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Over the past three months, several events have occurred which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. You can also read about the progress of the Empire's military campaigns here.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters 'should' know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months.

Many winds of fortune open with a short section of in-character text. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip. They're mostly just a bit of fun and they tend not to contain anything vital to the understanding of the wind of Fortune.

Winds of Fortune

An Affirming Flame

  • Urizen; Highguard; the League; Varushka

The last few years have been a desperate struggle for the Urizen, with battle raging back and forth across Spiral; the grim conclusion to that campaign; the loss of Zenith; and the tragedy of Morrow. At various points during their ordeal they have received crucial support from other nations. Now the National Assembly recognises those whose aid has proven invaluable, and urges the people of Urizen to show their gratitude to the generals of Varushka, Highguard, and the League. In some cases, their people have responded enthusiastically. In other cases, the enthusiasm has been very much more muted.

At the same time they reach out to other Imperial nations, the Assembly affirms a commitment to accepting any who truly wish to become part Urizen, even if they are orcs. This statement proves itself quite contentious for the people of the beleaguered southeastern nation.

You can learn about the repercussions of both these statements here.

Chaos, and the Stillness of It

  • Navarr; Highguard; Dawn; Imperial Conclave; Grandmaster of the Rod and Shield

The tide comes at the flood; the defence of Elerael and Boar's Dell against the greedy tendrils of the vallorn of Brocéliande continues. The assault continues to increase in strength as more and more of the vallorns power is brought to bear on driving the Navarr from its woods and reclaiming the land they have liberated. They are not without allies - from Dawn, from Highguard, from the orcs of the Great Forest, from the cold eternal Tharim - but will those allies be sufficient to protect their homes for another season?

If not there are other allies they might gather. Tharim has more strength to offer, if the Empire will meet his price. The General of Day likewise offers his assistance in matters of strategy, and seeks nothing in return.

You can learn about how bad it has gotten in Brocéliande, as well as some details about Liathaven and Hercynia, here.

Conduit to Destiny

  • Wintermark

When people talk of the magic of the Empire, they often think of the Urizeni magicians in their tall spires or the Dawnish weavers at work in Weirwater. In recent times there has been an increasing tendency to overlook the powerful magical heritage of the north and in particular the great tradition of Wintermark runesmiths. The runesmiths were the people who gave runes to the Empire, and some even claim that it was them who first taught humanity how to fashion magical items.

When Skarsind fell to the Thule, they captured many of the greatest runesmiths in Wintermark, hauling them back to Otkodov in chains. Wintermark never truly recovered from this terrible blow, losing its place as the one of the most important sources of magical items in the Empire. Now after years of neglect, there is an opportunity for the Mark to try to reclaim its former prestige by attempting to construct a new rune forge to rival the The Spiral Sword

You can learn more about this proposal here.

Double or Nothingness

  • Imperial Synod; Cardinal of Vigilance; Imperial Senate; Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy

The Imperial Senate has criminalised the trade of liao to the Iron Confederacy, albeit under somewhat narrow circumstances. The embargo the Dukes have placed on Imperial goods may make this law moot - but only if the liao is being transported by legitimate means. The Silent Bell - charged by the Assembly of the Nine with investigating the transport of liao across the border to the southern nation - say that their investigations suggest the trade is very far from legitimate indeed.

At the same time, the Suranni magicians of Dumon's Hand have renewed their appeal to the Empire for assistance bringing down the Dukes of the Confederacy - although those appeals also raise more questions. Who are Dumon's Hand? Are they really fit allies for the Empire? And what do they actually believe?

You can learn all about this additional Iron Confederacy business here.

Home Fires

  • The Marches

When Friar John of the Mourn put forth a statement of principle calling on farm owners to show their support for the soldiers fighting for the Empire it aroused great interest and much discussion. People eventually decide that the idea of providing a night of food and rest a week is more of a romantic notion than an actual logistical plan that might work in practice, but the Marchers are nothing if not practical people. With a little work, a general could billet their troops in Marcher land and expect to receive support, food, and warm beds (or at least warm hay) for all their troops. They wouldn't even necessarily have to be Marchers... if the Synod decided that was for the best.

