"The Prince of Shikal, The Metal-Born, Mistress of the All-Forge and Sovereign Queen of the City of Smoke and Brass sends-"

"One moment!" Tertia interrupted the tall metal herald holding her right hand up while she frantically scribbled with the left. "Sovereign Queen of the City of Brass... Go on..."

"Smoke and Brass."

"Yes. Yes. Go on."

"Smoke and Brass."

Tertia sighed to herself. She dipped her quill in the ink, put two neat lines through the last word she'd written and wrote Smoke and Brass in its place. "Smoke and Brass." she conceded. "Please continue."

"-sends greetings to the illustrious Edmundo of Damakan's forge, Master Magician of the Realm of Sand, Pillar of the Concordium of Pallas, and Esteemed Member of the Golden Pyramid."

"the Who?" The reference to the Realm of Sand had completely thrown her and she'd lost track of the rest of what it had said at the start. The creature patiently repeated his introduction by which time the ring had dropped. "Oh the Archmage. Right. Yes." It didn't work - the herald tersely insisted that she write the whole thing down.

Tertia sighed again but she did as she was asked, faithfully copying the rest of the message down. You never knew these things were going to be important.

Amber Lions

  • Estavus is offering double the normal reward for any purse of pure ambergelt traded with the eternal using Before the Throne of Estavus

Heralds of the eternal Estavus have spoken to the civil servants who support the Conclave, asking them to inform the magicians of the Empire that their master, the Bronze Artisan, is looking to acquire ambergelt for use in the construction of two amber lions. Each lion requires more a thousand measures of ambergelt, the Forgremistress is impatient to complete the work, but lacks sufficient ambergelt to complete the pieces.

To satisfy her needs, she has made it easier to send ambergelt to her using the ritual Before the Throne of Estavus. This ritual will normally allow five ingots or measures to be exchanged for one pouch of warm ashes. For the duration of the next summit, the casters will be able to exchange twice as much ambergelt for warm ashes whenever they perform the ritual. At the basic magnitude, this will allow ten measures of ambergelt to be exchanged for two pouches of warm ashes; for every two additional magnitude another ten measures can be exchanged for two pouches of warm ashes. When used in this fashion, the ritual may only target measures of ambergelt.

Provided that Estavus gains more than 100 measures of ambergelt in this fashion, the at the Summer Solstice she will offer an additional reward to the Empire. If that happens, she will provide some of her constructs to help defend the Empire for a season. For every 50 measures of ambergelt she receives she will provide a single construct; each bronze guardian has an effective military strength of 50. Control of the constructs will be given to whichever character provides the most ambergelt in a single casting of the ritual..

The only proviso on this reward, is that the constructs may only be set to defend a location, they may not be used to attack. They could support any Imperial army that was taking a defensive action, support a fortification, or take an independent action provided it was defensive in nature.

The Revelry

  • The Revelry is a rank two military unit comprised of former bandits operating out of Holberg
  • Some of their number are coming to Anvil on Saturday to find a new patron

With the liberation of Holberg in Spring 379YE, the Military Council were offered a number of spoils of war native to the territory to award to those they saw fit. The Revelry went to Andrea von Holberg, later general of the Towerjacks. After the death of their leader, the Revelry turned back to the forests of Misericorde, fighting the groups of bandits that still infested the woods, and recruiting others back into the arms of the Empire.

Since they have returned from their self-imposed exile they have served as caravan guards, and as protection for certain merchant princes. Erika von Holberg, a veteran since the times of Graffler, is coming to Anvil to speak to those in guilds and free companies based in Holberg, in search of a new patron for their force. Erika intends to report to whichever egregore of the League they find first.

Unseen Hand

  • Rodrigo von Mestra has acquired an invite to a game of cards hosted by Prospero during the Autumn Equinox
  • He intends to visit Anvil at 10 o'clock on Friday to teach people the game
"Threadweaver is a game of skill where the winner doesn't necessarily win and where a loser can still come away with exactly what they want" Rodrigo could tell that the muscled bravo wasn't quite into this idea, most bravos are more interested in winning, he realised.

"Ok, Threadweaver is a game where you know exactly what the person you're offering you is going to give you, if you win. Unless they win, or unless somebody else wins". Again, that look of distant confusion.

Rodrigo let out a quiet sigh. "Look, let's just try a practice round first..."

Threadweaver is a card game where the rules come direct from the Autumn realm. Rodrigo von Mestra knows the rules, or at least claims to, and wants to spread that knowledge throughout Anvil. He also has an invite to the Golden Prince's game which he won, as he tells it, from a foolish autumn herald that wouldn't stop playing.

