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Synod Autumn Equinox 384.png
By passing an appropriate judgement, an assembly may appoint a cardinal, veto a Senate motion, change doctrine, or revoke a general.


During the Autumn Equinox 384YE Summit, the Imperial Synod raised 169 judgements.


The following considerations should be borne in mind when bringing judgements before the Imperial Synod during the Summer Solstice.

  • All Assemblies: Statements that prioritise the greater good over personal loyalties are less effective. This is permanent effect of the Eyes of Loyalty.
  • All Assemblies: Statements that try to compel Loyalty will fail. This is permanent effect of the Eyes of Loyalty.
  • All Assemblies: Revocations and Excommunications for disloyalty to the nation or Empire would risk causing dissent. This is permanent effect of the Eyes of Loyalty.
  • All Assemblies: Any mandate that does not pass with a greater majority will have limited or no effect on Urizen or Varushka. It is not impossible that a mandate might lead to a response in one of the two nations, but it won't lead to any immediate consequences for the people of the nation. This lasts until some new turn of events changes things. Urizen Link. Varushka Link.
  • All Assemblies: No statement of principle that is about Sulemaine i Taziel will lead to a mandate. Lasts until at least the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE and potentially longer. Link.
  • Virtue Assemblies: Any statement of principle in any virtue assembly will not create a mandate for that virtue assembly. If any mandate does arise, then it will need to be passed by the General Assembly. Lasts until the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE. Link.
  • Highguard and Dawn Assemblies: Statements of principle in either assembly that receive a greater majority may create opportunities in the other assembly. Lasts until the end of the Autumn Equinox 384YE Link.

Change of Doctrine

Judgement 93

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Kennett the Mummer
  • Judgement: The spiritual force of Freedom lends no aid through the passage of death to rebirth, but it does benefit humanity and should not be persecuted in any form.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 134-1832


No veto was sought during the Autumn Equinox 384YE.

Statement of Principle

Judgement 4

  • Assembly: Wisdom
  • Raised By: Aspar
  • Judgement: The Synod were unable to unequivocally endorse the five tenets of Wisdom. If we cannot agree on established wisdom then we must reexamine it. If the Synod cannot or refuse to endorse the fundamental principles of Virtue, then either the mechanisms of the Synod are broken and politics and bureaucracy are held higher than Virtue, or the principles themselves are at fault. Virtue is not immutable. We must change our thoughts and actions based on the evidence available. To do otherwise is to stagnate and risk damaging the virtue of the Synod and the Empire as a whole.
  • Outcome: Upheld 190 to 78

Judgement 7

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Bartimaeus
  • Judgement: The General Assembly recognises Abel, Bursar of Conclave, Zenith Ascendant, as Admiral of the Great Fleet sailing forth to cast down the Aerie of the Slave Lords. A journey of this length, so far into the unknown, will be a battle of logistics as much as it will be a battle of swords. The Bursar is known across Anvil for his Prosperity and administrative acumen. Whether he is chosen as Admiral or not, Abel pledges 60 mana from his personal Prosperity towards the success of this venture. Two mana per fleet captain that pledges to join the raid and enchant their fleet to improve its effectiveness. If you intend to sail to the Aerie, seek out the tent of Zenith Ascendant to claim your share.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1133 to 317, a margin of 816. As this had the largest margin, Abel of Zenith Ascendant has been named the Admiral of the Raid on the Aerie of the Slave Lords.

Judgement 8

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Fintan Nighthaven
  • Judgement: The overuse of primacy should be considered for Abuse of Powers. Primacy is a tool to close judgements when there is demonstrable proof that enough Synod Members have given the issue sufficient consideration. More importantly - it enables Virtuous Acts of the Synod where delays would hinder them. It is not a tool of convenience. Nor is it essential for organised voting by an Assembly. If there is no urgency then there is no need for primacy. Scrutiny allows discussion. It allows those not present to vote. It allows those less confident to object, seek council, or change their vote.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 662 to 774

Judgement 18

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Estella the Wandering Artist
  • Judgement: Highguard is working to pay their debts to repair the damage caused by the Hag Queen's petty schemes, however the fractured relations between our nations still needs to be addressed. I propose that during the Winter Solstice of 384YE that our two nations join to observe the Day of the Dead and Reapertide. Thus starting a new era with a grand celebration of pride and loyalty that will shine across the Empire.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 301 to 86

Judgement 19

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Isaac of the Silent Tide
  • Judgement: The loyalties of our empire shall not waver under the malign influence of the Eternals, least that of the Hag Queen. Highguard and League emerge from the virtuous ordeal of reckoning stronger, as sibling nations. I call upon the people of Highguard to support the plans presented to us last summit by our sibling Estella the Wandering Wayfinder of Holberg. Those plans being that: during the Winter Solstice of 384YE, our two nations join in celebration to mark the historic occasion of the Book of the Dead being hallowed on the Day of the Dead when both our nations remember our fallen. Allow us to share our traditions and remember our dead together. Thus beginning the new chapter of our joined history with clean hands and renewed loyalties.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 550 to 0

Judgement 22

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Galene Netherwatch
  • Judgement: Excommunication is a powerful tool wielded by priests, and must be used carefully. It should only be used with the explicit permission of the Synod, and in extreme emergencies. Any who excommunicate without permission should present themselves immediately to the Imperial Inquisitor or a Virtue Inquisitor so the circumstances can be investigated.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1419 to 363

Judgement 25

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Addam Flowers
  • Judgement: I call for the General Assembly to appoint the Imperial Fleetmaster Ezro i Alvera i Erigo to the position of Raid Admiral against the Aeries of the Slave Lords of Rachensgrab.
  • Outcome: Upheld 529 to 469, margin 60. This is less than Judgement 7, so Ezro i Alvera i Erigo was not named Raid Admiral.

Judgement 27

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Konstantin Rabovich Bolotnikov
  • Judgement: The Synod reaffirms its position from Winter 376YE. Lucidianists and those who follow or teach other aura-averse beliefs within the Way engage in neither heresy nor blasphemy when they reject the use of auras. Provided they do not preach in favour of desecration, their beliefs are not in conflict with doctrine.
  • Outcome: Upheld 919 to 440

Judgement 29

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Genoveva Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: For too long, orcs of the Empire have been limited to citizenship in a single nation regardless of their values, ideals, or inclinations. The thoughtful magical scholar and the heroic warrior alike are forced to build their identity solely on their shared heritage of oppression and liberation, while human citizens have the luxury of changing Nation to fit their outlook and circumstances. How can we demand that foreigners bring orcs fully into their nations if we can't do the same? We should preserve the Imperial Orcs' nation and territory, but offer the ability to join any Imperial Nation, if that is their wish. Whether Imperial Orcs, Sand Fishers, or any who may in future become Imperial citizens - if they value competition, rules, and loyalty, we will welcome them as citizens of the League. If they understand that everything has a cost, and everything is on show, we welcome them. Be they orc or human, let the audacious, the clever, and the cunning, they should be welcomed into the League.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 292 to 25. Closed early at request of raising priest

Judgement 32

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Alfredo Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: The pen that was used to sign the Liberty Pact spontaneously developed a Hallowing of the False Virtue of Anarchy. For an object of such historical weight to hold a blasphemous aura is an affront to Empire and its allies and to the Way itself. Genoveva Barossa di Tassato was awarded a dose of True Liao by the Gatekeepers last summit, which she will use to perform a Hallowing on the pen. This will replace the blasphemous aura with one of Pride. We applaud and endorse this decision, recognising that it is made in Virtue. The ceremony will be conducted in the Senate building at 3.30pm on Saturday this summit.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1225 to 302

Judgement 33

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Azir i Shartha i Riqueza
  • Judgement: Esteban i DelRio Blanco i Guerra, legendary corsai,r worked with Vigilance during his tenure as Imperial Fleetmaster. He would be an ideal admiral for the raid against the slavers of the Rachensgrab.
  • Outcome: Withdrawn by raising priest.

