Dinah was soaked to the skin. She hadn't seen any Dawnishfolk since she'd left the House Torawyr camp two days ago. When she spotted the silver-and-orange striped tent through the trees, she thanked the grace of Inga Tarn - feeling a slight shiver of transgression at the borderline heretical nature of her silent words - and made her way through the thundering rain and the freezing wind to the tiny clearing.

"Hello! Is anyone there? Is there space at your fire for a troubadour? I have food to spare and songs to share..." She had barely started her practiced greeting for a stranger when the tent flap was pulled aside and a pale, dirty, exhausted looking woman peered out. It looked like she hadn't slept in a day or more.

"Come in, come in. Don't bring the rain or the cold with you. But while we've space in the tent we've no fire to speak of."

The tent was dark and cold. What little light there was from outside was supplemented by a meagre half-candle in a glass jar. The floor was churned up mud, and the canvas walls were damp. It was still better than being in the rain, but only just. There were clothes hung hopefully around the walls - surcotes and pieces of armour - but they were not getting any drier that Dinah could see. The only dry place in the tent seemed to be a camp bed, on which slept a bandaged knight, her face deathly pale, her breathing shallow.

The yeofolk squatted on her heels next to a ring of stones she had created, raised up out of the mud on a metal shield. She was trying to get a fire going - without much luck by the look of it. Finding dry wood in a three-day thunderstorm on the edge of Boar's Dell would be a heroic task at the best of times, mused Dinah, never mind the added complication of a dying knight to look after. Her host glanced up quickly, her eyes full of the weight of her tiredness.

"Hearthtender," she introduced herself. "Elayne Hearthtender. Retainer to Ser Pellina, of the Knights of the Argent Dawn. I am sure she would greet you herself, troubadour, but she is... as you can see she is... and we have little hospitality to..."

The yeofolk trailed off and went back to trying to light the fire, striking spark after spark from her flint with grim determination, but to no effect.

Dinah introduced herself, but she felt that Elayne was giving her only half an ear. "What happened?"

"We had struck out on our own," said Elayne her voice matter of fact. "The rest of the Argent Dawn were camping up but Ser Pellina wanted to explore. We got lost. We found a field of flowers, with thorny whips which the knight was easily able to deal with but then one of them spat poison, and here we are."

"Is there anything..."

"I don't think so," said Elayne. She paused at her task for a moment, twisting the dragonbone ring on her finger so the strands of silver wrapped around it glimmered in the candlelight. "I've tended her wounds, it's the fever I can't break. We need some heat, so I can boil some water and maybe... Wait, unless you have Bladeroot? Marrowort?"

Her voice rose with the question, slightly hopeful, but Dinah had to shake her head. "I'm afraid not, I'm no physick and I don't have any potions with me either."

Elayne seemed unsurprised - just another disappointment. She went back to trying to light her fire. "Between the wind and the water, I think the sky itself is trying to kill us," she grumbled as she struck metal against rock again and again.

"Wind and Water?" Dinah was suddenly inspired. "Funny you should mention that. It puts me in mind of a song. Unless you'd rather...?"

"It can't hurt," said Elayne.

"This isn't a tale the Highborn would tell you." Began Dinah, then paused. "Probably wouldn't tell you," she appended. A lot had changed in six months. She realised she was getting distracted, and she needed focus. She took a moment to center herself.

"It's a story of a knight who went to sea, and of doomed love, and of course it's a story of glory as well..." Dinah had dropped naturally into her patter, gently stroking the strings of her mandolin. Despite the howling winds and the importunate rains, and the despair that filled the damp tent with heavy shadows, the notes she coaxed from her instrument were mellow and liquid.

"Of course," echoed the yeofolk, a half smile ghosting on her face. The first smile that had visited her lips in a while, Dinah wagered. She began to strum her instrument more purposefully, and launched into the opening stanza of Between the Wind and the Water.

As always when she played, she lost herself in the music, in the words, and in the emotions that rose within her whenever she played what she thought of as one of the Great Songs. The songs that spoke to her. She sang of the loneliness of the sea, and of love growing from disaster, and hearts separated by water and station, and the bittersweet doom that found them both. As she reached the final verse, singing of the two glowing stars reunited in the firmament by bonds of love and wonder, she felt hot tears on her cheeks.

