There was a crunch, followed by a gurgle. Ardha took a deep breath and peered around the side of the tree, ready to fight but also ready to keep running - at least until he found some more Navarr.

The creature lay in a pile in a pool of rapidly-spreading blood. A heavily armoured figure stood with one boot on the thing's chest, straining to pull a great two-handed spear out of its armoured throat. As Ardha moved cautiously forward, the figure's head snapped round toward him and it half drew one of the vicious looking javelins from its quiver. Registering that Ardha was a human and not another ettercap, the figure visibly relaxed a little - but was still wary. Ardha did not blame them, whoever they were. Painful as it was to admit it, there were people who looked like Navarr working with the vallornspawn in Brocéliande. It near broke Ardha's heart to think of it.

With a free hand, the armoured figure lifted the visor on their helmet. It was a young woman. She favoured Ardha with a disturbingly broad smile.

"Hello!" she said cheerily. Her good humour was obvious and incongruous given their situation. "I thought it was hunting someone."

With an unpleasant squelch, the spear came free of the ettercap. It twitched and jerked a little in its death throes. She examined the head of her spear carefully - it was wickedly sharp - and then thrust it into the chest and then the abdomen of the ettercap for good measure.

"My name's Leah," she said as she knelt down next to the creature, laying her spear carefully on the ground. "I'm down from Rucastle with some friends."

With a smooth move she drew a wicked looking heavy-bladed short sword from her belt and proceeded to chop one of the ettercap's claws off. She appeared to be focused on the task but Ardha got the distinct impression that any sudden moves would be met with violence. Once the claw was free, she examined it for a moment, then popped it into a dripping sack at her belt. She stood up, reclaiming her spear.

"I'm a bit lost, if I'm honest." she said. "I got a bit turned around during the fight this morning. I don't suppose you've seen half a dozen knights anywhere nearby?"

Ardha hadn't, and said as much.

"Shame," said Leah. She didn't seem all that worried. "Still, we agreed that if we did get separated we'd regroup back at Greenstead."

She looked around the clearing thoughtfully for a few moments.

"Next question. I don't suppose you know which way Greenstead is do you?"

Ardha couldn't think of anything to say in the face of such relentless unpreparedness, and simply nodded.

"Excellent!" The Dawnish woman favoured him with another radiant smile. "Then when we've tracked down the rest of the pack and dealt with them, you can guide me back there! Come on! These creatures won't butcher themselves and my sacks not even half full!"


For the past year, a tempest has raged in Brocéliande as the vallorn strove to pour its filth into Boar's Dell and Elerael. After the Summer Solstice the strength of the vallorn reached its peak. The people of Brocéliande weathered it with the aid of many allies. Now, it seems, the tide is receding. A respite - an opportunity to prepare - and perhaps a chance to claim a little more of the world from the green grasp of the vallorn.

This is of course only one territory, of course. There are other things going on in the Navarr nation that also need to be considered; but for now let us focus our attention on Brocéliande.

Moment to Strike

  • An opportunity exists to try and clear the vallorn from Dark Ranging in Brocéliande.
  • The vallorn will have recovered its strength by the start of the Autumn Equinox 384YE.
  • Clearing the vallorn from Dark Ranging will require the commitment of one or more armies.

As with the Liathaven vallorn before it, the Brocéliande vallorn is weakened. Its recent attempt at expansion has been completely stymied, its strength is much depleted and the Winter magic that now smothers the territory makes it more difficult for it to replenish that vitality. The Brocéliande vallorn is much more powerful than the Liathaven vallorn however - it dominates significantly more of the territory for a start - and even with the withering curse the window of opportunity to strike against Brocéliande is not wide.

The vates of Brocéliande have identified that there is a chance to drive the vallorn infestation out of Dark Ranging. There are strategic advantages to doing so - not least that claiming the region would allow armies to pass from Reikos to Semmerholm and vice versa - or from Reikos into the Barrens. It would also allow the people of Elerael and Boar's Dell to support each other more effectively - and bring closer the day when enough of Brocéliande is reclaimed that it can finally become an Imperial territory.

The vallorn is a thing of limitless fecundity, and the window of opportunity to strike against it is already closing. By the start of the Autumn Equinox 384YE the energies of the vallorn will once again be strong enough to resist attempts to clear them with martial force. The vallorn of Brocéliande is significantly more dangerous and powerful than the vallorn of Liathaven, but the situation is slightly less complicated than the position in the West due to the absence of any other significant force in the territory. The Empire also has solid control of both Boar's Dell and Elerael, meaning they will not need to establish or maintain a beachhead. While the vallorn prevents armies moving freely between Reikos and Semmerholm, this will not impede armies moving in to attack the region from the north or the south.

