Renewed Strength of the New DayRemoves the weakness condition.2
Tenacity of JotraGrants a rank of fortitude for a season.2
Hammer of ThunderGrants one IMPALE each day for a season with a two-handed weapon.3
Strength of the BullGrants one rank of endurance for a season.3
Swan's Cruel WingGrants one CLEAVE each day for a season with any weapon.3
Swift Leaping HareGrants one STRIKEDOWN each day for a season with a pole-arm.3
Strong Ox, Golden SunReplaces Blessing of New Spring with enhanced production for a farm for two seasons.4
Clad in Golden RaimentIncreases fighting force of a small military unit by one level while assisting a campaign army.5
Stout Resolve of the UnyieldingSuppresses the effects of a traumatic wound until end of battle.5
Crimson Ward of Summer StarsGrants two ranks of endurance while in mage armour for a season.8
From the Mouths of BabesAllows a spoken message to be sent to the eternal Meraud.8 (special)
Unbreakable Spirit, Unbreakable BladesGrants ability to mend a weapon, implement, or shield once a day for a season.8
Vigour of YouthGrants three ranks of fortitude for a season.9
Chasuble of MajestyGrants a priest the power to strengthen a ceremony with extra liao for a season.10
Sutannir's PromiseGrants the ability to restore hero points to a group while in an area consecrated to Courage once each day for a season.10
The Sound of DrumsGrants two uses of unstoppable each day for a season.11
Delve Deep, Beneath the MountainAdds additional ingots and wealth to the production of a mine for a season.12
Gidyon's RefrainGrants a source of spiritual strength, but only while singing.12
Glorious Crown of EnchantmentGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly empower their allies.14
Splendid Panoply of KnighthoodGrants one rank of endurance to a group for a season.14
Talon of the GryphonGrants the ability to use hero points to call IMPALE with a one-handed spear for a season.15
Champions Shining ResolveGrants two additional hero points for a season.16
Golden VoyageIncreases the level of a fleet by six ranks when engaging in privateering.18
Devastating Maul of Inga TarnGrants the ability to spend a hero point to call SHATTER with a two-handed weapon.20
Noble Mien of the Hawk LordsGrants one rank of Summer lore for a season and additional prowess when performing powerful rituals.20
Raise the Standard of WarGrants a significant increase to the strength of a military unit in campaign battles.20
Mantle of Lordly MightGrants three uses of stay with me or get it together every day for a season.22
Glory to the SovereignGrants two ranks of endurance and 2 uses of CLEAVE each day for a season.24
Lions of Phoenix ReachSummons a military unit of summer warriors by using the power of a mana site.24
Challenge the Iron DukeBinds the eternal Barien to provide a challenge and a reward.30
Unbreakable Behemoth's StrengthGrants five ranks of endurance for a season.36
Might of the MyrmidonGrants weapon master, shield, cleaving strike, mortal blow, mighty strikedown, and thrown skills for a season.40
Golden RampartsSummons servants of the eternal Meraud to defend a fortification.60
Hammers of the Brilliant ShoreRepairs a target fortification.60
Stalwart Stand on Solid GroundPrevents a fortification from being destroyed unless it is reduced to 0 strength.60
Thundering Roar of the Lion-bound HornAllows one use of an area-of-effect MASS REPEL call.60
Frozen Citadel of Cathan CanaeCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in mountainous region in a territory.80
Knights of GlorySummons supernatural troops to enhance a campaign army.120