goal. We will raise this to our general assembly next summit.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 8-0

Judgement 155

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Galen Embercast
  • Judgement: The Empire seeks to facilitate virtuous and cooperative relationships between our allies, neighbours, and trading partners. The vigilant step forward when unnecessary bloodshed can be avoided the Empire would see the Commonwealth, Jarm, and their neighbours come together to resolve their conflict in virtue, with words over swords.
  • Outcome: Not upheld with "Primacy" 3-5

Judgement 156

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Maria i Espiri i Guerra
  • Judgement: We the Freeborn assembly believe it is a failing of virtue to bring motions of significant importance to Senate early in the festival when all of the information is not available. It is a failing of Vigilance to bring a motion without complete information and a failing of Wisdom for our senators to be forced to vote without all the information.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 184-0

Judgement 157

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Cadenza I Fontanilla I Riqueza
  • Judgement: We nominate the following to have the virtuous business upgrade in Madruga. Maria i Espri i Guerra; Delara i Fyadoz i Riqueza (in cue of Rhana); Sulauka i Nodeya i; Sebastian i Fijadoz; Naseef i Platta i Guerra; Ladaa I Fontanilla I Riqueza; Thank you all for your help. Remain prosperous.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 184-0
  • Results: Sebastian I Fijidoz I Guerra do not have businesses. Lita i Nadir i Riqueza, Maria i Espiri i Guerra, Delara i Fijadoz i Guerra and Ladaa I Fontanilla I Riqueza and Nasif all had their businesses upgraded.

Judgement 160

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Maja Świętosława Przewałski
  • Judgement: We the Varushkan national assembly recognise the virtue in the actions of the Imperial Orcs in refusing to fight alongside slavers. Loyalty teaches us to despise treachery for even the strongest may err, but deceivers will lie again. The Empire repeatedly condemns slavery and yet the Senate has allowed the Thule to take slaves while fighting our war.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 220-0

Judgement 161

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: The Boyarina Nisha Strascovich
  • Judgement: Varushka takes Pride in upholding the law in the virtuous defeat of the bandit of Isemger. Forces from Varushka and Dawn accompanied by representatives of the Magistrate ensures all legal protocol was adhered to in the judgement and execution of Alexis of Isember.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 234-0

Judgement 163

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Warden Doubravka
  • Judgement: Courage tells us to not accept defeat; if our first means fail we must find another way. The Varushkan national assembly supports of the virtue of burning the Orwelt. We must bear the hard choice to save the greatest number of lives..
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 171-0


The following mandates were passed during the Spring Equinox. Where there are competing mandates, the one that passes with the largest margin is successful and all other competing mandates are considered to have failed.

Judgement 5

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Aurum of the Nightingale Temple
  • Judgement: The Urizen and Loyalty Assemblies call for others to join in this Virtuous Crusade for the salvation of Zenith. Let every priest in the Empire commit to the defeat of the Druj. We send Aurum of the Nightingale Temple with 25 doses of liao to urge the priests of the Empire to tithe their strength so that we may bring swift death to the Druj.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 2178 to 48
  • Notes: Enacted. This opportunity is detailed in the To ride the earth wind of fortune.

Judgement 21

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Isaac of the Silent Tide
  • Judgement: Urizen and Loyalty assemblies call for others to join in virtuous crusade for the salvation of Zenith. Let every priest in the Empire commit to the defeat of the Druj. We send Isaac of the Silent Tide speaker of the Highguard national assembly with 25 doses of liao to urge the priests of the Empire. To tithe their strength so we may bring swift death to the Druj.
  • Outcome: Withdrawn
  • Notes: This opportunity is detailed in the To ride the earth wind of fortune. Judgement 5 represents an upheld version of this mandate.

Judgement 33

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Mael Donjeon of House Remys
  • Judgement: With five-and-twenty liao we send Killian Mortére to summon virtuous knights and yeofolk. Defy the Druj with shining spear and sword! And free the captive Barrens from their yoke!
  • Outcome: Withdrawn
  • Notes: This opportunity is detailed in the The day writes the words wind of fortune.

