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"Here, then, Liathaven," said Aislen, gesturing to the southwest. "Wounded but not beaten, coiling, tending to its injuries while orc and Empire and Feni squabble on the outskirts. Cut off from us, no trods, chaos and disorder feeding the vallorn's heart."

"No chaos in Miaren!" She gestured boldly with one hand, standing up straight. "Victory, triumph. The quiet valleys, the gentle woods. The promise of the future. Seren rebuilt and rebuilding, shaping a home for the children who will never know war. Brave, gentle, a promise made to be kept."

"The vales and mountains of Hacynian, Hercynia, the scarred land." Her face fell, but she kept her gaze resolute. "Too easy to forget the malice that waits, patient, among the ancient trees. Vicious, like a chained beast, eager to bring down its captors. A long lesson in the folly of too much Pride, too much Ambition."

Her words faltered slightly, became uncertain. All part of the act, but compelling nonetheless.

"Over the mountains, Emrys, on the cold plains of Sküld. Prisoner of the Thule, smothered by the winter, bound aborning, bringing down the sun." Her voice became steadier, and a half-smile spread across her face. "Clever words and caution, we have wrapped Emrys gently in the threads of our duty, bound it with oaths. The long slow walk draws away its power, and it will fall in time."

"Then to the east. Two cities. The marshes of Therunin, the swamps of the Sarangrave. Tharunind and Beantal Dol, twins raised and fallen together, with the great dank Feverwater between them. The city waits, unbound, and unknown. Lastfound, it lies beyond the trods, but close enough that we could reach out..." She mimed her words, reaching, stretching desperately... let her fingers fall. "Too far for now, but not for much longer."

"Cavan then, at the heart of the sea of green. Furthest from the heart, in Axos. Untamed, untouched, its power unchallenged. The seething mass of Visokuma, brought to our ears by a brave traveller. A lesson from the past, a dark portent for the future. What shall be done about Cavan, kept from us by the fear of the unwise?"

She paused, as if ruminating, and then turned in a long slow circle, arms out.

"And last, the first. The forests of Terunael, the bounds of Brocéliande. The centre, the heart of the hearts. The battlefield where we now fight. Our chance for Dark Ranging slips through our fingers, but it is only a battle. The war continues, will continue, until the corruption is rooted out. Seven hearts, seven battles. One day, peace. One day, victory. One day, an answer to the task our ancestors made for us by their foolishness. One day, an end!"

She raised her fists triumphantly, and there was an answering shout from the rest of the steading. "One day an end!"

As the cheer died away, Celebro Ringmarker called out "What about Fion Essa!" He was answered by laughter. Sweating, tired, her voice almost failing, Aislen joined the laughter, gratefully gulping down a mouthful of wine passed by one of the children.

"Where now Fion Essa?" She improvised dramatically, to more scattered laughter. "Built on dreams, drowned in rings, bound in ragged parchment and cheap ink? A cloud city built on Leaguish whimsy, a tale for children, a sad distraction for brave thorns who should know better than to mock an artist in the circle of stories and songs after she has spent all evening regaling him with his own history!"

She quirked an eyebrow at Celebro, who laughed along with the others, shaking his head and apologising slightly drunkenly. But not everyone was laughing. One of the newcomers - he had arrived with the striding from the west earlier in the day - was still busily scribbling on his parchment, as he had been throughout the performance. Realising it was now over, he stuck his pen behind his ear and strode purposefully over.

"We've not met properly," he said without preamble. "I'm from the Great Library of Hacynian and I'd very much like to ask you a few questions about your poem if that's alright?"
Blood for Poppies.jpg
The vallorn represents a threat to the entire Empire - quiescent for now, but for how long will it slumber?
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The Navarr take Pride in sacrifice but we must not sacrifice our Pride. Pride tells us never to be ashamed of our past. Terunael is dead but from the ashes Navarr was formed. We send Iniska Ashwood with 50 doses of liao to remind Navarr of what we have achieved; with the aid of the Empire and since the fall of Terunael. We are Navarr - not Terunael. Take Pride in what we have achieved so far - one day the vallorn will be eradicated and we must plan for that future.

Iniska Ashwood, Summer 384YE, Upheld (278-52 (Greater Majority)

We the Navarr assembly think that its time to make the Great Library of Hacynian greater, expanding the complex and making it a true Empire-wide centre of history and learning.

