"... and so the two children crept through the enchanted woods until at last the trees pulled back to reveal a pale silver clearing bathed in the light cascading down from the moon above." Izzy, her hands held apart and upright to bookend the scene, paused for a moment to cast a furtive glance in the direction of her audience. She needn't have worried, both the earl's children were rapt with attention, waiting for their troubadour to continue the fairy tale. "What do you imagine was in the clearing?" she demanded of them.

"A troll!" shouted Kay.

"A unicorn..." pleaded Rodric.

Izzy pretended to looked shocked. "You're both right!" she proclaimed. "There was in fact a great troll, its face a mass of twisted warts, each one so knobbly that there were three warts on top of it. And next to that was a graceful unicorn, white as snow and still as a millpond..."

"I want to fight the troll!" Kay interjected.

"I want to ride the unicorn!" insisted Rodric, "Like the First Empress did!".

Izzy raised a single finger and shook it firmly at the two children. "It's more glory than you can dream of to fight a troll. Win or lose, your name would become a legend. But a unicorn is much more dangerous than a troll. The Lord of the Forest may be graceful and beautiful, but his heart is black as night and knows only jealousy and despite. If you were to clamber on his back he would bear you aware into the night and never stop and you would never be heard of again!"

The two children gasped in horror, while Izzy clutched her face in mock concern. "Fortunately... neither the misfigured troll nor the black-hearted horse had seen the two children... and so silent as field mice... they crept forwards..."

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Fox on a String.jpg
The world is bound with secret knots.


  • Six eternals responded to plenipotentiary messages from the Imperial archmages.
  • Three have offered parley; three have made other arrangements

Each of the Empire's archmages is able to contact an eternal of their realm with a plenipotentiary message. The eternals they address are bound to respond in some way. They may agree to a formal parley, or a private meeting, or suggest something entirely unexpected.

During the Spring Equinox, each archmage has dispatched a plenipotentiary and as the Summer Solstice approaches, six eternals send messengers to deliver their replies.



  • The eternal Azoth has declined a formal parley
  • Instead they plan to host a night market in the Hall of Worlds between 11pm and midnight on Friday
  • The current Archmage of Night is Elyssiathain of Urizen

Barely a week after the Spring Equinox, the first messenger arrives in Anvil with a response to an archmage. The figure appears very much like an orc, but with curling horns reminiscent of those borne by a cambion. They wear a gown of flowing colours, and it takes them over an hour to make their way to the Hub as they engage in animated conversation with anyone who makes eye contact or stands still for more than a moment. They are a herald of Azoth, who they refer to as "eldest and youngest".

At this time, the crucible declines the invitation of the Archmage of Night, they won't agree to a formal parley unless they know exactly what it is the Archmage wants to discuss. However, they are pleased that the night market was well received last time and hope that the archmage will be pleased by its return. To this end, they have given orders for a number of their servants to come to the Hall of Worlds on Friday evening of the Summer Solstice to host another market. There will be any number of wonders offered for sale; preparations mundane and sublime; magical substances fused from dreams and starlight; words of transformation and transfiguration; and perhaps even the opportunity to consider the role the runes Gralm and Ull have in shaping mortal lives. The heralds who operate the night market will accept payment each according to their nature whether that be Imperial coinage, magical resources, herbs, and less tangible things.

It is Azoth's intention that the market will begin at one-minute past 11pm and will last until exactly midnight after which there will be no more trades and the market will return to the Night Realm. The civil service have informed Azoth that the Imperial Conclave does sometimes run beyond this point, and they have indicated that they are happy to take that risk and have a plan for what to do if that happens.

While the market will not be a formal parley - it is difficult to conduct business when only one being at a time can speak - Azoth presumes that the Archmage of Night can ensure the safety of their servants, and the merchandise they present.



  • The eternal Jaheris, Ruler of the Forest of Arden, agrees to formal parley
  • The meeting will take place at half-past-one in the afternoon on Saturday
  • The current Archmage of Summer is Brother Luke

The heralds who emerge from the Imperial Regio a month after the Spring Equinox attract immediate attention. A silver-haired woman accompanied by a pair of twisted goblin knights, like gnarled treeroots given arms and legs and shoved into black armour. Without paying the slightest heed to the mortals around her, this silent herald glides through Anvil, presents a furled scroll to the first civil servant she encounters, and then returns whence she came. The knights accompanying her, by contrast, leer menacingly at anyone who comes near and make nasty little comments to one another about the people they encounter.