Judgement 43

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Iniska Ashwood
  • Judgement: The Navarr take Pride in sacrifice but we must not sacrifice our Pride. Pride tells us never to be ashamed of our past. Terunael is dead but from the ashes Navarr was formed. We send Iniska Ashwood with 50 doses of liao to remind Navarr of what we have achieved; with the aid of the Empire and since the fall of Terunael. We are Navarr - not Terunael. Take Pride in what we have achieved so far - one day the vallorn will be eradicated and we must plan for that future.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority, 278-52.
  • Notes: Enacted. This opportunity is detailed in Shimmerglisten wind of fortune.

Judgement 54

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Darian Numbers
  • Judgement: There are three things that should never be made; food that goes uneaten, coin that goes unspent, and magic that goes unused. We send Darian Numbers with 25 liao to Asolat to urge all prosperous citizens to seek out new opportunities for commerce and development in their lands putting forward their proposals for consideration at the next summit. Let the glorious work of the seneschals of Dawn and their prosperous work be recognised and guided.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 279 - 0
  • Notes: Enacted. This opportunity is detailed in Apples from a tree.

Judgement 62

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Aureliana di Sarvos
  • Judgement: The Barrens is a land to be liberated, not a prize to be claimed. We send Aureliana du Sarvos to urge the nations of the Empire to turn aside from this conquest. Let us rally the slaves and survivors of the Druj's campaign in the Barrens to our cause. We send Aureliana di Sarvos with 75 liao to discourage a campaign of brutal conquest.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1707 - 227
  • Notes: Enacted. This opportunity is detailed in The day writes the words Wind of Fortune

Judgement 70

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Enis Splinterspear
  • Judgement: We should seek to learn more of, and from, our past and shoulder a little of the responsibility for the sinkhole. Now we have a chance to repair the damage we should not be half-hearted in the attempt. We sent Enis Splinterspear with 25 doses of liao to urge those Navarr who can to help the koboldi reach the lower depths of the sinkhole so that access to the ruins of our past my be learned from.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 310-0
  • Notes: Enacted. This opportunity is detailed in One side stone, one side fire Wind of Fortune

Judgement 106

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Raewyn Eternal
  • Judgement: We send Raewyn Eternal with 25 liao to encourage those pilgrims inspired by the following mandate with the eyes of loyalty. The Urizen and Loyalty Assemblies call for others to join in this Virtuous Crusade for the salvation of Zenith. Let every priest in the Empire commit to the defeat of the Druj. We send Autumn of the Nightingale Temple with 25 doses of liao to urge the priests of the Empire to tithe their strength so that we may bring swift death to the Druj.
  • Outcome: Upheld 261-0
  • Notes: Enacted; Judgement incorrectly named Aurumn of the Nightingale Temple rather than Raewyn Eternal - (now correct) This use of the Eyes of Loyalty supports Judgement 5.

Judgement 109

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Claude Cutter
  • Judgement: Let the quest for glory be the blazing sun that guides you as you venture into the abyss! We send Lord Pelleas Montrose with 25 doses of liao to urge those who seek glory to delve into the deeps beneath the world and defeat whatever evil they may find there!
  • Outcome: Upheld 172-0
  • Notes: Enacted. This opportunity is detailed in One side stone, one side fire Wind of Fortune

Judgement 135

  • Assembly: Wisdom
  • Raised By: Hembeneth i Guerra
  • Judgement: I call upon the people of Holberg and followers of wisdom throughout the Empire to focus their wisdom. I send Hembeneth I guerra with 25 doses of liao to urge the * faithful to find a practical solution to the ravages caused by the curse placed by Skathe on Holmauer Park.
  • Outcome: Upheld 304-0
  • Notes: Enacted. This special mandate opportunity is detailed in the Watches from the Wall Wind of Fortune

Judgement 165

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Luca i Taziel i Riqueza
  • Judgement: Pride conveyed by words alone is vain boasting; proclaim it by how you conduct every part of your life. Those who embrace the Festival of the Broken Wheel should demonstrate their Pride in this traditional festival by donning a white head scarf, robe or similar. We send Luca i Taziel i Riqueza with 25 doses of liao to urge Freeborn citizens to dress in such a way that everyone knows who is celebrating the Festival.
  • Outcome: Upheld with primacy 184-0
  • Notes: Enacted. This special mandate opportunity is detailed in the To see what you sell Wind of Fortune


The Synod made the following judgements of excommunication, inquisition, revocation, and sanction.