Judgement 36

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Ilhelm
  • Judgement: The Priests of Wintermark respect the traditions of our nation and encourage others to respect them too. Specifically the role mystics play in choosing the champion of the Mark. Should it be made an Imperial title the mystics should still choose the bearer. The Stormcrows will not choose the champion of the Mark.
  • Outcome: Upheld 287 to 12

Judgement 37

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Tabris, Son of Armisael
  • Judgement: Ever since the First Empress passed the Test of Mettle set by King Rodric of Astolat, the nations of Dawn and Highguard have shared a certain friendship and understanding. When the Grey Pilgrims first set out on the trods and began to encourage those they meet to question their beliefs and the beliefs of those who preach to them, it was only fitting that the Dawnish respond in kind. As the shared closeness of our National Assemblies comes to an end, the direct result of the camaraderie of our itinerant priests, we the people of Highguard thank our Dawnish cousins for their Virtue, and anticipate even greater cooperation in the future, as we continue our campaigns to exterminate the Druj and liberate those who are cruelly oppressed by them.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 530 to 12

Judgement 38

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Mael Donjeon of House Remys
  • Judgement: Ever since the First Empress passed the Test of Mettle set by King Rodric of Astolat the nations of Dawn and Highguard have shared a certain friendship and understanding. When the Grey Pilgrims first set out on the trods and began to encourage those they meet to question their beliefs and the beliefs of those who preach to them, it was only fitting that the Dawnish respond in kind. As the shared closeness of our National Assemblies comes to an end, the direct result of the camaraderie of our itinerant priests, we the people of Dawn thank our Highborn cousins for their Virtue and anticipate even greater cooperation in the future as we continue our campaigns to exterminate the Druj and liberate those who are cruelly oppressed by them.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 262 to 0

Judgement 39

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Mercia Chainbreaker
  • Judgement: Vote Emilio Ventura for Raid Admiral to lead the attack on the slave lords of Rachensgrab. He is building an international army and fleet to commit to the assault.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 314 to 625

Judgement 42

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Rocio i Fijadoz i Guerra
  • Judgement: The Thule have just outlawed slavery in their nation. This is an immense step in Virtue and should be encouraged. They have done this because they want our help, because they are in danger from the Jotun. We the Freeborn Assembly believe that it is more Virtuous to reward them for their Virtue and provide that aid, than it is to travel to Kahraman to kill wounded Lasambrians.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 174 to 0

Judgement 43

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Redhand Nirak
  • Judgement: In Sermersuaq, between the Winter Solstice of 382YE and Spring Equinox 383YE many Imperials fought atop the Atkonartoq lake. During this daring assault on the Jotun lines the frozen lake sheared under their feet. The local hylje saved as many humans as they could but couldn't tell Jotun from Imperial Orc. Now with Sermersuaq reclaimed we ask the hylje to recover the bodies and items of worth from the bottom of the Atkonartoq and return them to us so that we may honour them properly. After speaking with the Mediator of Hyljehal, Raal Dunn, I come to understand the hylje to be a deeply practical people who will have trouble knowing what items of worth are. I offer myself to work alongside Raal Dunn to help them understand what items of worth mean to us and help recover them. For the Jotun bodies and items of Worth I ask, if the Jotun desire it, we recover them and return them as a sign of mutual respect.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1442 to 29

Judgement 45

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra
  • Judgement: We appoint Rahmah i Darwiss i Erigo as raid admiral for Rachensgrab. Incredibly organised and proactive in himself, he is joined by other capable individuals such as the previous and current fleetmaster to enact a united virtuous vision. May he and they lead the Empire to great things.
  • Outcome: Upheld 627 to 426, margin 201. This is less than Judgement 7, so Rahmah i Darwiss i Erigo was not named Raid Admiral.

Judgement 46

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: "Shacklebreaker" Thanmir Hrafnar
  • Judgement: Since seizing their own liberation, orc citizens have been formed together into a nation based on a shared history of oppression, liberation, and loyalty. But as with their human counterparts not all orcs share this same history and culture. Whilst preserving the Imperial Orc nation and homeland we should offer all persons that wish it, whether Imperial or otherwise, the opportunity to join any Imperial nation. Wintermark is home to three traditions bound in heroism and resilience. No hero should find themselves unwelcome, whether human, orc, hylje, or daeva. All who share and reflect our nations beliefs and culture are welcome to find their place in the Mark.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 326 to 0.

Judgement 52

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Maximillian of Ankarien
  • Judgement: Navarr seeks to construct a true great library to assemble the collection of lore to defeat the vallorn that has over been established. Other nations may have more armies or richer lands, but Urizen scholarship is second to none. We call upon our researchers to contribute to this great work as a demonstration of our Pride.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 248 to 0

Judgement 54

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Herminius
  • Judgement: Seek out opportunities to create new national bourse seats. Be they through trade or prospecting, let virtue guide you in this endeavour. If you have a lead let others know, don't be shy, help the nations become more prosperous.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1445 to 370

Judgement 60

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lady Eleanor Novarion
  • Judgement: The Free Folk's beliefs and practices are heterodox but do not contradict doctrine. They are not idolaters, blasphemers, nor heretics. They refer to potential paragons as "the Divine Family" but do not believe them to be gods. It is merely a turn of phrase. The Imperial Way is evidence based, can withstand debate, and has evolves as a result. The spontaneous hallowing to Pride of the effigy of one they consider a potential paragon cannot be ignored! They bring to us people who could be paragons and have asked the Synod to help assess the signs. We should do this! Better to encourage free dialogue and trust structures of state to deal with individuals who break the law, than silence an entire people without understanding their beliefs.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1659 to 193

Judgement 64

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Viviane de Coeurdefer
  • Judgement: The Empire recognises the Sumaah Republic's Way of Virtue as equal to ours, but separate. There are many paths, and one ascension we will achieve. Over the generations, both our churches will work to amass evidence of the effectiveness of our separate paths. Souls will be saved by both our efforts. Through this experiment, both the Empire and Sumaah will understand the Way better.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1589 to 294

Judgement 67

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Claude Cutter
  • Judgement: We should create the position of Witness of the Conclave, empowered to inquisit Conclave titleholders, and to bring their deeds to light. This position mirrors that of the Auditor for Senatorial Accountability, the Basilisk of the Bourse, and the Chaplain Consular. Conclave does not currently have this kind of scrutiny. Conclave itself has already voted in support of the creation of this position. Synod should vote in support of this statement to encourage Senate to create it as a position.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1998 to 68

Judgement 68

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Immeldar i Ezmara i Erigo
  • Judgement: We thank the prosperous citizens of Redoubt, Therunin, and Astolat who have responded to the guidance of Darian Numbers. We feel there is more work to be done by the Cardinal of Prosperity and urge the prosperous citizens of the Empire to heed their words for another year so that the prosperous work which originates from "No Coin Unspent" can continue.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1271 to 191

Judgement 69

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Teleri Thornweaver
  • Judgement: Dignity, freedom, prosperity, and loyalty are cornerstones of the Empires constitution. The freedom to display and act on ones loyalty is key. Mandates that punish instead of encouraging and rewarding various loyalties should be discouraged.
  • Outcome: Upheld 425 to 15

Judgement 70

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Silas of the Cenotaph
  • Judgement: To elect Xenia of the Seaglass Tide Admiral. They have, without exception, attended and gathered support for any opportunity against the horrific and unvirtuous business of slavery. They continue currently in this vein and only demand the job get done. Let virtue guide.
  • Outcome: Not upheld 95 to 257.

Judgement 71

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Vauraus Korppitkotka
  • Judgement: The Great Library of Hacynian will provide the means to destroy the Vallorn. This is an ambition that the whole Empire supports. Inspiring every citizen (mandate 15) will help provide the materials needed, but take many seasons and will hurt the prosperity of the nations who would hold bourse ministries and continue to take those materials even when the library has everything it needs, continuing to hurt those nations prosperity. Instead, we urge all Imperial citizens with access to the bourse, ministries, or personal resources to offer those materials to the Advisor of Vallorn affairs at a virtuous price. Let us show our loyalty, share our own prosperity, demonstrate our ambition and pride to help end the Vallorn forever.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1311 to 330

Judgement 78

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Heilyn Bronwen's Rest
  • Judgement: Prosperous actions are those which enrich not just ourselves but also those around us. When dealing with others, a prosperous exchange is one where you consider how your actions will raise up both yourself and those who you deal with.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1491 to 96.

Judgement 79

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Erasmo di Tassato
  • Judgement: The League does not need to take territory from our allies to expand. We welcome competition with Seren, Meade, Siroc, and Kalpaheim as they strive to match Tassato, Sarvos, Temeschwar, and Holberg. Let us turn our eyes to the large settlements of our enemies, and declare our ambition to liberate Leen and Kierheim to expand the League.
  • Outcome: Upheld 236 to 0

Judgement 80

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Telyn Stormtree
  • Judgement: Feion Essa does not exist. The underwater Vallorn was conceived as a work of fiction. The fiction book about Feion Essa has been located and may be borrowed from Silk Splinterspear, who can chat about it. We the Navarr Assembly advise against any further research into this mythology.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 242 to 0

Judgement 82

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Sufyan i Zuhri i Erigo
  • Judgement: It is understand that Loyalty cannot be compelled or demanded. However, Loyalty does call for the unity of words and deeds, asking that those who declare their Loyalty follow through on their words. Every Imperial citizen has sworn an oath to their nation's egregore to be loyal to their nation, and to uphold their nation's culture and customs. Therefore, Loyalty demands that their deeds are in unison with this oath of loyalty. To have taken this oath and not act in accordance in unvirtuous. It is within the Loyalty Assembly's power to demand adherence to one's oath.
  • Outcome: Upheld 306 to 130

Judgement 84

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Claus von Holberg
  • Judgement: We believe in the power of Human Destiny to overcome hardships and external antagonists. We have the Ambition to turn the damage in Holberg to our Prosperity. We instruct Sofia Rebeshi and her players to help us Guard the Forest in the Park and Harvest the Winter Vis from the trees. Let the Park remain Free for Entry, but safe and turned to our ends, and our wealth.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 297 to 30

Judgement 85

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Annalaya i DelToro i Riqueza
  • Judgement: If the "free nation of Bregas" will embrace virtue, and reject the practices of slavery and thralldom then we should be willing to negotiate a treaty with them - securing that border for now while we fight viler threats elsewhere.
  • Outcome: Upheld 433 to 205