If it was for the best. After all, it's easier to look at a hill than go over it, as they say in the Marches.

You can learn about some of the practical suggestion of the Marcher folk here.

The Honey Offering

  • Varushka; especially Belakov, the Wolf of Karsk

Varushka is a prosperous land. It may be haunted by horrors, but there is great wealth to be found here if one is brave enough. With Ossium it is now the largest of the Imperial nations; can it once more become the richest?

While Bartimaeus tells people of all nations to consider how to benefit their people, Varushkan priests speak directly to the people of the forests and hills of wealth claimed, Prosperity wielded, and of how the Wolf of Karsk ensures that no threat will sneak into the vales under the shadow of compassion.

Now, then, it is a time of opportunities. To build, to stretch, to encourage, and to secure the future by buying back the past.

You can learn about these opportunities here.

Honey and Vinegar

  • Imperial Conclave; Grandmasters (especially Silver Chalice); Warmage; Bursar of the Conclave; the Marches; Wintermark

In response to the news that the long standing bequests to the font have run dry, a group of enterprising League merchants have come up with some novel ideas for how the prosperity of the orders might be preserved.

They are not the only folk thinking of mana, and some are motivated more by gratitude than by monetary concerns. In their own slightly odd way the Landskeepers of the Marches show their support for the Conclave decision to keep Rivers Run Red under interdiction. And in the north, the peculiar sealfolk known as the hylje seek to show their support for their single-natured Suaq cousins with crabs, fish... and crystal mana.

You can learn more about these opportunities here.

I Heard A Source

  • Autumn Archmage; Imperial Senate; Imperial Bourse

The Archmage of Autumn invited the eternal Ephisis to parley, but rather than meet with them, the City of Gold and Lead has sent heralds to present trades for the consideration of the Empire. These include an offer to let the Autumn archmage buy warm ashes; a chance to arrange similar trades of other archmages; and a stronger connection to the Autumn realm paid for with the concept of national Bourse seats.

The exchange has also prompted an unexpected fourth offer from the Sovereign Lord of the City of Bridges who has very different opinions on how the most valuable materials in the Empire should be distributed.

You can read about these offers here.

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playthings

  • Imperial Synod; Imperial Senate

The Asavean architect - Almodin Oktístis - has spent the last two years building grand structures on behalf of the Senate. Now, not only has he been convicted of idolatry by the magistrates, but he an his work have been roundly denounced by the Synod.

The architect is gone now - fled back to Asavea - but the buildings he built while he was employed by the Senate remain. Each one covered in icons and statues of the Asavean gods. Each one an affront to Imperial Pride.

Two questions remain then. What is to be done about these offensive structures? And who, precisely, is to do it? Perhaps these questions can be answered here.

If the Wheel is Fixed

  • Imperial Synod; Ambassador to Sumaah

Jorma Steelhail has enacted a mandate that calls for greater understanding between the Sumaah Houses of Virtue and the Imperial Synod. The mandate encouraged Imperial and Sumaah citizens to view Timoj and Bastion as equals in the Way, with a shared single faith. The Sumaah have in turn discussed these words, and passed statements of principle of their own.

The immediate outcome is that the Sumaah präster have curtailed their missionary work in the Empire - for the moment at least. They seem prepared to listen, if the Synod priests are prepared to commit itself to the search for common ground. The situation is tense, but there is at least a chance for detente - assuming the Imperial Synod still desires detente that is...

You can learn about the situation here.

The Illusion of Majesty

  • High Bard of the Empire; Holberg guilds and free companies; Upwolders; Autumn Magicians; Gamblers; Diviners

Anvil during the Solstices and Equinoxes is not just a place for politics, but for commerce and trade. It is also a place to come if you are looking for someone - either a specific someone or a specific type of someone. Here we collect together a number of disparate opportunities loosely connected by a notional thread of trade. Look more closely and you can learn about an offer from the Soverign-Lady of Shikal; mercenaries seeking direction; a prestigious bakery looking for a patron; the bearer of a peculiar bracelet looking for answers; and a gambler looking for marks fellow players for a unique game of cards.

Details of these opportunities are found here.