Judgement 4

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Zumurrud i Salvara i Riqueza
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Ezro i Alvara i Erigo, the Imperial Fleetmaster, has been accused of acting without virtue in his dealings with the Grendel at the Spring Solstice 384YE. Principally, the Imperial Fleetmaster is said to have acted without Vigilance in failing to bring a Scrivener to negotiations with the Grendel, and without Loyalty or Prosperity in the way those negotiations were conducted. I ask Ezro i Alvara i Erigo to attend an Inquisition at 10:30pm on Friday night of the Summer Solstice 384YE, to be held in the Fijadoz camp in the Brass Coast.
  • Outcome: Upheld 158-0

Judgement 9

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Genoveva Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call to inquisition Kinda Edasdottir, General of the Fist of the Mountains, to answer questions regarding her proposal to cast the ritual Quickening Cold Meat within the Marcher lands. Inquisition to take place at 1pm Saturday of Summer 384 at the Hub.
  • Outcome: Upheld 361-0

Judgement 10

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Genoveva Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: Vindication - Escalation. Following Inquisition at the Summit of Spring 384, I find that Leonora "Nora" Albertina van Holberg has acted with virtue so far in her execution of her role as the Bishop of Looking Glass Lake and in attempting to mitigate the hasty actions of Senate in creating a sinecure on a site with a potentially unvirtuous aura. Nora shows due Courage and Vigilance in investigating the aura and a strong and thoroughly justified sense of responsibility and Pride in the legacy of the Looking Glass magazine and its ties to Holberg and the Lake. A full report of the Inquisition has been posted on the notice board in the Anvil Hub or is available from Genoveva Barossa, Inquisitor of Pride, on request
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 342-0

Judgement 23

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Nikolai "the Butcher"
  • Judgement: Vindication. The exulted General of the Varushkan army of the Iron Helms is found to be completely vindicated in their orders to punish the foul Druj forces in the Barrens. Long live the Alderai!
  • Outcome: Upheld 20-0

Judgement 45

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Radim Mirkovich Strascovich
  • Judgement: Castigation. Storyteller Lenochka is found to have acted unvirtuously in suggesting we should "not shun the motivational power of fear" and by describing fear as a "natural endpoint of vigilance." Fear stands in direct opposition to Courage and to associate it with Vigilance denigrates that virtue. Lenochka accepts that her statement of principle as presented amounted to blasphemy and withdrew it, so while raising it in the first place without considering the implications of her words was a severe failing of both Wisdom and Vigilance due to the withdrawal I am calling only for castigation and not condemnation. I consider that she requires virtuous guidance rather than (something) prosecution. Following her inquisition my judgement is that Lenochka should: Seek out and accept guidance from Courage priests (other than Nikolai the Butcher) on virtuous attitudes to fear. Request from a Courage priest an anointing of the Purity of Courage to provide her with clarity from the influence she has allowed fear to have over her. Given her lack of foresight, any Synod judgement she raises in the next year should be shown to a member of the Varushkan National Assembly before being submitted to the Tribune.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 192-0

Judgement 49

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Galeas Seeker
  • Judgement: Vindication Escalation. Having spoken to Vindictus, Inquisitor of Vigilance, it is clear that my fault in his Inquisitorial record was not from his own actions but from a lack of Vigilance in the Vigilance Assembly. Vindictus was re-elected despite not being present for the election and not being able to attend Anvil for a time. I feel confident that Vindictus will be an aid to the Inquisitorial Court now they have returned to Anvil.
  • Outcome: Upheld 338-20

Judgement 45

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Claude Cutter
  • Judgement: Inquisition. The Auditor for Senatorial Accountability will inquisition Gancio, the Master of the Mint. A necessity as he himself agrees. 12:30, Imperial Offices, Saturday.
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld

Judgement 64

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Zumurrud
  • Judgement: Penance - Escalation. Ezro i Alvera i Erigo is found to have acted unwisely in failing to take a scrivener to a diplomatic meeting. He is charged to be better prepared in future.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 245-0

Judgement 65

  • Assembly: Courage
  • Raised By: Maarit Suvidottir
  • Judgement: Vindication - Escalation. I vindicate Clarice Novarion, Cardinal of Courage. Her virtue and understanding of the Way are clear and her actions of Cardinal have been virtuous. Her courage in engaging the rest of the Synod and the wider world are marked, particularly her dealing with the Sumaah at the Symposium and I encourage others to talk to her about theology.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 250-0