The scroll is beautifully written and decorated, and represents an agreement from the Moonsilver Prince indicating that he is delighted to have received Brother Luke's message and enthused about the idea of a formal parley. He suggests a meeting in the grove of sighs (a chamber between the mortal world and the Summer Realm) to take place at half past one in the afternoon on Saturday during the Summer Solstice. The Archmage should bring themselves (or send a proxy in their stead), along with no more than perhaps a dozen others. Specifically, Jaheris would like to see representatives of House de Rondell of Dawn. Jaheris would also like a performer to attend; someone who can entertain the gathering with songs or poetry. They will be recompensed for their time, of course.

Topics under discussion will include the challenge of the Summer Tourney; the Hand of Dumon and the Iron Confederacy; the nature of that most hateful of bitter Queens; relations between the Summer Realm and the Empire with particular reference to friendship and patronage; which enemy of the Empire poses the greatest threat to their sovereignty; and the minor matter of resolving business with a certain eternal who has apparently tormented the Shattered Tower over the years.



  • The eternal Roshanwe, the Walker on the Littoral, agrees to formal parley
  • The meeting will take place at four o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday
  • The current Archmage of Day is Skywise Gralka

The messenger of Roshanwe emerges from the Imperial Regio at sunset. Garbed as a Highborn seeker, albeit in a style that is hundred of years out of date, they make their way to the Hub with a message from their mistress. She is apparently surprised that the Archmage of Day wishes to speak to her again so soon, but she accepts the offer of parley. However, she has a very specific guest list that she wishes to meet with. Specifically, she asks that the Archmage bring with her the Grandmaster of the Sevenfold Path and the Cardinal of Wisdom (or individuals sent to represent them if the grandmaster and cardinal have other claims on their time); two sword scholars; and six human candidates who wish to take on the mantle of the merrow. The meeting will take place in a chamber arranged by Roshanwe and will touch on the matter of Sulemaine, the nature of the merrow, and the Pilgrimage of Discovery.

Assuming all of that is acceptable to the Archmage of Day, the meeting will take place at four o'clock on the Saturday of the coming Summit.



  • Estavus declines a parley
  • Instead, in conjunction with the City of Gold and Lead, she offers major boons to Imperial citizens prepared to pay for them
  • The current Archmage of Autumn is Edmundo of Damakan's forge

Midway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, a squat construct of brass and porcelain in the shape of an oversized child appears at Anvil. It delivers a message from the Prince of Shikal, speaking in a disturbing off-kilter voice full of clicks and ticks. The Forgemistress declines the invitation of the Archmage of Autumn at this time. They are explicit that the Towers of Calx and Coom do not possess the ability to support coastal fortresses. His other request piques the interest of the eternal; they are not prepared to provide the specific magical aid he has requested, but the Bronze Artisan will offer aid in a similar vein.

Inspired by the Archmage's request, the Hammer of Fire and Stone has agreed terms with the City of Gold and Lead, and during the coming Solstice offers the following bargains. In each case, the bargain is sealed using the Ephisis' Scale ritual; along with the materials the magicians must include a Lann rune to indicate they wish to trade with Estavus. In return, Estavus will provide a single mystic scroll, a piece of metallic parchment that will allow up to a dozen magicians who study it to master the ritual knowledge it contains before the magic fades. The herald warns that the scrolls will lose their enchantment by the end of the summit, so they must be used before then.

The first bargain is a ritual named Ramparts of Ashlar that will enchant an existing region containing a fortification. The effective strength of the target fortification is increased by 3000. It is of magnitude 150, and it has an assurance - it ceases to function if a servant of the Empire ever refuses a lawful demand of the Brass Magistrates. One mystic scroll will be delivered as payment for each Ephisis' Scales that contains the rune of Lann and 300 ingots of tempest jade.