The Long March

  • Highguard; Imperial Synod

Increasing numbers of grey pilgrims walk the trods that criss-cross the Empire. This simple act will help the Navarr in their great quest, though their numbers are still small compared to the number of stridings actively walking the trods. The Highborn are not content to simply walk, however. Rather it seems they envision a second great flowering of the Way. The mandates of the Highborn assembly shape the pilgrimage, but there are still question to answer. What will be their attitude to the barbarian nations that surround the Empire? And does their mission come with the endorsement of the Synod itself?

You can learn about the current situation, and about opportunities presented, here.

Lost in Translation

  • Military captains; General of the Winter Sun; Imperial Synod; Imperial Conclave; Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies

During the raid on Dubhtraig, Imperial heroes freed some two thousand slaves from the yoke of the Salt Lords and brought them back to the Empire. They were each offered a home in Skarsind among their Imperial orc cousins.

Unfortunately, in the absence of support from the Imperial Senate, the refugees tried to make their own way north... during one of the worst winters in recent years. Imperial charity has gone some way toward seeing them through the cold months, but even that is beginning to run out. The refugees are now scattered across two-thirds of the Empire, and unless something is done soon their situation can only get worse.

You can learn about the refugees situation, and what steps can be taken to help them, here.

The Mathematics of Tears

  • Imperial Senate; Varushka, the Brass Coast, and the League; the Kruidenkenner Trademaster, High Herbalist of Sybella, Master of the Clearing House, and Vizier of the Incarnadine Satchel; the Northern Trade Network; and the Sarcophan Ambassador.

During their recent Banket van Vrijheid, the leaders of the Sarcophan Delves finally outlawed the slave trade. While they did not sign the Liberty Pact, several Sarcophan families and guilds are keen to strengthen their ties with the members, and present opportunities for mutual Prosperity.

These include warehouses for bulk herb trade; foreign investment in a variety of existing herbal ministries; the purchase of white granite and weirwood; a one-off deal for a bulk order of white granite; and proposals to turn ruined locations in Karsk and Sarvos into large Sarcophan trading enclaves.

You can learn about these proposals here.

Music of a Distant Drum (Orc Affairs)

  • Highguard, Imperial Orcs; Marchers. Navarr, Varushka, Wintermark; Imperial Consul; Ambassador to Otkodov

Most of the Empire's immediate neighbours are orcs. North, south, east, and west are the Thule, the Grendel, the Druj, and the Jotun, but they are not the only orcs with whom the Empire interact. The former Jotun thralls and the orcs of the Great Forest live among the Imperial nations in relative peace - but can that peace continue?

From the music of distant drums we can learn about the sudden frost that has fallen over Imperial relations with the Thule of Otkodov; about a request for a formal embassy; about a delegation seeking justice and wisdom; about the growing tension between neighbours; and about a spy network exposed.

You can learn more about relations with the Empire's orc neighbours here.

One More Day's Light

  • Spring Archmage; General of the Winter Sun; General of the Seventh Wave; Imperial Military Units; Dawn

With the fall of Ossium, the Druj have sent an ultimatum; if the Empire continues to invade the Mallum they will slaughter the prisoners they hold in Dawnguard. Until now, the yeofolk children they have captured have been kept safe - insurance against the good behaviour of the nobles of Dawn - but that safety can be rescinded all too easily.

At the same time the Prince with a Thousand Foes has completed preparations for a foray into the Barrens. With the aid of the golden hare, perhaps the children of Dawnguard can be snatched from the talons of the Druj. Indeed, with sufficient assistance, it may well be that the blessing of Papa Otec could bring even more opportunity in the Barrens - if the Empire is in a position to take advantage of it.

You can learn about the opportunity presented here.

Pitiless as the Sun (Winds of Magic)

  • Imperial Magicians; Spring Archmage; residents of Weirwater and Reikos

Our world is a magical one. Mortal magicians wield powerful rituals, seizing their destiny through the power of their will. The eternal sovereigns of the six realms are magic incarnate, driven by strange passions and bound by complex bans. When the two collide, the earth shakes and the heavens tremble. When they work in harmony they can achieve great wonders. Yet there is always a price for such cooperation and sometimes it is more than either magician or eternal imagines.