Judgement 73

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Heilyn Bronwen's Rest
  • Judgement: Prosperity. Bartimeus has shown a steadfast loyalty to the Empire. After playing a significant role in the Rebuilding of Reikos, he and his group moved to Urizen and have dedicated themselves to the restoration of Prosperity to Zenith. I find virtue in his actions and believe that they should be more widely known.
  • Outcome: Upheld 160-0

Judgement 74

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Galene Netherwatch
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra, High Exorcists, to Inquisition tonight, Saturday, at Summer Solstice 384, at 9pm in the Hub.
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld

Judgement 75

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Galene Netherwatch
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Juliane of Phoenix Reach, Senator for Morrow, to Inquisition at 9pm Friday at the Autumn Equinox 384YE
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 219-0

Judgement 79

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Rhaego i Zemress
  • Judgement: Condemnation. For their reckless and arrogant behaviour while under the influence of a Purity/Hatred dedication on two separate counts, I am forced to condemn Zaccai of Urizen for blasphemy regardless of intent, the promotion of the false virtue of hatred cannot and will not be tolerated. Prosperity provides.
  • Outcome: Upheld 723 - 40

Judgement 81

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Galene Netherwatch
  • Judgement: Penance. I find Andronikos, Senator Redoubt, has acted poorly in arrogance, refusing to listen and speak to the people he represents. Wisdom of which he is a dedicant requires you must listen, and a Senator should be Loyal to their people enough to truly represent their views on the Imperial stage. Thus I charge Andonikos to carry a Hallow of the Stormcrow for a year, and to make a true effort to engage with the hostilities towards him within the nation, to be judged by the national assembly,
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 215-0

Judgement 85

  • Assembly: Vigilance
  • Raised By: Vindictus
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Virtue Inquisitor of Vigilance calls General Tancred de Coeurdefer to House de Rondell at 5pm Saturday for Inquiries into virtuous actions of the military council.
  • Outcome: Upheld 128-0

Judgement 88

  • Assembly: Courage
  • Raised By: Ambrose di Tassato
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Mayra Dubek to Inquisition concerning the Thule treaty and events surrounding at 10:30 am Sunday at the Hub, at Summer Solstice 384YE
  • Outcome: Upheld 120-0

Judgement 89

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Heilyn Bronwen's Rest
  • Judgement: Inquisition. As Basilisk of the Bourse, I call Bors of the Vorazi to Inquisition at 11:30 on Sunday Morning at the Vorazi camp
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld

Judgement 92

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Rhaego i Zemress
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Bastard Tom of the Marches to Inquisition to give account of their spiritual inheritance of the role of the "Good Walder".and all the miraculous occurrences that have transpired since. Location: The Mandowla's Arms, Marcher Camp. Time: 2pm Sat Autumn Equinox. Prosperity provides.
  • Outcome: Upheld 188-0

Judgement 98

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Galeas Seeker
  • Judgement: Inquisition. As Inquisitor for Loyalty, I call Bloodcrow Udoo to inquisition regarding the Thule treaty, the purchase of armies with Thralls, and why these actions strain the relationship between the Empire and the Imperial Orcs. To be held at the orc camp Saturday evening around 10pm.
  • Outcome: Upheld 82-0

Judgement 107

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Mazo Zabala
  • Judgement: Inquisition. We summon Morwenna Winterbuilt to Inquisition, at 12 noon Saturday, Autumn Equinox 384YE in the Eternal Family tent .
  • Outcome: Upheld 224-0

Judgement 111

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Elias
  • Judgement: Vindication. We, the Wintermark assembly, vindicate Desmond Argonning, known as "Red Bear". Honour is not a virtue, it is a political agreement we have entered with the Jotun. We find that Edmund's . intentions and actions, though dishonourable, were not in conflict with the war. Though the skirmish ended in failure, we recognise that outside complications contributed to that failure.
  • Outcome: Upheld 86-0

Judgement 114

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Vindictus
  • Judgement: Penance - Escalation. After inquisition Tancred de Coeurdefer has acted with virtue whilst serving the military council. However, he has also shown unvirtuous behaviour which should be corrected. This penance calls for Tancred to be mindful and demonstrate Loyalty to the entire military council by giving full consideration to voices other than his own.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1004-86