Judgement 88

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Lord Colborn Videre
  • Judgement: While Nicovar burned the writings, Dawn's history is kept through song, tapestry, sculpture, and other such great art. Where have these gone? We call on all Houses of Dawn that hold and preserve such heirlooms which tell the history and deeds of Dawn at the time of the Founding, to come forth and present them to the people of Dawn. Let the glorious tales they hold be known, remembered, and sung.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 264 to 0

Judgement 86

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Earl Logan Tallstag
  • Judgement: We the Dawnish national assembly send Ser Owain of House Wolfbourne to act as a liaison between the armies of Dawn and the Synod. We recognise this is not an Imperial position. This is done to maintain vigilance for our actions and to be conducted as a wise act.
  • Outcome: Upheld 232 to 10

Judgement 87

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Ranae de Rondell
  • Judgement: The Judgement and condemnation of Legate Glaucia Herminia was premature. The Marracossians were welcomed by the Synod to our Empire that they might be inspired by Virtue, not punished. Let this not set a precedent - let us give newcomers to our Empire more time, and let us take the time that they might learn from us and that we might understand them.
  • Outcome: Upheld 701 to 147

Judgement 89

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Sagua i Ezmara
  • Judgement: There are many successes across the Empire this season, proof that grand achievements are possible together. As master of the koboldi, I am appreciative of all those who descended into the sinkhole, human and herald alike, to ensure the safety of Imperial citizens in Hahnmark, Miaren, Mournwold, and Temeschwar. Additionally, Gancio di Catazar, Master of the Mint, and House Orzel, who ensured that the materials were available on short notice to complete the statue demanded by conclave. We are fortunate as an Empire to have citizens who will make such efforts to provide materials and allies such as Adamant to provide the labour. We have an Empire to be proud of, and can all make efforts to keep it improving.
  • Outcome: Upheld 266 to 18

Judgement 90

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Saavi Heroes Champion
  • Judgement: We, the Wintermark National Assembly extend our hospitality to the Krampus. We recognise the value of the Krampus to our traditions and culture and what they teach us. We are Proud of this tradition. It is Courageous to seek a Krampus curse, and it teaches great Wisdom. We seek to build the Krampus a new and fitting home, to maintain this tradition and the bonds between us. Until that time, we call upon the halls of Wintermark to offer the Krampus hospitality according to our traditions.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 368 to 212

Judgement 91

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Captain Charge
  • Judgement: DAWN MUST HAVE A QUEEN! While the Empire delays in its selection of the Throne, Dawn need not wait. The title of Queen of Dawn is glorious. We should not let it gather dust. Dawn should have a queen, now. When a sufficiently glorious candidate is elected, to the Throne, then our Queen can stand aside in their favour. There is no constitutional or virtuous argument against it!
  • Outcome: Upheld 190 to 50

Judgement 92

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Zadkiel de Couerdefer
  • Judgement: We refute the eternal Janon's suggestion that Dawn is lacking in passion. We utterly reject the idea of rededicating the cathedral of Laroc to passion. We are passionate in our adherence to the Way.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 280 to 0

Judgement 94

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Sian Eternal
  • Judgement: Thanks to a casting of "Clear Lens of the Eternal River" by Bledri Eternal, we know that Rhonwen's Fall is the location where the Exemplar Thorn first swore an Oath to follow the exemplar Navarr. The Navarr National Assembly recognises this as the first Binding of Thorns, the oath that all who join our nation swear. As such we also recognise Rhonwen's Falls as the location where our nation was first founded and encourage citizens of Navarr to visit this location as an act of pilgrimage.
  • Outcome: Upheld 236 to 14.

Judgement 95

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Mnesarete Unclouded Sky
  • Judgement: This assembly encourages those with clandestine skill sets (especially those associated with evasion and smuggling) who wish to show courage and pursue virtue to present themselves to Bernard Dougdale, Imperial Spymaster, in order to pass on their skills and/or contribute to the liberation and prompt relocation of Asavean slaves.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1260 to 55

Judgement 96

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Tobias Field
  • Judgement: At the Summer Solstice 384, the troubadours of Dawn chose these champions. Of ambition - Katarina Words, the Unbelievably Magical; Of Courage - Lady Claudia Remys; Of Loyalty - Selene; Of Pride - Earl Tamerlaine; Of Prosperity - Vincent Steward of House Larmallevés; Of Vigilance - The Lady du Lac; Of Wisdom - Anduin Castellan; Of Love - Enchantress Morien; Of Glory - Tisserande of Griffinsbain; Of the Way - Claude Cutter. Let their names ring out across Dawn, and inspire all to greatness.
  • Outcome: Upheld 224 to 0

Judgement 97

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Zakal Antigonus Shatterhorn
  • Judgement: The gryphons of the Empire, rare and emblematic beasts, find themselves in danger of extinction. We call upon the Synod to remind any who would slay them, in cases other than protection of life or property, that we should not ignore the virtue in keeping these creatures alive. This statement applies to naturally occurring gryphons and not those from the Summer realm, like the ones sent out to cause mayhem by the eternal Hayaak. Let us not see our gryphons go the way of the horses.
  • Outcome: Upheld 949 to 104

Judgement 98

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Elkiah of the Shattered Tower
  • Judgement: Britta's disused tomb stands as a pilgrims' beacon of Courage. Other Imperial tombs stand similarly disused and should be rebuilt to extol the virtuous dead and encourage virtuous pilgrimage. If one tomb can be assigned to Ambition, Wisdom, Vigilance, Prosperity, Pride, and Loyalty each, Necropolis will become a centre of pilgrimage for all.
  • Outcome: Upheld 412 to 0

Judgement 99

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Enis Splinterspear
  • Judgement: In working with the wider Empire against the vallorn, our bonds of Loyalty are recognised. We acknowledge the Navarr that have taken a vines oath to heal the world of its maladies. We ask the egregores to walk the trods to spread this message.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 260 to 24.

Judgement 100

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Jared of the Suns of Couros
  • Judgement: I, Jared of the Suns of Couros and Lepidean Librarian, invite "the Free Folk" to visit and correspond with the Lepidean University about their inspirational figures. If possible, I will put in a research proposal to look into the Speaker of the Dead - this season or next. Work with us so we may understand their inspiration.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 528 to 18

Judgement 103

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Ser Dindrane
  • Judgement: The Assembly has heard the tales of the Freefolk and finds them persuasive. But wisdom teaches us to test all that we learn. We call for those with further tales and evidence of the Speaker for the Dead to contact Ser Dindrane, Dean of Laroc Cathedral, and the Heirs of Lepidus in Highguard, with a view to recognising the speaker's virtue at the next summit.
  • Outcome: Upheld 312 to 0.

Judgement 105

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Atla
  • Judgement: The Imperial Orcs wish to lead the fleets in the continued eradication of slavery. We call for the general assembly to recognise our nation's role in achieving this goal by appointing Stormcrow Teach as raid admiral.
  • Outcome: Upheld 750 to 349

Judgement 106

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Talys Silvercloud
  • Judgement: The Navarr Assembly call on the fleet owners of Navarr to fight against the vile slavers that would deny others the chance to live virtuously. By removing their free will the slaves are denied the chance to act with virtue.
  • Outcome: Upheld 218 to 10

Judgement 108

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lady Laudine duLac
  • Judgement: The Freefolk's goal to complete a pilgrimage of all the Imperial nations to share their history and struggles is an act of great Ambition and Pride for a people who have so keenly embraced the Way of Virtue. I encourage priests of the Empire to welcome them as they travel and discuss the Way with them.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 2501 to 21

Judgement 109

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: ßten of Ashenhall
  • Judgement: Dagmar of the Lewd Parchments was a symbol of the liberation of Sermersuaq. Loved by many, she fell in the final conjunction before her homeland was reclaimed. Her sacrifices in the pursuit of Ambition and her life's work to retake the Suaq's ancestral lands prove she deserves a place on the Chronicle of Heroes.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 337 to 292

Judgement 110

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Ingrid
  • Judgement: I, Ingrid Seiging, Stormcrow of Vigilance, call upon the Winterfolk living close to our Northern borders to show their Vigilance and cunning to find our Winterfolk brethren recently freed from Thule slavery. May not one of our people be lost. May our Thanes embrace them, our scops uplift them, and our halls warm them. May our grimnir mend them and our crows and mystics guide them home again. May Wintermark welcome its stolen people home.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 354 to 0.

