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"I mean, when you get right down to it, Asavea and Jarm are a long way away. What can they even do about this?"

Roderegio thought he was being rhetorical, but Vienetta di Sarvos had had enough. Of his company, this meal, and this assignation. She wondered what she'd ever seen in this idiot. How could she ever have thought this man would be a good match for her? She savoured a mouthful of admittedly reasonably adequate pilf, and then carefully put her fork down.

"What can they even do?" she mimicked Roderegio's voice, tone light but words sharpened. "I don't know. Let's think about it. Jarm is basically what you'd get if you took the Conclave and gave it complete control of the Bourse, the Military Council, and the Imperial Treasury, without any pesky Synod in the way talking about virtue or wringing its hands about what the little people will think. A nation where wizards are in charge, without a thresher or a vate in sight to say 'steady on'. Up until now they've mostly been worried about the upcoming war with our good friends the Commonwealth, but we've just reached halfway across the known world and smashed the international slave trade. I imagine if I had all the resources of the Senate and the Conclave, I might be able to spare some of it to send - say - a dozen magicians on a boat with a bucket of mana. They don't even need to come to the Empire - they can just stop off with their Grendel friends and cast a few little enchantments over their armies or their castles."

"Well,sure, but really when-" She didn't give him a chance to interrupt, and he nearly choked on a mouthful of steamed ham.

"Asavea? Now surely we don't need to worry about Asavea? A toothless old nation with a bickering Plenum far to the west, constantly entangled with our good friends the Sumaah Republic? I mean sure, that Plenum has effectively complete control of their military, and is entirely supported by the equivalent of their Synod, and believes that they have literal gods on their side, and have been playing underhanded political games at home and abroad since before the Dawnish arrived on the Bay of Catazar, and have forgotten more about building warships than we currently know? Sure, why should we worry about them? It's not as if they share our ability to pay their enterprising ship captains to sail halfway round the Known World to come raid our shipping, or help our enemies, or just sell them cheap materials so they can build bigger armies, is it?"

"Oh, of course, I mean if you want to get all speculative about it," Roderegio snorted. "But if we leave all that aside, yeah, if we leave all that aside... what can they even do about all this?"

She stared at his stupid red face for a full thirty seconds, then dabbed her mouth with her napkin.

"Oh, if you leave all that aside, all those things I just came up with off the top of my head after ten seconds of thought, then no. They can't do anything and we have absolutely nothing at all to worry about."

Roderegio allowed a broad grin to occupy his face, and took a self-satisfied gulp of his wine. Vienetta caught the eye of her cicisbeo, raised her finger to attract the waiter, and favoured her dinner companion with a broad smile of her own in preparation for explaining to him why they would not be seeing each other again after tonight and what might happen if they did.
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The world has wares, if you have coin.
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A Post-Rachensgrab World

  • The Fleet Admiral was Abel of Zenith Ascendant of Urizen
  • The international slave trade has been utterly shattered by the actions of the Liberty Pact

As the Imperials who ventured to Rachensgrab return home from the raid rumours start to spread from those who still have contacts in Nemoria, Kavor, Vezak, and Rigia. The raid has sent shockwaves careening through Asavean and Jarmish society. After Chalonsio, the two great powers must have realised something was coming but they could not have been prepared for the speed with which the Empire moved to topple the Slave Lords. Entire merchant families have been ruined, their investment in human and orc misery disappearing like morning mist. Magicians and covens who had existing deals with the now destroyed Pharam Vex have lost everything. The two nations are scrabbling to work out what they do now, with the steady supply of exploitation that they had relied on cut off at the source. There are rumblings from both the Plenum and the House of Princes that this is a perfect demonstration of how dangerous the Empire is... but for now the Empire and their allies are free to celebrate their triumph. They have, without a doubt, made the world a slightly less dreadful place for an awful lot of people both in the present, and in the future.