Judgement 117

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Aefontid Belgae
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Kindra Edasdottir to inquisition for her part in the Thule treaty winter 383. 4pm Saturday Autumn equinox open inquisition at the square near the firepit.
  • Outcome: Upheld 116-0

Judgement 119

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Luca i Taziel i Riqueza
  • Judgement: Penance. In signing the treaty with the Thule Chiara i Zaydin i Riqueza has acted with both virtue and lack of virtue. With Courage and Loyalty she made a painful choice but that choice was guided by ignorance and haste. Had she been Wise and Vigilant, asking the right questions, she would not have sat before me. But as she has been judged so too does every senator whose name sits on that treaty, and every general who thrust it upon them warrant a judgement. As penance she must find every name which sits beside hers on the treaty. She must ask them the right questions and present their answers to the Freeborn Assembly. They carry the weight of the contracts they signed, as the slaves carry chains.
  • Outcome: Upheld 108-10

Judgement 128

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Delara i Fijadoz i Guerra to inquisition to account for her actions in Senate during the Summer Solstice of384YE. The inquisition is to take place at 6pm on Friday of the Autumn Solstice 384YE in the Zabalamar Compound.
  • Outcome: Upheld 128-0

Judgement 137

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Alfmund Fordwinsson
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Senator Chiara i Zayden i Riquieza to inquisition at 8pm Saturday of the Autumn Equinox 384YE regarding her candidacy for the Throne.
  • Outcome: Upheld 126-0

Judgement 138

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Galeas
  • Judgement: Vindication - Escalation. I have listened to Bloodcrow Udoo on these matters twice and the power, passion, and Virtue of his words has rung clear every time I hear him speak. Udoo, along with many others, is concerned about the path the Empire is taking: a path where we let slavers take new slaves in exchange for their armies; a path where we vote against breaking slavers with our fellows in the Liberty Pact. Are we as an Empire living up to our ideals or are we taking shortcuts for land, economic power, and military might? Have we as an Empire swappedVirtue for those things instead? These are the concerns of Udoo and the orcs. This is why they are withdrawing support from an Empire that consorts with slavers. They are Loyal to the ideals of the Empire but the current incarnation disappoints both them and myself. An untested chain never breaks. The orcs are testing theirs - do not let it break.
  • Outcome: Upheld 172-0

Judgement 140

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Claude Cutter
  • Judgement: Vindication - Escalation. The Auditor for Senatorial Accountability led the Inquisition of Flavio von Holberg. I praise the senator's Ambition and offer judgement of vindication. I note, however, that no penance I could offer would be a more apt spur to his virtue than his own election promise - to act as a reckoner of the senate's debts. Because of this commitment, I am sure he will turn his attention to clarifying and resolving the matter of the so-called "debt" of Lorenzo. I look forward to seeing the senator Loyally delivering on this.
  • Outcome: Upheld 818-52

Judgement 141

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Claude Cutter
  • Judgement: Penance - Escalation. The Auditor for Senatorial Accountability led the Inquisition of Gancio di Catazar, the Master of the Mint. The Master of the Mint misinformed Senate. However, I praise his Courage in admitting this mistake and his Prosperous efforts to counter it now. His Ambition is clear, but so is his Loyalty to the Empire and to his Guild - who love him in return. A penance must be set, never the less, for in misinforming Senate Gancio acted with too much haste and credulity. These are matters of Vigilance. With the help of his guild, Gancio's penance is to pay five Thrones (being one percent of the so-called "debt" that caused his error) each to be distributed to five vigilant citizens from across the Empire- and to explain why he has chosen these five to the Auditor. Clarification - the master of the mint did not lie he passed on misinformation - CC.
  • Outcome: Upheld 894-42

Judgement 143

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Alfmund Fordwinsson
  • Judgement: Inquisition Escalation. I find Bronn "the Warden" Dunwolf to be supremely Loyal both to themselves, their nation, and the Empire, their Throne would be one of unity and apprachability. I recommend an escalation of vindication. A full report will be posted in the hub in the Autumn.
  • Outcome: Upheld 90-0

Judgement 144

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Alfmund Fordwinsson
  • Judgement: Inquisition Escalation. I find Bohemond de Rondell to be an intensely Ambitious and fiercely Loyal individual, and recommend an escalation of Vindication for this candidate that would see an inspiring commander of the Empire as our Throne. A full report will be posted in the Hub in the Autumn.
  • Outcome: Upheld 66-12