Judgement 111

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Rikke
  • Judgement: The Empire is no stranger to differing views on the Way. If we fail to embrace the Free Folk now, we will lose the chance to both learn from them and teach them. We know that the Free Folk are capable of manifesting auras of virtue. There is much we can learn from them. Our actions toward the Free Folk will show others how we treat those with differing faiths; we must show ourselves willing to communicate. We are ten nations stronger for our differences and our convictions. This is an opportunity, not a threat.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 323 to 0

Judgement 114

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Jericho
  • Judgement: The Highguard national assembly supports the knights of Dawn in their ambition to rescue captives from the Druj in the Barrens.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 384 to 0

Judgement 115

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Eldrick Stofnféa
  • Judgement: That we support and encourage the Kingfishers of Fisk in their ambitions to bring the Winterfolk together with their loyalty to our traditions and hearth magics.
  • Outcome: Upheld 133 to 0

Judgement 116

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato
  • Judgement: The Thule have ended slavery. We commend those who contributed to the Thule treaty, and all who worked tirelessly in the years prior to build this often difficult relationship. Just as Lepidus spoke with his would-be assassins and turned them to his cause, so has our engagement with the Thule been one key component in this victory.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 5 to 3

Judgement 117

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Skywise Tulva
  • Judgement: Appeasers who were eager to pay for land with the blood of slaves should not be celebrated for their cowardice. It is the actions of those who stood against the treaty that should be remembered. Those who condemned the treaty and those who refused to fight alongside slavers are the ones who should be remembered. The message has been heard. Never Again.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 5 to 2

Judgement 118

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Satara i Idoya i Riqueza
  • Judgement: We the Freeborn assembly acknowledge the risk for the virtuous raid on Rachensgrab to draw malign auras of Anarchy to Imperial souls. We ask all citizens, Freeborn or otherwise, who return from the raid marked in any way to seek their priests. These is no shame. There is no judgement. Help us help your souls.
  • Outcome: Upheld 136 to 10

Judgement 119

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Friar John of the Mourn
  • Judgement: The haunted ruins of Overton, Greensward, remain to this day, a terrible reminder of the dread curses the Empire inflicted upon the Mourn. The Church of Honours Rest and its priests labour to send those confused and angry spirits onto their next life through the Labyrinth. A unique enchantment has been put upon the territory this season to grant those poor souls a clarity they have not known since they lost breath. I, Friar John, the Friar of Honour's Rest, incite those across the Empire with the skills to help these temporarily sober souls to my home. Let us seize this opportunity to save these tormented ghosts.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1640 to 0

Judgement 121

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Galeas du Maurisol
  • Judgement: Each Winter Solstice, we of Dawn should honour our fallen with a Festival of Remembrance so that no names are forgotten and no deeds go unsung. Katra Walker is coordinating this and we invite our siblings in Highguard to witness our dead before honouring their own.
  • Outcome: Upheld 172 to 0

Judgement 122

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Vidarr Rune-Bound
  • Judgement: Beodun Snowlock - Warcrow. He who gave his heroic and virtuous life for many. He whose story inspired, his name the rallying cry for the retaking of Ataloq. He whose legacy carries on and is keenly felt within the heart of the Mark and beyond. Truly no other could be so deserving and so his name shall be entered into the Chronicle of Heroes.
  • Outcome: Upheld 244 to 0

Judgement 123

  • Assembly: Courage
  • Raised By: Leonora "Nora" Albertina van Holberg
  • Judgement: We the assembly of Courage raise our voices as one to praise the resolve, bravery, cunning, and tenacity of Matteo Freewolf of Navarr. He single-handedly rescued two Zemressi from behind Grendel lines, meaning a thousand-strong force could aid the evacuation of Feroz. "Ahraz wouldn't leave these people, and neither will I." This is courage embodied. Let it inspire.
  • Outcome: Upheld 194 to 0

Judgement 124

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Vaukahainen Saltfoot
  • Judgement: Wintermark celebrates the liberation of Sermersuaq. This heroic achievement is due to the deeds of many: Iron Osric, Lofyn Bloodcloak, Kindra Edasdottir, Kali Keen-Eye, Gilsea the Provider, and Bronn of Hyrst Hall. These heroes inspire us all.
  • Outcome: Upheld 260 to 0

Judgement 126

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Alessio Sognatore von Temeschwar
  • Judgement: I, Alessio Sognatore von Temeschwar, seek the assistance of any persons, regardless of creed, vocation, or nation, to assist me with establishing an order to discuss the ways we of Anvil can improve the way we mourn our dead before the dead are shipped off home. I am seeking cultural guidance on the matter, and volunteers to later establish an Imperial space.
  • Outcome: Upheld 820 to 192

Judgement 127

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Brother Aemon
  • Judgement: The Highborn invite the Free Folk to come to Highguard to consider our way of life, as a way to pursue virtue, and follow your inspirations. Highborn welcome the Free Folk as we welcomed all the nation of the Empire to the Way of Virtue. Let us together aspire to further our understanding of the Way.
  • Outcome: Upheld 324 to 0

Judgement 128

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Karo di Yedinso
  • Judgement: It is known that priests are out there who don't use their votes. It is also known that priests are out there who don't use their liao. I suggest it would be on the whole virtuous to allow priests the option to convert liao for votes and votes for liao.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 423 to 932

Judgement 130

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Leviticus Cagliostro
  • Judgement: The Golden Causeway, instrumental in reclaiming Ossium, is a wasted resource now that fighting has ceased. We wish to see it opened on a monthly basis to enhance trade. Those with Ambition will bring Prosperity to the Dawnish nation. The nature of this trade links the raw resources of the Forest of Ossium with the polished wares of Dawn. Additionally, this demonstrates the Wisdom of using our existing resources appropriately.
  • Outcome: Upheld 188 to 0

Judgement 132

  • Assembly: Imperial Orc
  • Raised By: Ashborn Pakt
  • Judgement: We the Imperial Orcs, celebrate the actions of the Thule in their abolishment of slavery. The national assembly encourages the citizens of our nation to prepare hospitality and transit opportunity to the freed slaves crossing the northern border. Let us make great effort in helping them find new lives as free independent beings.
  • Outcome: Upheld 22 to 0

Judgement 133

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Sindri of Hraefnhal
  • Judgement: The virtuous of Wintermark commend Cabal Lyktan and Grandmother Sveta of Varushka for their Prosperity and Loyalty towards the Kingfishers of Fisk and all Wintermark in raising the resources for the Nation's Ambition and raise a fourth army with the ritual Hammers of Fury.
  • Outcome: Upheld 231 to 0

Judgement 134

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Tarquinius Ankarien
  • Judgement: The people of Urizen offer thanks to the generals of the Eastern front for helping directly or indirectly to reclaim Zenith. We thank Zoran de Orzel, Tancred de Coeurdefer, Garravaine de Rondell, Vincent Vexille, Dame Aurum de Castellan, Asenath, Cuth, Lucifer, Achseh, Gabriel Barossa, Natalia Barossa, Nicassia Avicia, Pavel Denisovich Patriciu, Jaromir Ostrovyn Kostka, Katia Strascovich, Sigismund Vladislav Kestovia, Alderei the Fair, and Kindra Edasdottir.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 218 to 0

Judgement 136

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Nathair Autumngale
  • Judgement: The motion to push towards the Heart of Terunael could take us deeper into the largest vallorn in the Empire than ever before. Priests who are accompanying this expedition who are able to do so, should take the opportunity to insight and investigate vallornspawn encountered as close to the Heart as possible.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1256 to 23

Judgement 139

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Maja Przewałski
  • Judgement: We call upon all Varushkans to offer hospitality to freed Thule slaves as they walk the path to their new homes.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primaxy 202 to 0

Judgement 141

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Vinras Resnov
  • Judgement: More of our cousins now attend Anvil. Our people should be represented by those who know them best and live amongst them, rather than simply seeking a Senator's lifestyle. We call upon the civil service to assess the viability of a change in our election process to require candidates to live in the territory they represent.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 180 to 0

Judgement 143

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Soratio i DelToro
  • Judgement: The Faraden have ended slavery within their borders - but some of our cousins may still be there as indentured servants. If any bonds of Loyalty bind you to those who remain, reach out and let the Faraden know - invest your prosperity into a free family.
  • Outcome: Upheld 146 to 0

Judgement 145

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Yosephus Morningson
  • Judgement: Last season the Assembly of the Way upheld that citizens are required to give due notice to all seven virtues. This matter is worthy of further discussion so I call on members of the General Assembly to support a symposium next season where I will present the views of the Temple of Balance and the considered opinions of Imperial Theologians will be heard.
  • Outcome: Upheld 764 to 190

Judgement 147

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Trahearne Brittlebone
  • Judgement: We the Navarr National Assembly wish to be proud of the new Cardinal of Pride being one of our nation. However with the events within the final hour of voting, with the withdrawal of half the candidates, we cannot do so until the vote is proved virtuously for him, instead of politically against the other candidate. Virtue over politics always.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 76 to 84

Judgement 150

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Illya Nikovitch Volkov
  • Judgement: Regardless of the outcome of judgement 56, we, the Varushkan national assembly, urge the virtuous to pilgrimage to the inspirational tomb of Zoria to test their wisdom and share their stories of the paragon of Wisdom.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 212 to 0

Judgement 151

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Lenochka
  • Judgement: Wisdom preaches "do not use forty words when four will do." It is unwise therefore for Conclave to last more than three hours. We believe Varushkan mages should encourage brevity.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 192 to 0

Judgement 152

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Radomír Oleksandrovych Dvorak
  • Judgement: We encourage all Varushkans who participate in the raid against the Slave Lords to seek out a priest for insight and religious council on their return from their virtuous endeavours.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 212 to 0

Judgement 154

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Sister Meredith
  • Judgement: The expression of discontent is not unvirtuous. It cannot be assumed that people are acting from the false virtues of hate or vengeance because they have acted in line with tradition.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 112 to 0

Judgement 155

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Bryce Tanner
  • Judgement: Beaters of the Marches! This season the protection of our lands falls to you, as has been the way for as long as beaters have beaten! Our armies defend the lands of our neighbours and do for Zenith as they did for Mournwold. Vigilance will be your greatest ally, to keep you safe as you keep our borders safe - keen eyes, sharp wits, and sharper blades: eyes out, knives out, look twice, shoot once!
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 112 to 0

