ItemPowerMonthsGreen IronOrichalcumTempest JadeWeltsilverAmbergeltBeggar's LyeDragonboneIridescent GloamingTotal
Farmer's ScytheYou can spend a hero point to call STRIKEDOWN with this pole-arm.2000000000
Sanguine SpearYou may use a hero point to call CLEAVE with this pole-arm.1500000005
Butcher's BillOnce per day you may call either STRIKEDOWN or CLEAVE with this pole-arm.10800000311
Bolstering BillOnce per day while wielding this pole-arm you may use stay with me as if you knew it without spending a hero point.16008000014
Warden's BardicheYou gain one additional hero point.110000400014
Blacksmith's WageYou may repair this pole-arm by expending a hero point and spending at least five seconds of uninterrupted appropriate roleplaying involving handling the weapon. This ability fails if you are hit or attack another character during spellcasting, or if the weapon is hit or used to make an attack.10900600015
Barbed SpearYou may spend a hero point to call VENOM with this pole-arm.133000130019
Magistrate's GraspYou can use a hero point to call ENTANGLE when you hit with this pole-arm.145001000019
Fell Iron FuryTwice per day you may either call CLEAVE or STRIKEDOWN with this pole-arm.113700500025
Bullroarer's ShoutThree times per day may call STRIKEDOWN with this pole-arm.113580050031
Labyrinth's GateYou may spend a hero point point to call IMPALE with this pole-arm.1114170000032