Judgement 148

  • Assembly: Courage
  • Raised By: Maarit Suvidottir
  • Judgement: Penance - Escalation. Escalating Judgement 87, Spring 384. I raise penance for Vuk the Wolfeater Senator for Karov concerning events of Winter 383. His actions suggest he should work on his Courage and Vigilance in his ongoing opposition to slavery. If he would doom no more souls to it and keep the damage from his soul I call upon him to consider what he can do about other, ongoing, and future interactions between the Empire and the other nations at all our borders and across the seasusing his opportunities.
  • Outcome: Upheld 152-0

Judgement 151

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Sister Meredith
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Inquisition of Magistrate John Cooper at Merricks. Marcher camp, on Friday evening at 8pm regarding his actions at the recent battle of Whittle.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 120-0

Judgement 158

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Rhaego i Zemress
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Avisena i Kharizmi i Guerra to inquisition to account for her actions in Senate during the Summer Solstice of 384YE. The inquisition it to take place at 6pm on Friday of the Autumn Solstice 384YE in the Zabalamar compound.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 184-0

Judgement 162

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Alexei
  • Judgement: Inquisition. We call Legate Galicia Herminia of the Marracossans to inquisition at 12:00 on the Saturday of the Autumn Equinox 384YE.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 171-0
  • Note: This is not a legal inquisition. "When the judgement is raised in a national assembly, it may only be used to inquisition members of that nation." Legate Galacia Herminia is not a member of the Varushkan nation.


The following judgements of recognition were presented during the Summer Solstice.

Judgement 58

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Corey Wayfarer
  • Judgement: The recognition of the fifth sign for the Exemplar Thorn. The sign of the miracle: the creation of Thorn's Legacy an item permanently hallowed to Ambition with a unique hallowing. This can be examined by talking to the Eternal Family of the Navarr.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 130-0 (requires a Greater Majority)

Judgement 80

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Anastasia Volkov
  • Judgement: Juha the Cave Spider, Lion of Varushka, is an exemplar of Loyalty. Inspiration - Summer 384YE the Conclave confirmed Juha is an inspirational mage. Pilgrimage - personal pilgrimage to cast off all bonds and rebuild them through contemplating the meaning of Loyalty and going with the Imperatrix to the Dreamscape. Miracle - his image appeared behind Lisabetta in the Frieze of Flowers overnight, looking over the person he loves. Legacy - his staff has a spontaneous and permanent aura of Loyalty allowing the bearer to feel those they are loyal to as though they are physically present, Please see more details attached to the Synod notice board.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 438-0. Will be escalated to the General Assembly at the Autumn Equinox


At the Summit, the following appointments were proposed by the Assemblies of the Synod. You can find the names of citizens who currently hold Imperial titles in the Synod here.

Judgement 1

  • Assembly: Courage
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Cardinal
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority. Lady Clarice Novarion received 208 votes; Melchior of Adina's Charge received 62 votes; Ezekial of Esther's Sanctum received 18 votes

Judgement 2

  • Assembly: Wisdom
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Cardinal
  • Outcome: Upheld. Hembeneth i Guerra received 170 votes; Aspar received 126 votes; Solas of the Spire of the Waxing Sun received 32 votes; Aethelric the Grounded received 12 votes.

Judgement 13

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Imperial Inquisitor
  • Outcome: Upheld. Galene Netherwatch received 8 votes.

Judgement 15

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Arbiter of the Four Winds
  • Outcome: Upheld. Cato Hypation of the Temple of the Wanderer received 92 votes; Elagabala of the Temple of the Prismatic Eye received 83 votes; Lucretius of the Scarlet Guard received 30 votes

Judgement 19

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Bishop of the Navigators
  • Outcome: Upheld. Tabris, son of Armisael received 355 votes; Caracalla Tarraco di Sarvos received 326 votes; Stormcrow Skred received 143 votes

Judgement 38

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Justicar of Osseini
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority. Maria i Espiri i Guerra received 196 votes

Judgement 39

  • Assembly: Way
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Inquisitor of the Way
  • Outcome: Upheld. Syn Truthwalker Returned Nighthaven received 52 votes; Redhand Nirak received 10 votes; Zaccai received 5 votes.

