• Imperial treasury during this season announced by the Civil Service at TBC.
  • The following has been donated to the Imperial treasury:







Administrative Motions Arising

  • During their first session the Senate will appoint the first Sumaah ambassador.
  • The Brilliant Shore was a Wintermark national Bourse resource. Now that Skarsind is an Imperial Orcs territory, the Brilliant Shore automatically becomes an Imperial orc national bourse seat. However, the seat is currently held by the Steinr Joakim. This is a unique position that has not arisen before and the civil service is looking to the Senate for advice on how to proceed. Should the seat be re-appointed by the Imperial orcs during the Winter Solstice, or should it remain with Joakim until next time it would normally arise for re-appointment (Summer 380YE, or the death of Joakim whichever comes first).