The second bargain is a ritual named Hammers of Fury that will place an enchantment on the forges, foundries and smithies throughout a territory. These sites will be infused with the heat of Shikal's forges, and able to forge the arms and armour needed to equip an army with supernatural speed. This will reduce the time needed to muster armies in the territory by one season. Mines throughout the territory will see their production of metals reduced by two ingots, but will each gain one pouch of warm ashes in its place. It is of magnitude 80, and it has an assurance - it will only function so long as the Empire possess a working runeforge. The mystic scroll will be delivered as payment for each Ephisis' Scales that contains the rune of Lann and 300 ingots of weltsilver.

The third bargain is a ritual named Machines of Destruction that calls the minotaurs of Shikal to emerge from the Autumn realm dragging immense siege weapons. Bronze onangers and trebuchets, brass battering rams and siege towers and mithril ladders. The minotaurs will fight alongside an army on campaign allowing them to issue the storm the walls order. The ritual is magnitude 135, and it has an assurance - it ceases to function if Estavus is ever placed under enmity by the Imperial Conclave. The mystic scroll will be delivered as payment for any Ephisis' Scales that contains the rune of Lann and 300 ingots of orichalcum.

The fourth bargain is a ritual named Accoutrements of War that calls forth heralds from the Towers of Calx and Coom bearing arms and armour fashioned in the heart of a volcano. These brass armaments gleam with an inner fire and will provide a powerful boost to any military unit that is supporting an Imperial army before they lose their inner fire after a season of campaigning. This temporary bonus increases the effective fighting force of the unit by 100, the equivalent of 5 normal upgrades. If instead, the unit takes the paid work action, they will receive twelve random ingots of metal in addition to their normal returns. The ritual is magnitude 20, and it has an assurance - it ceases to function if the Empire ever breaches the terms of a parley with an Autumn eternal. The mystic scroll will be delivered as payment for any Ephisis' Scales that contains the rune of Lann and 75 ingots of green iron.

The final bargain is open-ended; for the duration of the Summer Solstice, any Imperial magicians who include the rune Lann in a box of forest materials will receive from Estavus' forge two pouches of warm ashes for every ten measures they provide. There are fifty pouches of warm ashes available and once they are gone, the materials will be returned.

Having delivered the message, the herald departs leaving behind only a square piece of metallic paper with the details of the bargains written on it.



  • The Bound King has agreed to a parley during the Summer Solstice
  • The parley will take place in a chamber at ten o'clock Saturday evening
  • The current Archmage of Winter is Ematius of Urizen

The herald of Tharim who brings a response to the Archamge of Winter's plenipotentiary is a hulking figure bound in chains and laden down with boulders and iron balls. They speak in a croaking, sibilant voice as they acknowledge the respectful tone of the Archmage's missive. In return Tharim agrees to a parley, in a chamber his servants will prepare.

Tharim will be available at ten o'clock Saturday evening. The meeting is for the Archmage of Winter (or their representative), Sirus Skybreaker, the Keeper of Tharim's Throne, and one other. The topics for discussion will be the matters of Jack-in-Chains and Karvor Eyepeel, and the binding of Winter spirits. On the final matter - the discussion of which eternal provides their patronage to Quickening Cold Meat - that too will be discussed but only if the Archmage is absolutely certain that they want to know the answer.

Before departing, the herald mentions that it might not be a bad idea for the Archmage to bring some tribute - a gift representing the respect that they have for Tharim. Something suitable to ensure his mood is receptive rather than vituperative. Or not. After all, a poor gift is likely to offend Tharim significantly more than not bringing a gift at all.



  • Siakha has sent a herald to accept the invitation of the Spring Archmage
  • Siakha will send some of her heralds to the Hall of Worlds at half-past eleven on Saturday night
  • However, before there can be any discussion the Empire must prove its strength by defeating the favoured of Siakha
  • A conjunction to the Barrens at five o'clock on Saturday afternoon provides an opportunity to do so
  • The Empire must take the Spring Archmage's staff with them
  • No meeting with Siakha's representatives will be a formal parley
  • The current Archmage of Spring is Ser Fabienne De Miel

The herald of Siakha that appears in Anvil a week before the Summer Solstice makes no effort to find a civil servant, merely accosting the first citizen that passes near the Imperial Regio. The broad-mouthed horror wields a vicious pole-arm and makes no effort to conceal their anger and hatred as they deliver the message from the Mother of Wrecks. Siakha agrees to send some of her favoured ones to the Hall of Worlds to face the Archmage of Spring and their lackeys. However, before there will be any talk, the Empire must demonstrate that they are worthy of her time. Ibiss Briarheart has issued a challenge, now they must make good on their words.