Furthermore, Imperial heroes fought hard to keep the Broch deep in the vallorn from being overrun, and the hard bitten Navarr who live in the steading may be able to offer additional support.

Even so claiming Dark Ranging from the vallorn will require significant effort, and the Imperial forces would need to claim the entire region before the vallorn regains its strength. If even a tenth of the region is still controlled by the vallorn when this happens, it will be impossible to prevent it reclaiming the entire region.

Strategic Summary
Dark Ranging could be cleared of vallorn influence but the entire region must be claimed by the Empire before the window of opportunity closes. This will require a successful military campaign using Imperial armies.

Dark Ranging is infused with the vallorn miasma means any casualties suffered in this campaign would be doubled - but orders and magic might be used to mitigate these losses.

Any character that assigns a military unit to support an army fighting in Dark Ranging will likewise suffer; they will incurr a two rank penalty to the effective rank of any resource they own for the next six months. This penalty will be applied to the character not to the resource - changing to a different resource will not mitigate the effect. If another resource is transformed into a military unit and assigned to support an army in Dark Ranging, the penalty will persist when the resource turns back into its normal state.

Clearing Dark Ranging

  • Imperial armies could attempt to free the region of Dark Ranging from the vallorn.
  • Armies and military units alike would be fighting in the Vallorn Miasma with all the problems that entails.

To claim Dark Ranging will require the Empire to overcome the effective strength of the vallorn and generate sufficient victory points to claim the entire region. Determining how much resistance the Empire would face will require the use of magical scrying - Eyes of the Sun and Moon should be sufficient to estimate the effective strength of the vallorn in Dark Ranging.

The "simplest" way to reclaim the region would be to bring to bear sufficient force to overcome the vallorn and generate a total of ten victory points over one or more seasons, but that is no trivial matter.

It is not possible for military units alone to achieve this task. Reclaiming a region of Brocéliande from the vallorn is a matter for Imperial armies. The general of any army that moves to Brocéliande will need to take an attacking order and make clear that they are seeking to clear Dark Ranging. It does not matter which direction the army approaches from - armies coming into Dark Ranging from the north, south, or east will all combine their strength to clear the region.

The fighting will be taking place in a region infused with the vallorn miasma. As a consequence, any casualties suffered by the army will be doubled. There is a ritual in Imperial lore that might help mitigate the effects of the miasma (Why Sulemaine Walked Away From The Baker), but even that powerful enchantment cannot entirely remove the sting of the vallorn's choking atmosphere. Numbers of casualties could be mitigated by army orders as normal - but many orders that reduce casualties also reduce the effectiveness of the army at conquering land.

Furthermore, any military unit that is assigned to assist the battle in Broceliande likewise risks suffering serious casualties. All military units assigned to the campaign will suffer a reduction of 40 to their effective fighting strength for the next six months, representing soldiers lost or crippled in the vallorn miasma. This two rank penalty will be apply to the character rather than the resource; paying to change personal resource to a different resource will not clear this penalty. In the event that a character uses a ritual such as Conclave of Trees and Shadow to turn a different personal resource into a military unit, the penalty will still apply and will persist when the resource turns back - the essence of the resource has been depleted by the damage caused from fighting in the vallorn miasma.

Glorious Knights.jpg
Knights questing and errant alike came to the aid of their Navarr cousins in the south.

The Banners of Rucastle

  • Until the start of the Winter Solstice, the additional rewards available to Dawnish military units apply also to any military action in Brocéliande.

During the Winter Solstice, the adventurous troubadour and veteran of numerous glorious adventures in the Navarr forests, Noelle de Boisver, spoke passionately about the glory to be won facing the twisted beasts of the vallorn and proposed a mandate. Ranae de Rondell took up the banner, and urged the knights-errant and questing-knights of Dawn to come to Brocéliande to help the Navarr protect their homes. The immediate threat is now over - but there is still glory to be gained in Dark Ranging. The name alone is enough to give a glory-seeker goosebumps!