Not just hot tears either. There was a fire burning in the little ring of stones Elayne had prepared. It wasn't much, but the licking tongues gained strength as she watched, slowly moving across the wood. There was surprisingly little smoke. Elayne, exchausted, had rocked back on her heels, and Dinah marked where trails of shed tears had cut a path through the grime on her face.

"A miracle," whispered the yeofolk, as much to herself as to the troubadour. Dinah said nothing, too drained to speak. It always took her a moment or two to recover when she truly put her heart and soul into the music.

"If it's a miracle, it came from your fingers. And your Loyalty. And your heart." she said when she could speak again. Elayne blushed a deep crimson, almost as hot as the flame. Before she could say anything else they were both interrupted.

"By the Paragons, why does my head hurt so damned much!" The woman on the camp bed was sitting up, frowning. She still looked pale and drawn but there were spots of colour in her cheeks. "What happened here? Where are we? The last thing I recall..."

Elayne was immediately at her side, checking her bandages, feeling her brow. Dinah saw something unlock in the yeofolk, saw her breathe out a breath she no doubt hadn't realised she was holding.

"You nearly died!" she said, scolding the knight. "That flower breathed something into your face, and you've been out cold for nearly three days!"

"I nearly died! Because of a flower? A murderous flower?" The knight sank back, the camp bed creaking in annoyance, but her eyes sparkled. "Amazing! Let's find another one and see if we can get some seed out of it after I slay it!"

Elayne shook her head helplessly, laughing in spite of herself as she fussed over her charge. Dinah took a moment to get her cooking utensils out, gently settling them over the weak campfire.

A miracle indeed, she thought to herself as she made ready to prepare some hot soup for the three of them.


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The role of the troubadour in Dawn is to use poetry, storytelling and song to recount the deeds of glorious heroes, both living and dead. As the most visible Dawnish priests, there is sometimes an erroneous perception they are the only Dawnish priests. There are plenty of spiritually active people in Dawn tending to their flocks, whether that involve instilling children with an appreciation of love, glory, and virtue; administering to a congregation of yeofolk or nobles, or inspiring others with their own pursuit of a glorious, virtuous life.

Yet it is so often the troubadours that lead the way, when it comes to the faithful of Dawn. Their voices are particularly strong in the National Assembly, and during the Autumn Equinox there were three statements of principle that touched, at least in part, on the virtue, the glory, and the romance of Dawn. Having achieved a greater majority, each one has been distributed to the priests of the nation who do not attend summits at Anvil for whatever reason, and each one has lead to expansive interest in supporting the nation and it's troubadours.

The telling of tales within Dawn is one of our cherished traditions for instruction of the virtues. Dawn thanks all those who took part in the Summer contest of words for continuing this; in particular Claude Cutter, Roland Singer, and Tristaine Tiller for their joint entry that won the contest by the acclaim of our children.

Chauntecleer Words, The Dawnish National, Autumn Equinox 383YE, Upheld (206-0)

The importance of recognising talent

  • A cabal of weavers has offered gifts to the storytellers recognised by the national assembly
  • A Semmerholm noble house proposes a chapel be created to honour the finest troubadour in Dawn

Chauntecleer Words recognised Claude Cutter, Roland Singer, and Tristaine Tiller of Dawn for winning a contest of words. The telling of tales - especially about the romantic, glorious, and virtues deeds of heroes and champions past - is at the heart of Dawnish culture and the duties of the troubadours.

The Thorns of a Rose, a weaver cabal who reside in Culwich, have been particularly impressed by this reminder of the importance of tales and stories. The leader of the cabal, Sibylla the Majestic goes further. She pays special homage to the troubadours of her youth explaining that it was undeniably their tales more than anything else that led her to pursue glory and Virtue so vigorously and found the weaver cabal. In a gesture that demonstrates their largesse as well as their appreciation of Glory, Prosperity, and Pride, they wish to recognise Claude, Roland, and Tristaine and by doing so encourage more people to look to the arts in Dawn. As such they have prepared three magical bondrings one each of the three, to encourage them on their quest for glory. They ask that the priests of Dawn hallow each ring suitably, and present them to the named yeofolk. The egregore will have the actual rings, and will work with the assembly to fulfill the request of the weaver cabal.