Let the Spring Archmage bring their minions to the Stormwood in the Bleaks, where the favoured of Siakha are waiting for them. If they are strong enough to take the Stone of Storms from Siakha's followers, then the Unending Tempest will in turn send a messenge with her heralds to the Hall of Worlds that same evening at half-past eleven. If not, then she will send her heralds without any message. The civil service have informed the herald that the Imperial Conclave does sometimes run beyond this point. The creature's response was a broad grin in a way that suggested that the eternal would welcome an opportunity to kill as many of the Conclave as possible.

There is one more requirement. Siaka does not care who takes up the challenge, whether it is the Spring Archmage or his proxy or whoever. However the person who travels to the Barrens must bear the Staff of Spring - the Archmage's staff of office - with them. This herald is clear that Siakha will not negotiate - on this or any other demands that the Empress of Sharks makes.

Neither meeting will be a parley. The Salt-born Devourer is clear that any creature who attempts to speak with her must accept that violence is her preferred form of communication. The civil service advises all magicians attending Conclave to be aware that Siakha has attacked the Spring Archmage during a meeting before and that it must be considered highly likely that she will do so again. As if to make this very point, once it has ascertained that the watching citizens have understood the message, the creature proceeds to attempt to murder as many of them as possible, inflicting horrific injuries with its pole-arm before it is finally brought down.

Examination of the Sentinel Gate indicates that there is a conjunction that can be used to reach the Stormwood, in the Bleaks during the coming summit. Further details are available below.


Please be aware that combat is highly likely in the Hall of Worlds during this encounter.

The information presented here details the background and objectives for one or more conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate. Details relating to the day, timing, gate size, and any additional information will be summarised on the Wind of War page for the event.

Stormwood (Conjunction)

  • The civil service suggests that the Archmage of Spring take responsibility for the conjunction
  • The Empire must take the Stone of Storms from Siakha's followers
  • If successful, then Siakha's heralds will bring a message with them when they confront the Hall of Worlds that evening

Siakha demands proof that the Empire is worthy of her time. At the request of the Archmage of Spring, her heralds are coming to confront the Empire in the Hall of Worlds during the summit, but there will be no attempt at communication unless the Empire can first prove their strength. To do that they must recover the Stone of Storms from a group of Druj favoured by Siakha. The civil service has little information on what to expect, but it will involve a force of Druj, who may be supported by some Siakhan heralds. It is also not clear whether they know the Empire is coming. Nobody who attempts this should expect any quarter to be given by the orc followers of the Mother of Wrecks; the eternal only favours those who are notoriously bloodthirsty.

Success or failure: The Empire will need to claim the Stone of Storms. Given the nature of Siakha and the attitude of the Druj, it seems inconceivable that this will involve anything less than a fight to the death by both parties. If they recover the Stone of Storms, then the eternal will send a message with their "entourage" when they come to the Hall of Worlds at half-past eleven.


These meetings are taking place in a number of places; in the Hall of Worlds, in encounter tents reached via the Hall of Worlds, and even one in the woods reached via the Sentinel Gate. The times, and the eternals involved, are summarized here.

Day Time Eternal Realm Note
Friday 23:00 Azoth Night Not a parley; Night Market in Hall of Worlds
Saturday 13:30 Jaheris Summer Parley; Chamber reached via the Hall of Worlds
Saturday 16:00 Roshanwe Day Parley; Chamber reached via the Hall of Worlds
Saturday 17:00 Siakha Spring Definitely not a parley; Skirmish
Saturday 22:00 Tharim Winter Parley; Chamber reached via the Hall of Worlds
Saturday 23:30 Siakha Spring Definitely not a parley; dependant on previous events; Hall of worlds