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The Knight of Roses

The Egregore of Dawn is the Knight of Roses, and it embodies both the nations quest for glory and their tumultuous passions. While it often choosesto bond with a noble, it almost always has a host chosen from among the yeofolk. Despite its name, it is as likely to bond with a troubadour, a witch, or an enchanter, or a trusted retainer as with a more martial individual. The egregore does not confine its attentions to the nobility, and is a vocal supporter of yeofolk. It both encourages those who are ready to seek out a Test of Mettle, and supports those who choose a quieter life. Noble and yeofolk alike, both are Dawnish.

The Knight of Roses strives to to remind the Dawnish of their glorious history, and the greatness that is theirs for the taking. Glory and Love are equally important to the spirit; often much more important than the seven Virtues. While it does not usually initiate or set tests and challenges itself, it offers advice and guidance on the subject and may prove critical of those who misuse or abuse these traditions. Likewise, it has been known to intervene on behalf of lovers who are in need of its aid, encouraging them to follow the call of their hearts over any other consideration.

There has been friction in the past between the Knight of Roses and Jack-of-the-Marches, reflecting the ebb and flow of tension between the two nations. Some scholars and historians speculate that this rivalry may draw more from the spirit of the host than from the egregore itself, however.

Current Hosts

Keeley Knight
Lady Griffinsbain
Simon Moon
Trystan Tanner

Former Hosts

Toni Badnall
Lady Odile de Griffinsbain
Steve Alonso
Milton, a Seneschal of House Gauvain

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