Legitimate Salvage

  • Abel of Zenith Ascendant will have the deeds to ten fleets and two ritual texts at the upcoming summit

Two ritual texts and ten fleets were acquired as loot in addition to the weapons, foci, wains, crowns, and Autumn vis from Rachensgrab. The ten fleets are waiting in the docks of Sarvos being made fit to sail by the Sarvos Shipwrights Syndicate. Though none of them have suffered massive damage all of the ships were due for some repairs. Anyone that provides the deed to the civil service (OOC note: please take to GOD) will be able to swap their personal resource free of charge.

The Liberty Pact

The might of the signatory nations of the Liberty Pact was made manifest with the utter shattering of the international slave trade in Rachensgrab. The previous season, in Chalonsio, the Empire, the Sumaah, and the Commonwealth demonstrated their commitment to ending the abhorrent practice of slavery. Closer to home the Empire has secured significant change in both Thule and Faraden society. There is talk that the Iron Confederacy may be moving towards a serf system following pressure from their neighbours to the north (although some question whether this is really any different to slavery when one gets right down to it). Clearly the might of the Liberty Pact is in its ascendancy.

But what comes next? In the wake of Chalonsio, the Sumaah are keen to strike directly at their old enemies in Nemoria. The Commonwealth are busy accomodating thousands of people freed from the markets of Rachensgrab, but they are also increasing pressure in Lantir. While the Citadels of Axos are thriving, they have time to consider their own ambitions which might not align entirely with their larger neighbours. Asavea and Jarm have not renounced slavery; the evil still exists in the world. Yet there is a world of difference between smashing an independent organisation such as the Slave Lords - no matter how influential they might be - and facing the might of another great power the equal of the Empire.

Commonwealth Rituals

  • The Commonwealth has provided five ritual texts to the Imperial Conclave

As per their previous agreement, the Commonwealth has prepared ritual texts for the Imperial Conclave. As requested in a pair of declarations of endowment raised by Skywise Gralka and Fausta during the Summer Solstice, they will be presented to the grandmasters of the Rod and Shield, Unfettered Mind, Celestial Arch, and Golden Pyramid at the start of the Conclave session on Friday evening.

Axou Narcotics

  • The Axou of the Tunnels of Kaban are slowly working to reclaim their citadel
  • There is an increased trade in narcotics from Axos to the Empire

More and more narcotics are making their way over the border to the Empire, to be sampled by those who make the journey to Anvil. The Assembly of Nine directed the Silent Bell to investigate the distribution of Axou narcotics throughout the Empire and their effects on Imperial citizens and that full report will be made available to the Assembly of Nine at the upcoming summit.

The Freedom Accord

  • The Asavean Plenum declared war on the Empire during the Autumn Equinox 384YE
  • The Imperial Senate has embargoed the Principalities of Jarm
  • The Principalities of Jarm have severed ties with the Empire
  • The Ambassador to Asavea is Pakt of the Imperial Orcs
  • The Ambassador to Jarm is currently Gelert Ashborn of Navarr

Beyond a report on the Temple of the Noble Virtues there has been precious little news from the Asavean Archipelago. No merchants come to offer their wares in Sarvos, nor have ships come to check if the Overseer of the Cavabianca Dock has any orders. Any fleet captains who might for some reason try to trade in Nemoria are harried as they withdraw by ships crewed by mercenaries, apparently eager to earn bonuses from the deep pockets of the wealthy Plenum.

The Principalities of Jarm are very dangerous for anyone who has previously championed the Empire as a worthy ally. The rumours of escalation in Lantir, and the clear and present threat of that the Commonwealth represents to the south.

Asavean Heretics

The recently renovated Temple of the Noble Virtues has fallen upon hard times in Nemoria in response to Imperial involvement in the raids on Chalonsio and Rachensgrab, and Asavea's decision to declare war on the Empire. The would-be 'First Priest of Virtue' Portilium Traposdo has been publicly humiliated and shamed, effectively marked as a traitor for his association with the 'warlike, disruptive faith' of the enemy. Indeed, he has had to sell one of the immense gold and bronze idols that represented the Virtues: the one representing Prosperity - to one of the Grendel who reside permanently in Nemoria.