Judgement 156

  • Assembly: Marches
  • Raised By: Jenny Arbor
  • Judgement: Regarding the casting of Thunderous Deluge the following cast the ritual. Ibiss of Netherwatch, Thalia of Netherwatch, Galene of Netherwatch, Mercurio Ankarien, Aquillian of Urizen, Aspasia of Netherwatch. The following directly facilitated the ritual: Fabienne de Miel and Arsenio Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato. Laelius of the Waxing Sun of Urizen took actions which makes them a person of interest. We remind everyone to act within the law on this matter. Investigations by the magistrates, mages of the Conclave, and priests of the Synod have begun - let us work unhindered so we achieve accurate (??)
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 112 to 0

Judgement 157

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Cynerik
  • Judgement: Wintermark's dead grow restless. Those heroic fallen lay unremarked, their stories unheard. Their bodies do not rest in the marshes. We encourage Wintermark to be proud of our traditions, and demonstrate commitment to our culture with Courage. It is vigilant and wise to heed this warning of our dead. We must show Pride in our traditions. We must demonstrate loyalty to our culture and history. We must ensure their spirits passage to the labyrinth.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 386 to 0

Judgement 158

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Eska Crowspeaker
  • Judgement: Several years ago Rane Sherarding used a dose of true liao to consecrate the swamps of Kallavesa to Pride, allowing us the ability to support an additional army. Now we have retaken Sermersuaq we believe it is our virtuous duty to raise this. We, the Wintermark National Assembly, state our intention to raise a fourth army, born from and celebrating the traditions of the Suaq people.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 386 to 0

Judgement 160

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Maarit Suvidottir
  • Judgement: We the national assembly recognise the series of tragedies that have befallen Sermersuaq. War, destruction, meddling eternals, questions of their virtues, and the challenging of their skeins. In loyalty to our fellows we call upon the scops, mystics, and stormcrows of the Mark to help them reweave their skeins with the nation. The Suaq are one of the three people.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 386 to 0

Judgement 161

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Artis Greyholm
  • Judgement: Kallavesi! Our enemies, the Jotun, are preparing to attack from the west, into the Kallavesi marshes! Be vigilant and wise! Sharpen your axes, stock your food, and reinforce your homes! The hall of Greyholm offers itself to be the centre of this organisation of defence! Be prepared to DEFEND your home with PRIDE!
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 386 to 0

Judgement 163

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Gaelen Embercast
  • Judgement: The council of Nine directs the Silent Bell to investigate the distribution of Axou narcotics throughout the Empire and their effects on Imperial citizens.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 8 to 0

Judgement 164

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Clarice Novarion
  • Judgement: We the assembly of Nine invite the Grendel questioners to attend a meeting at the Winter Solstice to discuss the Way of Virtue.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 8 to 0

Judgement 165

  • Assembly: Nine
  • Raised By: Hembeneth i Guerra
  • Judgement: We the Assembly of Nine select Ingrid Sigeing, Erasmo di Tassato, Iniska Ashwood, Hywel Summer Crow, Brother Melchior of Adina's Charge, Aspar of Urizen, Lady Viviane de Coeurdefer, Skywise Rykana, Skywise Tulva, and Lady Clarice Novarion to the council of doctrinal review. Those who have not been selected are encouraged to help the council where they can. We would like to commend the excellent calibre of all the candidates.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Primacy 8 to 0

Judgement 166

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Ahshen i Fiel i Guerra
  • Judgement: To be freed from slavery is to have a right to now choose where to call home. Slaves freed from the Thule should be encouraged to seek virtue and consider emigrating to the Empire to start a new life, no longer being under their ex-master's thumb. The House of Guerra in Madruga will always welcome refugees to help them find a place to call their own.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 192 to 12

Judgement 167

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Raphael i Zamora i Riqueza
  • Judgement: A Winter blight of dust and ashes is growing in Madruga. The land is dry and parched, transforming into a desert. It is centered on the House of Aldea ti Tutamen in the west of Madruga, but seems to be spreading quickly through the grasslands. When we went to investigate we found undead husks. If you must travel in those regions, be vigilant, share what you learn, and bring your own food and water.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 204 to 0

Judgement 169

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra
  • Judgement: We the priests of the Coast are deeply concerned about the virtue of our Senate elections. They are stifling the Ambition of our citizens. We want this method to change to better reflect the spirit of our nation.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy 184 to 20


The following mandates were passed during the Autumn Equinox. Where there are competing mandates, the one that passes with the largest margin is successful and all other competing mandates are considered to have failed.

Judgement 5

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Mazo Zabala
  • Judgement: All that is worthwhile is shared with those who deserve it. We send Mazo Zabala with 50 doses of liao to urge every citizen who has wains of white granite, mithril, or weirwood to sell to contribute to the Great Library by offering them to the Advisor on the Vallorn first.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 893 to 1175

Judgement 12

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Alessi di Trivento
  • Judgement: The Virtuous apply what they have learned. I send Alessi di Trivento with 25 doses of liao to urge the vigilant and the wise to gather every scrap of information on the vallorn to help establish a centre of learning at the Great Library of Hacynian.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 399 to 0
  • Liao Provided This will speed the effect of researching the vallorn at the Great Library of Hacynian once it is completed. As detailed in The Bones of what you Believe winds of fortune.

Judgement 44

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Agravain of House Meliora
  • Judgement: The Virtuous inspire other to greatness. We send Ser Agravain of House Meliora, Adjutant of the Hounds of Glory, with 50 doses of liao to urge the Knight of Dawn to prove to the Barrens that they will do all they can to free those held captive by the Druj, no matter the cost. Let our deeds light this glorious path.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 278 to 0
  • Liao Provided This will greatly increase the penalty Dawnish armies suffer to take territory in the Barrens as detailed in the Throw back the echoes Wind of Fortune.

Judgement 50

  • Assembly: Highborn
  • Raised By: Lysimachus
  • Judgement: The vallorn represents the greatest spiritual threat to the people of the Empire. We send Lysimachus with 50 doses of liao to urge the priests of Highguard to listen to our allies in Navarr, and to share any insight into the challenges that faces us all.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 368 to 26
  • Liao Provided This will share judgements between the Navarr and Highborn, allowing the chance to create responses in either nation from the other nations statements of principle as detailed in the The bones of what you believe Wind of Fortune

Judgement 51

  • Assembly: Highborn
  • Raised By: Hazelelponi of the Shattered Tower
  • Judgement: The virtues demand that we face the greatest spiritual threat faced by the Empire at this time. We send Hazelponi of the Shattered Tower with 75 doses of liao to urge the priests of Highguard to support the attempt to reach Terunael whatever the cost. Let us pierce the black heart and thwart its malice.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 346 to 22
  • Liao Provided This will cause every congregation in Highguard to lose 2 liao and 4 votes in the coming season, but provide considerable assistance to the raid on Terunael. See the The city asleep Wind of Fortune for more details.

Judgement 56

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Rooslan Stanvich Prochnost
  • Judgement: The Paragon Zoria represents the unending drive to understand both the self and the world around us. Anyone who walked the twisting paths of the Maze of Zoria knows that it embodies the search for Wisdom. Every follower of the Way should consider a pilgrimage to Mieriada to seek the questions that elude them. We send Illya Nikovitch Volkov with 1 dose of True Liao and 4 crowns to consecrate the heart of the maze in the name of Wisdom.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1633 to 157
  • Liao Provided This mandate will consecrate the Maze of Zoria with true liao as detailed in the Three celebrations and a funeral Wind of Fortune.

Judgement 65

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Naomi Felix Watch
  • Judgement: Seek out the poison in your neighbour's fields! We send Naomi with 25 doses of liao to urge everyone to turn their focus to the miasma, the tortured souls and the restless dead that are the Druj's legacy in Zenith. Let us uproot this threat before it can spread.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 476 to 56 (margin of 420)
  • Liao Provided This will cause the Highborn armies to turn their attention from slaughtering the Druj toward rooting out the threat of the orcs from Zenith, as detailed in Into tired shadow.

Judgement 66

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Sela of the Suns of Couros
  • Judgement: Consequences are the price of Ambition. We send Sela with 50 doses of liao to urge every Highborn soldier to commit themselves to the destruction of the Druj Empire. Let us take the fight to their heartland and destroy them utterly. Death to the Druj!
  • Outcome: Not Upheld 74 to 404 (Greater Majority)

Judgement 83

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Darian Numbers
  • Judgement: There are three things that should never be made: food that goes uneaten, coin that goes unspent and magic that goes unused. We send Darian Numbers with 25 liao to Zenith to urge all prosperous citizens to seek out new opportunities for commerce and development in their lands putting forward their proposals for consideration at the next summit. Take this opportunity for the prosperous to show the Druj we will not be torn down and build back greater and better than ever before.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Greater Majority 218 to 13.
  • Liao Provided This will cause the Prosperous to propose ways that the economy of the territory of Zenith could be improved as detailed in the Apples from a tree Winds of Fortune.