Neala Blackhawk, Summer 384YE, Upheld (292-0 (Greater Majority)

Yesterday is Tomorrow

At the Summer Solstice, the Navarr assembly sent Iniska Ashwood to enact a mandate urging their people to take Pride in what has been achieved so far - that one day the vallorn will be eradicated and that the Navarr must plan for that future. That mandate followed on from several previous statements of principle, and encouraged scholars and adventurers alike to focus their efforts on learning more about Navarr, rather than Terunael, history. The wording also made clear that the Navarr were not interested in any closer relations with the Feni of Liathaven (who had proposed a much stronger condemnation of the Terunael). Rather than dwelling on the mistakes of the past, Navarr scholars turn their gaze to the present and the future - building on the foundation of what has gone before to find new ways to fulfil their oaths. A number of younger Navarr have split away from their striding or steading as a result of the mandate, and now actively roam the Empire seeking out relics and stories of their own history - of the Navarr who came before them.

This mandate also came at the same time that Neala Blackhawk called for the Great Library of Hacynian to be expanded, making it a true Empire-wide centre of history and learning. While beautiful, to call it the "Great Library" is a stretch - a compact structure built in harmony with the Terunael ruins near Mourning Hollow in Hercynia, overseen by the Advisor on the Vallorn. Yet it could be significantly more than that, and the Navarr assembly's support for Neala Blackhawk's statement, coming as it does at the same time as the mandate urging folk to look to the roots of the Navarr, proves quite inspirational.

The Navarr as a nation have a vast stock of lore about their own history, and their centuries' long struggle with the vallorn. Unfortunately, it is scattered among stridings, steadings, and wayhouses across the Empire. Efforts were made early on in Imperial history to gather this lore together... and as a consequence many irreplaceable documents were lost forever when Emperor Nicovar burned the libraries. What remains is carefully guarded, scattered, to keep it safe from any similar disaster in the future. If the Great Library of Hacynian were expanded, however, and steps taken to ensure that it could not be harmed in the future, then perhaps the custodians of this knowledge might be prepared to bring it all together in one place for the first time since Terunael fell.

A House of Lore

  • The Great Library of Hacynian could be turned into a centre for Navarr history, and the study of the Vallorn
  • The commission would be a folly, requiring 50 wains of white granite, 40 wains of weirwood, and 30 wains of mithril, 240 crowns in labour, and taking a year to complete
  • Once complete, research would begin on a way to comprehensively defeat the vallorn, which would take two years without outside assistance

The "Great Library" is entirely unsuitable to house this lore, at least at the moment. After a great deal of discussion, plans have been drawn up for a structure to be built in Mourning Hollow that would serve as a true repository of the nation's knowledge. It will be very expensive, and take a long time to complete, but once finished it will attract scholars and lorekeepers from all across the nation to bring their histories, their lorebooks, and their ancient records together.

Such a move would be unprecedented. Such a collection has never existed before, not even in the days before Nicovar. As the history of the Dance of Navarr and Thorn indicates, there have always been pieces of history, knowledge that small groups of Navarr possessed, that have simply become lost to the nation as a whole over the course of the last ten centuries. With a place to store it, the scholars and vates would finally be able to start cross-referencing and comparing notes, weighing each piece of information, and building up a picture of what has happened in the past - and what might be done in the future.

The Imperial Prognosticators have been consulted, and they are in agreement. If this project is completed - if the Great Library of Hacynian is built - then study of the documents it contains will provide the Navarr with the information they have been searching for. A way to finally destroy the vallorn that could be achieved now rather than in another thousand years. Such study will take at least two years (eight seasons), but will require no further investment of resources.

OOC Note: If the Great Library of Hacynian project is completed, it will lead directly to a Wind of Fortune that lays out methods for destroying the vallorn that are not solely reliant on slowly unwinding its power via the trods. This will be definitive and comprehensive - there'll be no remaining hidden or secret methods waiting to be uncovered. It will represent the culmination of generations of in-character work by the Navarr and their allies, and while it will not by any means be easy, or palatable, it will be achievable by player characters in Empire.

Disregarding Imperial history does us a disservice and only furthers the accusations that we care only for ourselves. The League National assembly encourages citizens of Holberg to accept the invitation to attend the library of Hacynian to further their knowledge. Whilst there we also encourage them to make use of their new anointing and the information stored there to help consider new angles to approaching the issue of the Vallorn.

