Before each summit, the prognosticators produce lists of every conjunction that they have been able to identify based on reports compiled by the war scouts. These are not all the conjunctions, these are simply all the conjunctions that they have been able to find. Because of their focus, these conjunctions are usually very military-orientated; they are focused on the movement of the Empire's armies and the barbarian forces arrayed against them. Smaller conjunctions that allow groups to pursue their own personal agendas are only rarely discovered by the Imperial civil service.

It is important to note that the details of a conjunction is not fixed - in theory new conjunctions can appear and the destination or size of a conjunction are know to be mutable. The civil service strongly recommend that you check the size and timing of any conjunctions that interest you after you arrive at Anvil.

Depending on the number of skirmish crew available, the size of the conjunctions might be increased between now and the event. They will be fixed Friday afternoon at time-in. Please check the conjunctions early Friday evening to confirm the gate size.


The fighting in the icy tundra of Sermersuaq this season has witnessed vast forces clash time and again to vie for control of the lost land of the Winterfolk. Even with a powerful spring enchantment slowing the loss of blood, revitalising broken warriors, and giving one last gasp of breath to the dying, the butcher's bill has been long and costly. Yet there is hope too, word comes that a number of soldiers from the Imperial armies have been captured by Jarl Heimgar, whose Skjaldir and Ulvenwar forces surrounded units of the injured from the Tusks and the Bloodcloaks. Missives have been exchanged with the Jotun and they have made it clear that the captives can be freed and brought to the Grimnirs if the Empire sends warriors to clash with the Jarl's forces at Pinehall Meadow. Calling out the Jarl and challenging the orcs for the lives of the injured will be seen as an act of valour by the Jotun. If successful, some 50 troops will be freed and allowed to rejoin their armies in Sermersuaq.

Pinehall Meadow, Stark, Sermersuaq18:30 Friday75 people20 minutes
Thoki's Camp, Stark, Sermersuaq19:00 Friday75 people20 minutes
Frostaxe's Camp, Suaq Font, Sermersuaq20:30 Saturday50 people20 minutes

The Jotun have left Atalaq, capital of the Suaq people. But they have left with a great many thralls, those who were given the Choice and chose to keep their lives and live in servitude to the Jotun. There are many that now perhaps regret the choice they made at sword point, only to so quickly see that liberation was close at hand. Missives from the front in Stark have informed the civil service of the location of scores of thralls - formerly of Atalaq - that are camped under the banner of Thoki Hawkspear, a Ghodi from the Mandowla's Roar. A strike close to Thoki's Camp will draw out the Jotun and provide the Imperial armies a chance to free these Suaq and allow them to return behind Imperial lines. These civilians are likely to swear new oaths to the Wintermark egregores in the coming season, though some may take new names and become Frayed, rather than return to their former lives.

The solstices and the equinox are important times for all the people of the world, Imperial, foreigner, or barbarian. While some use the time to stage daring assaults on their enemies, others use it as a time for political gatherings, holy ceremonies or as a time to reflect on the past season. Scouts have tracked a Jotun warband that has headed into the far north of Sermersuaq in the region of Suaq Font. Led by the courageous, if headstrong, Jarl Vanda Frostaxe this band of hunters and glory seekers have come to track a mighty Artok rumoured to have left Sydanjaa in the depths of a mighty winter blizzard. Whilst there are no reported sightings of the creature, it is apparent that something attacked the barbarians, cutting even the hardiest warriors down like autumn barley and leaving most of Vanda's host either dead, or seriously injured. A conjunction to Frostaxe's Camp allows for the Empire to travel to Suaq Font and the camp of their broken enemies. There is no clear advice from the prognosticators on how best to proceed, and the decision on how to capitalise on the opportunity is for the heroes of the Empire to determine.

This skirmish is tagged as "Combat Possible". Player actions might result in combat and anyone going on the skirmish should be aware that this could occur at anytime.


Two large conjunctions have been identified by the prognosticators operating here in Anvil. In the west of Vale's Lament lies the woodlands of Darkening Boughs, where the trees rise high and the canopy has already grown thick with leaves. The Navarr vates monitoring the growing power of the vallorn here have identified the remains of a ruined way house that has yet to be consumed by the forest. How long it has been abandoned is unknown, but the stout wooden palisade is still strong and could be made use of by troops in the area. It has been suggested that it could be used as a rally and resupply point over the coming season. If the immediate area can be cleared of vallornspawn long enough for a ritual warding to be raised, it will enable Imperial forces enough time to bring in supplies and the strength of arms to hold it against the encroaching forest. If successful this stronghold will contribute 500 points of military strength to the defence of Broceliande this coming season.

