ItemPowerMonthsGreen IronOrichalcumTempest JadeWeltsilverAmbergeltBeggar's LyeDragonboneIridescent GloamingTotal
Warrior's PlateYou gain one additional rank of the endurance skill.2000000000
Enduring BreastplateYou may ignore the roleplaying effects of any single traumatic wound until the end of the battle.1070000007
Goldentide MailAfter 5 seconds appropriate roleplaying that includes a loud invocation of cleansing you may spend a hero point to remove the venom condition from yourself.10700050012
Knightly RedoubtYou gain two additional ranks of the endurance skill.101105000016
Defiant SteelTwice each day you may use the relentless skill as if you know it without spending any hero points.15509500024
Winterborn WarmailYou gain three additional ranks of the endurance skill.101407730031
RuneplateYou gain two additional hero points.124500033035
Goldenfire ScaleWhile wearing this armour, when you use the unstoppable skill you regain up to 5 hits.11212012000036
Gryphonsoul AegisWhile wearing this armour, you gain 2 additional ranks of endurance and an additional hero point.1112100090041