Alessi di Trivento, League National Assembly Assembly, Summer 384YE, (316-0 (Greater Majority)

The Scholars of the League

  • The League National Assembly could pass a mandate urging their scholars to scour every library and collection of lore they have available to find references to the vallorn and Navarr history
  • If the mandate is enacted it will reduce the time needed to research the solution to the vallorn by three months

One other nation has so far voiced support for the expansion of the Great Library of Hacynian. The League National Assembly supported Alessi di Trivento when they called for League citizens to visit, and help find ways to deal with the vallorn. This raised a few eyebrows among the priests of the League, but after some discussion the wisdom of this exhortation becomes clearer. The League has some of the finest centres of learning in the Empire, along with trained scholars. The recent consecration in Holberg has inspired the academics of that city and of the nation as a whole to turn their keen intellects to finding novel solutions to the problems besetting the Empire. They also have libraries of their own which, while they are not especially concerned with Navarr or Terunael or the vallorn, may hold scraps of information that have otherwise been lost.

There are three obvious ways the citizens of the League could assist the project. The first is by simply helping the Navarr acquire the resources they need to build the library - through donations of money and Bourse materials. Once the Towerjacks have finished their study at the University, they could march to Hercynia and provide practical help to complete the construction. Finally, the scholars of the League could winnow their stores of knowledge and find everything they can track down about the struggle against the vallorn, ready to share it with the Great Library.

The Virtuous apply what they have learned! We send (named priest) with 25 doses of liao to urge the vigilant and the wise to gather every scrap of information on the vallorn to help establish a centre of learning at the Great Library of Hacynian.

Synod Mandate, League National Assembly

If this mandate is enacted, when the Great Library of Hacynian is completed, League scholars would travel to Mourning Hollow in Hercynia with stores of documents. Perhaps just as importantly they would bring with them their own keen minds, and their understanding of organising and operating a large centre of learning. The net result will be to reduce the time required to complete the research project by three months.

The Pilgrims of Highguard

  • The Highborn National Assembly could pass a mandate urging their archivists to create copies of everything Highguard knows about the Navarr and their struggle with the vallorn
  • If the mandate is enacted it will reduce the time needed to research the solution to the vallorn by three months

This interest in the vallorn is also relevant to the Highborn, of course. The grey pilgrims were originally formed to face "the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire" after all. Indeed, the nation has sacrificed much in the name of their commitment - including abandoning plans for a fourth Highborn army. The Highborn have a great respect for the past - the foundation on which the present and the future is built - and there are many libraries and museums scattered across their nation that might contain valuable insights into past events relating not only to the Navarr and their struggle against the vallorn, but also concerning other nations. With their aid, and the support of the archivists, the task of collating and organising the Great Library could be made significantly easier.

Only fools accept hearsay as truth - we seek a future free from the threat posed by the vallorn. We send (named priest) with 25 doses of liao to urge every archivist, curator, and grey pilgrim to create copies of any document relating to Terunael and the struggle against the vallorn.

Synod Mandate, Highguard National Assembly

If this mandate is enacted, it will encourage archivist and grey pilgrim alike to throw their support behind the Great Library of Hacynian. Copies of documents held in Highborn libraries and collections will be collected, and joined to the lore collected in the Great Library of Hacynian. This would likewise reduce the time needed to find the "answer to the vallorn" by three months.

The Greatest Spiritual Threat

  • The General Assembly could urge the people of the Empire to support construction of the Great Library of Hacynian
  • If the mandate is enacted it encourages Imperial citizens to provide Bourse resources for purchase by the Advisor on the Vallorn
  • It will also reduce the amount of mithril, white granite, and weirwood available to certain ministries

The general assembly can pass a mandate urging the people of the Empire to contribute to the construction of the Great Library - a concrete step towards defeating the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire.

All that is worthwhile is shared with those who deserve it. We send (named priest) with 50 doses of liao to urge every citizen who has wains of white granite, mithril, or weirwood to sell to contribute to the Great Library by offering them to the Advisor on the Vallorn first.