The Cabal are not the only people moved by this statement of principle. As the Winter Solstice nears, the earl of a minor noble house from Semmerholm has unexpectedly presented an opportunity to the national assembly; to build a chapel specifically for the use of troubadours on her estates. This is of particular interest because these states include Endric's Hill, and the empty tomb of the exemplar Elayne Silverlark.

Chapel for a Troubadour

  • A chapel could be built in Ferrond, in Semmerholm for the specific use of the troubadours of Dawn
  • It would require a senate motion or Imperial wayleave, 14 wains of white granite, 28 crowns in labour, and take three months to construct.
  • The Troubadour of Auvanne would oversee a ministry, and have responsibilities relating to the troubadour's role in Dawn
Total Liao SpentPhiltre of Strength
1 dose of liao1 philtre
2 doses of liao2 philtres
3 doses of liao3 philtres
Total Liao SpentErrant's Wine
3 doses of liao1 philtre
7 doses of liao2 philtres
12 doses of liao3 philtres

Earl Mathilde Courcillon tends the lands where Lord Endric Castrovalva is interred along with his fellow heroes, and where the empty tomb of Elayne Silverlark now stands. She offers her chapel up to whoever the Dawnish National Assembly recognises as the finest and most inspirational troubadour. The chapel of Courcillon has seen better days but Earl Mathilde believes that with sufficient effort put into rebuilding it would be ideally suited to serve as a place for the Troubadour of Auvanne to perform. The building itself looks out across the flowering meadows to the burial mound, and the tomb of the woman most agree was the one of the finest troubadours Dawn has ever produced.

Part of the renovations would involve creating a venue for people from across the Empire to come to hear the tales of glory, love, and virtue performed by the troubadours of Dawn. There would also be a fine house for troubadours to rest between journeys, and a seminary for sharing knowledge and a scriptorium for scribing the best stories so they are never lost. By serving as a central location for the troubadours, the chapel would act as a ministry allowing liao to be exchanged for Errant's Wine and Philtres of Strength, both valuable tools that any troubadour could use to inspire glorious deeds in the people of Dawn.

Renovating the chapel would cost 14 wains of white granite and 28 crowns, and take three months. It would create the title Troubadour of Auvanne which would be appointed by the National Assembly of Dawn and would be reelected every year. In addition to overseeing the ministry, they would be responsible for gathering tales of glorious, romantic, and virtuous people; encouraging Dawnishfolk of all stations to seek glory, love, and virtue; and supporting the other troubadours in their duties.

Furthermore, Sybilla the Magnificent has declared that as long as the title is held by a troubadour, she and her cabal will provide a piece of regalia for the title - a Fireglass delivered each year for the personal use of the Troubadour of Auvanne.

The Dawnish national assembly celebrates the victory of the knights of Dawn and encourages them to continue the virtuous fight against the vallorn.

Yvaine Vexille, The Dawnish National, Autumn Equinox 383YE, Upheld (68-0)

In the Market For Glory

  • A commission in Semmerholm could encourage and support knights to fight against the vallorn, especially in Brocéliande

Over the last year or so, the vallorn of Brocéliande has been roused from its slumber. The knights of Dawn have been particularly active in resisting it, and in questing against the Heirs of Terunael apparently responsible for raising its ire. During the Autumn Equinox, the national assembly agreed with Yvaine Vexille that this crusade should continue. While there are several vallorn that threaten the Empire, the one the Dawnish know best is the terrible canker that twists at the heart of Brocéliande, so it is no surprise that their response to Yvaine's words focuses first on that hoary old beast.

House deGramont has long had an estate in Elvette near the border of lush Brocéliande. During the recent struggle against the Heirs of Terunael the deGramonts threw their estate open to knights-errant and questing knights, as well as to the occasional bands of Navarr thorns seeking a few days of succour away from the hungry forests. Their home served as a last friendly house before they faced the horrors of the vallorn. In addition to their noble holdings, the deGramont lands are the site of the town of Racqueen near Rucastle. It is well known for the bands of knights who stop there before venturing into the lush and deadly forest, eager to try their might against the vallornspawn that inhabit the lost ruins.

