• Imperial treasury during this season announced by the Civil Service at 1514 Thrones and 4 Crowns.
  • 75 Thrones were returned to the treasury by Hengest Dun as the motion the funds were received for has expired.
  • 10 Thrones were contributed to the treasury by Hengest Dun to cover the costs to dispatch prospectors to the Pride of Ikka's Tears.
  • 30 Thrones were domated to the Senate treasury by Thanmir Hrafnar
  • 60 Thrones were donated to the Senate treasury by Imperatrix Lisabetta von Holberg


This administrative motion was raised as the first order of business at the first Senate session on Friday.







  • Hand of the Chancellor was exercised by Imperatrix Lisabetta to the amount of 504 Thrones and 4 Crowns.
  • The Quartermaster General announced that the Imperial Guerdon for Spring 382 is to go to the following armies: The Wolves of War, The Fire of the South, the Bloodcloaks, and the Tusks.
  • The intention to address the Empire was announced by Imperatrix Lisabetta, but was later withdrawn.
  • Research into anomalous conjunctions, particularly the last conjunction of Empress Britta was announced by the Minister of Historical Research.
  • Research into the past Life of Adelina Barossa was announced by the Minister of Historical Research.


A total of 14 commissions were announced during the Winter Solstice: 9 standard commissions, 3 wayleaves, and 2 under the auspices of Almodin Oktístis.