The effect of the mandate Ranae de Rondell enacted will continue until the start of the Winter Solstice - meaning that any Dawnish military unit that supports an Imperial army in Brocéliande - even if that army is not actively attacking the vallorn - will be presumed to be seeking adventure in the depths of the greenwood. As such, they will continue to receive rewards from the nobles of Rucastle in particular, and Semmerholm as a whole. The reward will be four random ingots, either tempest jade, weltsilver, orichalcum or green iron.

The Blade of the Pilgrims

  • Until the start of the Winter Solstice, Highborn congregations continue to support the Navarr in Brocéliande.
  • The Highborn national assembly could enact a mandate to call them home early.
Pilgrim Blade.jpg
Warrior-monks and blankets alike were sent to Brocéliande by the priests of Highguard.

Also during the Winter of last year, the priests of Highguard took up the sword to fight the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire. Not only did adventurous pilgrims travel to Brocéliande to directly fight the vallornspawn and protect Elerael and Boar's Dell, but less martially inclined congregations contributed valuable supplies to the beleaguered steadings. With the immediate threat of the Brocéliande vallorn dealt with, there is now a question of whether the Imperial forces will continue to press into Dark Ranging or will withdraw to regroup and consider the next action.

If the Highborn national assembly does nothing, then the congregations of Highguard will continue to experience the loss of 2 votes in the Synod and one dose of liao until the start of the Winter solstice. If an Imperial army attacks the vallorn in Brocéliande after the Autumn Equinox, however, it will receive assistance from Highborn pilgrims equivalent to 20 strength for every congregation so affected. Judging by the support provided during the Summer Solstice, this would represent around 1,400 additional strength. If no Imperial army attacks the vallorn this season, then the congregants and pilgrims will focus on helping the people of the steadings recover from their losses over the last year, offering compassionate aid and support to help them rebuild.

Alternatively, the Highborn may wish to end their support for Brocéliande prematurely, perhaps to focus their attention elsewhere or because they do not believe the Empire is ready to take on the Brocéliande vallorn again. There are even some Highborn pilgrims who question the wisdom of continuing to assist the Navarr following the appearance of their new Druj "allies" during the final months of the recent defensive action and their continued involvement with an utterly untrustworthy eternal,

The vallorn of Brocéliande remains a threat, but the wise do not rush into danger when there is time to consider. We send {named priest} to call the pilgrims in Brocéliande home to Highguard to prepare for the next stage of the war against the vallorn.

Synod Mandate, Highguard National Assembly

This mandate brings the pilgrims working in Brocéliande home a season early, ending the penalty to Highborn congregations shortly after the Autumn Equinox. While it requires no liao to enact, it still requires a Greater Majority to be effective due to the interference of the Wisdom assembly and the sword scholars.

Able of the Shattered Tower has proposed an alternative mandate.

The vallorn of Brocéliande remains a threat, as do the Vallorn that lay throughout the Empire. The Highborn National assembly applauds the Courage of our Pilgrims and calls upon all the faithful to redouble our efforts to destroy the greatest spiritual threat faced by the Empire. We send {named priest} with 50 doses of liao to encourage the priests of Highguard to continue aiding in the fight against the vallorn.

Synod Mandate, Highguard National Assembly

If this mandate were upheld, penalty to the congregations of Highguard would persist until the start of the Autumn Equinox 384YE. The aid provided by the Highborn would likewise persist, with the priests, pilgrims, and warriors applying their military strength where they think it will make the most difference. This might mean supporting an army fighting the vallorn in Dark Ranging, or aiding the Navarr in one of the territories threatened by the heirs of Terunael. It will of course also require a greater majority thanks to the influence of the Wisdom assembly and the sword scholars.

Defending the Broch.jpg
The Navarr have fought tooth-and-nail to keep the parts of Brocéliande they have claimed.

On the other hand, if the priests of Highguard wish to continue their commitment to the battle against the vallorn in Brocéliande, they may wish to prepare new statements of principle to urge the people of the nation to focus their attention on that undertaking.

The Spears of the Pines

  • The warriors and hunters of the Great Forest Orcs have returned to Therunin.

The warriors and hunters of the Great Forest Orcs are disgusted when they hear that the Navarr have been aided by the hated Druj. Once they have completed their obligation to defend Brocéliande, they quickly depart and return to their homes in Therunin. While it may be possible to address their concerns, and potentially call on the Spears of the Pines to help in freeing Dark Ranging from the vallorn, it will most likely require additional diplomacy before Chief Vallack accedes to such a request.

