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Precedence and the Font

  • The mana distributed to the grandmasters following the summit was 324 mana.
  • The mana remaining after distribution was 4 mana.
  • The mana collected at the summit via the Principle of Precedence was 153 mana.
  • The mana available in the font for this summit is 157 mana.

The members of each order in attendance at the end of the previous summit determine precedence for the following summit according to the Principle of Precedence. There was 324 mana in the font after the final Conclave session. This was distributed to the grandmasters of the Conclave according to the Principle of Proportions as per the table below.

This left 4 mana, which is added to the 153 mana income from the Principle of Proportions at this summit to form the font for the next summit.

Grandmaster of the Order of the Rod and Shield184573
Grandmaster of the Order of the Unfettered Mind278533
Grandmaster of the Order of the Shuttered Lantern372492
Grandmaster of the Order of the Sevenfold Path469472
Grandmaster of the Order of the Golden Pyramid564431
Grandmaster of the Order of the Silver Chalice656381
Grandmaster of the Order of the Celestial Arch749331

Friday Session

Candidacy: Master of the Koboldi

  • Raised by: Cassia Apulian Silkweaver, on behalf of the Sevenfold Path.
  • Declaration: To appoint the title of Master of the Koboldi
  • Outcome: Passed. Dima Vasilyevna Novosad of Varushka claimed the title

Imperial Lore: Stag Knight's Glory

Concord: Ornate Wyrmlings

  • Raised by: Grandmaster Tyburn of House De Rondell, on behalf of the Shuttered Lantern
  • Declaration: Conclave thanks the ornate wyrmlings, Scribble, Odd, and Thumbs for their hospitality and gifts. We accept their offer. We nominate the nation of the Thule, Please provide the items recovered to Tyburn Weaver, Grandmaster of the Shuttered Lantern.
  • Outcome: Passed.

Candidacy: Imperial Censor

  • Raised by: Eliza, on behalf of the Unfettered Mind.
  • Declaration: To appoint the title of Imperial Censor.
  • Outcome: Passed. Cassandra i Periera i Erigo of the Brass Coast claimed the title.

Concord: Approve Raficci Vicente Barossa

  • Raised By: Raficci Vicente Barossa, on behalf of the Golden Pyramid.
  • Declaration: That this conclave approved Raficci Vicente Barossa as a candidate for the Imperial Throne.
  • Outcome: Passed. Conclave supports Raficci Vicente Barossa for Throne.

Alignment: Yelenwe

  • Raised By: Skywise Gralka, as Archmage of Day.
  • Declaration: Just as a rough stone is polished, just as an instrument is tuned a transformation has happened. A journey has begun by the Pure Morning, the Conclave moves to recognise this and sets the alignment of Ylenwe to Neutrality.
  • Outcome: Passed. The eternal Ylenwe has been moved to Neutrality.

Concord : Approve Veikko Bondforger

  • Raised By: Grandmaster Sakari Nightscale, of the Rod and Shield.
  • Declaration: That this Conclave approved Veikko Bondforger as a Candidate for the Imperial Throne.
  • Outcome: Passed. Conclave supports Veikko Bondforger for Throne.

Candidacy: Dean of the Lyceum

Endowment: Potion Chest

  • Raised By: Grandmaster Fausta Ankarien of the Silver Chalice.
  • Declaration: The Conclave endows the chest of potions (given to us by the Suranni magicians) to the Silver Chalice for study and potential use to benefit citizens of the Empire.
  • Outcome: Passed. The chest of potions was delivered to the Grandmaster the following morning.

Saturday Session

Concord: Imperial Enchantments

  • Raised By: Aesa Sigeling, the Imperial Magus.
  • Declaration: Conclave would see the magical effects being felt across the Empire by the Empire-wide rituals that have been cast, investigated. And investigation into how the detrimental results could be mitigated.
  • Outcome: Passed.

Candidacy: Penumbral Watcher

Rune: Lann

Concord: Prospero and the Rod and Shield

Concord : Study Rituals

Concord: Espionage

  • Raised By: Grandmaster Tyburn Weaver of the Shuttered Lantern.
  • Declaration: Conclave asks the Shuttered Lantern to tear the veil and reveal the hidden hand of the Grendel and any other threat to the Empire in the territory of Sarvos. We will expose the espionage rings, spy networks, and other information gathering tools of our enemies. Where possible we hope to neutralise the threat.
  • Outcome: Passed. The Shuttered Lantern will send agents to Sarvos to discover if there is a Grendel espionage ring in the territory.

Alignment : Sadogua

  • Raised By: Elyssiathain, Archmage of Night.
  • Declaration: The Brother of Wizards has Amity, and Elyssiathain would like to move Damakan's Forge from Spiral to a location next to the Crucible in Zenith.
  • Outcome: Passed. Sadogua's alignment with the Conclave has not changed, but the eternal will now move the remains of Damakan's Forge to Zenith with a unique, irreplaceable boon.

Concord: Prospero and the Arch

  • Raised By: Grandmaster Ashborn Trosk of the Celestial Arch.
  • Declaration: The order of the Celestial Arch asks Prospero to bring a delegation from Skoura to Anvil at the next summit.
  • Outcome: Passed. Prospero will arrange a meeting with a delegation from the nation of Skoura, in return for a favour of equivalent magnitude.

Concord : Omnihedron

  • Raised By: Ariadne of Auric Horizon on behalf of the Sevenfold Path.
  • Declaration: That we should complete the omnihedron sequence of rituals.
  • Outcome: Passed. The omnihedron, and the proposed sequence will be a topic of interest to Imperial magicians.

Alignment : Siakha

  • Raised By: Ibiss Briarheart, Archmage of Spring.
  • Declaration: That the eternal Siakha is an enemy of the Empire, and a baddy.
  • Outcome: Passed. Siakha once again has the enmity of the Conclave.

Concord: Tharim's Feast

  • Raised By: Izarra i Riqueza on behalf of the Golden Pyramid
  • Declaration: Conclave invites the Bound King to feast upon the herb gardens and mana sites of the Brass Coast for the next year, in thanks for providing the assistance of his knights to the Fire of the South.
  • Outcome: Passed. Tharim will feast on herb gardens and mana sites in the Brass Coast until the start of the Summer Solstice 386YE.

Endowment: Ring of the Newborn Sun

  • Raised By: Brynn Vision Enduring the Bursar of the Conclave.
  • Declaration: That the Ring of Atun gifted by the Hall of the Newborn Sun be endowed to Caleb of the Cenotaph, found to be the most instrumental in the destruction of the Druj Miasma pillars in Zenith.
  • Outcome: Passed. The artefact ring gifted by the Hall of the Newborn Sun was endowed upon Caleb of the Cenotaph.

Interdiction : Curse of Gangrenous Flesh

  • Raised By: Cassanda i Periera i Erigo, as the Imperial Censor.
  • Declaration: Interdiction against Curse of Gangrenous Flesh as requested by the eternal Ossegrahn to thank them for the aid they have provided to the Empire.
  • Outcome: Failed. Curse of Gangrenous Flesh remains legal to perform.

Concord: Silver Chalice and Sickness

  • Raised By: Grandmaster Fausta Ankarien of the Silver Chalice.
  • Declaration: The Imperial Conclave directs the Silver Chalice to head into the Barrens to investigate sites of Druj experimentation with novel diseases and the Karass and Yerende septs (with a particular interest in diseases similar to the Reikos flux).
  • Outcome: Passed. Members of the Silver Chalice will travel to the howling wilderness of the Barrens.