Judgement 41

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Dean of Laroc Cathedral
  • Outcome: Upheld. Ser Dindrane received 40 votes; Rodric of Oakcurt sadly died on Saturday morning and was unable to take the title

Judgement 42

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Medical Officer of the Pegasus Respite
  • Outcome: Upheld. Felix of the Scions of Ravensfell received 193 votes; Caleb Vrett of the Sentinel's Tower received 58 votes

Judgement 44

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Claviger of the Basilica of Cora Holdfast
  • Outcome: Upheld. Nekoda of the Shattered Tower received 50 votes; Sister Asher of Cantiarch's Hold received 42 votes

Judgement 46

  • Assembly: Vigilance
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Champion of Vigilance
  • Outcome: Upheld. Ravadi Founders' Dance received 90 votes

Judgement 55

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Champion of Loyalty
  • Outcome: Upheld. Goran Zokolov Zaytsev received 72 votes; Irontide Gol received 53 votes; Aurum of the Nightingale Temple received 40 votes

Judgement 76

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Inquisitor
  • Outcome: Upheld. Rhaego i Zemress of the Brass Coast received 102 votes

Judgement 159

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Azure Sutannir
  • Outcome: Upheld. Mina i Yashum i Riqueza received 184 votes


The following judgements of rewarding were proposed during the Summer Solstice.

Judgement 3

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Estella the Wandering Artist
  • Judgement: We reward the Loyalty of Giuseppe Sanguineo von Temeschwar and his unceasing dedication to his city with a dose of true liao from the virtue fund, so that he may consecrate the tomb of the exemplar Ratibor. Thus completing our challenge from the Holberg Builders.
  • Outcome: Upheld 757-448 with a margin of 309. Scrutiny extended by the Cardinal of Loyalty. No true liao was available.

Judgement 7

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Rocio i Fijadoz i Guerra
  • Judgement: It's commonly believed that excommunication prevents us from passing through the Labyrinth, and thus from being reborn. If this is true, it is the highest heresy possible, and we as the Synod must find out the truth. I have been researching the matter for six months now, and have reached the point where I can proceed no further without true liao. Wisdom teaches us to test what we know, and Vigilance teaches us to seek out falsehood and expose the truth - as such, I request that the General Assembly grants me a dose of true liao, so that we can learn more about the fate of those who die excommunicate.
  • Outcome: Upheld 909-648 with a margin of 261. Scrutiny extended by the Cardinal of Prosperity. No true liao was available.

Judgement 12

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lady Josephine of Adina's Charge
  • Judgement: True liao rewarding for Farren Silver Streams. These are many in the Empire whose virtuous contributions do not get the recognition they deserve because they quietly get on with it, and do not speak well on their own behalf. I nominate Farren Silver Streams to receive a dose of true liao from the Virtue Fund for the following reasons. The colouring books he has drawn are an easy and fun reference guide that both kids and adults can use to learn more about areas of the Empire they might not know about. The thought and care that have gone into them are obvious to any who read them. He has put hours upon hours of work into assisting those new to Anvil, from helping with skirmishes to quiet conversations to inspire confidence. He has started an Imperial Introverts group. The acknowledgement that not everyone is outgoing and charismatic is important, and knowing someone understands can give people strength even if they do not talk.
  • Outcome: Upheld 902-658. No true liao was available.

Judgement 20

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lakshmi i Shartha i Riqueza
  • Judgement: The courage and tenacity shown by those brave souls who ventured into Feroz last season under the eyes of Governor Rahab is a guiding light to us all. Every soul they brought back to the Empire's territories is free to follow their own prosperous lives free of the shadow of tyranny because of their actions. One crown per person is hardly fitting payment but it is what I ask. I ask a rewarding of 25 Thrones be distributed equally to those virutous fleet and military captains.
  • Outcome: Upheld 989-215 with a margin of 784. 25 Thrones were provided to Lakshmi i Shartha i Riqueza

Judgement 25

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Sela of the Suns of Couros
  • Judgement: I Jericho of the Suns of Couros, custodian of the Imperial War Memorial, seek a dose of true liao to permanently hallow the Book of Dead to Loyalty. The Book of the Dead holds the names of all the valiant Imperial heroes who fell in battle.All nations are united in grief and remembrance. The book.records names and the date when each hero fell, it may one day aid in past life visions. We will all remember why we are here as one united Empire.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1079-510 with a margin of 569. Scrutiny was extended by the Cardinal of Ambition. The dose of True Liao was disbursed by the Tribune.