Synod Mandate, General Assembly

If this mandate is passed, then each of the ministries that rely on Imperial citizens to bring Bourse resources for sale at a reasonable price will lose the top two ranks of their production. This will effect the Cinderpath Exchange in Highguard, Kauppahall in Wintermark, the Parador of Dust in the Brass Coast, the Invisible Cord Brokerage in Navarr, and if the mandate receives a greater majority, both the Iron Roundtower and the Docks at Korotny in Varushka. Furthermore there would be no wains of these materials available to the public auction. Instead the Advisor on the Vallorn would gain temporary access to a ministry that allowed them to purchase these resources, based on which ministries were affected, on the understanding that they purchase these resources to complete the expansion of the Great Library.

The reduction to the existing ministries and auctions, and the ability for the Advisor on the Vallorn to buy these wains, would last until work on the Great Library were completed, or the project had lapsed.

Historical Research

  • The Advisor on the Vallorn could ask the Department of Historical Research to gather everything they can find on the vallorn
  • This will restrict the Empire to one historical research opportunity for the next year but will reduce the time needed to research the vallorn by six months

The Advisor on the Vallorn is a master of historical research. In a rare step, the Imperial Archivist Leontes the Scribe has spoken up in support of a proposal. The curmudgeonly Marcher scholar volunteers himself and his entire department to help bring together the single finest collection of lore about the Navarr and the Vallorn in the Empire. It will be time consuming - for the next year the Empire will have only one opportunity for historical research each season. Once the library is built, however, everything the Department has been able to gather will be delivered to its halls, reducing the time needed to find the solution to the vallorn by six months. Leontes wishes to be clear that he has not proposed this out of any particular affection for the Navarr. Rather, given that the vallorn has been identified more than once as the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire, the way it threatens almost every Imperial nation to some degree, and the recent disruption caused by the idiots in the Heirs of Terunael, he does not feel he is overstepping his bounds by doing so.

The net result will be to reduce the time required to complete the research project by six months. The instruction to begin gathering this information would need to be given before the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE.

Limited Opportunity

  • As with other mandates, the three listed here are only available during the Autumn equinox
  • The opportunity to commission the Great Library of Hacynian is available under the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE

This opportunity to commission the Great Library of Hacynian is dependent on the combination of the mandate, the recent statements of principle, and the successes the Navarr secured at Hotter's Mire against the Heirs of Terunael. It will remain available until the end of the Winter Solstice 384YE; it it has not been commissioned by that time this opportunity to build it and will be lost along with the chance to uncover a way to defeat the vallorn.

Navarr should officially declare our gratitude toward Bertrand of the House Sepulchre for his virtuous efforts in trying to construct the Greenwood Manor. This will serve as a staging point for knights of Dawn who are gloriously fighting against the vallorn. He displays virtues of loyalty to Navarr.

Lynneeve Greiver, Summer 384YE, Upheld (278-12 (Greater Majority)

Today is Tomorrow

Hall of the Seven
Commission Type: Ministry
Location: City of Seren, Serenael, Miaren
Cost: 10 wains of mithril, 10 wains of weirwood, 40 Crowns, three months
Effect: Creates Spear of the Seven title; allows Navarr military units to take Explore the ruins of Terunael action; provides information about Terunael ruins
Limited: Remains available until the end of the Summer Solstice 385YE
Spear of the Seven
Title: Navarr national title
Appointment: Annual; Navarr Senators or Navarr Assembly]
Powers: Contributions (Ministry)
Responsibilities: Support Imperial heroes fighting the vallorn; organise captains to support struggle against vallorn; gather resources to empower and assist efforts against vallorn or spawn
Hall of the Seven (Ministry)
9 crowns3 measures each of beggar's lye, ambergelt, dragonbone, and iridescent gloaming and 5 random herbs
20 crowns6 measures each of beggar's lye, ambergelt, dragonbone, and iridescent gloaming and 10 random herbs
40 crowns9 measures each of beggar's lye, ambergelt, dragonbone, and iridescent gloaming, 10 random herbs, and 2 vials of vital honey
  • Navarr thorns are inspired by Dawnish questing knights and knights errant exploring the vallorn
  • The Hall of the Seven could be built in Miaren, costing 10 wains of mithril, 10 wains of weirwood, 40 crowns, and taking three months to complete
  • It would create the title Spear of the Seven who would be a martial counterpart to the Advisor on the Vallorn
  • Creates the Explore the ruins of Terunael action available to Navarr military units
  • Further information about the vallorn could be uncovered

Dawnish knights have begun exploring the heart of Brocéliande, supported by a manor and faire specifically to encourage quests into the vallorn woods. Coupled with recent action by the assembly, and by the vote during the Summer Solstice to dedicate Seren as a City of Dreams, many Navarr thorns have been inspired to undertake similar adventures. There is some suggestion that by routing the Heirs of Terunael and breaking the power of Yaw'nagrah, there may be opportunities to learn new secrets from the hearts of the vallorn that surround the Empire.