Here we may learn about the sorceries, enchantments, and curses that have fallen across the Empire. Of a subtle curse on the Dawnishfolk of Weirwater, and of the glowing mists of Grimhold. Of the quiet discontent of the Ender of Empires, and of the machinations of the Summer Mage. Of the dark gift of Sorrowful One, and of the sorrow of the Toad King.

You can discover all these and more here

The Price of Liberty

  • Imperial Senate; Imperial titles benefiting from foreign trade including Ambassadors; Imperial Synod

During the Winter Solstice the Imperial Senate ratified the Liberty Pact. As a consequence, trade sanctions were imposed on slaving nations - Asavea, Jarm, Faraden, Otkodov, and the Iron Confederacy. The Senate instructed the civil service to appraise the economic impact of those sanctions and ways they could be mitigated. Naomi of Virtue's Rest has been assigned to oversee the appraisal, focusing on diplomatic opportunities that will both mitigate the effects of sanctions and prove acceptable to the foreign nations involved.

You can learn about both the impact of the sanctions and their potential mitigation here.

Point of the Spear

  • Imperial heroes

Each summit the Sentinel Gate opens, allowing the heroes of the Empire to pass through. With its powerful magic, they can intercede in fateful events in any corner of the Empire - and even sometimes beyond its borders if there is significant Imperial presence. Each season, the prognosticators examine the Gate with their spells and converse with egregores and astronomancers, and do their best to compile information about where the gate will open and the opportunities that may represent. The Gate always opens where something is happening, but it is not always clear what role the heroes can play in mastering those events and turning them to their own ends.

You can learn about the Spring Equinox conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate here.

The Risk-All Point (Trade Winds)

The Empire is powerful, but not without peer. In the months since the Winter Solstice, the complex web of international relationships has become tangled like never before. The Liberty Pact smashes the status quo like a rock through a pane of glass and the known world may never be the same again.

Yet the world continues to turn, even as it is divided into two rival camps. Here you can learn of the civil war in Asavea and the Empire's role in it, and the seismic changes sweeping through Axos. Of the beauty of the Sumaah capital, and the enthusiasm of the Commonwealth. Of the disappointment of the Faraden, and of the apoplectic fury of the priests of Arav the Judge.

You can learn about the general situation in the wider world beyond Imperial borders here.

Smash it Up

  • Assembly of Nine

Astrid Fjellrevening Rezia di Tassato, the Cardinal of Pride, has sent out a clear, unambiguous message. The Assembly of Nine condemns the reverence of eternals, and in particular the egregious acts of idolatry demanded by these inhuman creatures. The message comes at an opportune time, and has proven particularly inspirational to one group of courageous pilgrims. The result is that the blatantly idolatrous statue of Janon in Temeschwar is now a pile of expensive rubble. The ringleader of this warden fellowship, Sobena Strogobor, has written an open letter to the Assembly of the Nine with an explicit offer that they are prepared to do a lot more than merely smash up little statues - if they are given the right encouragement.

You can learn about the Wardens of the Soul's Road and their offer here. .

A Strange Land

  • Varushka; Dawn; Holberg; Imperial Orcs; Imperial Synod; Imperial Senate; Ambassador to Otkodov

Ossium - the first new territory to be conquered by the Empire in living memory - has become part of Varushka. Already Varushkan settlers are moving into the new territory, and the egregore has begun to find people who are ready to become Varushkan citizens.

There are still many questions looking for answers. What is to be done about the Ketsov? About the Sand Fishers? About the Crawling Depths? About the cloying miasma of terror that hangs over Ossium like a shroud? And what about the people who already live there? Can they be brought to the Way? And how best can that be achieved? The battle for Ossium may be won but the challenge of making the place truly a part of the Empire is only beginning...

You can learn more about the developing situation in the newest Imperial territory here.

To Loose the Fateful Lightning

  • Imperial Fleet Captains; Imperial Fleet Master

While the Grendel armada is focused on the invasion of Feroz, the orc pirates of Attar continue to raid Imperial shipping. Recent raids on Dubhtraig and Mareave have enraged the Salt Lords; rumour has it that they are offering bounties for Imperial vessels captured or sunk. While their claim to have uncontested mastery of the Bay of Catazar seems less convincing that it once was, they still present a significant threat to merchant vessels operating out of Tassato, Sarvos, the Brass Coast, Highguard, and Urizen.