Grendel Countdown Crab 5.png
The Grendel treaty ends after the Autumn Equinox 385YE, but is due to be renegotiated in Spring of that year.


The construction of the Grendel embassy has finally been completed. The position of Ambassador to the Grendel will be appointed at the second Senate session of the upcoming Winter Solstice. Some enterprising Freeborn have a cunning plan to steal the Scorrero Nets from under the nose of Governor Rahab, and there are known to be a group of Grendel priests visiting Anvil.

The peace treaty with the Grendel is due to be renegotiated during the Spring Equinox. Over the past year the Imperial citizens and orcs of the Broken Shore have engaged in multiple trade deals - primarily with Salt Lord Kaliact of Spiral which have apparently resulted in Prosperity all round.

Private Negotiations

  • Salt Lord Kaliact of Spiral has requested a meeting between her representatives and a number of Imperial citizens this summit.
  • Speaker Curstag and party will arrive at Anvil around 12:30 on Saturday
  • There is a very specific group of people they wish to meet with

As the Winter Solstice approaches, messengers from Spiral arrive at Anvil to request a meeting be arranged. Salt Lord Kaliact is sending her trusted negotiator, Speaker Curstag and her advisors, to Anvil to discuss "matters related to the peace treaty, and it's upcoming renegotiation." When pressed for more, the messengers say that this is all they were told. What they do have, is a list of people who are to be invited to the meeting. The list appears a little esoteric, in part due to the fact that there is currently no Ambassador to the Grendel, although this position is due to be elected this season.

Where the meeting is to be hosted is a matter for the Empire to decide, apparently, although the messengers suggest that the Urizen encampment will be most familiar to the attendees. Speaker Curstag and their party will arrive at the gates of Anvil around 12:30 on Saturday.

The following Imperial citizens are invited to attend the negotiations:

  • Valerius in their position as the Spiral Envoy and with their responsibilities to ensure good trade relations with the Grendel in Spiral.
  • Sejanus in their position as the Senator for Redoubt
  • Esteban i Del Rio Blanco i Guerra as the former Imperial Fleet Master whose audacity inspired the Grendel to open negotiations
  • Ezro i Alvera i Erigo as the current Imperial Fleet Master who until recently held authority to negotiate on behalf of the Empire
  • Andronikos of the Lighthouse at Nikephoros, and whichever trusted friend he chooses to bring with him

Visiting Armada

  • At least one of the Grendel navies is currently off the coast of Necropolis
  • Many of their sailors have been visiting the hostelries and taverns of the territory

There was some panic when the first sailors of the Grendel first arrived in Necropolis a month after the Autumn Equinox. Clearly this wasn't any kind of invasion, but what if it was? As the days turned into weeks and the Grendel remained in Necropolis it became clear that at least one of their navies was anchored off the coast of the territory. The navies are far away enough to ensure they are not breaching any borders though not far away enough to not be affected by a ritual targeting the territory.

The business owners of Necropolis are unsure what to do about their newest guests. Should they be welcomed and catered to? Coin is coin after all, even if comes from a Grendel. And the Imperial Senate did agree to a peace treaty with the orcs of the Broken Shore, even if they have just enacted sanctions on them. There are still some who are unsure though, and ask the National Assembly of Highguard to make a Statement of Principle on the matter.

