The Knight of Roses

The Dawn Egregore, the Knight of Roses, is a mysterious soul that shares Dawn's close ties with the Eternals. Throughout Dawn's history it has had several incarnations, though in recent years appears most often as a warrior resplendent in plate armour bearing the heraldry on its surcote. Although the egregore does not usually initiate or set challenges itself, it offers advice and guidance on the subject, and always acts to remind the Dawnish of their glorious history, and the greatness that is theirs for the taking. It seems especially drawn to Troubadours, and as it moves through the camp encourages them in tales of nobility, hospitality, heroism and virtue, to inspire the nation to match and exceed these tales in turn.

The egregore does not confine its attentions to the nobility, and can be a vocal supporter of yeomen wishing to rise to take their test of Mettle. Unlike many other Egregores, the Knight of Roses can be quite vocally critical if it believes the tradition of the Test of Mettle is being misused - although what it considers "misuse" is anyone's guess. It has been known to intervene on behalf of two lovers petitioning its aid, particularly in its incarnation as the Minstrel. The Knight makes no secret of its contempt for Jack-of-the-Marches, embodying the tensions between the two Nations.

It is said that on a few, rare occasions, the Knight of Roses has given and accepted a favour from a mortal - legends tell of Knights so valiant and devoted to their nation and the Empire that the Knight was moved to acknowledge and return their devotion. Although it still wears what are said to be these favours, it will not speak of those who gave them, neither confirming nor denying the legend.

Current Hosts

In recent years the egregore has taken two hosts both from House Griffinsbain. One a noble and one a yeoman.

Lady Griffinsbain