However... there is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence, between audacity and foolishness, and between ambitious pride and disastrous hubris. It may well be that the Grendel have strayed across that line... just as the Empire is ideally positioned to take advantage of it.

You can learn about this opportunity to dominate the Bay here.

The Warmth of an Invisible Light

  • Urizen; Highguard

Imperial heroes have rescued more than half of the Urizen imprisoned by the Druj in Zenith. Now they are safe, one question remains. What to do with these people that have been saved? Their homes lie over the mountain passes in Zenith - but that land labours under Druj control and who knows when it will be freed? No-one would choose to move to Spiral, but are they better to wait until they can return, or consider settling own and starting new lives?

The decision ultimately depends on what the Urizen intend to do next. Will they seek to consolidate the recent gains made in restoring Morrow and look to blunt the Druj advance into Spiral. Or will they throw caution to the winds and commit everything to retaking Zenith?

You can learn about the two opportunities to help those Urizen liberated from Zenith here.

What Will Be, Was Not

  • Highguard, Navarr, Wintermark, the Brass Coast; Imperial Synod; Imperial Bourse

The saga of the Cinderpath continues, but now it has expanded to involve the entire Empire. Following three powerful mandates, the public Bourse auction is in disarray and may yet end up following the old private auction into dissolution. Yet it is not by any means all bad news - quite the contrary. People from every nation are considering how best to show that virtue is more important than money, and that the strength of the ten nations is what really makes the Empire great.

In addition to the matter of the public auction, there are opportunities to harness the weirwood of Navarr; the ilium of Wintermark; and the philosophy of Guerra herself to demonstrate the Pride and Loyalty the people of the Empire feel toward their nations.

You can learn about these developments here.

Who Benefits (Plenipotentiary)

  • Imperial Magicians; the nation of Urizen; Wintermark and Dawn

The six archmages have the ability to petition the denizens of the magical realms as representatives of the Empire. Those denizens are bound to respond - although their responses may not always take the form of a formal parley.

In the lead up to the Spring Equinox, six eternals have sent responses to plenipotentiary messages from the Imperial archmages; the Archives of Silence; the Host of the Caucus Forum; the Queen of the Amaranthine Glacier; the Lady of the Counting House; the Queen of all Spiders; and the Whelpmaster.

You can learn about these plenipotentiary responses here.

Other Events

Take Up Arms

  • Any character who controls a congregation may exchange it for a military unit with the same number of upgrades
  • There is no monetary cost to make this change

Following the Winter Solstice, Severi Jarlmarison was charged by the Wintermark national assembly to urge any priest of Wintermark who does not make full use of their powers to take up arms and lead their congregations in heroic battle. At the same time, the general assembly charged a priest named Rafe to spread the same mandate to all the people of the Empire.

As a consequence, during the Spring Equinox any Imperial citizen with a congregation personal resource will have the option to change resources to instead command a military unit without paying the required 2 crowns to do so. Furthermore, if their congregation is upgraded, their military unit will have the same number of upgrades. This transformation will only be possible one way, and will only be available during the Spring Equinox. In all other respects, the normal rules for changing resources apply.

The Inquisition of Frederick di Sarvos

  • Frederick di Sarvos has been called to inquisition; he will not work on any of his projects until the inquisition is resolved at the very earliest.

During the Autumn Equinox, Frederick di Sarvos offered an opportunity to the Cardinal of Ambition, Viviane de Coeurdefer of Dawn. The talented architect offered to design something impressive under the guidance of the Cardinal and present his proposals at the Winter Solstice. He duly presented proposals for four ambitious centres of learning.

During the Winter Solstice, the Imperial Senate heard a motion to construct the Naval Academy of Blood and Brass but ultimately that motion failed. While the Imperial Conclave considered a Declaration of Concord the supported the expansion to Diora University, they ultimately rejected it. Meanwhile, the Imperial Synod saw a Statement of Principle in support of the Lepidean Library from the Assembly of the Nine - but on the explicit understanding that the true liao it would produce would be assigned by the Gatekeepers. In the event, none of Frederick's proposals was actually commissioned by the Senate.