If the statement is in favour of trading with the Grendel then every owner of a business based in Necropolis will receive additional income before the Spring Equinox. If the statement is not in favour of trading with the Grendel, or no statement is raised, then the Highborn will continue to keep the visitors at arms length which will lead to them seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

Sarcophan Delves

  • The Sarcophan Delves remain interested in securing for themselves the free trade enjoyed by the signatories to the Liberty Pact
  • The Ambassador to the Sarcophan Delves is Thalia of Netherwatch of Urizen

Visiting traders Sarcophan Delves continue to eagerly ply their goods to merchants, though with so many other nations receiving preferential treatment in Imperial ports their enthusiasm is beginning to wane. The offer of opening a new port to Imperial fleet captains in return for free trade however is still very much on the table, and Bedelaar Huisbaas Annike awaits word on a treaty from the Ambassador to the Sarcophan Delves.

The Vandersaar Opportunity

Alivetti Market
Commission Type: Ministry
Location: Cigno, Sarvos
Cost: 10 weirwood, 20 crowns, three months to complete
Effect: Creates the position of Trademaster of Alivetti Market who could purchase measures and ingots
  • The Vandersaar are willing to sell ingots and measures as part of a new Alivetti Market
  • The Alivetti Market would require a commission, 10 wains of weirwood, 20 crowns, and take three months to construct
  • Commissioning the market could be done as part of a wider treaty with the Sarcophan Delves

The Vandersaar have offered to sell a variety of "common materials" to the Empire. The offer has been apparently made in response to a previous request from former Ambassador Thanmir Hrafnar. The Empire would need to appoint a representative, Trademaster of Alivetti Market perhaps, to oversee the traders of the League who might wish to purchase from the Vandersaar merchants who operate the market. The Trademaster would of course have access to "premium rates" in recognition of their hard work.

Alivetti Market
12 crowns16 random ingots and measures
31 crowns33 random ingots and measures
50 crowns50 random ingots and measures

The Vandersaar have marked out an area they believe would be most suitable for the market. There is an old, forgotten villa with a personal dock which is sadly falling apart. If the Empire were to provide ten wains of weirwood the Vandersaar would be able to repair the damage to the docks and expand them slightly, allowing a private berth for Imperial merchants wishing to visit the market and purchase goods.

The Gjullit Proposal

Gjullit Docks
255 crowns7 wains of weirwood
555 crowns14 wains of weirwood
875 crowns21 wains of weirwood
  • The Gjullit family have made an offer to sell regular supplies of weirwood to the Empire
  • Altering the Pallas Docks in Cargo would require a commission, 60 crowns, and take three months to complete
  • Building new docks elsewhere would require a new commission, 15 wains of white granite, 15 wains of weirwood, and 60 crowns and take three months to complete

The Gjullit family are beginning to secure in their place at the great table of Sarcophan politics. They have managed to arrange other buyers for the weirwood and white granite they previously offered the Empire, and invest the resultant funds. Now they have approached the Empire with another deal; they have managed to acquire a steady supply of weirwood and are prepared to offer it to the Imperial Senate for first refusal before taking the wains elsewhere.

They aren't offering a bulk order of weirwood - rather they are prepared to commit to delivering a regular supply. Perhaps most enticingly, the Senate won't necessarily need to construct an entirely new dock for the family to use. A representative of the Gjullit has visited the Pallas Docks in Cargo and suggests that with some renovations to allow the superior Sarcophan vessels to dock they would be able to use it to deliver wains of weirwood to the city every season. This would require a Senate motion to alter the existing commission, costing the Imperial Treasury 60 crowns but would require significantly less than constructing an entirely new dock. They suggest it be renamed the Gjullet Docks in the process.

Alternatively, the Imperial Senate could construct an entirely new set of docks anywhere along the Bay of Catazar. The Gjullit suggests that if the Brass Coast are looking to begin constructing a navy (as the construction of the School of Blood and Brass would suggest) then it might be the ideal place secure a steady income of weirwood. Construction would require a commission, 15 wains of white granite, 15 wains of weirwood, 60 crowns, and take three months.

Either option would need to be overseen by someone, Trademaster of the Gjullit Docks perhaps, which would need to be elected through the Imperial Bourse but could be done via Auction of the Seats or Tally of the Votes as the Senate saw fit.