Rodrigo von Mestra has made it clear, on his journey to Anvil, that he's willing to put his invite on the line in games but that nobody has beaten him yet. Rodrigo will arrive in Anvil at around ten o'clock on the first night of the summit, heading straight to the League camp, informing the egregore once they arrive, and will lead any number of people through the game as wish to try it. He does caution those he plays against however that they should know where their loyalties lie, when they're playing this game. One wrong move, not even on your own part, and your favour could belong to your worst enemy.

Deeds to the Sweetroot Bakery

  • This rank two business will be available for purchase on the Bourse public auction; 7 o'clock Saturday
  • The owners have fallen on harder times and are looking for a new investor

Sweetroot Bakery is often described by its regulars as small and cozy. However to the rest of Sweetroot Town it is has become nothing more than a rundown, dingy, little market stall. It has a reputation amongst the friars for skimping on licorice on their cakes and even the aldermen and the yeomen agree that their sweetwater isn't left to ferment for long enough. The only reason the bakery used to get enough custom to stay afloat were the grimnir from across the border in Hahnmark, who visited to keep their stocks of sweetwater replenished.

The owner, Thomas Marrowdene, has decided to look the boar in the eye and seek help from outside of town. He has sent word to the civil service with a request to add the piece to the public auction and it is due to go up in the second set of lots, at 7 o'clock on the second day of the summit. The winner of the lot will be able to replace their personal resource with this business.

Arête's Promise

  • A torchbearer has uncovered an old bracelet, in the land around their spire in Redoubt
  • Laurel of Delving will be attending Anvil on Saturday at 8 o'clock
"But Laurel, you've never wanted to be a sentinel before, what has led to this change?" Aurion was worried, her child had always been committed to scholarly pursuits. She had even secretly hoped they would consider joining the civil service as a prognosticator, but now all this talk of martial prowess.

"Look, I'm sorry but I know what I must do. This treasure I have found deserves to be used, it would be a lacking in virtue to leave it unused." Laurel tried to keep their tone even but there was a clear route, to them at least, in achieving their goals.

"It doesn't need to be you though," Aurion tried a different tactic "you could journey to Anvil, talk to the sentinels there, or some of the other?"

Laurel allowed her magical reserves to flow through their nameday gift from Aurion's wife. It did make sense, when you considered it. "Fine, I'll take it to Anvil, but if there is nobody worthy of taking it then I'll use it myself."

Laurel of Delving is a young torchbearer who, during a walk uncovered an old bracelet, found in the region of Willstone. They are certain that it has a history to it, having performed detect magic on it. They wish to speak to any autumn and day ritualists who would be willing to perform Hand of the Maker and Skein of Years on the item. Initial rumours suggest that the bracelet has some direct links to the Lion of Arnet, but further investigation is required.

Laurel of Delving intends to arrive at the Anvil summit at eight hours past noon on the second day of the summit. They will head to Urizen, to seek council with the egregore first and will ask to be directed to converse with a collection of autumn ritualists, sentinels, and day ritualists.

A Song for the Asking

  • A herald of Lashonar seeks new songs or music from the High Bard of the Empire

The Dream-Singer is believed to be a notable herald of Lashonar, but with a particular interest in music, and creativity. There are some claims that it has sometimes encouraged Imperial citizens to idolatry, but it is fairer to say that it cultivates a personal relationship with members of the Empire for whom it has occasionally served as a muse. It is known to grant bright and lucid dreams as a boon that can grant the recipient a bout of energetic creativity. Its Imperial name is taken from an old Terunael poem which described hearing its song as if it were a waking dream. Its relationship to Lashonar is not known for sure, but it is believed to be a minor servant of some sort.

The creature has approached the civil service to ask them to communicate a message to the High Bard of the Empire. It seeks to encourage the creation of new music and songs and hopes that the High Bard will help with this endeavour. It asks the High Bard to send a copy of the best piece of new music that they hear that season at Anvil. If they do, then the Dream-Singer will send a small reward, a draught of Lashonar's Tears, for each piece of new music it receives over the course of this year. If the High Bard is able to send one piece of music each season, then the Dream-Singer will reward them with a Vial of Hope's Dreaming.

Lashonar's Tears are a rare boon granted by the eternal, they take the form of a potion that grants the drinker +3 ritual ranks (limited by their innate mastery) to the next performance of Mantle of the Golden Orator. There is no mention anywhere in the Conclave's records of Hope's Dreaming, nobody has the faintest idea what that does.

Provided Lashonar does not have enmity, the Dream-Singer will visit the High Bard one week after each summit, to collect the music and deliver the draught. (The occupant of the title should email plot@profounddecisions.co.uk with the music or song they haven chosen after each of the next four events if they wish to participate).