Also during the Winter Solstice, however, Ranae de Rondell raised a call to Inquisition, passed by the Ambition assembly, requiring that Frederick attend the Spring Equinox to answer questions about the virtue of his actions. The Inquisition is scheduled to take place in the Glory Square in Dawn at four o'clock on Saturday.

While Frederick has confirmed he will attend, he has also made it absolutely clear that he will not work on any of these projects until after the resolution of that judgement has taken place. It will not be possible for the Senate to commission any of his college projects during the Spring Equinox; Frederick will inform the Master of the Imperial Mint if he changes his mind in this matter.


Sixteen mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod. You can find the details of all the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here. As always, these mandates only have an effect if the named priest provides the appropriate amount of liao and emails Profound Decisions ( to tell us to take the liao and complete the mandate.

Some of these mandates will have an effect this downtime, specifically those relating to the Brocéliande defence. We'll adjust this page and alert the appropriate nations when/if these mandates are enacted..

Assembly Mandate Named Priest Outcome WoF
Dawn National The green forest of Brocéliande is a wilderness like few others; now the vallorn that lies at its heart rises against our friends among the Navarr. The opportunity for glory here cannot be ignored; nor should the people of Semmerholm and Astolat ignore the sacrifices the Navarr have made to protect them against the malign force of the power that dwells there. The Dawn assembly sends Ranae de Rondell with 50 doses of liao to encourage knights and witches to offer their aid to the Navarr fighting to stem the green tide of the vallorn. Let knights-errant and questing knights alike face the challenge of the dark forest, and show the abhorrent power of the vallorn the might of Dawnish steel! Ranae de Rondell Enhanced awards for Dawnish characters supporting the "Slow the Vallorn" action here
General The Way binds us together, guiding all citizens on a virtuous path. We send Eska Crowspeaker with 50 liao to spread the Way to those we have rescued from Dubhtraig to allow them to find a place for themselves in the Empire. Eska Crowspeaker Encourages slaves liberated from Dubhtraig to embrace the Way here
General All members of the Synod have a duty to represent their congregations. Those who are neither raising judgements in pursuit of their goals, nor voting in support of their understanding of Virtue, shame themselves. We send Rafe with 100 doses of liao to urge any priest in the Empire who does not make full use of their powers to take up arms and lead their congregations in heroic battle. Rafe Characters with congregation resources will be easily able to exchange them for military unit resources here
Wintermark Those Winterfolk who are members of the Synod have a duty to represent their congregations. Those who are neither raising judgements in pursuit of their goals, nor voting in support of their understanding of Virtue, shame themselves. We send Severi Jarlmarison with 50 doses of liao to urge any priest of Wintermark who does not make full us of their powers to take up arms and lead their congregations in heroic battle. Severi Jarlmarison Wintermark characters with congregation resources will be easily able to exchange them for military unit resources here
General The virtuous build up their fellows, and take pride in their people. Rather than looking to line their own pockets, Imperial citizens should seek ways to strengthen their own nations - and by doing so strengthen the Empire as a whole. We send Bartimeus with 75 liao to urge Imperial citizens to consider how best the bounty of their nations might be used for the benefit of their people. Bartimeus Nations will present proposals to make use of their own Bourse resources here
Highguard The purpose of our Pilgrimage is to save souls; certainly those who have fallen to the Vallorn, but also those who are in danger of being lost to false beliefs. We the Highborn Assembly acknowledge that no citizen follows the Way perfectly. We all have room to grow, and faults to address. We send Lilith of the Chantry with 25 liao to urge the Grey Pilgrims to act as guides for all the human nations of this great Empire. As they walk the trods in the years to come, let there be no dark corner into which they cannot shine the light of Virtue. Lilith of the Chantry All human nations will suffer penalties to their congregations here