Judgement 48

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Teleri Thornweaver
  • Judgement: Seeks a rewarding of 4 Thrones from the Virtue Fund be given to Nathair Autumngale for the purpose of purchasing mana to be utilised in their role as Advisor on the Vallorn for another research into the influence and ability of the vallorn to affect spirits and hinder passage to the Labyrinth.
  • Outcome: Upheld 884-144. Margin 740. 4 Thrones were provided to Teleri Thornweaver

Judgement 56

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Pontus Figures
  • Judgement: The opportunity to bring new societies into the Empire and the Way is rare and virtuous. Salvation is a mark of the exemplar. We propose to use the virtue fund to purchase 4 wains of mithril in order to construct the Ethangraw's Armoury in part. Further mithril will be required but once complete the Ethengraw will join the Imperial Orc nation. We ask for 24 Thrones.
  • Outcome: Upheld 793-184. Margin 609. 24 Thrones were provided to Pontus Figures

Judgement 83

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Irada von Temeschwar
  • Judgement: It is our duty to inspire those within and outside the Empire to the Way. The Walls of Holberg are already creating spontaneous auras of Wisdom. We can make them the finest walls in the world, a "wonder" which will spread the Way. I seek 50 Thrones to buy white granite to create this inspirational wonder.
  • Outcome: Upheld 306-222. Margin 84. 40 Thrones, 6 Crowns, and 12 Rings were provided to Irada von Temeschwar

Judgement 93

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Rodric Worldscribe
  • Judgement: As proxy Seer of the Gateway I requisition 4 Thrones to support my work.
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld. 4 Thrones were provided to Rodric Worldscribe

Judgement 164

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra
  • Judgement: Finna requests 7 Thrones from the Virtue Fund inline with her role and responsibilities as the Imperial high Exorcist.
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld. 7 Thrones were provided to Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra

The Virtue Fund

The following represents the Virtue Fund of the Synod:

Starting Value 11 Rings
Income 1 Ring Donation by Lysimachus.
Income 1 Crown Donation by Tarquinius.
Income 1 Crown Donation by Lev, via the Tribune of the Synod.
Income 100 Thrones The price paid in the Bourse Auction for the dose of True Liao.
Rewarding 4 Thrones Rewarding to Rodric Worldscribe following Judgement 93 being automatically upheld.
Income 4 Thrones, 4 Crowns Donation by Belakov, first Senator of Ossium.
Rewarding 7 Thrones Rewarding to Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra following Judgement 108 being automatically upheld.
Rewarding 25 Thrones Rewarding to Lakshmi i Shartha i Riqueza following Judgement 20 being upheld.
Rewarding 4 Thrones Rewarding to Teleri Thornweaver following Judgement 48 being upheld.
Rewarding 24 Thrones Rewarding to Pontus Figures following Judgement 56 being upheld.
Rewarding 40 Thrones, 6 Crowns, 12 Rings Rewarding to Irada von Temeschwar following Judgement 83 being upheld (insufficient funds for full rewarding).
Income 1 Ring Donation by an unknown citizen.
Income 5 Rings Donation by Gancio.
Income 5 Rings Donation by Lysimachus.
Income 3 Crowns, 3 Rings Donation by Marta Kovar as proceeds of a sale of a one hundred throne cookie.
Income 1 Crown Donation by Beatrix Amalia de Rondell zu Holberg.
Income 3 Thrones, 6 Crowns Donation by Tiana i Zaydan i Riqueza, returning excess funds from Judgement 67 at the Spring Equinox 384YE.
Closing Value 4 Thrones, 2 Crowns, 14 Rings

Doses of True Liao

Five doses of True Liao were disbursed this summit:

  • One dose to Landon of Longridge by purchase in the Public Auction, though not collected from the Tribune
  • One dose in connection to the Lepidean University to Sela of the Suns of Couros via Judgement 25
  • One dose to Fabienne de Miel by decision of the Gatekeepers
  • One dose to Arsenio Sanguieno Rezia di Tassato by decision of the Gatekeepers
  • One dose to Genoveva Barossa di Tassato by decision of the Gatekeepers