These expeditions of questing knights and knights-errant are accompanied by yeofolk who, while the nobles are feted as guests of the deGramonts, spend their time selling the treasures recovered from lost steadings and ancient ruins. This has led to a number of yeofolk setting up small stalls around the town to trade and barter with the sudden influx in resources, and a monthly Greenforest Fair that has been growing slowly in importance in southern Semmerholm over the last few seasons.

Total Money SpentProduction
9 crowns3 measures each of beggar's lye, ambergelt, dragonbone, and iridescent gloaming and 5 random herbs
20 crowns6 measures each of beggar's lye, ambergelt, dragonbone, and iridescent gloaming and 10 random herbs
40 crowns9 measures each of beggar's lye, ambergelt, dragonbone, and iridescent gloaming, 10 random herbs, and 2 vials of vital honey

The Manor of the Greenwood

  • A manor could be constructed on the edge of the deGramont estates, specifically for use by adventurers seeking glory in Brocéliande, and the Greenforest Market in Racqueen could be endorsed and expanded
  • These two are part of a single commission that would cost 10 wains of white granite, 10 wains of weirwood, 40 crowns in labour, and take three months to construct
  • Two titles would be created - a noble Knight of the Greenwood and a yeofolk Reeve of Greenforest Fair
  • The commission would also create a new option for Dawnish military units seeking glory by facing the vallorn

The Earl deGramont - advised by her trusted seneschal - has proposed that a lodge specifically for use by questing knights and knights-errant fighting against the vallorn be established in her lands. At the same time, the Greenforest Fair could be endorsed, and resources committed to expanding the marketplace and fairgrounds, with an eye towards allowing anyone interested in treasures seized from the vallorn - from any vallorn - to barter with Dawnish yeofolk. Racqueen is a regular stopping point for several Navarr stridings leaving Brocéliande, and such traffic would likely increase if the proposed commission was completed, bolstering the fair even further.

This represents a single commission would require 10 wains of weirwood, 10 wains of white granite, 40 crowns in labour costs, and the use of a senate motion or imperial wayleave. It would take three months. Once completed it would create two Imperial titles. The Knight of the Greenwood would encourage knights and seekers of glory to quest against the vallorn, especially in Brocéliande. The Reeve of Greenforest Fair would be responsible for overseeing the trading post and be offered favourable rates when purchasing treasures reclaimed from the vallorn of Brocéliande. How the titles are appointed is up to the commissioner; the obvious well worn path is to have them appointed by either unanimous decision of the Senators of Dawn, by the military captains via the Tally of the Votes, or through the National assembly. Both titles do not need to be appointed the same way. The titles would be appointed each year on the anniversary of the commission being completed.

The Knight of the Greenwood would be a title intended for a noble. Provided a noble was appointed then it would gain control of a sinecure that would provide them with six random forest resources, and nine herbs each season claimed from questing against the vallorn or given as gifts by those resting at the manor house. They would be responsible for organising Dawnish knights to quest against the vallorn and support actions to cleanse it's taint from the Empire; the deGramonts have suggested they might even go so far as to encourage the creation of knightly orders dedicated to this task.

The Reeve of Greenforest Fair on the other hand would be a title suitable for a yeofolk. They would receive access to a ministry that let them buy materials from the yeofolk supporting the knights questing in Broceliande. This title is unsuitable for a noble - if one were to take on the distasteful task of haggling over coins and measures, all production from the ministry would be lost for as long as a noble held the title.

Finally, while the Knight of the Greenwood and the Reeve of Greenforest Fair were both in good standing (with a noble and a yeofolk holding them), the action Quest against the Vallorn would be available to characters with military units who take independent action in downtime. Rather than completely random returns, they would receive a mix of coins, random forest resources, and random herbs. Dawnish characters undertaking the action would get the full production, but characters from other nations would receive nothing. The National Assembly could put a stop to this action at any time with an appropriately worded statement of principle that received a greater majority and urged questing knights to look elsewhere for glory. If this were done, however, it would also halve the production of the sinecure, and remove all save the lowest rank of production for the ministry.

