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As strong as iron and as supple as a river reed. These great trees are the sinews of our world.

Azul i Camra i Riqueza


Weirwood is a highly precious golden wood prized for its straight grain, flexibility, and strength. The durability and natural resistance to fire of weirwood make it particularly prized in the building of boats. It is one of the key materials used by the Imperial Senate to resupply armies or to commission new buildings and is a vital component of many opportunities.

Weirwood is bought and sold in Imperial wains. These weigh about 500kg, with a volume of half a cubic metre. Due to the vast weight, trading is done in Bourse Certificates provided by the civil service.

Bourse Certificate

Weirwood is too bulky to easily transport to Anvil. To help facilitate trade across the Empire, the Imperial civil service provide Bourse certificates for every wain. Citizens can trade these certificates safe in the knowledge that they can be exchanged for a wain of weirwood when the need arises.

Uses of Weirwood


Weirwood is primarily useful as a building material. The Senate can commission a range of buildings that fortify, enrich or uplift the Empire. Weirwood is usually required in the construction of:

Weirwood Bourse certificate

Upgrading Personal Resources

Weirwood can be used to upgrade:

  • Fleet - each upgrade increases military strength of the unit is increased by 20
  • Herb Garden - each upgrade gives 2 additional herbs, as chosen by the owner.
  • Farm - each upgrade gives 36 additional rings per season

To upgrade a resource requires Imperial wains of weirwood equal to the level the resource is being upgraded to. So the first upgrade of a starting level 1 forest costs 2 Imperial wains of weirwood, from 2 to 3 costs 3 Imperial wains, etc.

Weirwood Seats

There are few places in the Empire that produce weirwood. A weirwood seat can be a source of great wealth and prestige to whoever holds it. Elections for weirwood seats are held in winter each year.

Imperial Bourse Seats

Canterspire CircleOperus, Morrow22 wains of weirwoodBron Mordssen
Great Forest at ReikosBroken Ride, Reikos25 wains of weirwoodArlais of The Silent Tide
Heartwood of the Great ValeSummersend, Hercynia25 wains of weirwoodLandon Hawcombe
Hunt of Alderei the FairOpascari, Volodmartz28 wains of weirwoodBranislav Vuk Strascovich
The Golden Trees of SerenSerenael, Miaren28 wains of weirwoodSir Claude Vyse Videre
Weirwater ValesWickmoor, Weirwater23 wains of weirwoodMisha Kemi

National Bourse Seats

The ThimbleEastring, Therunin22 wains of weirwoodAstryd EmbercastNavarr Position


ResourceLocationPotential PurchaseOccupantEligibilityElection
Boar's MarketWinterbourne, Astolat10 wains of weirwoodGuy Grimbold-AntenucciDawnish PositionWinter
Docks of KorotnyMalimorzi, Karov15 wains of weirwoodTriska MarkovaVarushkan PositionWinter
Heartwood of the Great ValeSummersend, Hercynia9 wains of weirwoodLandon HawcombeImperial PositionWinter
Invisible Cord BrokerageSerenael, Miaren12 wains of weirwoodRhys NighthavenNavarr PositionWinter
Prime Factor of the Pallas DocksLimus, Redoubt21 wains of weirwoodNikolai St JohnImperial PositionWinter
Temeschwar University Department of ArchitectureHanuri, Temeschwar6 wains of weirwoodLaughlan Vi TemeschwarLeague PositionSummer
The Gloaming ForumOperus, Morrow4 wains of weirwoodVacantUrizeni PositionAt the next summit
The Golden Trees of SerenSerenael, Miaren12 wains of weirwoodSir Claude Vyse VidereImperial PositionWinter

Recent History

The Great Forest at Reikos was seized by the Druj barbarians in 367YE. In Winter 379YE, the seat was liberated by Imperial armies. The Highborn attempted to have this allocated as a National seat, but the Senate appointed it an Imperial seat in Spring 380YE

In Winter 380 YE, Dawnish witches attacked the shipment from the Weirwater Vales , and took five wains of that season's output.

In Spring 381YE, the Imperial Senate built a set of dedicated docks, trading with Magician-Prince of Pӓrnau Principality in Eastern Jarm. The resultant Pallas Docks depends on the Empire retaining good relationship with Jarm.

In Autumn 381YE, the Senate permitted the Great Forest Orcs to work the trees in the Thimble for the Empire in return for a bounty of four wains of weirwood each season. This means there is no costs to the Senate for the running of the forest and orcs could use the weirwood they gained to create herb gardens and similar in Therunin.

Following the imposition of sanctions on the Principalities of Jarm during the Winter Solstice 382YE, the cost of purchasing weirwood through the Pallas Docks increased by roughly a fifth.

In Spring 383 YE, Varushkan merchants offered to pay 1000 thrones to turn the Hunt of Alderei the Fair National instead of Imperial.

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