A Miaren brand named Asoli Briarbark has come forward with an argument that for the first time ever the Navarr nation knows where all the vallorn actually is. They know the locations of all the Terunael ruins and - inspired partly by the Dawnish and partly by the proposal of Rhianos - they have a proposal for something they call the Hall of the Seven, to be built in Miaren. The Hall would serve as a dedicated wayhouse for Navarr explorers who would take it upon themselves to explore the vallorn regions not only within the Empire, but beyond its borders. At the heart of the structure would be a great map table, similar to the one used by the Imperial Military Council, that would show not only the seven vallorn hearts but also the trods that weave between them.

The Hall of the Seven would be comparatively straightforward to build - although there is no shortage of things the Navarr nation might wish to build at the moment. If it were completed, it would create an Imperial title - the Spear of the Seven, who would oversee the Hall. Their responsibilities would include an expectation that they would swear an oath to always be ready to support Imperial heroes who wished to fight the vallorn - from whatever nation - to organise captains to help support any struggle against the vallorn, and to gather resources to empower and assist any effort against the vallorn or its spawn. They would effectively be a counterpart to the Advisor on the Vallorn, but with a much more martial focus. The civil service suggest that the well worn path to appoint such a title would be either unanimous decision of the Navarr senators, or appointment via the National assembly. The Spear of the Seven would gain access to a ministry, allowing them to purchase materials recovered by those exploring the ruins of Terunael and fighting the vallorn.

As long as the Navarr remain committed to the destruction of the vallorn, the action Explore the ruins of Terunael would be available to Navarr with military units who take independent action in downtime. Rather than completely random returns, they would receive a mix of coins, forest resources, and herbs, and even doses of Spring vis. This would represent Navarr exploration of the relatively accessible ruins of Therunin and Hercynia, the harder to reach ruins of Liathaven and Brocéliande, and the ruins outside Imperial borders in Otkodov, Sarangrave, and Axos.

Finally, if the Hall of the Seven were completed it would provide additional information about the seven Terunael ruins that are still occupied by the vallorn. OOC Note: This would take the form of a page on the wiki.

City of Dreams.png
The Navarr at Anvil vote to support the City of Dreams.

Tomorrow is Tomorrow

  • During the Summer Solstice the Navarr nation at Anvil voted to transform Seren into the city of dreams

During the Summer Solstice, the Navarr at Anvil held a vote to determine the future of the city of Seren. By a narrow margin. they voted that it should be transformed into the City of Dreams. This decision has been spread across the nation by the egregores, and has met with a great deal of enthusiasm. Support for the City of Dreams blossoms and people are eager to see the great work begin.

The next step is for the Imperial Senate to commission the creation of the Temple of the Waking Dream. The temple requires 90 wains of weirwood, 30 wains of white granite, and 30 Thrones in labour. It will take three seasons to complete.

We Will All Be There Tomorrow

  • The Highborn assembly could raise a mandate

During the Spring Equinox, the Navarr assembly upheld a statement of principle by Quinn Eternal encouraging the sharing of knowledge, tools, and resources with the people of Highguard, recognising the role of those like the grey pilgrim who are dedicated to the destruction of the spiritual threat posed by the vallorn. Shiloh of the Dauntless Light raised a similar judgement in the Highborn Assembly, but while it was well supported it did not reach a greater majority. However, Highguard commitment to the destruction of the vallorn has been clear - mandates such as that of Hazelelponi encouraging Highborn congregations to continue their efforts to oppose the vallorn and the presence of the grey pilgrims walking the trods alongside the Navarr are testament to this.