A later opportunity exists to return to Boar's Dell, this time in the North Weaver Wood, closer to the border with Astolat. Last gathering a herald of Yaw'nagrah was engaged by a force of Imperial heroes, but went undefeated. Over the past three months, the Navarr reports indicate that the herald has travelled between several minor regio, empowering the ettercap guardians that attend it and swelling the host of vallornspawn husks that now shamble northwards. Unconfirmed rumour suggests that the very forest feels as if it is awakening, the air thick with a heady miasma, the power of Spring dripping like sap and a vitality that surges through foliage and fauna alike. If undisturbed then this rising tide will plague Broceliande this coming season; like in Vale's Lament, breaking their strength will contribute 500 points of military strength to the defence of Broceliande.

Darkening Boughs, Vale's Lament, Brocéliande17:30 Saturday80 people20 minutes
North Weaver Wood, Boar's Dell, Brocéliande18:00 Saturday80 people20 minutes

Whilst these might have been simple engagements, the nature of the foe and the environment in which they will be fought makes them all especially deadly. Preparations to combat the vallorn miasma, to procure vital blade venoms, and to source bladeroot for the treatment of those exposed to green lung will all likely prove useful. The Spring ritual Vitality of Rushing Water and the Abraxus Stone magical item will protect a warrior from the debilitating effects of the miasma.

Note: The Battle Team invite players to volunteer to help monster the two Saturday skirmishes. You will need to arrive at the Battle Prep Tent by 17:00 to get into kit and be briefed ready for the 17:30 start. We need you to monster for the full 50 minutes that cover both skirmishes. It is not possible to turn up late and join in after 18:00.

You will be playing Vallorn husks of either dead humans or orcs. Simple base layers will be sufficient, but any Navarr, Highguard, or Dawn kit you have will make for a better looking encounter. We have a number of small latex domino masks to wear, along with shredded shrouds. A simple effect can also be achieved with face paint and our makeup team can help apply it at the Battle Prep Tent. We also have plastic vines that you can accessorise your costume with.
Vallorn husks are predominantly shambling corpses animated by vegetation, and there will be limited need to run about but combat is highly-likely. We do not require water carriers or low-combatant support forces. Please do not bring the following equipment:

  • Shields
  • Bows and Crossbows
  • Throwing weapons


Although this eastern land is now controlled by the Empire and assigned to the Varushkan people, there are still vast areas of the territory that are unexplored and anything short of a Senate-supported spy network is unlikely to reveal the many dark and dangerous things in the deep forests.

Sullen Vale, Webwood, Ossium14:30 Saturday75 people20 minutes

New settlers, braving the harsh frontier lands have reached an area named as Sullen Vale in the Webwood. Here they plan to start new lives, grow prosperous from the bounty of the forests and the rich rocks beneath the ground. Yet it appears the stench of the Druj still lingers, one of the disturbing monoliths has been located here and as long as it remain a miasma of fear will permeate the area. Before they can settle a ritual team or group of priests will need to remove the malign power from the pillar. Doing so will hasten the settling of a new vale here, and ultimately work towards removing the Druj miasma that blankets all of Ossium.

Note: This skirmish is located in an area under the Druj's fear miasma. The entire location is subject to this effect. All characters will be under a permanent WEAKNESS unless they:
  • expend a hero point upon entering the area
  • overcome the fear using their changeling lineage
  • have bonded to a magical item or have a ritual enchantment to mitigate the effect
  • are subject to an anointing


Tractus Animo, Screed, Spiral15:30 Saturday75 people20 minutes

From the reports coming in from the spires in Spiral, the war scouts have been able to track the Druj advance and identify a party of Vikari mages operating alongside a larger force of Chikad warriors. Led by a young member of the Ghulai ritualist caste the warband are currently making their way north out of Screed via Tractus Animo having spent several days upon the Black Plateau. It is understood that they have with them several human slave artisans and arrived in the area with a heavy supply of crafting materials. The effect of the oppression in Spiral makes further information uncertain, but prognosticators have highlighted that intercepting the warband, defeating them, and discovering what the Vikari have undertaken - be it from the orcs themselves or their human slaves - is a prudent course of action.