The Bound King

  • Until the start of the Winter Solstice. herb gardens and forests in Miaren, Hercynia, and Therunin continue to suffer the loss of 2 random herbs or 2 measures as appropriate
  • Tharim continues to provide aid to any campaign in Brocéliande equivalent to 1,000 force
  • The Imperial Conclave may secure additional assistance from Tharim for an extended period.

The Barons and servants of Tharim continue to support the Navarr in Brocéliande, even as the eternal continues to feast on the herb gardens and forests of Miaren, Therunin, and Hercynia. The arrangement with the Imperial Conclave expires at the start of the Winter Solstice, but if Imperial forces engage the vallorn following the Autumn Equinox Tharim's servants will support them, providing an additional 1,000 points of effective strength to any attempt to claim Brocéliande.

Tharim is magnanimous with his favours; the offer he made in Summer still applies. If the Conclave passes a Declaration of Concord giving him permission to extend his feeding to the herb gardens and forests of Highguard, the Brass Coast, the League, and Wintermark he will be able to increase the number of barons, dust witches, and bound guardians he sends to Brocéliande sufficient to add a total of 3,000 force to any military campaign there. Every herb garden in those nations will suffer a loss of two random herbs and each forest will lose two resources over the coming season. Both the additional aid and the damage to herb gardens and forests will end at the start of the Winter Solstice 384YE. After this point, the Conclave will need to negotiate a new arrangement with Tharim if they wish his aid to continue.

A Time To Prepare

While much of the attention of the Empire is focused on the opportunity to strike into Dark Ranging, there are other opportunities available in the wake of the Imperial victory in Brocéliande. There is the matter of the Broch to consider, and proposals made by those who have fought beside the Navarr over the last year - the Dawnish knights of Rucastle to the north, and the warriors and physicks of the Highborn and the Great Forest from the south.

The Broch.jpg
The Broch lies deep in the depths of the vallorn itself.

The Defence of the Broch

  • The Imperial Senate could provide additional support to the Broch, securing its position within the vallorn miasma.
  • The proposal requires 40 wains of weirwood, 80 crowns labour, and takes three months to complete.
  • Once complete, it would spread a bounty of bladeroot among almost every personal resource in Brocéliande, and provide benefits similar to a spy network.

One key location threatened by the vallorn was the steading of the Broch that actually lies deep within the vallorn miasma itself. The Broch's precarious position made it vulnerable to attack and without the efforts of the Empire, and the emissaries of Tharim, it might have been the first to fall to the vallorn's malice. As it is, the steading has been damaged and left isolated in the heart of the vallorn. The Navarr who live there are reaching out to the Imperial Senate for support - and in preparation for the coming war to remove the vallorn from Dark Ranging.

They are overstretched - even before the surge of vallorn activity and the withering curse it was a challenge to maintain the Broch so deep within the Brocéliande vallorn. They request aid in the form of Senate support, and the materials they need to make their steading secure - a sanctuary for the Navarr who dare to live in the depths of Brocéliande.

They estimate that 40 wains of weirwood and 80 crowns of labour costs would be sufficient to significantly reinforce the Broch. This would have an immediate positive effect for every Navarr steading in Brocéliande. In addition to added security, it would split a bounty of 75 doses of Bladeroot between every personal resource operated by a Navarr character in Brocéliande except for fleets and military units, as if it were a unique great work. This valuable herb is not only used in a variety of useful potions, it is vital to the treatment of the green lung infection so prevalent among Navarr who risk living within a vallorn miasma.

In addition, the Broch would become a permanent location for vigilant Imperial citizens to keep an eye on the vallorn and on the entire territory of Brocéliande - potentially providing additional warning about any future attempts to rouse the vallorn here by groups such as the Heirs of Terunael or the Children of Yaw'nagrah. It would function like a spy network - creating an option to scout Brocéliande on the scout an area dropdown - but without the need for continued upkeep from the Senate.

The first order of business would be to scout the territory again and get a more up-to-date sense for the state of the vallorn following Yaw'nagrah and the Heirs' attempts to cause it to expand, as well as ensuring that there are no nasty surprises left behind by the Druj in Boar's Dell.

Finally, in the event that the vallorn were driven from Black Boughs, the Broch would be an ideal location to build a fortification to safeguard Brocéliande and the eastern approach to Casinea alike.

Limited Opportunity
This opportunity is available in the immediate aftermath of the success against the vallorn. As such, if the Senate chooses not to commission this project during the Autumn Equinox the opportunity to do so would be lost.

Colours of Dawn.jpg
Close bonds bind the people of Rucastle and Greenstead together.

