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While not all Highborn magicians are also trained as priests, those who are not are carefully monitored.
Highborn magic is often worked while veiled and cowled.

Priests who work to master magic are called magisters in Highguard. The early magisters studied methods of communicating with the dead and uncovering the secrets of the past. The Highborn Magisters strive to be the foremost masters of Winter magic in the Empire. Most operate out of hostels based in the Necropolis, where the silence and contemplative atmosphere of the city of the dead lends itself perfectly to measured and contemplative study.

While there is no doubt they possess powerful magic, the magisters are still considered to be priests. They study virtue alongside magic, and many work hard to try and inspire virtuous behaviour in wizards of other nations – or an understanding of magic in other priests.

Magisters tend to be cautious of the Eternals, as they are not only powerful, but they clearly seek to use that power to influence humanity. The Highborn believe that as masters of their own destiny, humans should seek to outwit Eternals wherever possible, seizing opportunities to take their strength and harness it in service to the Empire. Eternals are clearly monstrous and inhuman. It is a source of continual frustration to the magisters that other wizards fail to recognise this, no matter how seriously the magisters try to educate them in their dealings with other realms. The magisters treat most often, and most comfortably, with the Eternals of Winter, who they see as more open and honest, as they do not try to deny or conceal their evil nature. The Eternals of the other realms are equally dangerous, but present a pleasing and deceptive face, which many accept without scrutiny.

The magical tradition of Highguard combines movement and sound. The slow beating of drums, the sonorous chime of bells and the recitation of ceremonial passages form the basis of their ritual magic, often accompanied by stylised and graceful gestures.

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