Note: This skirmish is located in an area under the Black Plateau's oppressive force. The entire location is under this effect. All characters will be under a permanent WEAKNESS and experience heightened negative emotions unless they:
  • expend a hero point upon entering the area
  • overcome the oppression using their cambion lineage
  • have bonded to a magical item or have a ritual enchantment to mitigate the effect
  • are subject to an anointing


Valdez Cove, Fontargenta, Feroz19:45 Friday30 people20 minutes
Brazen Sands Forest, Fontargenta, Feroz20:15 Friday30 people20 minutes

The Grendel's landfall in Feroz has been swift and brutal. But it is evident that these orcs are mainly mariners, pirates and marines from their navies, not the mercenaries normally encountered by the Empire. Only now are those hardened soldiers coming ashore and making preparations for the campaign season ahead. Reports to the prognosticators speak of two bands of troops from one of the Broken Shores' elite warrior moridun, the Kraken's Jaw beast masters. A ship has recently unloaded at Valdez Cove in Fontagenta. One war party has remained close to the cove to guard their vessel, while the other has headed inland, reaching the woods known locally as the Brazen Sands Forest. Both barbarian war bands are escorting powerful sand crabs, litoral creatures akin to gigantic humanoid lobsters . Encountered before by the Empire, these monstrous creatures have thick stony hides and powerful crushing claws. Two conjunctions to the region offer opportunities to eliminate these beasts before they can be committed to an attack in Feroz.

The shores of the Brass Coast are in disarray, as the Grendel navies scour the coast line the people of Feroz do their best to hide, flee or fight back. For most they choose to flee across the Sorecco estuary to Madruga, hoping to evade the Broken Shore orcs. Amidst the chaos and confusion that reigns from Oranseri's shining cliffs and beaches, through the Cazar Straits and down the long shore of Fontargenta come scattered reports from those fleeing the violence; enough to allow the prognosticators at Anvil to do their work.

A conjunction has been identified to Ponta Delgordo, a small harbour on one of the serene islands in the northern Catar Straits. Here a force of Grendel troops has come ashore, pillaged the houses and businesses of the village, then set up camp on the headlands to act as a garrison to prevent anyone leaving the isle. The villagers are petrified to leave their homes and have offered little resistance to the hardened mercenaries from the Broken Shore. Now the Grendel troops have bedded in they are content to drink and feast on the islands rich produce, breaking into cellars each day to secure provisions and sweet wines. A sudden and swift strike by the Heroes of Anvil will most certainly catch them unaware, either killing the force utterly, or scattering them across the island. If successful then it would allow brave Freeborn resistance fighters to reach the island to lead the villagers out of their homes and down to the harbour where they can evacuate in the fishing fleet to a refuge in Madruga.

Ponta Delgordo, Cazar Straits, Feroz20:30 Friday75 people20 minutes
Lucksprings Road, Oranseri, Feroz21:00 Friday75 people20 minutes
Green Coast, Fontargenta, Feroz21:30 Friday75 people20 minutes

Ever since it was commissioned, the Temple of the Bull has been a contentious place. This season a small group of Highguard grey pilgrims visited Oran to protest the Asavean deities and denounce the blasphemy they saw in Feroz. The sect were seen preaching against the temple, agitating against the religious site; then the Grendel arrived... Not natives of the area, nor fully understanding of the situation as it unfolded, they took a wise decision and headed inland, along the Lucksprings Road towards distant Segura. They have not gone unnoticed however and are now in danger of being caught by a swift band of Grendel skirmishers that are sweeping the area.

The great raid south into Mareave and the port of Beoraidh has been a great success but the raid has seen several mishaps. A ship involved in the raid, crewed by orc reavers of the First Legion, has been beset by calamity on their return voyage from the Broken Shore. Either by exposure to Rhianos' enchantments, poor sea craft or just plain old bad luck the vessel was separated during a squall and was thrown off-course. The crew eventually washed up weeks later, half starved and weakened from exposure, only to find they had been swept across the entire Bay of Catazar and were now in distant Feroz at the fore of the Grendel assault. A chance exists to strike against the mercenary forces at Green Coast, giving the Imperial Orc sailors time to reach safety, find food and join in the evacuation alongside the Freeborn in the area.


The campaign in Segura has been a qualified success for the Empire with the Jotun of the Lasambrian Hills prevented from gaining further territory. Yet there has been no resounding conclusion to the fighting, and no decisive victory has been achieved. Raiding parties and pillagers criss-crossing the open plains have been thwarted by a power enchantment of Autumn, limiting their ability to prey on isolated settlements and trade caravans. But this power is fading and raiders from the Corazon are moving into positions to strike. Two conjunctions have been identified on the plains of Segura on the evening of the second day of the equinox.

The first conjunction opens to the Seguridade Plain in Anozeseri, a wide expanse of grassland that surrounds the approaches to the first of the great Towers of Anduz in the region. Those travelling in support of the Imperial Armies reported that a raiding party is closing in on the area, evidently planning to strike against the small volunteer garrison and eliminate the protection they can provide to the traders passing through the area. Intercepting the Jotun force, either harrying them or eliminating them entirely will stop the immediate threat posed to trade in Segura that arrives from distant Faraden. Failure to stop the raiders will reduce trade income from Faraden over the next season.

