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The docks of Korotny were expanded by an announcement from Pavel Novak, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave. during the Spring Equinox 384YE, following an opportunity presented during the Winter Equinox of 383YE. Construction was completed shortly before the Summer Solstice 384YE.

The amount of ilium available to purchase was reduced following the rise of the sovereign Dho'uala which saw shipping on the Semmerlak significantly impacted, and ultimately dropped to nothing following a change in the law during the Summer Solstice 385YE.


The Harbourmaster of the Semmerlak is responsible for ensuring good relations with those who offer their weirwood and ilium for trade. If the docks of Korotny were to be threatened in any way, it would be the responsibility of the Harbourmaster to deal with those threats. Likewise, if any particular opportunity were to arise related to the docks, the Harbourmaster would expect to be consulted as to how that opportunity might be resolved.


121 crowns6 wains of weirwood
257 crowns11 wains of weirwood
392 crowns15 wains of weirwood


As a ministry, the Harbourmaster can purchase quantities of weirwood at a set price. The Harbourmaster spends their money and makes their choices during downtime from their character page. Money is removed from, and resources are placed into, the character's inventory when the downtime is processed. When first created, the docks also allowed the Harbourmaster to purchase ilium dredged from the depths of the Semmerlak. A Summer 385YE Senate motion changed the law to make it illegal to take things from the lake in an attempt to placate the sovereign Dho'uala, removing this opportunity..


This title is appointed during the Winter Solstice each year. The Harbourmaster of the Semmerlak is appointed by citizens of Varushka who control mines and forests personal resources. The larger the holder an individual has, the more votes they can allocate in support to a candidate. The voting is handled by the civil servants in the Bourse.

Only a Varushkan citizen may hold the title. They do not receive a seat on the Bourse. As a title appointed through the Bourse they cannot be revoked by the Imperial Synod.

Docks at Korotny

Of all the nations in the Empire, Varushka is by far the richest in terms of natural resources with deep seams of valuable metals and vast forests of high quality timber. The bustling port of Korotny, situated in the east of Karov, lies on the north-western shores of the Semmerlak, where it benefits from substantial trade with Dawn and Holberg. For a long time, only the ever present threat of the Thule held its ambitions in check.

The local boyars waited with interest to see how the Dawnish would respond to an opportunity to build the Star Metal Market in Lacre. These wealthy Varushkans had grown rich from the lake-trade and welcomed the prospect of new markets opening up but they were also quick to seize the chance when the Dawnish opted not to pursue the market themselves. Under the leadership of Oksana Lyava Pinavora, they swiftly they put forward an alternative plan that lead to the docks being expanded in Spring 384YE.

The old docks were expanded and modernized, and new warehouses were built. In addition to creating a place for Varushkan woodcutters, and for lumberjacks from Weirwater to sell their weirwood, the docks became the natural place to sell any ilium found in the Semmerlak.

Triska Markova, Harbourmaster of the Semmerlak
Winter Solstice 385YETriska Markova132 Votes
Winter Solstice 384YETriska Markova103 Votes
Summer Solstice 384YETriska Markova196 Votes

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Triska Markova; it will be reelected at Winter Solstice 386YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

The Title in Play

The role does not provide additional information about events in the Empire, nor allow the player holding it to request special reports or downtime actions. These details are assumed to be below the abstraction layer. The title holder is encouraged to create their own stories about their activities within reasonable limits and to get involved in events appropriate to their title during the game, but they do not have any powers beyond those explicitly listed in the section on powers.

These details exist partly to provide context and character to the role - and partly to allow our writers to use the title as a plot hook. Plot that involves the position will be rare - but all the campaign positions in Empire have these details to create the potential for it to happen.