The Walls of Greenstead

  • Along with their Navarr allies, the Dawnish nobles of Rucastle present a proposal to fortify Greenstead as a gathering place for adventurers.
  • The fortification would require 40 white granite, 20 weirwood, 120 crowns, and take nine months to complete.
  • When complete the fortification would provide additional benefits, including supporting questing in Brocéliande and rewarding Dawnish military units committed to fight the vallorn.

Boar's Dell, the northernmost region of Brocéliande, is the site of Greenstead, a stone-walled steading built with support from the Navarr's Dawnish neighbours at Rucastle. It is often assaulted, but with Dawnish support it has always held. It is a symbol of the strong bond between the people of the two settlements. During the recent attacks by the vallorn, the courageous commitment of the knights of Dawn ensured that while the settlement was attacked more than once, it was never breached. Serving as a base of operations for Dawnish knights-errant and questing knights keen to explore the Barrens, the nobles of Rucastle and their allies are keen to help their Navarr cousins make the place even more appealing as a place from which to seek glory.

With that in mind, they have suggested that what Greenstead really needs is a proper Dawnish castle - not only to improve protection of the steading but also serve as a beacon to adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves. A set of plans have even been drawn up, combining traditional Navarr architecture with the unique style of the people of Rucastle. Part temple of the Way, part fortress, their proposal involves a squat stone keep, a moat of spikes, a killing ground perfect for showering volley after volley of withering arrowfire on any vallornspawn or orc that dares to threaten the people of Greenstead - and more importantly a grand trophy chamber and feasting hall to celebrate successful hunts into the vallorn-controlled regions.

Their proposal would cost 40 white granite and 20 weirwood, with labour costs of 120 crowns and have an upkeep of ten thrones (as with any other fortification). It would take nine months to complete the fortification of Greenstead with the enthusiastic assistance of the nobles and yeofolk of Rucastle.

Once it was complete the newly fortified Greenstead would provide two additional benefits above and beyond the normal defensive capabilities of a fortification

Firstly, it would create a new opportunity on the Independent action drop-down for anyone with a military unit called "Brocéliande Questing". This action would represent seeking adventure and danger in the depths of the vallorn of Brocéliande. A military unit assigned to the action would not only receive the gratitude of the people of Greenstead in the form of herbs, but the approval of the nobles of Rucastle in the form of ingots of metal. They would also be able to recover interesting items from the vallorn area, which could be sold for money. A standard military unit taking this action would expect to receive 3 Crowns, 4 random ingots, and 4 random herbs each season with an upgraded or enchanted military unit receiving commensurately more.

Secondly, as long as there was any vallorn in Brocéliande, and the people of Navarr and Dawn remained friendly, any Dawnish military unit assigned to military action against the vallorn whether that were defending the territory against an incursion or seeking to clear the vallorn from a region would receive an additional 4 random ingots payment.

Limited Opportunity
This opportunity builds on the mandate originally supported by the Dawn national assembly to focus aid in Brocéliande. If it is not acted on before the start of the Winter Solstice it will not be available unless the Dawn Assembly are able to convince their nation that supporting it is a virtuous course of action and even then the lingering effects of the mandate of Bartimeus are likely to make encouraging it difficult.

The Gardens of Eleri

  • Highborn and Great Forest Orc herbalists propose the construction of Houses of Healing in Elerael.
  • The Houses would require 25 wains of weirwood, 50 crowns, and take three months to complete.
  • They would serve as a ministry providing healing potions, and also help to mitigate the effects on armies of fighting in vallorn miasma.
  • The commission is contingent on a statement of principle condemning the use of Druj allies against the vallorn.
Total Money SpentHighborn Potions
7 crowns2 Sovereign Specific, 1 Elixir Vitae
17 crowns4 Sovereign Specific, 2 Elixir Vitae
30 crowns6 Sovereign Specific, 3 Elixir Vitae
Total Money SpentGreat Forest Orc Potions
7 crowns1 each of 1 Anodyne Analgesic, Bloodharrow Philtre, Feverfail Elixir, and Ossean Solution
17 crowns2 each of Anodyne Analgesic, Bloodharrow Philtre, Feverfail Elixir, and Ossean Solution
30 crowns3 each of Anodyne Analgesic, Bloodharrow Philtre, Feverfail Elixir, and Ossean Solution
46 crowns4 each of Anodyne Analgesic, Bloodharrow Philtre, Feverfail Elixir, and Ossean Solution

Both the Highborn and the Great Forest Orcs who supported the Navarr in the defence of their home were primarily based in Elerael, around Eleri's Stead. The steading itself was overrun by the Druj following the fall of Reikos, but eventually recovered by the brave action of the Black Thorns who dove through Dark Ranging itself with the aid of the Barrens Orcs to ensure the vacated region did not fall to the vallorn. During the recent battle to slow the vallorn, Eleri's Stead served as a major base of operations for the southern defenders. Friendships were forged that will endure even though the immediate threat of the vallorn is in decline - for the moment.