General The Way was founded in Bastion, and the Sumaah were among the first to follow in our footsteps. For so long Bastion has been a single light in sea of savagery and ignorance - the Imperial Synod is heartened to learn there are now two with Bastion's counterpart in Timoj. Rather than seek division through political pettiness, the Imperial Synod has a grander vision and so sends Jorma Steelhail with 150 doses of Liao to urge the citizens of the Empire and the Sumaah Republic to seek common ground and focus on our shared Ambition in spreading the Way to the world. Jorma Steelhail Seeks reconciliation with the Sumaah Republic here
Highguard The monstrous infestation that is the Vallorn is a danger beyond any other that now faces us. There is no sacrifice too great that we cannot meet it to defeat this terror. The walking of the trods will weaken the vallorn, but we must not be blind to the danger it poses to humanity. The time has come to raise sword and brand against it in defence of our allies - and to strike at the horror in Brocéliande before it becomes a threat to our own people. We send Hazelelponi of the Shattered Tower with 50 doses of liao to urge the vigilant faithful of Highguard to aid the Navarr in the defence of Brocéliande. Hazelelponi of the Shattered Tower Congregations of Highguard will help support the defenders of Brocéliande here
Prosperity As Edna has declared, the building of the Cinderpath Exchange is a virtuous endeavour that both increases the Prosperity of the Empire as a whole, and ensures that those who sell white granite receive a fair and virtuous reward for their labours. We send Edna with 100 doses of liao to urge those Prosperous citizens who have white granite to refrain from auctioning it through the Bourse Auction at Anvil until such time as the Cinderpath Exchange is completed. Edna of the Chantry Citizens will withhold white granite from the public auction until the Cinderpath Exchange is built. here
Highguard Highguard were those who founded The Way and first spread it to the peoples of the Empire's nations. They have now shown their Loyalty in kind for this great enlightenment Highguard gave to them, and it is time to spread The Way further afield through the people of foreign nations. We send Able of the Shattered Tower with 25 liao to urge the grey pilgrims to convert travelling foreigners to The Way, so that they may go back to their lands and pass on the truth. Able of the Shattered Tower Urges Grey Pilgrims to convert foreigners to the Way. here.
Highguard As Bartimaeus has already vouchsafed, virtuous people set prices for things which are fair, and buy and sell them accordingly. The Senate disagrees; it denies the virtue of engaging in trade in a virtuous manner. We send Raziel of the Shattered Tower with 25 doses of liao to urge those Highborn citizens in possession of white granite to refuse to deal with the greed embodied by the Bourse Auction at Anvil until such time as the Cinderpath Exchange is completed. Raziel of the Shattered Tower Highborn citizens will withhold white granite from the public auction until the Cinderpath Exchange is built here
General Skarsind offers a welcome home for the slaves liberated from the Broken Shore. Just as we once fought for our freedom, so you will have a chance to fight against those who once enslaved you. Those who do not fight, will still have a place, working to support our legions. We send Skywise Tulva with 50 liao to encourage the slaves to settle in Skarsind and let them know that those who choose to adopt our ways will be able to become Imperial Orcs in time. Skywise Tulva Orc slaves freed from Dubhtraig will be urged to move to Skarsind here
Varushka Vasili Zoryakovich Zverokaz reminds us that slavery is unacceptable; Eska Crowspeaker urges us to open out homes to those who have found freedom. Yet in Varushka we cannot simply accept a stranger at face-value, and must be certain of the nature of those we invite into our homes. We send Belikov the Wolf of Karsk with 150 doses of liao to examine each of these strangers and determine whether each one is friend or foe. Belakov the Wolf of Karsk Slaves freed from Ossium by the Druj will be individually assessed to ensure they are human. here
Highguard The purpose of our pilgrimage is to save souls, those who have fallen to the vallorn, but also those who are lost to malign forces and who bend the knee to eternals. We send Shadrach with 25 liao to urge the grey pilgrims to preach the rejection of False Virtues and idolatrous behaviour. Shadrach Grey Pilgrims will be urged to root out and oppose false virtues and eternal cults here

Imperial Lore

One ritual is being entered into Imperial lore, presuming the money to distribute them across the Empire is forthcoming.

Once payment has been made, these rituals will be available to be mastered by Imperial magicians.

Other Media

Autumn Bailey has recorded audio version of many of the Winds of Fortune: Who benefits?, The Mathematics of Tears, The Honey Offering, Honey and Vinegar, Idle Hands are the Devil's Playthings, Double or Nothingness, and I Heard a Source.

There is also audio for Synod mandates.