OOC Note: We would add an out-of-character note to the two title pages indicating that if the holder is not of the appropriate status, they must e-mail Profound Decisions to let us know.

We embrace our history as those who left Asavea to forge our future and go on to adopt the Way. Let us exalt those houses who open their doors to Asavean followers of the Way who are inspired by our great deeds.

Pelleas Montrose, The Dawnish National, Autumn Equinox 383YE, Upheld (100-0)

Embrace our history

  • The Dawnish National Assembly could pass a mandate to encourage the Asaveans who follow the Way to come to the House of the Proffered Hand
  • Lady Eleanor Novarion holds the position of Lady of the Proffered Hand

During the Autumn Equinox Pelleas Montrose raised a judgement within the Dawnish national assembly of the Synod calling on the noble houses of Dawn to open their doors to the Asaveans currently living in the town of Trajadoz in Madruga who are followers of the Way. A small group of these displaced Marracossan pilgrims - apparently former slaves separate to the main faction of Asavean refugees - visited Anvil during the Autumn Equinox. While they clearly had some peculiar beliefs about virtue and especially about the paragons and exemplars, their faith appears genuine enough for the assembly to support Pelleas Montrose's suggestion.

Though some are eager to welcome those who follow the Way into their homes there are others who warn against the Asavean's history. They appear to follow the Way but they do place significantly more emphasis on the paragons and exemplars than some people are entirely comfortable with. It is not definite that their beliefs are fully compatible with the Way as it is practiced in Dawn - do they understand how virtue interacts with glory and love for example? Both groups tend to agree that there is an obvious answer to these questions. The House of the Proffered Hand in Astolat was specifically built to offer guidance and teaching in the Way for those who have been deprived. As such Andred de Tremargh, a troubadour who spent some time among the Marracossans, has suggested the following mandate that would see a priest visit the Asaveans and encourage them to find new homes at the House.

Lady Eleanor Novarion - the current Lady of the Proffered Hand - has kindly offered her expertise in drafting a mandate. This replaces an earlier, much terser, mandate prepared by the civil service.

The House of the Proffered Hand was created to offer sanctuary and succour to liberated slaves while giving them guidance in The Way. It is the ideal place to welcome our distant cousins recently liberated from slavery in Asavea, who we invited to Dawn. We send [named priest] with 15 doses of liao to encourage the Marracossan refugees to seek sanctuary at the House of the Proffered Hand.

Synod Mandate, Dawn national

This mandate would encourage the followers of the Way among the Marracossan refugees to move to the House of the Proffered Hand in Astolat. It's not clear what the benefits would be, beyond providing a safe place for these former slaves to catch their breath, learn about the Way, and reconnect with their distant cousins among the Dawnish. This latter seems most promising; it is very likely that if these people were embraced by the Dawnish, and embraced their hosts in turn, they would naturally seek to become yeofolk and perhaps in time form their own noble house. If there were problems however they would fall to the Lady of the Proffered Hand to resolve.

There is some suggestion that a group of these Asaveans are already on route from Trajadoz to Anvil, intending to take part in some of the festivities for the Winter Solstice. If this is true it would be an opportunity for the priests of Dawn to renew their acquaintance and further discuss the differences between their beliefs and those of the nation. It would not be a substitute for a mandate however - the liao and the work of the priests is necessary to get the entire community to move.

Though usually the actions of the Wisdom Assembly and the sword scholars would require this mandate to receive a greater majority, the General Assembly passed a mandate to encourage the faithful such that this mandate only requires a lesser majority to have an effect.


During the Winter Solstice, Lady Eleanor Novarion proposed a mandate to encourage the Marracossan refugees who follow the Way to come to Dawn.

While an early attempt was made to commission Greenwood Manor, it ultimately failed to gain the support of the Imperial Senate. The commission was later announced using an Imperial Wayleave. Construction was complete and both the Knight of the Greenwood and the Reeve of Greenforest Fair titles are active.