Some of those who came to Elerael to help their Navarr neighbours - a Highborn physic named Simon of Haros and a Great Forest Orc herbalist named Ulla Redstaff - have presented a proposal to the leaders of the steading. They believe that while force of arms is important in the fight against the vallorn (or to defend the homes of the Navarr in Brocéliande), not only weapons but healing herbs will be in great demand. The Navarr have many herbs of their own, but not every Navarr knows how to use them to heal their fellows. With that in mind, they propose that their people - Highborn healers and Great Forest Apothecaries - might work with their Navarr opposite numbers to provide the people of Brocéliande with the potions that will help them in their quest to destroy the vallorn.

Grim Highborn.jpg
The Highborn of Reikos know what it is like to have their homes threatened.

In addition to these benefits, the Houses of Healing would also serve as a hospital. The Navarr have centuries of experience dealing with patients exposed to the malice of the vallorn, and from the safety of Eleri's Stead they could put their skills to work offering support and sanctuary to those suffering from otherwise untreatable wounds. This would reduce the threat to armies fighting within the vallorn miasma - rather than doubling the number of casualties taken the influence of the miasma would increase then by three-quarters. The Houses of Healing would also provide an opportunity for the Navarr to share their knowledge of dealing with the vallorn with other healers - especially the physicks of Highguard and the Great Forest - in thanks for their aid both here and during the recent vallorn encroachment.

The Houses would provide a hospital, as well as a place for those wishing to support the Navarr of Brocéliande to deliver supplies. They would require a Senate motion (or the use of an Imperial Wayleave), require 25 wains of weirwood, 50 crowns in labour costs, and three months to complete. At the end of that time it would create an Imperial title - perhaps the Hand of Eleri - who would oversee the steading and work with Highborn and Great Forest Orc herbalists to provide healing potions and other supplies as long as relations between the three people remained cordial.

However there is one fly in the ointment. These proposals were first mooted before the news that the Navarr had received the aid of the Druj in northern Brocéliande reached those fighting in Elerael. Simon of Haros lost his entire family to the Druj in the fall of Reikos, and Ulla Redstaff likewise suffered greatly when her people were forced to flee the Barrens. They are not leaping to conclusions, but they have made their concerns apparent. Before they will offer their aid, and encourage other healers and apothecaries to contribute their time and skill to the defenders of Brocéliande, they ask that the Navarr national assembly make a clearly worded statement of principle denouncing the decision to accept the aid of the Druj and calling for those involved to be investigated and punished by the Synod.

Actions have consequences; those who made allies of the Druj must face the repercussions for their actions. We urge those responsible for securing this alliance to deliver themselves for judgement by the Synod, and we ask the Conclave to condemn the alliance between the eternal Arhallogen and the orcs of the Mallum

Statement of Principle (Suggested Wording), Navarr National Assembly

If such a statement is raised, then Simon and Ulla will raise support among their fellows to help support the proposed Houses of Healing. If not, they will withdraw their offer and the Houses of Healing will provide neither potions nor benefits when fighting the vallorn.

Limited Opportunity
The statement of principle must be raised during the Autumn Equinox or else Simon and Ulla will withdraw their support and the commission will not be viable. The Houses of Healing would need to be commissioned by the end of the Winter Solstice.

As of Summer 384YE, this opportunity is no longer available.

Other Concerns

  • Brocéliande is under the effect of Wither the Seed: you can learn more about this here.
  • There is a wider threat to the Navarr nation which you can learn about here.

While Brocéliande is (relatively) peaceful, this is a busy season for the Navarr and for Imperial citizens opposed to the vallorn. Additional events of note are covered in two other Winds of Fortune.

One concerns the effect of a potent Winter magic curse with tragic long-term effects that hangs over Brocéliande and Liathaven, and can be found here.

The other concerns a wider threat to the entire Navarr nation and can be found here.