There is some question about where this bounty of weirwood is coming from; but the Gjullit laughingly refuse to reveal their sources. The last thing they want is the Empire cutting them out of the loop and making their own deal with the people who have the weirwood - where would the Prosperity in that be?

Knights in Anvil

  • The Iron Confederacy have removed their embargo but still have sanctions on Imperial trade
  • Three Suranni Lawkeeper knights are visiting Anvil to talk to the militia
  • They are expected to arrive in Anvil at 22:30 on Friday
  • The Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy is currently Lord Colwynn de Rondell of Dawn

As part of the treaty agreed with the Iron Confederacy the port of Robec is once again open to Imperial fleets. The other part of the treaty is a direction for the magistrates and local militia to work alongside Suranni knights to seek out members of the Hand of Dumon. Three Lawkeeper knights sworn to uphold the laws of Arav the Judge are intending to visit Anvil. Jeannette Marian and her companions are expecting to arrive at around half past ten on the first night of the summit, and will be journeying first to the militia tent to talk to their counterparts. The knights are not affiliated with any house of the Iron Confederacy, instead having pledged their lives to uphold Suranni law without favour to any one faction.

Free Nation of Bregas

  • During the Autumn Equinox Mathilda Fisher journeyed to Anvil and met with the Imperial Consul
  • Mathilda Fisher maintains control over Bregasland
  • The Imperial Consul is Jarrigk Orzel of Dawn

The Steward of Bregasland Mathilda Fisher and Harald Longaxe, representative of Gudmundur Arason, met with Jarrigk Orzel, the Imperial Consul; Bridget Talbot, the Imperial Administrator; Avisena i Kharizmi i Guerra, the Senator for Segura; and Orrick the former Senator for Bregasland. During the meeting an unknown number of Marchers jumped the barrier to the viewing gallery in a failed attempt to assassinate Fisher.

Tom Shriver is open to communication. A Winged Messenger can be sent to him at Tom Shriver, Greywater, North Fens, Bregasland.

There is still potentially talk of a treaty, but so far the Senate has provided no assurances to the Steward of Bregasland. The rough details of what Mathilda wants are no secret; she speaks of them regularly in Bregasland. Any treaty with the Fishers would need to create an independent nation of Bregasland with the Empire and the Jotun both respecting the borders of the territory. The Strong Reeds would need to withdraw from the territory, and the Jotun would remove their armies in turn. Any Imperial citizens living in Bregasland would be allowed to leave should they wish. Trade between the Empire and the Free Nation of Bregas would be discussed at a future date but would be possible. The Fishers of Bregasland would no longer support the armies of the Jotun and all thralls in Bregasland (of which there are apparently none anyway) would be freed. The taking of thralls in the territory of Bregasland would be outlawed.

Trade and Tariffs

  • Last season the Senate voted to amend the tariffs on Faraden, Otkodov and the Iron Confederacy
  • All ministries that involve purchasing goods from a a nation with a free trade tariffs by the Senate have an additional purchase rank
  • Free trade tariffs cause a small loss of taxation to the Imperial treasury

Last season the Imperial Senate voted to amend the tariffs applied to three foreign nations. The Senator for Karsk raised a motion to ratify a treaty prepared by the Ambassador to Faraden to remove sanctions from the Faraden and amend the position of Overseer of the Gloaming Road to be an Imperial title.

The Senator for Reikos and the Senator for Volodmartz both raised motions to amend trade with the Thule, first to remove sanctions then to move them to free trade as reparation for the damage inflicted by Thunderous Deluge. The Senator for Miekarova raised a motion to ratify a treaty prepared by the Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy to instruct magistrates to co-operate with Suranni knights of the temples in tracking down the Hand of Dumon in exchange for the Iron Confederacy removing their embargo on Imperial goods and instead applying sanctions.

All ministries that involve purchasing goods from nations that have free trade with the Empire have access to an additional purchase track for as long as the tariff applies.