Judgement 102

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Belial
  • Judgement: Only fools accept hearsay as truth - we seek a future free from the threat posed by the vallorn. We send Silas of the Cenotaph with 25 doses of liao to urge every archivist, curator, and gray pilgrim to create copies of any document relating to Terunael and the struggle against the vallorn.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Greater Majority 218 to 13.
  • Liao Provided This will urge the Highborn to share documents with the Great Library of Hacynian, speeding their research into the vallorn, if the project is completed. See the The bones of what you believe Wind of Fortune for details.

Judgement 140

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Nikolovich Drakov
  • Judgement: The Semmerlak is not be trusted. Dho'uala waits in its depths to claim those who foolishly come too close. We send Father Drakov with 25 liao to discourage any Varushkan from foolishly claiming the trinkets left behind by the receding water.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Greater Majority 202 to 0.
  • Liao Provided This will remove the benefits to businesses in territories belonging to Varushka bordering the Semmerlak, but give Dawnish businesses bordering it an addition 2 crowns as detailed in the Light upon the water.


The Synod made the following judgements of excommunication, inquisition, revocation, and sanction.

Judgement 9

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Corey Wayfarer
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Rhys Dancewalker and Travid Longest Path of the Black Scar banner to answer questions on their virtue at 5pm Saturday at Autumn Equinox 384 in the Eternal family awning in the Navarr.
  • Outcome: Upheld. 126-10

Judgement 14

  • Assembly: Wisdom
  • Raised By: Palladius
  • Judgement: Condemnation. Father Drakov shows ambition in his wish to be recognised as an exemplar of Wisdom but his deed to date fall short of the very high bar required. We look forward to seeing his greater endeavours in the future.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority. 372-32

Judgement 16

  • Assembly: Imperial Orc
  • Raised By: Irontide Voxx
  • Judgement: Revocation. Frostbear Zerk, the Second Legion, army of the Summer Storm needs its general in Anvil. We the priests of the nation move to revoke you of your position. For the good of the nation. We thank you for your service soldier.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy. 94-0

Judgement 17

  • Assembly: Imperial Orc
  • Raised By: Stormcrow Skred
  • Judgement: Revocation. Following the raid on Chalonsio, a number of orcs did not return. Amongst them was our senator. It is with deepest regret that, whilst they are missing - feared dead - that we seek to revoke Pale Rictus Rurik from the position of senator for Skarsind.
  • Outcome: Upheld with Primacy. 94-0

Judgement 21

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Galene Netherwatch
  • Judgement: Sanction : Penance. I declare the use of Excommunication by Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra to have had both virtuous and unvirtuous reasons, and thus I give them a Penance. They must negotiate a contract with Raine Realeaf and Aristeia Starchaser, overseen by a scrivener of the Fijadoz family, that states the recompense given to Raine and dictates how their relationship shall be going forward. A full report is available on the Synod notice board. This situation truly highlights a lack of communication between parties and a misunderstanding of the use of Excommunication ceremony. I urge all who are able to perform it to educate themselves before attempting it.
  • Outcome: Upheld. 995-21

Judgement 26

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Elagabala
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Only fools accept hearsay as truth. I call Skywise Gralka, Archmage of Day, to inquisition, to bring the matter of the Darkest Road and its virtue into the Light. It shall be friday, midnight, at the Prismatic Eye tent in Urizen.
  • Outcome: Upheld. 365-27

Judgement 30

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Genoveva Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: Sanction : Vindication. Having Inquisited Kindra Edasdottir, General of the Fist of the Mountains, last summit regarding her suggestion of casting Quickening Cold Meat on an army in Bregasland, I find that she acted virtuously. Faced with limited options to ensure that the Empire did not break its treaty with the Thule, she duly considered all possible solutions including the use of ritual magic to strengthen her army so it wouldn't have to resupply and could fight alongside the Thule. When told that the ritual would lead to the death of the Marcher egregore, she accepted this. Instead, she was prepared to deploy the Fist of the Mountains with its low numbers and fight alongside the Thule, despite the fact this would likely have led to her army disbanding and her probably death. Her actions show both Wisdom and Courage and are to be commended. Despite Kindra not pursuing this ritual, a number of rumours started that she was going to have it cast. I recommend that the Marchers check that they are in full possession of the facts before threatening a General for something they haven't done yet.
  • Outcome: Upheld. 956-20

Judgement 31

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Alexie
  • Judgement: Sanction : Condemnation. Glaucia Herminia and their followers, the Marracossans continue to worship an idolatrous statue despite being told by multiple priests this is illegal and unvirtuous, and they have refused to change their ways. We call on the General Assemblyto censure them, and the magistrates to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Outcome: Upheld 271-70

Judgement 40

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Ophelia Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato
  • Judgement: Revocation. We vote to reallocate the post of Keeper of the Sapphire Stair from its incumbent Domitilla Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato we thank her for her most virtuous service and wish her well in her endeavours away from Anvil.
  • Outcome: Upheld 217-0

Judgement 47

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Aderyn Embercast
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Llweyln Leafstalker to answer questions on their virtue at 5pm Saturday at the Autumn Equinox 384YE in the Eternal Family awning in Navarr.
  • Outcome: Upheld 144-0

Judgement 48

  • Assembly: Vigilance
  • Raised By: Severt
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I Severi Tarlmarison call Ser Fabian, Archmage of Spring to an inquisition Saturday at 13:00 his virtue in dealing with eternals and magic.
  • Outcome: Upheld 42-0

Judgement 59

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Aethelric the Grounded
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Kindra Edasdottir, general of the Fist of the Mountain, to inquisition to explain her reasons in moving her army from Kallavesa to Zenith during the Spring of 384YE. The inquisition will take place during the Winter summit at 15:00 Saturday and at the Moot.
  • Outcome: Upheld 247-0

Judgement 62

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Rafe
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Lofyn Bloodcloak to inquisition at Winter Solstice of 384YE, on the Saturday at 16:30 at House Geris. Regarding the matter of the Thule treaty and negotiations.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1195-22

Judgement 63

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra
  • Judgement: Sanction : Vindication. Following inquisition of Delara i Fijadoz i Guerra, Senator of Kharaman, I have found that Delara's actions in Senate have been guided by virtue. She has asked difficult questions and made difficult decisions, often in not the best of circumstances but ever with the lives and souls of Imperial citizens in mind, and a view to the larger picture. Sometimes information is limited and there is no perfect choice but virtue drives us to action rather than inaction and she has been guided by this principle. She should continue to make her decisions while weighing up the information available and seek spiritual guidance where needed.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 182-0

Judgement 75

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Galeas du Maurisol
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Inquisitor of Loyalty Galeas du Maurisol calls Yevgeni Katsev, Ambassador to Otkdov to inquisition regarding the recent treaty with the Thule and their actions regarding it. At House DuMaurisol in Dawn, 2pm Sunday.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1359-20

Judgement 76

  • Assembly: Urizen
  • Raised By: Galene Netherwatch
  • Judgement: Sanction : Vindication. I find that Juliana of Phoenix Reach has constantly shown her Loyalty and Courage in her service as Senator Morrow. She has constantly acted in the best interest of the people of Urizen as much as she can, willingly standing alone when required. She shows exceptional arete in the art of politics, and has inspired multiple acts of Loyalty with her actions, which often border on the sign of Benevolence.
  • Outcome: upheld 127-72

Judgement 77

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Heilyn Bronwen's Rest
  • Judgement: Sanction : Penance. Bors of the Vorazi has used the resources of his position with virtue and insight. he has acted prosperously to strengthen his nation, the Empire, and himself. Despite rumours of price-fixing in the Bourse, I find that he has paid a fair price for obtaining and keeping his seat. However, he recognises room for his growth. After discussing and agreeing with him, I set the following penance as a challenge. First, to improve his knowledge of how his actions affect the economy of the Empire as a whole. Second, to help (in means other than coin) a member of another nation to attain a Bourse position. Third, to report to the Basilisk of the Bourse his progress on these challenges in one year.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1237-20

Judgement 101

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Lenarias Ankarien
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Viviane de Coeurdefer Cardinal of Ambition to inquisition at 2pm on the second day of the Winter Summit in the Urizen camp to answer question regarding their decisions and the balance of politics and virtue.
  • Outcome: Upheld 164-10

Judgement 104

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Ephron of Adina's Charge
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Inquisition re:Judgement 93 Autumn 384YE, concerning freedom and claiming it as a neutral spiritual force. Highborn Chapel 14:00 Sunday. Of Kennett the Mummer.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1394-12

Judgement 107

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lady Laudine du'Lac
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Acalon the Ambassador to Sumaah to an inquisition at 6:30pm at Felix's AWatch on Saturday with regards for his brother Asha being declared an exemplar in the Sumaah Repuiblic. A report will be published whether this causes a conflict of interest.
  • Outcome: Upheld Automatically (Imperial Chaplain Consular)

Judgement 120

  • Assembly: Generl
  • Raised By: Elagabala
  • Judgement: Sanction : Vindication. I find Skywise Gralka's actions in creating the vision of the Darkest Road to be of the utmost virtue. She showed great Vigilance and Wisdom in its preparation, and her Loyalty to the nation of Urizen is far reaching and powerful. I thank Gralka for this helping Urizen to stand together, With all our courage. A full write up will be available from Elagabala next summit.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1094-20

Judgement 125

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Eska Harakkadottir
  • Judgement: Inquisition. The stormcrows of the Mark call Cormack Dunn to Inquisition regarding a recent action of poor vigilance - at Winter Solstice 384, Saturday, 4pm.
  • Outcome:Upheld 141-18