Seguridade Plain, Anozeseri, Segura20:00 Saturday75 people20 minutes
Kabalai Campo, Anduzjasse, Segura21:00 Saturday75 people20 minutes

The Kabalai Campo is an area of grassland and gently rolling hills in Anduzjasse, close to the palace at the terminus of the Gloaming Road. Whilst the entire region is currently held by the Jotun, a few brave Faraden merchants still risk the route to reach the Empire. The past season has seen a number of caravans attacked by the greedy orcs of the Lasambrian Hills, ruining the livelihoods of many traders. A lone war scout out on the Campo has met a Faraden traveller at risk from a roving band of barbarians. The civil servant is with the merchant and their wares, and believes that they can both reach safety if the Jotun can be distracted or held for a short while. If the caravan can make it safely to Imperial territory then this act will result in a minor improvement in relations with the Faraden courts, as they recognise the Empire's commitment to protecting traders along the Gloaming Road.


During the raid on Beoraidh one enterprising League fleet captain reportedly managed to coax one of the trained Mandowlas from the fighting arena on board their vessel, promising the beast's now free handler a new life working at the Imperial Menagerie. Such a theft did not go unnoticed however and they have been pursued into Imperial waters by a Grendel slave ship, evidently the rich owner of the magnificent beast.

Granite Isle, Optarion, Redoubt19:15 Friday30 people20 minutes

The last winged messenger from the vessel described an attempt a maneuver around jagged rocks at Granite Isle off the coast of Redoubt; presumably an attempt to lose their pursuers. The weather in the area was squally and the seas were high, such a course of action would have been risky in the best weather... The ship has not arrived at their destination of Sarvos and the missing ship was reported to the civil service. Prognosticators have checked the Sentinel Gate and found a conjunction that opens to the island off of Optarion early on Friday evening. The League egregore might know know more about the captain's intentions and if they and their crew survived the storm.

The Marches

Silent Copse, Greensward, Mournwold21:15 Saturday25 people20 minutes
Cursed Glade, Ashbrook, Upwold21:15 Saturday25 people20 minutes

The prognosticators have detected an unusual conjunction on the evening of the second day of the equinox. There is an opportunity to travel to the Marches, but two possible destinations in the nation to which a party could travel. As with a major conjunction a choice will need to be made on where to head, and this location must be named by the mage that opens the portal at the Sentinel Gate. Further details on the two choices are given below:


Reports in from soldiers of the Bounders suggest that a number of feni are on the move. All accounts indicate that they are travelling towards the Singing Caves. If the conjunction isn't taken then the feni will be able to make it to the mine, once there they will be free to slaughter miners and steal the mithril. The conjunction, to Silent Copse, will allow a chance for the feni to be intercepted before they can make it to the mithril mine.


In the Silver Chase there are reports of feni moving through the region of Ashbrook. Information from beaters suggest the feni are moving towards Oakwood Monastery. If the conjunction isn't taken then the feni will be able to slaughter the monks who reside in the monastery. The conjunction, to Cursed Glade, will allow the feni to be intercepted before they can make it to the monastery.


There are dark things in the lands of Varushka. Things that will kill those who stray off the paths. But sometimes those monsters will take advantage of the opportunity to move into ruins. Such an incident has happened with the forest of Mir Mozga. Formerly given over to the ownership of Pyotr Kresnovich Triosny it has fallen since their death over four years ago.

Glade of Mir Mozga, Lestasny, Karsk19:45 Saturday25 people20 minutes

Now in the Glade of Mir Mozga, in Lestasny, there are monsters. The workers, who up until a few seasons ago worked the forest for the dragonbone it produced, have called out for help. Ottokar Lestasnovic, head of the workers, has made clear to the egregores of Varushka that if the ghouls are cleared then the workers will follow whoever the Senator for Karsk nominates, granting them the improved resource without the usual 2 crown administration fee.


It started in Coombe. A family of travellers who were expected to arrive at a relative's house were reported to have never turned up. A small group of the local militia, supported by a magistrate, moved off to find out more. Whilst travelling they were attacked, and outnumbered heavily by bandits. The outlaws only took one thing from the group, the artefact Magistrate's Grasp. The magistrate, and the remaining two militia, were able to interrogate one of the injured bandits who had been left behind. She revealed that they had been hired by a group that referred to themselves as The Harvesters.

Broken Thicket, Marehom, Casinea20:15 Saturday25 people20 minutes

Following up reports on The Harvesters has led the militia of Astolat to believe they are working in Casinea, in the Broken Thicket. It is a small wood that was used during the second interregnum for the practicing of winter magic.

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