It seems clear that the attention of the armies of Highguard is on Zenith, and the fight against the Druj. Many see the orcs of the Mallum as just as much a threat to the souls of Imperial citizens as the vallorn. Yet there is an argument that it is not down to the armies to fight the vallorn - not yet anyway. The best way to oppose spiritual threats is through spiritual means - such as through the peregrinations of the grey pilgrims. As a result of Shiloh's statement, a quiet groundswell of support has arisen among the grey pilgrims most motivated by the desire to destroy the vallorn, keen to see closer cooperation between the two nations.

The vallorn represents the greatest spiritual threat to the people of the Empire. We send (named priest) with 50 doses of liao to urge the priests of Highguard to listen to our allies in Navarr, and to share any insight into the challenges that face us all.

Synod Mandate, Highguard National Assembly

If this mandate is enacted, then for the year following (until the end of the Autumn Equinox 385YE), the grey pilgrims will ensure that any statement of principle raised in the Highguard National Assembly will be shared with the Navarr Assembly, and vice versa. No statement of principle in a national assembly is guaranteed to have an effect, but this potential will exist for statements in either assembly to create mandates in the other, much as it did between Dawn and Highguard over the last year. Statements that do not relate to the struggle against the vallorn are less likely to result in any kind of response in the other assembly - but statements in either assembly that do deal with the struggle against the vallorn will at least be discussed by the priests of the other nation.

We, the guides of the Navarr national assembly, encourage increased sharing of knowledge, tools, and resources with our Highborn siblings to further improve Highguard's effectiveness in fighting the vallorn. Only together can we look to vanquish the vallorn. The Highborn elected in loyalty and vigilance to change a part of their national identity over the course of 382YE. Since then, the Grey Pilgrims have taken up the mantle of walking the trods to aid in the weakening of the vallorn, helping combat the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire. But as a nation, Navarr can offer so much more to both the Grey Pilgrims and the people of Highguard. We encourage all Navarr to seek out and offer their collective wisdom, knowledge, and experience to all Highborn with how to most effectively equip and train themselves to fight the vallorn. This statement is considered to be complementary to the statement raised in the Highguard National Assembly by Shiloh of the Dauntless Light.

Quinn Eternal, Spring 384YE, Upheld (244-0 (Greater Majority)

Siblings of Highguard, we need to listen to and communicate with our colleagues in Navarr and be prepared to fight the Vallorn in the most effective manner possible. When we joined the virtuous fight with the Navarr against the vallorn, we uprooted our citizens in a dramatic change to our nation. Now, the Grey Pilgrims are settled into their new way of life, we need to be vigilant and prepare for the fight going forwards. Navarr are expects in combating the vallorn and we, as Highborn, need to recognise their knowledge and experience and learn from them. We encourage all Highborn to seek out a member of the Navarr and take the time to learn from them the tools and tactics for fighting the vallorn effectively. This statement is considered to be complementary to the statement raised in the Navarr National Assembly by Quinn Eternal..

Shiloh of the Dauntless Light, Spring 384YE, Upheld (326-0 (Upheld))

Take in the Forest Stirring (Conjunction)

  • Minions of Cintra Blackstaff have captured two vates who were investigating a cove on the Feverwater
  • The ghulai's minions are believed to be interrogating the captured Navarr, there is a narrow window - a conjunction to Karliss in Whisperwood to attempt to free them
  • The civil service suggest that the Dredgemaster of the Feverwater might arrange a rescue attempt

Last season Druj fighters in the service of Cintra Blackstaff were able to recover an ancient ritual text related to the Vallorn from the Spire of Sleet. Due to the sudden reversal of fortunes the Druj have suffered in Zenith, Cintra is understood to have fled east to Sarangrave, instead of making for Therunin as several prognosticators had expected.

It seems that possession of the ritual text is simply the first step for the ambitious ghulai. Now they have captured two vates, taking them a vessel moored in a narrow cove on the Feverwater. The Empire believes that the two are not dead, rather they were deliberately targetted by the ghulai's mionions, so that they might be interrogated. It appears the Druj is desperate to learn more about the the Vallorn...

There is a conjunction to Karliss in Whisperwood, which is not normally somewhere the Sentinel Gate would reach. From divinations cast, the prognosticators are certain that it leads to the camp where the two vates are even now being questioned to try to discover everything they know. There is only a slim chance to free them, but it's doubtful the conjunction would exist at all if there wasn't a hope. Since the attack took place on the Feverwater, the civil service have asked the Dredgemaster of Feverwater if they can arrange a rescue of the missing vates before all hope is lost.

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