Judgement 129

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Claude Cutter
  • Judgement: Inquisition. To inquisit the Senator for Miaren, Llewellyn Leafstalker - this is the automatic inquisition of the Auditor for Senatorial Accountability. 11am Sunday, Autumn, Meeting in the Hub then into Navarr.
  • Outcome: Upheld Automatically (Auditor for Senatorial Accountability)

Judgement 131

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Adreyn Embercast
  • Judgement: Sanction : Vindication. Following inquisition of Llewelyn Leafstalker we find them vindicated over the matter of the Thule treaty
  • Outcome: Upheld 164-0

Judgement 135

  • Assembly: Navarr
  • Raised By: Corey Wayfarer
  • Judgement: Penance. Following inquisition we find that Rhisart Dancewalker and Travid Longestpath displayed virtue in the Thule pact decision. However we are also mindful of a lack of Vigilance. We require as Penance them to produce a written account, to the Guides of Navarr, of the decisions they make in Senate, and the virtuous reasons for them, in the coming year.
  • Outcome: Upheld 164-20

Judgement 137

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Olyvar of Esther's Sanctum
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Ser Guy Wooder of Dawn to inquisition over his involvement with the known and condemned blasphemer Zaccai. Let the truth and virtue of his actions be known. This will be held in the hub, at 9pm, on the Friday of the Winter solstice.
  • Outcome:Upheld 261-0

Judgement 138

  • Assembly: Courage
  • Raised By: Maarit Suvidottir
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Iron Osric of Sigehold General of the Green Shields is called to Inquisition Saturday of the Winter Summit at 1pm in the Hub, about his role in the recent Thule treaty in Sermersuaq, to be conducted by Clarice Novarion.
  • Outcome: Upheld 134-0

Judgement 142

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Chaunticleer Words
  • Judgement: Inquisition. Words calls Hengist Dun to inquisition at 6:00pm Saturday of the Winter 384 summit, to be held at the Dunnings camp in Wintermark. This is to assist Claude Cutter, Auditor of Senatorial Affairs. Hengist is the longest serving Senator and we seek to learn from and examine his long successful carreer.
  • Outcome: Upheld 839-0

Judgement 144

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Rhaego i Zemress
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Bartimeus of Zenith Ascendant, Urizen, to give account of their actions past and present in regards to their claim of presenting signs of exemplarhood. Time: Saturday 3pm Winter Solstice. Location: in Zenith Ascendant Camp - Urizen. Prosperity Provides.
  • Outcome: Upheld 169-0

Judgement 146

  • Assembly: Vigilance
  • Raised By: Severi Jarlmarison
  • Judgement: Sanction : Vindication. I have found Ser Fabian to have acted with Vigilance in his dealings with eternals and magic they have use great cunning with magic against the enemies of the Empire.
  • Outcome: Upheld 70-0

Judgement 148

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Rhaego i Zemress
  • Judgement: Sanction : Vindication. Following Inquisition of Avisena i Kharizmi i Guerra, I find that they have been guided by virtue. Their stout resolve in the face of adversity shows a clear sense of Loyalty and Courage. I extend my spiritual support to Avisena and encourage their continued dialogue with national assembly. Prosperity provides.
  • Outcome: Upheld 104-0

Judgement 149

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Heilyn Bronwen's Rest
  • Judgement: Inquisition. As Basilisk of the Bourse I call Ezekiel Adina's Charge to Inquisition at the Winter Solstice 384 as agreed, we will meet at the New Promise Cartel at 12:00 Saturday
  • Outcome: Upheld Automatically (Basilisk of the Bourse)

Judgement 153

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Galene Netherwatch
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Harwyn Eternal to inquisition at the Winter Solstice Y384 on Friday at 10pm at the Hub. This inquisition is on the subject of the Cardinal of Pride elections. I use my power as Imperial Inquisitor to pass this automatically.
  • Outcome: Automatically Upheld (Imperial Inquisitor)

Judgement 159

  • Assembly: Wintermark
  • Raised By: Hodwyn Aevardson
  • Judgement: Sanction : Penance. We the Wintermark Assembly have inquisited Kindra Edasdottier about her virtue and the Thule treaty, and have found her personal choices and actions in this were virtuous. On a note from the inquisition, the Stormcrows feel that whilst she acts with virtue, Kindra has difficulty in recognising individual virtues which drive these actions. Therefore as penance for the next season Kindra will be required to name the virtues that drive individual actions as she encounters them.
  • Outcome: Upheld with a Greater Majority 386-0

Judgement 168

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Rhaego i Zemress
  • Judgement: Inquisition. I call Adón i Martán i Erigo to Inquisition to give account of the use of his wealth within the social, political, and economic spheres of the Brass Coast. Time: Sat 4:30pm Winter Solstice 384. Location: The House of the Gilded Vine, Brass Coast Camp. Prosperity Provides.
  • Outcome:Upheld with Primacy 204-0


The following judgements of recognition were presented during the Autumn Equinox.

Judgement 3

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Anastasiya Volkov
  • Judgement: Juha, the Cave Spider, Lion of Varushka, is an Exemplar of Loyalty. Inspiration - Summer 384YE the Conclave confirmed Juha is an inspirational mage. Pilgrimage - Personal pilgrimage to cast off all bonds and rebuild them through contemplating the meaning of Loyalty, and going with the Imperatrix to the pilgrimage. Miracle - His image appeared behind Lisabetta in the Frieze of flowers overnight looking over the person he loves. Legacy - His staff has a spontaneous and permanent aura of loyalty allowing the bearer to feel those they are loyal to as though they are physically present.
  • Outcome: Upheld. 896-445.
  • Note: Juha the Cave Spider has been added to the list of Known exemplars.

Judgement 28

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Rafael Barossa di Tassato
  • Judgement: We recognise Lisabetta Giacomi von Holberg, Empress of Flowers, as an exemplar of Pride, with the following signs. Benevolence - the creation of the Steady Conquest order for Imperial armies, saving thousands of Imperial lives to date, and more each season. Inspiration - The imperatrix' vision of an international alliance against slavery was ultimately realised as the Liberty Pact. Legacy - the creation of the Imperial Offices as a place to exchange information and support the Throne in their duty. Pilgrimage - her final spiritual and physical journey with her husband after calling on citizens of the Empire to undertake a pilgrimage and committing to engage in one herself. Further information about each of these signs is available on the Synod noticeboard.
  • Outcome: Not upheld (requires Greater Majority). 318-122.


At the Summit, the following appointments were proposed by the Assemblies of the Synod. You can find the names of citizens who currently hold Imperial titles in the Synod here.

Judgement 1

  • Assembly: Loyalty
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Cardinal
  • Outcome: Upheld. Vikko Bondforger received 178 votes; Sabella of the Silent Tide received 144 votes; Able the Taller receives 64 votes; Raewyn Eternal received 50 votes; Aureliana di Sarvos received 12 votes.

Judgement 2

  • Assembly: Pride
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Cardinal
  • Outcome: Upheld. Harwyn Eternal received 311 votes; Jedediah Boon of the Ore Hills received 205 votes; Genoveva Barossa di Tassato withdrew; Lev of the Unbound withdrew

Judgement 6

  • Assembly: Highguard
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Archivist of the Echoing Obelisk
  • Outcome: Upheld. Enoch of Felix's Watch received 368 votes

Judgement 15

  • Assembly: Wisdom
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Champion of Wisdom
  • Outcome: Upheld. Silk Splinterspear received 200 votes; Lucretius received 0 votes

Judgement 24

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Reeve of the Greenforest Fair
  • Outcome: Upheld. Arlen Foreman-smith of House Tallstag received 132 votes; Viridian of House Dulac and Verdat Glade received 114 votes

Judgement 35

  • Assembly: Vigilance
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Virtue Inquisitor
  • Outcome: Upheld. Sam Wych-elm of the Hags Grove Coppice received 56 votes; Bryce Tanner received 22 votes; Lochias of Oblivion's Edge received 20 votes.

Judgement 41

  • Assembly: Brass Coast
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Crimson Sutannir
  • Outcome: Ahraz i Guerra received 126 votes

Judgement 49

  • Assembly: Dawn
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Knight of the Greenwood
  • Outcome: Upheld. Lord Yvaine Vexille received 154 votes.

Judgement 53

  • Assembly: Courage
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Champion of COurage
  • Outcome: Upheld. El von Holberg received 98 votes; Matteo "Freewolf" Edgestalker receieved 60 votes; Tomir of the Cenotaph received 36 votes; Alwyn Embercast received 6 votes; Kay Fabler received 0 votes.

Judgement 55

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of the Champion of Ambition
  • Outcome: Upheld. Alfmund Fordwinsson received 100 votes; Uriel Hammerfall received 22 votes; Iňez i Azmul-mar i Erigo received 20 votes; Anāwyn Lonestrider received 20 votes; Caric Iron Hill received 10 votes

Judgement 58

  • Assembly: Ambition
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Virtue Inquisitor
  • Outcome: Upheld. Lenarius Ankarian received 62 votes; Eska Harakkadottir received 42 votes; Radomir Oleskandrovych Dvorak received 41 votes.

Judgement 72

  • Assembly: Prosperity
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Champion of Prosperity
  • Outcome: Upheld. Hamoch Iron Hill receieved 40 votes; Hugh Farrier received 12 votes.

Judgement 74

  • Assembly: League
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Watcher of Ratibor's Torch
  • Outcome: Upheld. Valentina von Temeschwar of the Sea Wolves received 132 votes; Grigory von Temeschwar received 54 votes; Aurelio von Temeschwar receieved 10 votes.

Judgement 113

  • Assembly: Varushka
  • Raised By: Tribune
  • Judgement: Appointment of Guardian of the Maze of Zoria
  • Outcome: Upheld. Illya Nikovitch Volkov received 106 votes


The following judgements of rewarding were proposed during the Autumn Equinox.

Judgement 10

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Prince Jonah Yakovitch von Holberg
  • Judgement: It is our duty to inspire those within and outside of the Empire to the Way. The walls of Holberg are creating spontaneous dedications to Wisdom, alongside the spontaneous aura to Wisdom that settled over the Holmauer Gate. We have an opportunity to make the walls of Holberg a wonder of the world and this would carry forth word of the miracles of the Way to corners of creation we have no influence over and act as a seed of salvation for their souls. I seek 40 Thrones to buy White Granite to create this inspirational wonder and help people take their first steps on a great pilgrimage from every corner of the world.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1050-417. 40 Thrones were provided to Prince Jonah Yakovitch von Holberg.

Judgement 11

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lady Josephine of Adina's Charge
  • Judgement: There are many in the Empire whose virtuous contributions do not get the recognition they deserve because they quietly get on with it and do not speak well on their own behalf. I nominate Farren Silver Streams to receive a dose of True Liao from the Virtue Fund for the following reasons: the colouring books he has drawn are an easy and fun reference guide that both kids and adults can use to learn more about areas of the Empire they might not know about. The thought and care that have gone into them are bvious to any who read them. He has put hours upon hours of work into assisting those new to Anvil, from helping with skirmishes to quiet conversations to inspire confidence. He has started an Imperial Introverts group. The acknowledgement that not everyone is outgoing and charismatic is important, and knowing someone understands can give people strength even when they do not talk.
  • Outcome: Upheld 773-480. No dose was available.

Judgement 13

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Lucratias
  • Judgement: I ask for the sum of 16 Thrones from the Virtue Fund to reward those virtuous citizens who out of Loyalty and Vigilance sent their Military Units into the Spiral Spy Network. Urien Navarion of Dawn; Emyr of Navarr; Quill Ashborn of Navarr; Gaius Ashborn of Navarr; Kaddoc White Fox of Navarr; Karcharoth of Navarr; Cadeus of Urizen; Marcus of Urizen; Marcus of Urizen; Tacitus of Urizen; Cato Auricspire of Urizen; Diopos of Oblivion's Edge of Urizen; Sejanus of Urizen; Valerius of Urizen; Hennus Dorven of Urizen; Philostrate of Urizen; Floria Sunshaper of Urizen.
  • Outcome: Upheld 1157-177. 16 Thrones provided to Lucratias.

Judgement 20

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Chessia Gordost von Temeschwar
  • Judgement: I call upon the priests of the general assembly to award a dose of true liao to Laughlan vi Temeschwar to consecrate Ratibor's Tomb to Ambition. Ratibor's ambition to see Temeschwar cleansed of the vyig has allowed the city to be as great as it is today. When we are faced with as many internal threats as external, now more than every it is important for the people of the Empire that we look to his example.
  • Outcome: Upheld 800-181. A dose of true liao was provided to Chessia Gordost von Temeschwar.

Judgement 23

  • Assembly: General Assembly
  • Raised By: Lady Laudine du'Lac
  • Judgement: Collecting the 5 Throne stipend in aid of the virtuous work of Ambassadors.
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld. Collected 4 Thrones, 2 Crowns, and 14 Rings.

Judgement 34

  • Assembly: General Assembly
  • Raised By: Tiana i Zayden i Riqueza
  • Judgement: Our exemplars stand as inspiration to all we can achieve. The Basilica of the Little Mother in Bastion is consecrated with a true aura of Prosperity, as testament to this, and for the salvation of the children who call it home. But a terrible fire in Winter has seen the walls and roof crumbling, and it requires our investment to restore. I propose to use the virtue fund to purchase 5 wains of White Granite in order to rebuild. Further white granite will be required, but we are working hard to find the rest ourselves through fundraising over the Autumn. I ask for 30 Thrones to repair this inspirational sanctuary.
  • Outcome: Upheld 929-364. 30 Thrones provided to Tiana i Zayden i Riqueza

Judgement 57

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Neala Blackhawk
  • Judgement: We the synod recognise the loyalty, courage, and ambition shown by Imperial captains from outside Navarr to venture into Terunael, reclaiming information to bring about the final destruction of the vallorn. We reward Ravadi Founders' Dance, Champion of Vigilance, 30 thrones to distribute 1 crown for each military captain from outside Navarr who join us on this historic expedition.
  • Outcome: Upheld 856-445. 23 Thrones, 3 Crowns, and 1 Ring provided to Neala Blackhawk.

Judgement 61

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Isaia Pavone di Sarvos
  • Judgement: To reward Gancio di Catazar for his loyalty in paying 200 Thrones out of his own pocket towards a strategically vital commission for the Empire. We ask for 50 Thrones from the virtue fund.
  • Outcome: Not Upheld. 520-631.

Judgement 73

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Pontus Figures
  • Judgement: The opportunity to bring new societies into the Empire and the Way is rare and virtuous. Salvation is a mark of the exemplar. We propose to use the virtue fund to purchase 4 wains of White Granite in order to construct the Illarawm Ossuary in part. Further White Granite will be required but once complete the Illarawm Sept will join the Imperial Orc nation. We ask for 22.5 Thrones. The change of focus to the Illarawm from the Enthengraw is at the request of Tulva, Cardinal of the Way. We recommend those interested in the progress of integrating the Ossium Septs into the Imperial Orcs discuss with the Cardinal.
  • Outcome: Upheld 611-266. No funds available.

Judgement 81

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Luca i Taziel i Riqueza
  • Judgement: I ask for 10 Thrones to be rewarded to those who have demonstrated their Prosperity in pursuit of Zemress' true history. The Guilded Vine, who gave their coin in the purchase of relics, and the mystery club of the academy who bargained with a boggart and in doing so discovered the Kraken's Bone and a potential mitacle. I shall receive and distribute the funds.
  • Outcome: Upheld 437-322. No funds available.

Judgement 112

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra
  • Judgement: Finna needs her 7 Thrones please (for exorcism stuff)
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld. 7 Thrones provided.

Judgement 162

  • Assembly: General
  • Raised By: Alcuin, proxy Seer of the Gateway
  • Judgement: To reward the Seer of the Gateway the entirety of the virtue fund's cash - 1 ring - and not that corners will need to be cut on insighting visionaries if funds are not available.
  • Outcome: Automatically upheld. 1 Ring provided to Alcuin

The Virtue Fund

The following represents the Virtue Fund of the Synod:

Starting Value 4 Thrones, 2 Crowns, 14 Rings
Rewarding 4 Thrones, 2 Crowns, 14 Rings Rewarding to Lady Laudine duLac following Judgement 23 being automatically upheld.
Income 1 Ring Donation by Lysimachus.
Income 5 Rings Donation by Alahzar.
Income 5 Rings Donation by Zadkiel.
Income 1 Ring Donation by Bertrand.
Income 100 Thrones The price paid in the Bourse Auction for the dose of True Liao.
Rewarding 7 Thrones Rewarding to Finna i Fijadoz i Guerra following Judgement 112 being automatically upheld.
Income 5 Rings Donation by Karo di Yedinso.
Income 5 Rings Donation by Alessio.
Rewarding 40 Thrones Rewarding to Jonah following Judgement 10 being upheld.
Rewarding 30 Thrones Rewarding to Tiana following Judgement 34 being upheld (due to an error, only 23 Thrones, 3 Crowns and 1 Ring were disbursed at the summit, and the remainder were issued after the summit concluded).
Rewarding 23 Thrones, 3 Crowns, 1 Ring Rewarding to Neala Blackhawk following Judgement 57 being upheld (insufficient funds for full rewarding).
Income 1 Ring Donation by Lysimachus.
Rewarding 1 Ring Rewarding to Alcuin Shatterspire following Judgement 162 being automatically upheld.
Income 1 Crown Donation by Alcuin Shatterspire.
Income 9 Thrones, 2 Crowns, 11 Rings Donation by Beatrix Amalia de Rondell zu Holberg as a bequest upon her deathbed.
Income 3 Thrones, 3 Crowns Donation by Magrathea Echostorm.
Closing Value 12 Thrones, 6 Crowns, 11 Rings

Doses of True Liao

Four doses of True Liao were disbursed this summit (a further dose was stolen before the summit and was not recovered):

  • One dose in connection to the Lepidean University to Chessia Gordost von Temeschwar via Judgement 20
  • One dose to Isolde Hannersdottir Tempest Shield by purchase in the Public Auction
  • One dose to Ozren Orzel by decision of the Gatekeepers
  • One dose to Eleanor Novarion by decision of the Gatekeepers

Furthermore, the dose purchased by Landon of Longridge in the Summer 384YE Bourse auction was duly disbursed.